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I had been on the road for days. Traveling from Texas to California without a shower in between let me know hitch hiking wasn't easy. I was riding in a truck with an old man who had promised me work driving a tow truck once we got to his home town in California. I remember once stopping at a gas station in Arizona and taking off one of my shoes to check on my battered feet. The socks I had put on three days before were matted to my feet and looked totally gross. I just put my shoes back on and wondered why the hell I had left home. At 18 years old this was the craziest thing I had ever done.

I recall rolling into the old man's home town and not knowing what to expect. It was early in the morning and as soon as we entered his family's house I was completely humiliated. I was covered in road dirt and had not taken a shower in days. I smelled horrible. And there to greet us were his beautiful wife and three daughters.

I immediately wanted to run back to Texas. However the girls seemed to take no notice of me and quickly began to make their father at home. While mom and the oldest daughter began to make breakfast the younger two daughters sat him down and took off his shoes. The youngest daughter who I later learned was my age and named Maggie ran to the bathroom to start a shower for her dad.

This whole time I sat on the corner of a sofa that was in a corner of the living room and was pleased to be ignored. Julisa who was the middle child proceeded to remove her father's shirt. Then to my surprise she unbuckled her dad's pants and began to pull them off. At this point I was beyond anything I had ever experienced and knowing I was far from home made the anxiety unbearable.

Maggie then came running from the bathroom to let her dad know the water was ready. Julisa went on to collect her daddy's dirty clothes and walked away to what must have been a laundry room.

Maggie bent down on one knee and took her daddy's had and began to lead him to the bathroom. Before she turned to leave to the bath she glanced in my direction. She must have seen a pitiful sight in me. At first I wanted to melt into the walls and disappear, but then I saw the look in her eyes. She wasn't what any guy on the street would call beautiful, but when she looked into my eyes and made me feel that she understood how scared I was she became the most beautiful thing in all the world to me. Even though I could see in her eye's how sad she was I could also see that she was worried for me. She led her dad to the bathroom disappearing into the room with him.

After a half hour of sitting alone and not knowing what to do with myself the old man came out of the shower and sat in the dining room for breakfast. I didn't notice when or from where Maggie came out of, but the next time I saw her she was kneeling in front of me with a plate of food.

"Dad says he's going to take you to Watsonville tomorrow, and that you're going to sleep at the shop and help with fixing the cars he sales?"

"I guess that's the plan. All I want to do is make enough money for a ride home now." I was scared and uncomfortable with this beautiful girl being very close to me while I felt so ugly and powerless at being in this situation.

"My mom and dad will be going to their room later and they will stay there. When they do I will come back for you."

I had no idea what she was talking about. I sat for who knows how long just staring at the floor. It felt weird not having the freedom to even go to the restroom or go out to the patio. After several hours the family fell into an afternoon sleep. I tried to craw up on the floor in the corner I had been assigned.

"Shhhhh be very quiet" I woke up to see Maggie looking down at me. She quietly asked me to my take off my shirt. I began to shed my shirt when I decided that getting naked while as smelly as I was wasn't a good idea. She saw my hesitation and moved to take my shirt off herself. She then moved down to remove my shoes. I knew that as soon as she saw the days old socks I had on she would stop, however she tenderly took my socks off and added them to the pile. She then began to unbutton my Levis jeans and proceeded to pull them off my body along with the underwear I had on for the last few days. Had I not been so ashamed of my current state of dirtiness I would have found this undressing very erotic.

When Maggie had all my clothes off she quietly gathered them up and threw a blanket over me. I fell asleep while hearing the soft humming of the washing machine apparently washing my newly shed clothes. I woke to a soft hand pulling me off the floor. It was dark enough that I couldn't see around me, but I knew that it was Maggie by the way that she softly guided me through the darkness. I was led to the bathroom where in darkness I was pushed into a bathtub full of warm water. Before I could reach for any soap I felt her hands lathering my hair with what must have been shampoo. My mind was spinning and I had no idea what to make of this. I was scared of getting caught but I also knew the old man was fast asleep from the long trip. I began to love the way she almost lovingly washed the dirt away from my hair and face. She then pulled me up a little out of the tub and began to rub my chest and back. I had worked hard all summer and my muscles were very appreciative of her attentions.

Even though my mind was completely being blown away by the whole experience my better half had the sensibility to be aroused. I looked to where I thought her eyes should be and whispered "thank you." With that she began to move the soapy towel she was using down into the water. She slowly washed the hard on that was protruding from my mid section. She did it in a way that while feeling very sensual it was clear that she was just washing me. The towel then slipped under me and around my butt. Needles to say it made me nervous. But again she did it in a very caring way that kept me from freaking out. She then went on to wash my legs, and when she got to my tired feet she slowly cleaned between my toes and scrubbed the souls of my feet.

I was thinking that the shower was over when I felt her hand reach back down to the hardness between my legs. She slowly pulled it out of the bath water and I instinctively arched my back to her pulling. Once I was out of the water I felt the softness of her tongue on the tip of my penis. Her hands were working up and down the shaft helped by the soap she had been using. All the worries and anxiety I had felt in the past few days disappeared. She sucked me harder and harder until I was fully awake and hard.

I felt her leave my dick and move to the floor where she waited for me. I slowly removed myself from the bathtub and tried desperately not to make any noise. I found her on all fours obviously asking me to take her. Maggie had been so good to me and making feel at home in a very strange place made me want to really please her. I reached out to explore her body and felt her very beautiful ass. Her skin broke out in goose bumps at my touch and I felt the nice roundness of her ass.

I let my hands glide down her back as I brought my face up close to her nice little mound. My tongue found a very nicely shaven pussy that was warm and wet. I quickly began to dart my tongue in what was a beautiful tasting cunt. While I was not a virgin I had not had a lot of experience with going down on a woman. But she helped by grinding in to my face. All I could do was try and keep up with her movements and I loved every moment. The taste of her filled my mouth and the moans she was making equaled what I tasted in my mouth. I began to flex my tongue a little stronger and was very proud of the sounds she made.

Until then I'm not sure I had ever had a women come in my mouth, but I believe she came harder than she ever had in a long time, because my face was flushed with the most beautiful tasting mix of juices I had ever tasted. I never thought it possible to hear somebody come, but the sound of her very wet pussy lips on my very energetic lips made me believe that sexual happiness could happen.

It was only after she came down from her sexual high that she finally talked to me. But it was not Maggie's voice, which I had been expecting.

"My husband is old but very dangerous; don't fall into anything he dose or ask of you." She could feel my sudden tension and quickly added. "Me and my girls will take care of you as best we can, but you would be best running away as soon as you can" her hand caressed his face. In the darkness he could feel her gaze on his young body. "Maggie has told me she wants to run away with you. Please convince her to stay with me, and she and I will make it worth your while."

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