tagFetishSticking It to the Boss

Sticking It to the Boss


Meredith was hard at work that Friday, finishing her work with blazing speed. She had even skipped lunch to ensure her increased productivity; all she wanted to do was get through her workload without incident so that she could make out on time. She wasn't trying to stay here longer than she had to.

Before work, she had stopped at her local CVS Pharmacy, who had informed her that her medication was still not ready, despite receiving an automated call yesterday that said that it was. Apparently, they were having some problems with their inventory system. Unfortunately, all the other pharmacies in the county were out as well. She'd probably have to wait until next week. They had no idea how dangerous it was for a futanari to be off of her medication.

The 24 year old futanari had been blessed- or cursed - with a gargantuan libido. The pills helped her to keep her desires in check so that she could function throughout her day-to-day routine. She took them daily, and the one that she had taken yesterday had been the last one.

Already, she had planned in her mind to go straight home after work and spend time with her laptop and her favorite bottle of lotion. Since she didn't have her pills, she'd have to take care of things the old-fashioned way. Unbidden, a female's face came to her mind, a round one with beady eyes and pretty lips.

A few months ago, her roommate Amy had moved out of their apartment. Amy was a great source of friendship...and sex. She was a chronic dater, and every time one of her poor choices led to a breakup, she came begging to Meredith for comfort sex. Unfortunately for Meredith, Amy had found another beau, who offered to move her down to Florida. She lost half the rent and a good pussy that day.

The clock on Meredith's work computer read 4 PM; she was almost home free. Then, as if to snuff out the small ember of joy within her, one of her coworkers, Jerry, came up and said the worst thing that he could say to her on a late Friday afternoon.

"Andrea wants to see you in her office," he muttered apologetically.

After graduating from Northwestern with a degree in Business Management, Meredith had gotten a decent-paying job at an office supply company in Maryland. The pay was good, and the people were energetic and fun. She also loved her boss, Mr. Stubbs, a kindly old man of 60 who had founded the company when he was her age. Mr. Stubbs treated all of his employees like they were family. He never hesitated to give an advance on a paycheck when things were rough, he occasionally bought lunch for his workers, and he threw great parties.

However, for the past few months, work had not been so fun. Back in December, he'd hired his niece to help run the company so that he could relax. Since the day she'd arrived, she'd been a ruthless taskmaster, alienating all of the staff in the name of increasing efficiency. Though her methods were harsh, profits were up and expenses had dropped significantly. Still, all in the office had come to fear the name Andrea St. Josephs.

Meredith's body tensed as she left her desk and made her way to the office down the hall. After a short knock, a female voice instructed her to enter. She opened the door, catching sight of a woman standing by a desk and poring over a file.

Andrea was an attractive, statuesque woman of 29 with long, straight black hair. Though she was garbed in an orange, long-sleeved blouse and grey pencil skirt, Meredith couldn't help but admire her superior's ample backside, long legs, and tanned skin. Her eyes also caught sight of the framed Masters degree in Management from Wharton that was hanging on the wall; she didn't understand why this woman wasn't modeling, or acting in some movie with George Clooney.

"Close the door, please," Andrea said, not bothering to look up from her reading.

Meredith complied, though she felt as though she were locking herself in a cage with a great white shark.

"When are the order reports for the Wesson account going to be ready?" Andrea asked, finally looking up from her reading to look Meredith in the eye.

"I uploaded them to the server about 15 minutes ago," she replied.

Andrea went to her computer, did some searching and then looked back at Meredith.

"I need you to stay after and help me finalize the quarterly reports tonight. They should have been done days ago, but Randy's been really distracted and I do not like what I'm seeing."

"Maybe it's because his wife just started chemotherapy?" Meredith said, trying to hide the irritation in her voice.

"Whatever," Andrea said. "You're the only other person qualified to do this, not counting myself. It should take about two hours if we work quickly and thoroughly."

Meredith wanted to throw an excuse, but if she somehow got out of the job, it would adversely affect the office, which, in turn, would make Andrea run everyone into the ground, and Lord knows nobody needed that.

"Sure, just let me finish some things," Meredith said.

"We'll work in the conference room; bring your laptop."

