tagInterracial LoveMother Came Too

Mother Came Too


As my taxi pulled up behind a strange car on my drive, I could hear the ‘boom-banga-bang’ music coming from my 18-year-old daughters’ bedroom.

“Kids? What can you do?” the taxi driver laughed, as I gave him his fare. He was right, since my divorce, two years ago; Kylie had become a ‘wild child’ and a brat! She dressed in short skirts, tight tops, and she showed too much leg and cleavage, for a girl of her age. In the last year, she had started going to pubs, in town, with her friend Candice. On Fridays and Saturdays they would arrive home at 1 or 2 o’clock in the morning, usually quite drunk.

I made myself a cup of coffee, and while it was cooling, I visited the bathroom, for a pee. The music was so loud; the walls appeared to be shaking. I had had enough, even if it meant another argument, I had to tell her to turn it down. Walking along the landing, there was an unusual smell. Suddenly, I recognised it………….POT! DOPE! MARIJUANA!

When I turned the corner, her bedroom door was partly open. I couldn’t believe my eyes. Kylie was lying, on her back, with her stocking clad legs spread wide apart, her eyes were closed tight and she appeared to be biting her lip. A shiny black head was bobbing up and down between her legs. My God! She was being plated by a black youth!

“Yes… yes…. Slower…yes….deeper..ooh Marcus….yes,yes!” She groaned. Not moving, from my secret position, I could see that the youth had his hand positioned next to his face, obviously, sliding a finger in, as he licked her young flesh. His wrist speeded up, and Kylie moaned as she gripped the bedclothes. “Aaaargghhhh yesssss!” She screamed as an orgasm ripped through her. Making her young body tremble and shake. Her tiny breasts (32b) heaved as she attempted to get her breath back.

I was transfixed as I turned myself into a voyeur, trying to deny, to myself, that I had a tingle between my legs.

The boy lifted his head, to look at my daughter; “You like that Sweet Pea?” He asked, his lips and chin dripping with her love-juice. “You know that I did!” she grinned at him, “Now fuck me big boy!” She laughed at her cliché. Marcus raised himself onto his knees.

Shit! I couldn’t believe the size of his cock! As it pointed towards her, it must have been 10 or 11 inches long, and as thick as her wrist! She was only 18, and this was obviously not her first time!

He put his tattooed arms under her legs, and lifted them up and wide apart, “Put it in for me,” he asked. Moving her upper body forward, Kylie took hold of the first 5 or 6 inches, and rubbed it along her slit, closing her eyes as she did so. “Now! Fuck me! Fuck me!” she squealed. He moved his body into position, and dropped his body down, onto her, his huge cock sliding into my small daughter, in one swift move.

“Fucking Hell!” She screamed. Her ankles were now on his shoulders. For the next couple of minutes his hairy, muscular arse banged against her, hammering his cock in out at an unbelievable pace. “Fucking Hell! That’s so fucking good! Faster, faster! Yes, yes, yes,” She kept screaming, through clenched teeth. They were, both, still oblivious to my presence at the door.

“I’m nearly there, I’m nearly there! Are you ready?” He grunted.

“Yes, yes!” She replied.

In a well-choreographed manoeuvre, he withdrew and rocked back onto his knees, while Kylie, quickly, rolled around, to face him. She grabbed the shiny monster with both hands, and forced it into her mouth. In unison she wanked the shaft as she sucked on the first couple of inches. “That’s it! That’s it! Faster, faster!” He whispered, and she complied. Kylie’s hands were a blur as she rubbed the shaft. His eyes were closed, now, and his breathing was becoming heavier, as he held her head. “Yes!” He grunted, as he jerked his hips. My 18-year-old daughter sucked and swallowed every last drop of spunk out of that massive thing, and there seemed to be a lot!

They collapsed onto the bed, holding each other in a vice like grip.

My breasts were heaving, and my knickers were soaking. My soaking wet fanny was aching to be touched and probed. I glided along the landing until I reached my own room. My knickers weren’t even at my ankles when I started playing with myself. One hand was rubbing my clit as I jammed two then three fingers inside myself. I had to bite the pillow, so my noises wouldn’t disturb them.

About thirty minutes later, I heard them go down stairs, and kiss goodbye.

