Dicking the Doctor

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A tauren soldier is treated by a blood elf priestess.
2.1k words
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Just a quick story based upon the winners of a pairing poll I had awhile ago.


"Yes, come in!" A feminine voice called out from the confines of a patched up tent serving as a field hospital. It was tilted dangerously to it's right side as if it was about to collapse. Shabby, but it worked well enough.

Brek brushed aside the tent flaps and stepped inside, the standard issue Horde tent easily accommodating his large tauren frame despite it's shoddy outward appearance. Within the tent was a lone blood elf woman rustling through some boxes of medical supplies. She had long silver hair and wore a simple white robe which bulged outwards promisingly at the chest. A red and black crest identifying her as a medic and an officer was pinned above her left breast.

"One moment, dear." The doctor glanced up at her new patient and returned to her rummaging before performing a double take. Her face lit up and her ears straightened. "Well if it isn't the stalwart grunt Brek Stonehoof. Back so soon after your last visit?" The elf smiled at him and sat down, arms folded under her eye-catching bust.

"Can you blame me, Belestra? Everything in this blasted jungle is hostile and that's not even including the Alliance." The wounded soldier absentmindedly rubbed at his arm, thinking back to his last visit where he had first met the doctor--and subsequently fucked her atop the bed he had been assigned to.

"I understand but typically my patients are a bit more... on the brink of death or perhaps even missing some appendages."

"My appendages are fine but I thought maybe you could take a look just in case. I mean who knows what I could have gotten in this jungle."

The doctor snorted in amusement. "Do you even have an injury? If so let me see it so I can at least pretend to be working." One of her slender hands twirled at a silver strand of hair.

Brek extended his right arm, offering her a view of a small laceration along the underside of it. It wasn't bleeding and appeared to be at least a day old.

"Oh my. What did you do, pick a fight with a gnome?" Not bothering to wait for a wise ass retort, the Sin'dorei woman waved her hand and bathed his wound in a soothing light which healed him nearly instantly. "There, good as new."

"Great, now about that appendage, doc."

"Oh no, not this time. I have more important things to do and you never know when more patients might arrive. Real patients." She raised an accusatory eyebrow at him.

Brek ignored her, dropping his trousers in front of her and exposing his 'appendage.'

"Come on, Belestra. Just a quick inspection."

The silver haired elf sighed and bit her lip as she eyed the very healthy slab of dick just a few inches from her face. "You know you're younger than my youngest son, right?" And about three times his size.

Given her youthful appearance it was easy to forget that the priestess was a 932 year old widow with kids. A 932 year old widow who really liked tauren dick, or more specifically, his dick.

"Does it matter?"

She sighed. "No."

Belestra paused and then got up, pushing past him and walking towards a makeshift room formed by tall curtains. "Come on, then."

Brek grinned and followed after her, placing a hand on her back as they entered the private room. Despite her initial reservations, the silver haired MILF wasted no time getting down onto her knees, slurping on the flared head of his cock while her little hands jerked him off. The doctor was a skilled cock sucker, slithering her tongue over every inch of his fat head while her plush lips massaged his shaft. Abruptly, she stopped and pulled herself off of the massive member, licking her lips so as to break off a trailing line of saliva.

"If anyone comes in this is over," she said, giving him a stern look before tonguing at his urethra.

"Like last time?" Brek chuckled, remembering the troll that had walked in on them fucking a few weeks prior. Luckily for them he had been killed by the Alliance before he could potentially report the two of them. He said a silent prayer for the man and turned his attention back to the priestess fellating his cock. This time they had curtains so something like that wouldn't happen twice.

"I'm serious," she said. True to her word, she looked up at him with a stern, serious expression.

"Yeah, yeah." Gripping his cock, he nudged it against her inactive lips until she finally opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue. Slapping it against her tongue a few times for good measure, he then pushed forward, stuffing the elf's mouth until she couldn't fit anymore. Brek was large, impressively so, but the overworked priestess still fit a good half of his length down her throat--with his help of course.

With his hand on the back of her little head, he used her mouth to his content, face fucking her without a hint of complaint. She gagged and sputtered around his monstrous member but made no effort to pull away from him, content with and even enjoying the face fucking that she was receiving. After all, Belestra was a well experienced woman and though she wasn't accustomed to such large... proportions, she was no stranger to facial abuse.

Moaning more for Brek's sake than anything else, she wiggled her tongue underneath the tauren's hefty shaft, enjoying the earthy flavor of his cock while he pumped her throat full of it. Balling her fists together in her lap, Belestra suppressed her gag reflex as well as she could and rode out the abuse until Brek finally erupted like a volcano, force feeding her the content of his balls in an explosion of hot and gooey jizz.

Belestra chugged down every last drop of the tauren's thick cum and then sucked him clean afterwards, enjoying the taste more than she let on. When she was finished tidying him up, she adjusted her hair and looked up at him.

"So," she said with a lick of the lips, "are we done here?"

Brek just grinned down at her.

That was answer enough.

