tagInterracial LoveDickin' Down the Designing...Ch. 2

Dickin' Down the Designing...Ch. 2

byStardog Champion©

Dickin' Down the Designing Women Ch. 2

Charles stood directly behind Suzanne on the landing in front of the door, his hot breath flowing down onto the chubby rich white woman's neck as they both looked towards the center of the room where the remnants of Dewayne's orgasm dripped down Mary Jo's chin.

Suzanne seemed to be in a trance, not feeling Charles's breath on her exposed skin as he leered hungrily over her shoulder. As he looked on, Charles could almost hear the gears inside Suzanne's head grinding, trying in vain to rationalize the scenerio that was playing out in front of her as one of her own, a long time friend and co-worker, had so easily and so sloppily submitted to one of the recently released convicts that had been inside the office for less than 15 minutes.

As Charles continued to look on over Suzanne's shoulder, his rapidly flowing blood raced towards his crotch as his gaze fell lower, onto the ample, womanly swells of Suzanne's titties. Her huge breasts were heaving mightily as she helplessly looked on as her friend ,Mary Jo, continued to allow herself to become Dewayne's lily white fuck slut. Charles smiled and licked his lips , staring right at the jutting points of Suzanne's nipples as they strained out against the top of her frilly, dark blue blouse.

Lowering his right hand down the hem of Suzanne's pleated blue dress, Charles steadily closed his fist around the bottom of Suzanne's flowering skirt and began raising his arm up, slowly revealing the heavy set, former beauty queen's ample thighs.

The sight in front of her was so overwhelming that Suzanne barely acknowledged Charles's presence behind her until it was too late. Her hypnotic shock started to wear off as the cool breeze of the air conditioning swirled around her now exposed knees and upper thighs. As Charles steadily raised his fist, he finally could feel his knuckles brush up against the top half of Suzanne's stockings and her lacy silk panties.

With his left hand, Charles quickly lowered his grip down to his own prison issue denims and unzipped the zipper in a brazen attempt to snake out his own painfully swelling, ebony girth.

* * * * *

Satisfied that Mary Jo had milked every last drop of his cum out of his glistening tool, Dewayne finally grabbed his cock by its base and pulled it away from the kneeling white woman like a parent taking a toy away from a small child. He smiled nastily, seeing Mary Jo's eyes continue to be locked on his freshly sucked wand as he took it away from her.

Stroking his still swollen manhood and nuts liberally in his hand, Dewayne could feel at least 2 or 3 more explosions left in his libidinal artillery after having his lust stored up for over 5 years. With his still stunned, but attentive audience looking on in funeral like silence, Dewayne decided that he wouldn't wait, it was time to fuck Mary Jo Shively's cunt.

Letting his pipelike manhood drop from his grip, Dewayne bent forward slightly and let his reinflating cock swing like a baseball bat between his sinewy thighs in front of Mary Jo's catatonic face. Dewayne then cruelly dug his fingers into the half opened fabric of Mary Jo's soft blouse and without hesitating, he ripped the bottom half of her top open as well, sending the rest of the buttons scattering. Mary Jo's entire white chest was now revealed, her small breasts were covered in a lacy almost girlish pink bra. The upper part of her chest was also seriously flushed, a natural result of Mary Jo's physiology that whenever she was embarrassed or nervous, her chest would become beet red.

Dropping his dark black hands onto Mary Jo's quivering pale white underbelly, he slowly took the bottom of Mary Jo's blouse out from being tucked in her dark green pants, then licked his lips and wasted little time taking the snap of Mary Jo's slacks in his grip.

Dewayne watched the way Mary Jo's eyes were etched with lust as she fixated on his forearm sized black tool as he worked the snap free from her pants. Taking his dick back in his hand, Dewayne smacked it right against Mary Jo's chest with a string of loud fleshly plops causing him to smile wickedly watching the way Mary Jo's small breasts jiggled inside her pink 34 A cups and the way her small cum crusted mouth seemed to try and open as it followed the slick uncircumcised head as if she was trying to wrap it back in her mouth.

All Dewayne would do was to simply pull it away from Mary Jo at the last moment, teasing her unmercifully with it, satisfied in the sight of her chest and cheeks getting redder by the minute.

With his dick hardened and ready to plow Mary Jo once again, Dewayne reached down and powerfully pushed forward against her bare chest, causing Mary Jo to fall backwards onto the cushions of the sofa, her curly brownish hair coming to rest four inches from Julia's legs as Julia stared down in catatonic shock.