I couldn’t sleep, for thinking about my young daughter fucking and sucking that massive cock. My hand kept sliding between my legs, stroking my special place. I couldn’t stop my self; I felt like a schoolgirl again, masturbating under the covers. It felt really good, as I hadn’t had real sex for over a year.

I was woken by the sound of the front door closing; it was 8.00a.m.To avoid arguing over breakfast, my daughter had begun leaving for school before I got out of bed. I began thinking about what I would say to her when she came home, later in the day; it was a dilemma.

As I was only working from home, I dressed casually in a short, light cotton dress, no bra, and a pair of sneakers.

At about, 10.30, the doorbell rang. I was shocked, when I opened the door; “Hiya!” It was the black youth, Marcus, and a friend, “Me forget me baseball cap, when me see Kylie, last night!” He looked at his friend and laughed. I recognised his friend as a young boxer, called Jimmy, who had the most amazing dreadlocks, as a bouncer, at the biggest nightclub, in town.

“Wait there, I’ll look for it,” I told them.

As I ran upstairs, I heard Jimmy, say, to Marcus, “Nice arse, do you think that she’s wearing any knickers?” I realised that they were looking up my dress. Marcus laughed, “If she’s like her daughter, she won’t be!” I couldn’t believe what I had heard. What had my daughter turned into?

I quickly looked around Kylies’ room, picking up discarded clothing, looking for the missing cap; I found it next to the hi-fi unit. When I walked out of the bedroom, they were in front of me, on the landing. “You found it, how can I thank you?” Marcus said, as he grabbed me, by the arm, pulling me to him. Our faces were nearly touching. “You look nice,” he whispered, “in fact, you look very nice!” In seconds, Jimmy pulled the straps from dress down to my elbows, exposing my large breasts, with my nipples sticking out like organ stops. Marcus pressed his face in between them, while his hands pulled my dress down to my ankles. “She’s as horny as Sweet Pea,” Jimmy said, as he began pulling my little knickers down, as well.

“Stop, stop!” I shouted, as I tried to push them away.

“I don’t think so”, one of them growled.

As I pushed them, we stumbled and fell, back, onto the bed. “That’s better,” Marcus laughed, as he lifted one of my legs, for his friend to remove my knickers. “Look at that Punani!” Jimmy shouted, as they both stared at my hairy pussy. “A big punani like that needs a big cock,” Jimmy chuckled, as he held a breast in his hand.

Marcus stood up, took off his sweatshirt and started to remove his jeans; his cock sprang out of his small pants. It looked bigger and fatter, than I’d remembered from the previous night, as it was now stiff, and getting stiffer.

“Stop. Stop. You must stop. If you go now, I’ll not tell anyone.” I whimpered. But my breasts were heaving, and my pussy was hot and wet. Wetter than it had been for years.

“You want Marcus’ cock?” He looked at me, as he handled himself, waving it from side to side. I shook my head, a look of panic on my face. “She’s hornier than her little daughter! Look at these nip-nips!” Jimmy laughed, as he pulled on my excited nipples. Marcus leaned forward, feeding his cock into my ‘love box’. Each inch made me groan and sigh. I’d had boyfriends before I’d married, but no one had ever made me feel like this. “You like Marcus’ cock?” He kept asking. I couldn’t speak, so I made grunting noises and nodded my head. Although I was very wet, his cock was so big; it was hurting like Hell.

As I lay back, making my self more comfortable, Jimmy grabbed my breasts, and roughly squeezed them, making me wince. “Look at these big fat titties, ” he kept saying as he held my nipples between his fingers, and lifted my tits as high as he could get them. All I could feel was pain in both my breasts and my fanny. But it was the most exciting sex that I’d ever had.

Marcus was now fucking me very easily, and was getting faster and harder with his thrusts. I automatically wrapped my legs around his hips, pulling him in, even deeper.

“Put your head back,” Jimmy commanded. When I complied, he told me, “open your mouth”, Jimmy’s cock was dangling over my face. “Wider!” He raised his voice, I opened as wide as possible, and he slowly, guided it in. He kept pushing, until it touched the back of my throat, his balls resting on my nose. Moving his hips he began fucking my mouth, still digging his fingers into my breasts. When Jimmy increased his speed, I began to choke, so they both pulled out, for a few moments.

As I lay between them, getting my breath back, they began comparing me with my daughter.

