tagNonConsent/ReluctanceDid I Really Lead Him On? Ch. 04

Did I Really Lead Him On? Ch. 04


The next few days at work went by without real incident although the sexual tension between us was obvious! I felt sure that our colleagues must be talking about us but nothing was said and the boss had not got involved, so maybe I was imagining it?

Several days later, we were alone downstairs for the first time since everything "came to a head" and John blurted out that he was considering looking for another job because he couldn't bear to work with me every day, knowing that he had "tasted paradise" as he so eloquently put it. But now he was so close to me and the frustration of not being able to touch me was driving him nuts! When he said that, I realised that I was thinking exactly the same, but could not bring myself to admit it – at least not to John!

"What did you do with the tape?" ask John

"I destroyed it of course!" which was true because I could not risk it being found by Dave, but that wasn't before I watched it from start to finish – twice! And on both occasions I stroked my sopping wet pussy to multiple orgasms as I re-lived the violent orgasms John had given me with his 9 inch dick buried balls deep in my poor little ass hole!

Of course I didn't volunteer that information to John!

"I don't want you to leave", I said, "Before this happened, we were friends, and we enjoy working together. Can't we go back to how it was?" I was speaking the words, but I didn't believe the meaning of what I was saying! – Oh God, what a mess! I thought inwardly.

"I have been true to our agreement" said John, "I haven't done anything that you haven't agreed to and although I totally understand that you love your husband and don't want to hurt him, I know that you enjoyed the sex every bit as much as I did!"

I didn't answer that comment, I didn't need to – he knew, that I knew, that it was 100% true!

"Can't we at least go back to my 'daily fix' of feeling your suspender belt and stocking tops through your skirt?"

"Oh sure" I replied, "and how long do you think that will last before you start pushing the boundaries and we before we know it, we are fucking like rabbits over the desk again?"

"Sooner rather than later" John grinned "I know you loved my big dick inside your tight pussy, and I know that however much you love your husband, I know that you don't get that same feeling with him, and I am willing to bet that you have never come as hard with him, as you did when my cock was inside you!"

I looked at the floor, not saying a word! Once again, he knew, that I knew, that what he was saying was SO true! And what's more, just the thought of it, and his filthy talk of having his big dick inside my tight pussy was causing my already moist hole to really get wet and my legs were starting to twitch as the all too familiar sensations were coursing through my body.

I had to get out of there! I picked up my cup of coffee and returned to my workstation. Several minutes later, John came up and didn't return my gaze as he walked by me.

That weekend, I had agreed to go out with some girl friends in town and we had a few drinks at home before hitting the bars and although I am not usually a big drinker, I got persuaded to go along with a few rounds of shots that left my head buzzing and my senses reeling. We decided to go on to a club and after a quick queue-up (my mate knew one of the bouncers), we were in and dancing after having yet another couple of shots.

We all love to dance, and the drink made us all enjoy the moment so much more. Very soon, we were attracting attention from the opposite sex as my friends are all attractive, fit girls, and there was plenty of flesh on display!

I was so wired and really feeling the rhythm of the music as I closed my eyes and went with the beat. But I wasn't so drunk that I didn't react when a pair of hands gripped my waist from behind and started dancing close. I pulled forward and broke free and as I opened my eyes, I saw a few of my friends were still close by; but they were also getting the close attention of guys.

I half looked behind me and could see a couple of guys but couldn't be sure which one had grabbed me – the music and the alcohol soon took over again as I danced with abandon.

A few seconds later, the hands were back on my waist and followed quickly by a head by my shoulder that leaned into my neck and shouted above the music "hello sexy, fancy seeing you here!"

I spun around and there was John, grinning like a Cheshire cat.

I was shocked, excited and worried in the same instant! "I didn't know you came to places like this" I said.

"Why not? I am not that much older than you, you know!" And a guy has got to get his kicks somehow"

I looked around searching for sight of my friends and eventually saw one several yards away but she was dancing close to a guy and obviously loving the attention.

I turned back to John, who continued to dance, and I had to admit, he danced and moved rather well! Was there no end to this guy's talents?

"It seems like you have lost your friends!" shouted John " Do you want to dance, or can I buy you a drink?"

My head was swimming, with the alcohol, and with the situation of being 'alone' with John. I couldn't enjoy the dancing so I opted for the drink. John took my hand and picked his way through the teeming throng of people on the dance floor and a few seconds later we were on the far corner of the bar, with John holding up a £20 note and trying to get the attention of one of the bar staff. He got my order of a gin and tonic and one for himself – we then moved into the corner so most people had their backs to us and he closed in and whispered in my ear "you look so fucking hot tonight"

"When you were dancing, your short skirt rode up a few times as you spun around and I could see the beautiful cheeks of your perfect ass! So tell me, does that mean you are wearing a thong? Or did you leave your underwear at home?"

I gave him an old-fashioned look and leaned in to him to reply "I am a married woman! Of course I am not going to go out clubbing with no knickers on!"