With the snap of Mary Jo's pants now undone, Dewayne dug his hands into the bottom of the prone woman's slacks and worked them down deliberately, his smile broadening as Mary Jo's matching pink panties came into view.

Grazing his fingers against the soft silky fabric of Mary Jo's skimpy underwear, Dewayne closed his hand into a fist and urgently tugged Mary Jo's pants all the way down her short legs.

With cruel efficiency, Dewayne ripped off Mary Jo's heels before he pulled her pants completely off. Without any obstacle now, the seething black stud tore Mary Jo's business pants all the way down and cast them aside, leaving her laying there in nothing but her bra , panties and her messily strewn open blouse to reveal her nearly naked body right in front of her three best friends in the world.

As Dewayne looked hungrily down at Mary Jo's pubic area, he lifted the woman's legs into the air so that they straddled him and began lowering himself closer to her on the sofa. Gazing down with carnal delight at how the white woman looked stretched out luridly in front of him with her blouse ripped open and her friend Julia sitting and helplessly watching no more than 2 feet away, Dewayne lowered his hand on top of Mary Jo's chest to steady himself, in the process, squeezing the small orbs of Mary Jo's breasts tightly together through the material of her bra.

With his other hand, Dewayne dropped his touch directly down on top of Mary Jo's pubic patch, gleeful in the feel of the heat and moisture that seeped through the soaked material from Mary Jo's dripping fleece. Twirling his meaty fingers around the wisps of curly brown pubic hair that swirled out from the frilly edges of the panties, Dewayne looked down into Mary Jo's ashen face, licked his thick lips and inhaled the pungent scent of feminine arousal as he pressed his knees down harshly on top of her bare thighs, pushing her crotch open further.

* * * * *

Antwan watched as his friend Dewayne pushed Mary Jo down flat on the sofa and his blood boiled with lust as the petite brunette's head came to rest right beside Julia's thigh. As he leered down over Julia seated in front of him on the couch, Antwan cupped his heavy balls and rigid cock in his hand through his jeans, watching with lustful amusement as Julia's gaze seemed to lock onto Dewayne lowering himself on Mary Jo to her right.

In the hushed silence of the Sugarbaker's living room, Antwan swore he could hear the sound of the moist liquid evidence of Julia's embarrassing arousal coming from her crotch each time she grinded her folded legs tightly together. Looking straight down onto the top of Julia's head, desperately wanting to rub his hands and cock through her thick , black curls, Antwan lowered his right hand down to the back of Julia's neck and with his other hand began fishing his throbbing black penis out from the front of his denim pants.

* * * * *

Derrick stood about 10 feet to Charleene's right. She was seated at her receptionist's desk with her tan pantyhose covered legs folded together tightly as she blankly looked across the room at what was happening on the couch.

Charleene had unconsciously taken a piece of notebook paper off her desk and had slowly but savagely squeezed it into a ball with her hand as she gleamed wantonly at the lurid image of Dewayne's dangling spear hanging over top of Mary Jo's nearly naked, prone body.

Derrick clutched his cock in his hand as he steadily strolled up beside Charleene, with all the pent-up lust inside of him from more than 5 years without a woman's touch. As he got closer and closer to the middle aged blonde beauty, the sight of the pictures sitting on Charleene's desk of her husband and her kids filtered into Derrick's eyes. The thought of Charleene's husband either at his job or perhaps even sitting at home waiting for his wife to arrive back from work to fix his dinner, totally unaware of what had befallen his lovely bride made the black muscle bound stud literally sizzle with carnal excitement as he approached her from the side.

Charleene was totally unaware that anyone, much less one of the black ex-inmates was approaching her from the side. As Derrick got close enough to where he could almost reach out and touch the statuesque blonde seated at the desk, he was finally able to rip his blood filled spear from its denim constraints, letting it swing through the air mightily as its slick, uncircumcised head aimed right for the side of Charleene's blush covered right cheek.

* * * * *

Anthony Bouviee continued to stand off in the shadows, well out of the way of his four friends as they went about their appointed rounds. Anthony's eyes darted around the room, trying desperately to follow the action as every fantasy that he had harbored since being hired at Sugarbakers played out for real in front of him.