“You sure are one horny bitch! Just like your little girl,” Marcus whispered, “Sweet Pea cried the first time she took my cock. But she sure is accommodating now!” Squeezing and shaking my tits like they were balloons, Jimmy asked his friend, “ Do you think Sweet Pea’s tits will get as big as these when she grows older?” “I sure hope so!” Marcus answered, as he buried his face in-between them.

“You ready for some more?” Marcus asked as he stood in front of me, waving his cock from side to side, again. “You want to make Marcus happy?”

I smiled, for the first time, and nodded my head.

“Sit up and give me a little gobble! Make little Marcus hard again.” He laughed. I obliged and took hold of his cock, it felt as big as it looked as I brought it to my lips, and kissed the purple knob. I could smell my pungent ‘love juice’, as I ran my tongue over the hole. He held my head as I began sucking and licking like my life depended on it. His monster cock completely filled my mouth. My heart was banging like a drum, as I gripped and squeezed his firm hairy buttocks.

“Let me have a go!” I opened my eyes to see Jimmy waving his jet-black cock next to my face. Marcus pulled out and was immediately replaced by Jimmy. I grabbed his arse and pulled him in to my mouth and down my throat, “What a fucking cock sucker! She’s so fucking good! Age is a wonderful thing!” Jimmy laughed. My fingers were stroking both pairs of balls.

They spent the next few minutes taking it in turns, pushing their cocks into my mouth, as they stroked and squeezed my tits, ending with my licking both knobs at the same time, as they each had two or three fingers inside my fanny.

“Enough of this shit!” Marcus laughed. “Open them legs, me need a fuck.” I slid back onto the bed and spread my legs, again. He knelt in front of me and ran the tip of his cock along my dripping hole, and then slowly fed the whole 10 inches into me. I let out the most magnificent sigh.

I automatically pulled my knees up to my chest until I could grab them with my hands. I swear that I could feel his cock in my belly. I met each of his thrusts with a groan. “You like my cock? You like me fucking you?” He kept asking. “Yes! Yes!” Was all I could say. As he began to speed up I felt his pubes press against my clit; within a few seconds I was screaming like a scalded cat! Instantly I felt him jerk and flood my womb with his red hot spunk – gallons of it!

He flopped on top of me, gently kissing and licking my neck and cheek.

CRACK! I heard a sharp noise as Jimmy smacked Marcus on the arse. “Come on man! Let me have a go!” He chided his pal. Marcus lifted his head, smiled and kissed me on the nose.

As our sweaty bodies parted, his cock fell out with a plop! Hot spunk poured out of my fanny, and ran down the crack of my arse, onto the bedclothes.

“Turn over?” Jimmy asked. I’d always enjoyed ‘doggy fashion’ with my ex-husband, so I rolled over, and placed a couple of pillows under my tummy, pointing my arse into the air. Gently tapping my thigh, he whispered, “wider,” I did as I was told. I was still panting, from the fucking that Marcus had given me when Jimmy pushed his thick 8 inches into me. I screamed, as he grabbed my heaving tits, which were now very sensitive. “That’s it momma. Scream! Scream, you bitch, scream!” I had no choice as he dug his fingers in and tugged on my nipples, while he hammered my spunk filled fanny with his fat cock. His heavy balls were swinging underneath me and hitting my pubic area. I was biting the duvet, as the pain was nearly unbearable.

Suddenly he let go of my breasts, and grabbed my shoulders as he forced himself even deeper inside and sprayed my fanny with more spunk. After squeezing the last few drops into me, he pulled out so quickly; I let out a massive ‘fanny-fart’. Both men got a fit of the giggles.

Keeping my legs together, so I didn’t repeat my accident, I rolled onto my side.

The unmistakable smell of sex hung in the air.

Jimmy looked at his watch, “Shit, man, it’s 1 o’clock, we’ve got to be going!”

They got dressed as I lay naked and sweaty, on my daughters’ bed, their spunk still dripping from my fanny and my breasts and nipples bruised and aching.

“You want more like that?” Marcus asked, as he buttoned his jeans. I smiled and nodded.

“You want us to come back tomorrow, when your little girl is at school?” I shrugged my shoulders, and smiled. “So that’s a yes?” I nodded, “See you tomorrow!” Marcus laughed.

As they left the room, Jimmy started to laugh. “Hey, man. Does this make us motherfuckers?”


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