Meredith couldn't believe that she didn't even get as much as a 'thank you'. She quietly exited the office and went back to her desk to finish her work. It really bummed her out to see everyone else leaving the office at 5 PM, while she was stuck working overtime with her attractive harpy of a boss.

For over an hour, the two women reviewed invoices, bank statements, and balance sheets. Work was flowing quite smoothly, just as Andrea had promised. Still, aside from financial discussions, the room was silent.

Meredith tried to make conversation with Andrea many times, only to find that her boss didn't like sports, watched very little television, and didn't have any plans for the weekend. Andrea, on the other hand, would make snide remarks about how her badly her uncle had been running the company before she arrived. Hearing Andrea talking badly about Mr. Stubbs really got under Meredith's skin. But, once Andrea pulled up the payroll statements and started criticizing all over Meredith's coworkers, her blood began to boil. Being stressed, hungry, tired, and angry were doing nothing to help Meredith's mood.

Also, as loath as she was to admit it, Meredith thought that Andrea was looking extra good right now. When she walked around the room, those large breasts of hers would jiggle conspicuously. Despite always dressing professionally, she still managed to show off her bust line. She also had this habit of not sitting half the time when she typed; often, she'd bend over the table while tapping away at her laptop. Meredith did all in her power to avoid staring Andrea's wonderful cleavage.

Beneath the large conference table, Meredith was packing wood. She thought that the tedium of crunching numbers would keep her from getting aroused, but Andrea's presence was making it worse. Thankfully, they were nearing the end of their task, but Andrea started again on the employees.

"This quarter is looking great, but between you and me, I'm thinking of firing someone to help build our cushion," Andrea said.

Meredith was speechless at how casually she'd stated the last phrase, as if firing someone was as easy as putting on a shirt. Still, Andrea kept going.

"I still need permission from my uncle to axe someone, but Nancy is at the top of my list."

Now, Meredith had to say something. "But Nancy works for peanuts. She's been our receptionist for years!"

"She's always late, she leaves early, and she's a detriment to productivity."

"She's also a recovering alcoholic; your uncle gave her the job after she got sober."

"Well, I'm going to pitch the idea to my uncle next month," Andrea said, getting up from her seat so that she could stretch. "Maybe I can get him to let me fire three people. I'm in dire need of a raise."

Something snapped within Meredith. Her mind went blank and her heart was beating rapidly. She got up from her seat, walked over to Andrea, and gave delivered an open-handed slap to her face. Andrea let out a yelp as she stumbled back until she hit the wall.

"What the hell is wrong with you?!?" Andrea yelled, rubbing her reddening cheek. "I should fire you!"

"Well, if I'm getting fired, then I might as well do this," Meredith growled.

With a strength unknown, she pushed Andrea up against the wall, grasped the front of her blouse, and ripped it open. Andrea's magnificent chest globes were bound within a silky beige plunge bra - another unnecessary barrier to overcome. An upwards yank brought Meredith face-to-face with Andrea's oval-shaped, light brown areolae. The pebble-sized nipples began to stiffen as they made contact with the open air. Meredith pounced forward, putting her mouth to one breast and roughly squeezing the other.

"Get the fuck off me!" Andrea cried.

After a few minutes of struggling, she was able to force Meredith away and push her back. The younger woman snarled as she stumbled backwards to hit the conference table, casting a predatory gaze at her superior. She immediately undid the clasp on her pants, and then yanked them downwards along with her underwear.

"Holy shit," Andrea murmured. Her eyes went wide at the sight of the long, throbbing sausage jutting proudly from Meredith's crotch.

After stepping out of her pants and underwear, Meredith approached Andrea again. Andrea tried to make for the door, but, luckily for Meredith, she was trying to do so in heels. Meredith and her flats quickly caught up with Andrea, grabbed her, and threw her towards the conference table.

As she fell, the tall beauty held out her hands to stop herself from hitting the table. Once her palms braced themselves against the hard wood, she felt a pair of hands roughly bend her over the table, yank up her skirt, and yank down her frilly black panties. She fought to free herself, but Meredith responded by relieving her of her blouse and bra.

"Stop! Don't do this!" Andrea yelled; it was more of a command than a plea.

"Ohhhhh, no," Meredith said. "You are a callous, egotistical, money-grubbing whore! Consider this my notice!"