"Should I take your word for it? Or should I check for myself" John replied and as he spoke close to my ear, his lips brushed my neck and I felt him inhale through his nose as he breathed in my perfume and the glow of my exertions. It sent a shiver through my spine and I was powerless to move as I felt his free hand touch my back and felt the clasp of my bra. The hand quickly slid down the small of my back and made small circles there before sliding further down until he ran his finger along the outline of my thong as it disappeared into my ass cheeks.

"What a good girl you are" breathed John "God, you smell so good!"

My legs were trembling, I necked my drink and reached out to put the empty glass on the bar and grabbed hold of the counter to steady myself.

"Be careful", said John "we can't have you going over on those killer heels and breaking your beautiful ankle!" And with that he spun me around so I was leaning back into him and his arm reached around and circled my waist. I didn't move because a) I was glad of the stability on my shaky legs and b) it felt good!

"Maybe we can stand here and dance in the corner" whispered John, as he started to move and grind his pelvic area into my ass. His hand was now making butterfly movements across my stomach as he moved from just under the swell of my breasts, down over my flat stomach, and down to the line at the top of my thong.

The drinks from earlier and the G&T I had just necked were clouding my judgement as I allowed him to work his magic on my prone body, and suddenly, I realised that I was also moving in time to the music, and was pushing back onto his hardening cock!

This was the only message John needed to receive as I felt his other hand cup my ass cheek and start to knead the flesh and grind his cock even harder into me.

"Please stop" I said

"Your pretty mouth says one thing, but your beautiful body is saying something completely different! Whispered John into my ear before running his lips across my neck and gently nibbling my ear lobe.

The tingling in my spine had gone up several levels on the Richter scale and all the nerve end messages were now converging in my groin as I felt my pussy lubricate and develop that all too familiar itch around my clit that NEEDED to be scratched!

The sensation of Johns hand on my ass suddenly felt warmer and I was not too drunk to realise that he had moved quickly and expertly from outside my short skirt to underneath it and was now worming his fingers deeper and deeper into the crack of my ass.

I looked around and saw a sea of dancing backs – everyone was facing towards the bar or the dance floor and no-one was giving us a second glance – I closed my eyes as Johns finger made contact with my puckered ass-hole and slowly circled his finger and pushed slightly forward until he popped through up to the first knuckle and continued his slow circular movements that had me involuntarily pushing back onto his finger, and to the rock hard cock that was pushing against my ass cheek.

I had one hand covering his hand that was sensually stroking my stomach, and the other was reaching back and holding his hip – I remember thinking that my efforts at keeping him at bay were little short of pathetic and certainly ineffective as they just lay there and allowed him free licence with my body that was now on heat!

His finger left my ass and his hand slid down a few centimetres where he made contact with the back of my embarrassingly wet pussy. He groaned into my neck as he slid his finger across my oily slit and then curled it slightly as he drew it back and in doing so parted my lips and made contact with the so sensitive folds beneath. I gasped!

Still we gyrated to the music, and his fingers moved in time with the beat as he stroked and toyed with my pussy lips, without actually making contact with my clit that was just beyond his reach from the back.

John slid his finger slowly across my pussy lips and up and over my rosebud before withdrawing his hand completely.


My head silently screamed! But I didn't speak, and I thought he had come to his senses. But then his mouth was at my neck again and his other hand was making lower circles, over the waistband of my skirt, and lower onto the top of my thong, and lower still, onto my mound. I opened my eyes expecting to see a baying mob cheering us on, but was greeted only by dancing backs. My hand closed on his, as his fingertips came in contact with the top of my pussy and brushed my clit. My eyes closed again as sparks went off in my head and down into my clit.

His hand suddenly withdrew.


My eyes opened – I then realised that with his free hand he had been unzipping and pulling out his big fat cock as the familiar heat of his fuck-stick made contact with my inner thigh!

I was in a panic! Oh God, he is going to fuck me here in a crowded bar! My legs were shaking and my hands were hanging limply by my side as my befuddled brain tried to make sense of the crazy situation I was in!

I felt John's left hand pull my thong and grip my ass cheek in one hand, and with the other he was rubbing his massive dick in the oily crack of my ass and across my pussy lips. My six inch heels presented my dripping pussy at the perfect height for him to place the mushroom head at my opening and push forward until he sunk four or five inches into my eager, sopping wet hole.

I felt john's legs bend as he lowered himself slightly and then pushed upwards and another couple of inches penetrated me and I realised I had stopped breathing and my face was contorted into a mask of surprise and utter pleasure.

I fought the very strong urge to lean forward and allow him to shove all of his 9 inch fat love stick into me, but I knew that that would attract attention and instead widened my stance slightly to get a few more, all important millimetres into me.

He wrapped his arms around me and slowly gyrated his hips against mine as we pushed against each other. His right hand reached under the side of my skirt and slid down to my clit where he started circular motions in time with our grinding. It took only a few seconds of that before I started to come like a steam train! My pussy muscles tightened and spasmed on his cock and that obviously sent him over the edge as I felt him growl in my ear as his cock pulsed and throbbed as he unloaded spurt after spurt of hot love juice into my ravaged pussy.

I pushed his hand away from my over-sensitive clit and his hands covered mine as he spooned against me with his softening cock still throbbing inside me. We swayed together with the music until I felt our combined juices start to run down the inside of my thigh.