She sighed and stood up, shedding her medical robe and putting her hands on her hips expectantly. He eyed her appraisingly, admiring her body like one might admire a beautiful piece of art. The only difference was that this piece of art was fuckable. Belestra's body was motherly: neither skinny nor fat but thick in all the right places with heavy breasts, a flat but soft stomach, and wide childbearing hips that lead down to a pair of thick thighs. Her face, though appearing matronly, barely looked a day over 30 with it's sharp cheekbones, glowing green eyes and only the faintest hint of crow's feet.

Brek picked her up and, making sure to get a good handful of her ample booty while lifting her, placed her atop the low-to-the-ground table. Without needing to be told, Belestra spread her legs and awaited his tongue. It came quickly, lapping at her folds and teasing her sensitive clit. She grabbed at his furry head, desperately clinging to him as he ate her out, snaking his long tongue inside of her until she spasmed around him and cried out, an intense orgasm rocking her senses and leaving her shaking.

Satisfied, Brek gently pushed her onto her back and raised her legs up onto his shoulders. The elven priestess had a silver tuft of hair decorating her loins, small and well kept, he brushed his cock over it and her quim before pushing himself into her. Belestra moaned softly while he grunted, his towering form leaning into her and the table as he forced more and more of his length into her. Even after nearly a thousand years and multiple child births she was tight. He filled her to capacity, her walls stretched to previously unknown lengths as he almost bottomed out inside of her.

Alas, she couldn't take his entire length and when she could fit no more he began to well and truly take her to task, his hips working them both into a sweat. Struggling to keep quiet as she was, Belestra couldn't quite help but air her appreciation for his cock, moaning ecstatically as the tauren pounded her into the sturdy patient's table. She bit her lip and looked up at him through hooded eyes, her hands lustfully grabbing at her breasts and twisting her nipples, adding to her pleasure and making her mewl even more emphatically.

Brek's big blue eyes never left Belestra's glowing green eyes, enjoying the cock starved MILF's facial contortions as he deep dicked her with everything he had. His grunts were loud, nostrils flaring like an aggravated bull while the priestess writhed in pleasure beneath him, her eyes never leaving his until she came to a profound orgasm. Emerald eyes rolled up into her head briefly as she came, a deluge of feminine juices rushing to coat the wonderful tool that had brought it about. Brek could be insufferable but his cock certainly made up for it

He pulled out of her and bent down to lap at her sopping cunt, earning an almost squeaky cry of appreciation from the silver-haired elf. Having yet to finish himself, Brek took hold of Belestra, flipping her onto her hands and knees. Still coming down from the high of her fantastic orgasm, her legs shaking and loins tingling, she never-the-less got into position. Face down with her big ass up in the air presented to him and her luscious hair in a pool around her face, Belestra was ready for round two.

Grinning at her enthusiasm, Brek laid both of his meaty hands upon her pale cheeks, each just barely fitting within his large hands. Taking a moment to appreciate the elf's thick behind, he gave each cheek a couple of slaps before grasping his cock and spearing her upon it. Belestra grunted as he knocked the wind from her sails, pushing her forward upon the table. Taking a firm hold around her waist and framing her ass cheeks with his thumbs, Brek went to work pumping the priestess' motherly body full of beefy tauren dick.

Huffing, puffing and rutting into her like a madman, Brek was relentless. He humped her atop the stout table, pounding Belestra's hungry pussy until she was crying out her love for his cock. The notion of keeping quiet had been well and truly fucked out of her mind, so utterly wrapped up in the moment was she. Luckily they had yet to be discovered and so their bestial mating continued until Brek's balls tingled and his thrusts grew frantic. He erupted inside of her, sparking another orgasm within the elf as his manhood began to pump load after creamy load of potent sperm into her tight pussy.

"Fffuck," she mewled, her voice a pathetic whimper as her body shook and came around his dick.

Panting, Brek didn't pull out until his balls were completely empty and when he finally did pull out Belestra's pussy was left a gaping cum filled mess, dripping with seed and her own juices. He slapped his cock against her ass and sighed contentedly, happy he paid the priestess a visit again.

Belestra moaned a satisfied "Mmmm," before rolling onto her back and resting her head against a pillow, her big tits on full display. Looking at him with the eyes of a grateful lover, she opened her mouth but was interrupted before she could even speak.

"Hello?" A voice called out from behind the curtains. "Miss Belestra? Are you there priestess?"

The sexy look in her eyes left, replaced by annoyance. "I'm with a patient! Is it an emergency?" Belestra forced herself off of the short table with a sigh.

"No, but I am in a bit of a hurry!" the voice called back.

Belestra got dressed and then fell to her knees in front of Brek, intent on cleaning him off. Taking his tool into her mouth and slurping off any excess cum, she did so speedily, making his cock shine before standing up.

"Gotta go. Thanks for the meal, big guy." She winked at him and disappeared behind the curtains, greeting whoever it was on the other side.

Brek got dressed afterwards, his balls emptied and his desire thoroughly quenched for the time being. He waited a minute or two and then left the curtained room, sauntering out like he hadn't a care in the world. Belestra was sitting at a table talking to a tauren woman, looking a tad uncomfortable but doing her best to maintain appearances. They exchanged a glance and she smirked, her tongue darting out to lick at her lips. Next time she wouldn't need convincing.

Perhaps tomorrow...

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