Andrea gritted her teeth as she felt something long, warm, and fleshy slide between the back of her thighs and into her pussy. Meredith felt a tingle travel up her spine as she pushed herself into Andrea as far as she could.

"JESUS!" Meredith cried out.

The slim young woman began thrusting her pelvis violently. At first, it felt a bit rough because Andrea was dry as a bucket of sand, but, after about 5 good pumps, she started to get moist like the eyes of a widow at a funeral. Meredith smiled as she heard her boss grunting and moaning as she raped her.

The two women became faintly aware of the musky odor filling the room. To the layperson, it was merely the smell of sex, but Meredith knew it was something more. When futanari became aroused, their bodies involuntarily emitted powerful pheromones to arouse people around them. Right now, the pheromones were going to work on Andrea; the anger and shame of being ravaged by her employee were being submerged in a flood of sexual desire. Her words would never admit the things that her body was admitting right now.

As for Meredith, she was enjoying this forced sex. If she was going to get fired -come on, you don't come back from raping your boss - then she intended to savor this moment as much as possible. She sunk her fingers deep into her Andrea's ass, the ass that had been a favorite topic for most of the guys in the office. She delivered a few hard slaps to those immaculate butt cheeks, watching them jiggle and grow red from being spanked. She didn't care how sore she was going to make her.

Looking up, Meredith saw their reflections in one of the windows of the conference room. Her ears burned at the sight of Andrea's moaning mouth, closed eyes, and sweaty face. The sight of those massive tits mashed against the surface of the table was totally worth having to stay late at work. Meredith reached underneath Andrea and used her fingers to play with her clit. Flicking that tiny nub caused her boss to cry out and thrash beneath her.

Meredith could feel penis throbbing; she was going to cum soon. Despite being caught up in the madness of her sexual frenzy, she was still conscious enough to know that it would be unwise to impregnate her boss. Futanari sperm was highly potent, and the last thing she needed was to be a parent.

Reluctantly, she pulled out of Andrea and threw her to the floor. The exhausted woman was lying on her back, looking upwards to see Meredith standing over her. The younger woman sat down on Andrea's chest, placed her cock between her tits and began moving it back and forth. Their combined juices provided the lubricant needed for Meredith to rape Andrea's breasts. Several minutes later, Meredith let out a low bellow as she pelted Andrea in the face and neck with her spooge.

"Ahhhhhh! Oh, my god! Yes! Ohhhhh," Meredith panted.

Andrea was dazed from having been ravaged by her employee. The stink of sex still polluted the air of the room. Meredith looked around to see scattered papers, clothing, and toppled chairs all over the place. Despite being a bit tired, she got up, gathered her clothes and laptop, and quickly exited the room, not even bidding Andrea farewell. After stopping in the bathroom to pee and put on her clothes, she fled the premises.

Meredith actually slept very well that night. She hadn't had a good pussy since Amy had moved out in February. When she awoke that Saturday morning, it felt like her mind had been cleared of a lot of pent-up stress and worry.

After grabbing some breakfast, she sat on the couch in her pajamas, got her laptop and started on beefing-up her résumé. She shot a text message to her friend Nicole, who was a server at a country club, and offered to try to get her a job there. The starting pay was lower than what she was making right now, but she'd make due.

As for her encounter last night with Andrea, she was trying to run through the possible ramifications that she would face. She wouldn't be surprised if Andrea had her arrested - she seemed like a litigious kind of person. Meredith had about $9000 in savings, which might not be enough to pay for bail. She could always say that Andrea initiated things - which she did, in a way - and that she had intentionally kept Meredith after work for sex. Meredith was comforted somewhat by the thought that there weren't any surveillance cameras in the conference room, and that her coworkers - who all hated Andrea - would readily back her up in court.

A knock came at the door; deep down, Meredith knew who it was, and when she looked into the peephole, she was right. Andrea stood on the other side of the door, but, contrary to Meredith's expectations, she wasn't flanked by police officers. She opened the door, bringing the two of them face-to-face for the first time since last night.

"I need to speak with you," Andrea said.

Meredith sighed and stepped aside to allow her into the apartment. She was wearing a violet long-sleeved turtleneck dress, and black stockings. When Meredith saw that she was wearing flats instead of her usual heels, she wondered if she'd learned her lesson.