"You bastard! You fucked me again! I can't believe that you fucked me again, and in a public place! What the hell was I thinking?"

John reluctantly accepted my unease and, as discreetly as he could, removed his softening dick and zipped up – he then followed me across the bar towards the toilets.

On the way there, I saw one of my friends who was talking to a good looking guy – when I got close, I told her that I wasn't feeling so good and one of my work mates had agreed to drive me home. We exchanged kisses and parted.

Why did I tell her that? I thought to myself as I tottered towards the toilet? We went through the door and immediately the sound levels of the thumping music dropped to a level more conducive to conversation – but we both went into our respective toilets in silence, and I did a hasty job of mopping up my legs and groin, but still it continued to ooze out of me as I replaced the cold wet thong against my hot pussy. God he could unload a huge amount of cum!

John was waiting for me as I came out and he led me like a lamb towards the exit. We walked with his arm around my waist and the air was still warm but fresh, after a long hot summer's day. I tottered uneasily on my six inch heels and his grip went from firm to hugging as I meandered up the path.

I finally broke the silence "where are we going?" I slurred "I need to go home"

"It's OK" replied John "we are heading towards the taxi rank"

We appeared to be taking the long route to the taxi rank that I knew and suddenly we took a detour through a church yard that was dimly lit.

"It's spooky in here" I complained, as we turned an even darker corner and were now totally hidden from the roads and paths that ran only a few metres away.

"I just need a kiss from those beautiful lips before you run home to your husband" said John as he turned me to have my back against the wall "I have had my cock in your pussy but we haven't even kissed!"

"I didn't have too much to say on the matter of you fucking my pussy! Now did I?"

"If I had raped you, do you think my big fat cock would have slid into your tight pussy as easy as it did? John retorted.

He leaned in and brushed his lips against mine. I stood there, trying to act totally impassive, but as his gentle little nibbles with his lips and teeth against my soft lips continued relentlessly, I couldn't help myself, and my tongue came forward to my lips, and met his. Two seconds later and our tongues and teeth were mashing together as we kissed passionately and my hands were on his neck and in his hair.

John spun me around and continued to kiss and bite at my neck as his hands cupped my heaving breasts and he immediately found the bullet hard nipples that were straining against the fabric. He slipped one hand inside my shirt and into my bra and kneaded the firm flesh and flicked at the sensitive nubs that were now aching to be sucked. He turned me around again and I pulled open my shirt for him as his mouth clamped down on my aching tits. His hands were under my skirt and I spread my legs as wide as I could as one hand played with my ass flesh and the other stroked at my clit before plunging two fingers in and out of my still sopping pussy! I came again! If I hadn't been holding his head so tightly, I would have fallen to the floor!

I grabbed his hair and pulled him up to kiss me fervently again – I pulled apart and shouted in his face "OK you win!" I need you to stick your big fat cock up my married pussy – but this time I want ALL of it!"

John grinned! And once again I was spun around and I held onto a convenient grave stone as John lifted my short skirt and positioned himself behind me.

He cruelly rubbed the fat mushroom head against my pussy lips as once again he mixed his pre-cum with my hot juices.

"Don't tease me, you fucker!" I screamed "shove it in until I feel your big balls slapping against my clit!"

John left his cock-end at the entrance to my pussy and placed both hands on my hips. Then with one, slow, easy movement, he glided his huge cock into my welcoming pussy. I groaned with the pure ecstasy of once again being totally full with 9 solid inches of fat cock!

I pushed back hard to make sure I had every millimetre of him inside of me but then could only hang on with all my might as he started to piston in and out of me like a dog on heat! His heavy nut sack started to rhythmically bang against my clit and I came again! Then my orgasms just didn't stop as every fibre in my body was centred on the primeval joining of our bodies and I started to scream and then bit down hard on John's hand as he tried to stifle my squeals of pure passion.

It was less than an hour ago that John had climaxed so this time he took longer and for what seemed like an eternity, my head and pussy were exploding like fireworks at a theme park finale.

Suddenly, I felt his balls tighten, and once again, felt the tell-tale swelling and throbbing of his cock as it spat more hot cum deep inside my pussy!

We both fell in a heap on the floor, I leant back against the gravestone and watched in awe as his nine-inch dick throbbed and pulsed as it continued to dribble cum.

I couldn't help myself, I leaned forward and licked our combined juices off of his cock and then sucked the head into my mouth to make sure I tasted every last drop.

"Holy Shit!" exclaimed John "that was the best fuck ever!"

He looked into my eyes, and once again, he knew I was thinking exactly the same thing.

Slowly we cleaned ourselves up as best we could with the tissues I had in my handbag and walked to the taxi rank.

Just before we got there, John pulled me into a doorway and we enjoyed another long, passionate kiss.

We waited in silence as the queue quickly dwindled and suddenly John opened the rear door and I moved unsteadily to sit inside. He leaned in close, pecked me on the cheek, and whispered "see you at work on Monday, Sweet Cheeks!"

He closed the door and I looked up at that familiar smug grin on his face as the taxi drove away.

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