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Dining at the Y


My wife Jennifer works at a local hospital as a nurse. The pressure is high and the days long as the hospital has suffered through some cutbacks.

Every so often the nurses, mostly women, break the tension with a little naughty talk. Out of the ears of the supervisor and the patients, of course, but little digs about their love life or midnight escapades.

Sometimes, buoyed with a bottle of wine, Jennifer would tell me about some of those conversations.

Linda's boyfriend had a smaller than average dick. Linda says that unless she's "riding cowboy" he doesn't satisfy her.

Katie said her boyfriend could only have an orgasm when her middle finger made its way up his ass. She thought it strange, but it worked.

Kathy was the real naughty one, a ditzy blonde with a smile that lighted a room. Her hubby Rick loved to "ride up the chocolate speedway" as she called it, and she allowed him to do so on official "holidays." Those holidays were his birthday, New Year's Eve, their anniversary and Thanksgiving. Oh, and since her hubby had to travel on the job, sometimes when he'd return from a profitable sales trip.

The other member of the Fantastic Five, as they called themselves, was Chantel, who apparently had a husband who liked getting oral sex in the car. Often.

"They have their date night, which is normally having a baby sitter over while they do a dinner and movie. After the movie they end up parked down by Johnson's Pond. At least the did until nearly getting busted by the cops! She was so embarrassed. Luckily they had enough notice to get presentable, but it was embarrassing because one of the cops was a friend of her dad. Good thing she was with her husband!"

My wife thought all of their talk was disgusting. But she never said whether she said anything about our love life. I imagined so, because everyone else seemed so open. Still, Jennifer was a little private with her sex life. She still insisted we "do it" in the dark.

From time to time the husbands would join the wives for dinner after work, at holiday parties and a few times on Saturday evening group dates. We'd been to a comedy club and a local version of a Broadway show in recent months.

It was sort of strange at these gatherings, knowing what I knew about the "private" sex lives of the other couples. I mean, I had to wonder if Ted's dick was as "small" as Linda made it sound. Or if when Chantel and Mike disappeared from the comedy club for a half hour between sets, supposedly to go to the rest room, whether they had really went out to the car for a quickie.

Of course this was all harmless mind wrestling. I mean, there never was a time when the guys talked about their sex lives with their wives. Nothing like the girls talked, anyway.

Every once in a while I wondered what Jennifer said about me in the sack. I mean, we had a decent sex life. The Saturday night "date night" kind, nothing really kinky or anything. Sometimes we'd vary things, but normally it was sex by the numbers.

After a warm bath Jennifer would come to bed. We'd make out a little, I'd play with her snatch for a while, she'd lick my cock a little and then I'd mount and do her for a while before she got on top to come. Sometimes that would get me off too, but normally after she came I'd get back on top and finish. Every once in a while she'd let me do her doggie style, but that was about as kinky as we got. I'd try to vary the action, but she really didn't like receiving oral sex or giving full blow jobs.

It was disappointing, not so much the lack of blow jobs but her dislike of oral sex herself. I've always loved the action between a girl's legs. The licking and eating, the fingering while licking, and so forth. But that wasn't anything Jennifer enjoyed.

Before I met Jennifer I had dated several women who loved me being between their legs. Dona was a screamer, a trait I didn't really like, but figured out a way to subdue her while still getting her off...good old sixty nine. Yes, getting my dick in her mouth was a way to quiet her, while I still got to munch on my favorite meal. The only thing about Dona was that she'd sometimes lose control while we were in the midst of a heavy sixty nine session and she'd nip my cock with her teeth. Ouch!

Susan was quite different. There were times when she'd surprise me when I'd visit her apartment. "Come in," she'd call when I knocked on her door. Once, I opened it to see her with her fingers playing with her pussy in a love seat across the way from the door. My first thought was that it was a good think I hadn't brought a friend over with me. That would have been embarrassing. The second was that I had to chow down on that hairy snatch as quickly as I could. I did.