He rapidly pumped his cock through his trousers, watching intensely as Dewayne pushed Mary Jo down flat onto the couch, then lowered himself down on top of her. Anthony quickly shot his gaze over to Julia seated on the center of the sofa and could see Antwan ease up behind her, anxiously fishing his own cock out as he reached for her neck.

Looking further to his left, Anthony could also see Suzanne's pleated blue dress slowly being hiked all the way up her legs as Charles stood behind her, preparing to swoop in for the kill. Finally, Anthony looked over at Charleene at her desk, watching with lustful excitement as Derrick's mammoth cock sprang free and made a seemingly snorting beeline right towards the side of Charleene's unsuspecting face as if it was a throbbing black missile.

* * * * *

Digging his fingers into Mary Jo's ankles, Dewayne locked his grip around the woman's spread feet and pulled her legs further apart. Once she was sufficiently spread open, Dewayne dropped Mary Jo's feet and let them dangle over the edge of the sofa to each side of him.

With Mary Jo's short white gams now bracketing him, he gazed forward into the V of Mary Jo's crotch and watched as her puckered vaginal lips beckoned underneath the pink covering of her soaked underwear.

Squeezing his cock hard in his left hand, Dewayne knew the time to stick his dick in a woman after 5 long years was finally near. With his left hand still on his cock, Dewayne reached up with his right and dug his index and middle fingers into the lacy edge of Mary Jo's panties, snaking his digits inside until his fingertips poked out the other end.

With both knuckles now submerged inside Mary Jo's bubbling twat, Dewayne gradually began tugging his fingers downward, easing the helpless woman's panties right off of her.

"Lift your ass, Bitch!" Dewayne hissed down to her, imploring Mary Jo to raise her hips so that he could pull her panties all the way down.

Watching as Mary Jo's tender white ass awkwardly lifted off the sofa cushions, Dewayne caressed his cock even harder, realizing that this woman had secretly longed for this moment in the anonymous darkness of her bedroom as much as he had locked in his cell for 5 years.

Slipping Mary Jo's drenched underwear up and off of her feet, Dewayne casually balled them up in his right hand and tossed them aside.

With Mary Jo Shively's vulva now completely exposed, Dewayne lowered his right hand directly down onto her snatch and cupped it lovingly as if he was stroking a rainsoaked cat. Dewayne bristled with joy, feeling the copious amounts of Mary Jo's arousal bubble out of her pussy onto his probing fingers.

His dick securely griped in his left hand, Dewayne pressed his chisled body forward, in the process pushing Mary Jo's thighs apart as far as they could go and dropped the heavy tip of his veiny cock right down on top of Mary Jo's vaginal entrance.

Leaving his heavy monster sitting there, resting heavily on top of Mary Jo's raised clit, Dewayne groped his free hand into the bottom support of Mary Jo's small pink bra and cruelly lifted it up over her tits causing her small but perky breasts to spill free. Mary Jo instinctively looked down as did everyone in the room, all seeing that Mary Jo's pink nipples were both painfully erect even before Dewayne began to roll them between his fingers and thumb.

"Ready for some black dick Bitch," Dewayne said in a foreboding tone, as if he was talking to every lady in the room.

* * * * *

With his body positioned directly above hers, Dewayne pushed his pelvis forward and smashed his imposing uncircumsized manhood into the designing woman's pink, blistering hot sheath.

"OOOHHH...... OOOHHH... EEEHHHH.... AAAHHHHHHHHH... AAAAHHHHHHHHHH," Mary Jo screamed, piercing the silence in the cavernous room. As the echo of Mary Jo's shrill gasps reverberated in everyone's ears, the 7 voyeurs in the room watched in unbridled awe when Dewayne's spear disappeared inside Mary Jo's swollen, hair rimmed cunt.

Dewayne lowered his head and bit down on each of Mary Jo's tits, licking his tongue in long swaths around Mary Jo's areolas then biting her nipples hard as if they were plump cherries between his teeth.

Opening his mouth wide, Dewayne was almost able to devour each one of Mary Jo's small succulent tits in his mouth, coating them liberally with his sticky saliva.

Pulling his mouth off Mary Jo's pale breasts, Dewayne nuzzled up to the nape of the woman's exposed white neck, opened his mouth and then sadistically whispered into her ear.

"Fuck that cock Bitch....come on little white girl...fuck it...that all you got girl......COME ON....SHAKE THAT PRETTY WHITE ASS...FUCK ME WITH THAT JUICY WHITE PUSSY!" Dewayne spat before biting down hard on Mary Jo's neck and shoulders causing the writhing white woman to wince and grind her body underneath his violent, cunt plowing thrusts.