"We need to talk," Andrea said as her host closed the door.

"I guess we do," Meredith said. "I'm going in tomorrow to pack my desk so that I won't have to do it on Monday; I don't need everyone asking me questions about why I don't work there anymore."

Andrea raised an eyebrow. "So, you were serious about quitting?"

"Well, it's better than getting fired," Meredith shrugged.

"Who said I was going to fire you?"

Meredith was dumbfounded. "I don't...if you're not going to fire me..."

"Listen, I don't like to admit it, but I'm a bitch. Still, I'm a bitch that gets things done. I finished the quarterly statements last night after you left, and this company's net profits have gone up 45% since I arrived."

"I'll give you that," Meredith relented.

"Look, I know that I can come across as callous, but, even in 2016, if a woman wants to be taken seriously in the office, then she's got to be a bitch sometimes. That's just the way it is."

Meredith only nodded, but then a question came up in her mind. "How did you find my apartment?"

"The payroll records, remember? We went through them last night."

"Isn't that illegal?"

"After last night, I don't think you are in a position to lecture me on what's illegal."

"Touché," Meredith said. "Listen, about last night, I was..."


Meredith looked at Andrea as if she had started speaking Chinese. "Say what?"

"You should know by now that I don't give out praise very easily; my standards are very high. No one I've ever been with has made me feel so...anxious."

Meredith watched as Andrea began rubbing her thighs together. It was next to impossible to ignore those large, heaving breasts of hers. Still, this felt like a trap.

Andrea started walking towards Meredith. "I think we should do it again."

Meredith held up a hand to halt her advance. She took her phone out and said, "I want consent, on video."

That seemed to amuse Andrea. "You're serious, aren't you?"

"I don't want you telling people that what we're about to do was non-consensual." Meredith hit the record button. "Say it."

Andrea rolled her eyes and said, "I, Andrea St. Josephs, being of sound body and mind, hereby state that on April 2nd, 2016, am about to have consensual sex with Meredith Henley."

Meredith ended the recording and tossed her phone onto the couch. "Glad we got that out of the way."

She and Andrea collided, their bodies instantly becoming a mash of embracing arms, groping hands, and dueling tongues. Meredith shuddered with longing as Andrea's hands grasped at the large lump in Meredith's groin.

"Why don't you take me to the bedroom, so I can give this thing some proper attention?" Andrea whispered into her ear before giving it a lick.

Meredith's response was to grab Andrea by the hand and spirit her to the bedroom. She didn't even bother to close the door before stripping her pajamas off. Andrea obviously wasn't impressed with Meredith's 32B chest, but, once her big cock sprung out into view, her eyes lit up with glee.

"Now, it's my turn to be in charge," Andrea said. "After all, I am your boss. Get on that bed."

Meredith quickly climbed on the bed and lie on her back, lounging with her hands behind her head. Once she was settled, she watched as Andrea kicked of her shoes and unzipped the back of her dress. After the garment had fallen to the floor, Andrea climbed onto the bed and stood over Meredith.

Meredith's toes curled as she gazed up at the tanned, Amazonian beauty. She was clad in a black bra, with panties, stockings and a garter belt of the same color. She smiled down at Meredith while she seductively swayed her body from side to side. The sight made Meredith's futa cock throb with longing. It was taking every ounce of willpower for her not to take her right now.

Andrea could see that her lapdance was working. She sashayed around so that she had her back to Meredith. She then crouched down and began twerking against Meredith's shaft. The feeling was amazing, one part fabric to two parts ass.

"God, you have an amazing butt," Meredith said through gritted teeth. She reached up to grab those round, luscious cakes that were displayed.

"Ah-ah!" Andrea said, quickly standing straight up. "Patience!"

Irritation was soon replaced by delight, as Meredith watched Andrea reach back and undo her bra. Without turning around, she tossed the garment over her shoulder and it landed squarely on Meredith's face. She giddily picked up the bra, and read the tag on it. Once she read the 34G marking, she threw it aside. She gave the same treatment for when Andrea's panties landed her chest.

Andrea then slowly stepped back and sat down upon Meredith's smiling face. She bit her smiling lower lip as she felt a tongue slither inside of her.

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