Yes, I liked going down on women. But it's something my wife Jennifer just didn't enjoy, so although I'd continue to ask it never got me anywhere.

Several weeks ago we had the group over to our house for cocktails and cards. We played Texas hold 'em poker for a couple hours while talking politics, sports and the weather. Nothing all too exciting, just friends getting together and interacting.

During one of the breaks Kathy and I found ourselves alone in the kitchen, grabbing refills. "So, I hear you like eating out," said the woman, suggestively.

I nearly spit out my wine!

"I, uh, I," was about all I could stammer.

"At lunch," she said, "I heard you like eating out of the building, rather than in the cafeteria."

With that, she smacked me on the shoulder and went back to the living room laughing.

I couldn't believe what she had said. My immediate thought was she was talking about the bedroom desire I had that Jennifer didn't. But as she left I supposed it could have been merely a bit of a dig or maybe just coincidence.

Nothing else was said that night, and I went to bed wondering whether I was being made fun of or what.

Over the next month there were a couple occasions when I'd run into Kathy and she'd make similar comments. She once asked if I had ever eaten at the Y, which could have meant "The Y" between a women's legs or merely the downtown Y.

Still, all the innuendo got my mind working. I wondered if Jennifer had told of my bedroom desires to her friends. I couldn't imagine she had, but there were too many little throwaway lines by Kathy that had me wondering.

I do know that several times when Jennifer and I were making love I'd find my mind wandering toward pussy, squishy wet and tasty pussy. I wished Jennifer would let me lick her to an orgasm. But it wasn't to me.

Over the next week I was in the midst of snafu after snafu at work. Outsources screwed up, my most trusted employee screwed up, everything was working out wrong. My mind was on anything but sex, as each day was long and I was turning in early to get back to the office even earlier.

The following week wasn't much better, as the screw ups continued. Finally, on Wednesday, the tide started to turn. Instead of a storm of bad occurrences there were only a few. Mid morning I told my secretary I needed to hit the bank and the local coffee bistro. It was time for a good cup of java and a deep breath.

Grabbing my laptop I hopped into the car and took care of banking before grabbing a latte. Sitting in the shop, immersed in responding to emails, I head a female ask if a seat was taken. I waved at her, thinking she wanted to take the chair. "Rob!" came the reply.

It was Kathy. "Do you mind if I sit down?" she asked in mock anger.

"Of course not," I said, coming to my senses. "I was just in the middle of something and thought you wanted to borrow the chair.

We spoke for a while, a little this and that. I mentioned work was a bear, she noted her job was its normal craziness. "Had to take off today for a couple doctor's appointments and to take care of some of my dad's stuff," said the brunette co-worker of my wife. "Plus, Rick has been on the road this week and that meant I had some other things that had to get done that he'd normally do."

The conversation was pretty tame until Kathy gave me a mischievous smile.

"What...?" I asked.

"You never told me if you liked dining at the Y," said the girl with a big grin.

I asked what she was talking about, stammering something about eating at the office for most of the last couple weeks because of the workload.

"Oh. I don't imagine your secretary, uh, gives you lunch."


"I'm just kidding you, chill out," said my wife's co-worker.

I stared at the woman, and then asked. "What has Jennifer told you, you know, about that."

Kathy smiled at me. "My, now you are interested!" laughed the woman. "Now you want to talk, uh, openly. What do you want to know?"

Asking if Jennifer had talked about our sex life, Kathy admitted she had. That all the Fab Five did. "Oh, not all the details, just some of the little things, the things that hit a chord."

"Like the chocolate speedway," I asked.

Kathy turned red as she nodded yes.

"So what did she say about me?"

My wife's co-worked smiled again. "Just that you are always pestering her for something. I mean, we all sort of talk about our guys pestering for something or another. I mean, Rick always want to go back there, but I don't really like to do it often. It hurts a lot you know. But for special occasions we do it. He loves it."

"And Jennifer?"

"You should be proud, she always has said you take care of her needs in the bedroom. She says you are caring and hot. That you are a great lover."

Now it was my turn to turn beet red.