Having already blew his first load moments earlier in Mary Jo's mouth, Dewayne was able to keep his dick rock solid inside the squeezing vice of Mary Jo's pussy without having to worry about cumming again for a while.

With the salty taste of Mary Jo's sweaty neck on his tongue, his urgent lust to fuck her into complete submission in front of her three best friends was now insatiable. Raising his head to scan the room, Dewayne first looked down at Mary Jo beneath him and proceeded to thrust even harder seeing how her pretty white face contorted wildly, her teeth biting down on her lips, trying desperately to keep herself from completely losing it under Dewayne's relentless assault.

"Work that ass Bitch..give it up..cummonnn... ...fuck that cock," Dewayne continued to bristle as he ground his teeth together, pushing on inside the whimpering piece of poontang.

Feeling Mary Jo's heels dig into his muscular legs, Dewayne could feel Mary Jo attempt to literally cling to him as if she was holding on for dear life. Increasing the speed and depth his thrusts, Dewayne felt the white slut's body start to shiver uncontrollably, bucking wildly off the sofa against him as his cock rapidly smacked time after time against the back wall of her shellshocked cervix.

Lifting his gaze to Julia as Mary Jo came on his cock, Dewayne's intensely focused on the woman sitting with her arms and legs tightly crossed no more than 2 feet away, helplessly looking down at what was happening. He then locked eyes with Julia as he continued pounding Mary Jo through her first orgasm.

"You like what your looking at ...HUH....you can see it can't ya..look at the way her legs are wrapped around me! You can hear it too.. can't ya Bitch...listening to her scream and cry out..YOU CAN EVEN SMELL IT..EVER SMELL A PUSSY THAT EXCITED!!" Dewayne talked smack to Julia as he finished off Mary Jo. "I'm gonna pull this big black dick out of her in a minute and it's gonna need to be cleaned...you know what that means little lady...sittin' there all prim and proper...that means your gonna get down on that floor...on those knees of yours and your are gonna crawl over to me and suck and lick her cum right off my dick...and you know what Julia...your gonna like it."

Antwan stood directly behind Julia, his fully aroused cock in his left hand and his right, steadying her neck as he rubbed his sensitive cockflesh through the curls of her dark wavy hair. Julia was so stunned and fascinated with what Dewayne was saying and doing in front of her , Julia had no inkling what the young black stud behind her was even doing until it was too late.

* * * * *

Feeling her body slowly go limp underneath him as her orgasmic bliss subsided into extreme exhaustion, Dewayne pulled back allowing Mary Jo's quivering legs to fall off to the side as she hoarsly tried to gather her breath beneath him.

Pulling his cock free from her syrupy snatch with a brutal twist of his hips, Dewayne grabbed his prized cock by its base and rubbed its sloppy head through Mary Jo's pubic triangle as Julia stared on.

Dewayne looked up at his friend Antwan as he rubbed his own cock through Julia's thick curly hair and winked at his buddy when he sensed Antwan was on the verge of cumming as well.

As Julia sat there, glaring longingly at the ejaculate smeared length of Dewayne's freshly used tool, out of nowhere, the feel of 5 strong fingers digging at the back of her neck registered. Before she could even gather the energy to gasp or turn to see who was there holding her, three streams of thick white cum rained down on her face from above.

Opening her mouth to scream out in horror, the seed spraying out from Antwan's dick from above landed in a sizzling trail on both Julia's nose and lips.

The heavy silence in the room was suddenly broken when Dewayne continued his verbal assault on Julia.

"I said its time to get over here and clean this thing off Lady," Dewayne snarled as he stood up, leaving Mary Jo's naked body on the sofa in a spent heap below. Taking two steps back, rubbing his phallus crudely in his hand, Dewayne watched as Julia stared at him as if she had no clue about what to do next.

Seeing Dewayne let his cock go and watching as it swung like a pendulum between his legs, Julia suddenly felt two insistent hands pushing her by the shoulder blades until her tan, hose covered knees landed squarely on the plush carpet on the floor. As Julia gulped from the rough landing, she looked up and saw a glistening black dick seemingly glaring right back at her, as Antwan's cum dripped like a milky goatee down her chin.

To Be Continued...

* * * * *

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