"But she does complain that you are always pressuring for her do let you do, uh, that."

I told the girl I had always like doing it, and that I wished Jennifer would let me. But that I was over it, I just wished it wasn't hands, or lips, off so to speak.

"I know what you mean," said Kathy.


It's a good thing we were alone in the coffee shop, or else our talk might have raised eyebrows.

"Rick doesn't like to go down on me, he hates it. What is worse is that he will do it, but it's half-hearted and when he just goes through the motions I hate it too," said the girl. "It was always a big part of my love-making, but not with Rick. For him, it is disgusting. I don't even allow him to attempt it any more, saying I am too sensitive down there. He buys it, probably because he hates doing it so much."

The two of us spoke a little while longer before heading out. Outside, by her car, she dropped the bomb. "Look, Rob, I love Rick and I know you love Jennifer. I would not want to do anything to harm those relationships. But I have a need, and it's something you can fix. I would never cheat on Rick, but, well, I'm not sure doing what we like is cheating if you know what I mean."

With that Kathy started her car, backed out, and sped off, leaving me with a hard on and a jumbled mind. The girl just propositioned me, so to speak. At least I think she did. My wife's good friend said she would allow me to go down on her.


The following Saturday night you would have never known Kathy and I had talked at the coffee shop. We were at her house for another card game and she barely spoke with me all night. At home that night Jennifer and I had raucous sex as I banged my wife with visions of Kathy's pussy in my mind.

Was she a true blonde? Was she natural, trimmed or shaven down there? Did she moan or grimace when she was being licked? On that evening, I imagined all.

Tuesday morning my secretary interrupted me with notice of a call. "I'm not sure who it is, she said Kathy, a friend of your wife."

It was Kathy, and we made chit chat for a minute before she hit me with the bombshell.

"Look, I've never done this, but Rick it out west the week until Sunday, and, well, I have a need you can fill, something you like to do...."

I think I dazzled even myself with the response. "Uh huh."

Okay, it wasn't worthy of a notation in a book of quotations, but it was all I could come up with.

"So," cooed the girl, "want to dine at the Y? Have lunch between some willing thighs? Make a pussy purr?


"Today, you get a lunch break, right, how about coming over and I will fix you up something special. I know you will like it."

"See you at noon."

It was a conversation I will never forget. I worried it was a set up. What if Jennifer was over the house when I got there? I quickly called the hospital, only to have Jennifer say she couldn't talk because they were short staffed and up to their ears in patients.

I thought of how wrong it was, but then I thought about how right it would be to taste a pretty pussy for the first time in years. Besides, Kathy said it wasn't cheating. It wasn't, was it?

The devil in me won out. I made my way over to Kathy and Rick's house for my noon date.

I don't remember a minute of the trip. My dick was hard, though, and I had visions of what Kathy might look like, whether she was putting me on and whether she'd put out.

Pulling into the driveway right behind her hybrid, tried to appear as innocent as I could as I walked up the walkway to her front door. There was a note saying "Come In." I knocked anyway, opening the door slowly. "Kathy?"

"In here," came the response.

Kathy and Rick's house had a family room in the back, overlooking woods. I strode slowly toward the family room, stopping at the door way. Across the room, it a pink chiffon nightie and black stockings, was my wife's co-worker. She had a book in her hands, candles on the desk.

"You came over, I wondered if you would," said Kathy. "You were very quiet on the phone."

Explaining how nervous I was, I said I almost didn't come. "I don't want to cheat on Jennifer."

Kathy gave a realistic explanation. "Look, we are not going to have sex. Never. Won't happen. But there is something you can do that I don't think is cheating."

With that she uncrossed her legs, giving me an upskirt shot of her pink panties.

The look was fantastic. The stockings were held up by garters, the panties light pink set of perfectly by the pitch black nylons. Adorable, sexy, hot.

"So, are you hungry?"


Kathy smiled and began to unhook the garter snaps from her stockings. Unhooked, she stood, reached into the elastic of her panties, and slowly removed them from her midsection and slowly rolled them down her legs.

Sitting back down, I walked over to her and dropped to my knees. Slipping a hand onto her thigh, I slowly slid it up to her womanhood, using my hand as a reverse vice to open her thighs to me.

She was a little trimmed down there but still had a full mane of hair above her pussy lips. She wasn't blonde, but brunette, down there, not that it mattered.

"Are you ready to eat your lunch, Rob, well are you?"

I was. In fact, I dove right in. First I put my hands below her ass, with my thumbs pushing open her thighs a little more. I moved her legs over the arms of her chair, then began kissing up her leg starting on the sexy black stockings right above the right knee.

Showering her thighs with kisses, I used my left hand to move my fingers toward her pussy, where they danced along the lips. That action brought forth a purr from Kathy's throat. "Yes, yes that's it."

My lips continued their trek toward her hot wet core. Kathy was soaking wet between her legs. I realized that as I neared her pussy. She was clearly excited and she reached down and placed her fingers on the sides of her pussy, opening for me. Soon I found my goal, planting a kiss right on the Kathy's two nether lips.

Holding the kiss for a bit, soon I began tongue kissing her pussy. It was incredible licking the hole between her legs. Kathy began grinding her snatch against my pussy as I munched and kissed her down there.

Inserting a finger into her pussy I licked around it, moaning how good it was to her. I attacked her clit, sucking and licking with my exploring tongue.

I loved the taste, I loved feeling each inch of her awesome pussy.

For her part, Kathy was quiet except for some groans and grunts. Soon, though, she began to shake and cried out. "Suck me, suck my pussy."

I did as I was told. No question about it.

"Oh my god I'm cumming," cried out the girl. "Yessssss."

Somewhere along the way I began rubbing my dick in my pants, and the sounds of her going over edge took me over the edge myself. For the first time in years I came in my pants.

All the while I kept my head between her legs, kissing and licking her tangy sweet hole. It was everything I had hoped for and more.

Gasping, Kathy held my head in her hands and rocked against my face. "That's so very incredible, so wonderful," cried the girl. "You make me feel so very sexy and hot."

I slid back on my haunches, admiring my work.

Reaching over, I held her ass and pulled her toward me. "Now, now, Rob, remember..."

I laid down on the floor, pulling her toward me. Soon, her pussy was right above me, and I turned her around. Then I pulled her down toward my head. She got the idea, lowering her pussy to my lips once again.

"Be careful, I'm sensitive after cumming," was all she said.

My mouth worked magic on her pussy, with my nose lodged in her ass cheeks. It was a strange yet sexy aroma around her, as her secretions were not only wet but tasty. The soapy smell from her ass did nothing to slow my assault on her pussy.

She actually began fucking my face, up and down against my lips as I sucked whenever I could. The girl started moving her ass quickly, and I reached up to hold the cheeks to sort of guide the motion. Still, she was in control, fucking my face with abandon.

My face was soaked with her pussy juice, allowing her to slide along my face with ease. I knew she was using me and I loved every second of it.

"Oh, you pussy licker, oh, suck me you bastard," cried out the married woman banging my face. "You are such a good pussy licker."

She said I was, so I agreed.

Soon she was cumming again, right on my face. For the second time in an hour I had gotten her off with my mouth, I proudly thought to myself.

"That was totally incredible," said the woman after coming down from her orgasmic high. "Did you enjoy it?"

Oh yes.

It was my best lunch in years I told her.

We shared coffee before I had to head back to the office. We both swore ourselves to secrecy. We both promised not to ruin our friendship with anything that would take things to another level.

"Look, Rob, I have needs and I know you do to. This was a perfect morning. Let's not ruin it, okay."

"Okay, Kathy, but every time I look at you from now on I will be thinking of this day."

"Me too."

I smiled at her. "Well, you know, there is another thing Jennifer won't do."

"Oh, what's that?"

"You know what you and Rick do on a holiday? She won't do that either."

Kathy smiled, shook her head, and then laughed.

"That, my friend, would be cheating."

I guess it would.

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