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Dinner and More


The flashlight shone brightly into her face and Melissa groaned inwardly. The irritating beam of light was joined by several others, forcing her to shield her eyes while trying to maintain some semblance of a smile.

"Ryan," she called, "how do you say 'quit shining that flashlight in my eyes' in Japanese?" The tall Australian was too far away to hear her. Melissa waded through the group of Japanese elementary school students who surrounded her and made her way toward her teaching partner.

"You know, this is fun, but I think I'll be glad when this little Halloween party is over."

Ryan chuckled. "Yeh, "he said, "I think the hide-and-seek in the dark is their favorite game".

The kids jostled around the two adults, forcing Melissa to lose her balance, and she grabbed the back of Ryan's shoulder for support. As soon as her hand touched him, she forgot about the lights and the jabbering Japanese voices around her.

She leaned closer, more than she really needed to, and brushed her chest slightly against his back. Her body was acutely aware of every inch of her that came into contact with him. Inhaling, she stole a moment to drink in the scent of him; that unique male muskiness mixed with a hint of the cigarette he had smoked after lunch.

"Whoops, there you go." Ryan set Melissa back on her feet and she became aware that she had left her hand on him a bit too long. As he turned, his eyes met hers and she stared into his blue eyes. She was always struck by how blue they were and her body tingled with the contact. For just a second a spark flashed between them, and then it was gone.

"Guess it's time to get started, eh?" he said as Melissa broke the eye contact. Another flashlight beam in her face jerked her back to the present. Just one more game, and then they would be free. Melissa had been thinking about what might happen later that night since earlier in the week. She had invited Ryan back to the village to hang out with them and watch movies after the two teachers finished the party. Whenever Ryan came over, Melissa fantasized for days and would work herself into a ridiculously horny state.

Ryan began explaining the next game, but Melissa didn't pay a whit of attention. She was too busy watching him, mentally undressing him. As he talked, she was imagining pulling his rugby shirt off over his head, kissing his chest and exploring him with her hands. Melissa ached to press herself against him, to feel his hands grip her and crush her against himself. Their lips would meet, hard and frantic ...

"Hey, Melissa, it's time to hide now," Ryan called out to her as he trotted towards the door.

"Oh, right. No problem." Melissa was sure she blushed and thanked heaven that it was dim inside the building so he couldn't see her very well. "I suppose you're going to use your super duper secret spot, yeah?" She said as she followed him into the dark hallway.

"Yeh. They haven't found me yet."

"God, I'm so sick of them shining those lights in my eyes. I totally don't want to be found. Any chance there's room in there for both of us?" Melissa asked hopefully.

Ryan stopped for a second, cocked his head to one side, and looked at her. "I guess so, if that's what you want."

"If you don't mind," she hesitated.

Melissa couldn't see his expression very well in the dark, but she sensed a pause. "No, no, it's cool," he finally responded.

Ryan led his partner to a small storage room under the stairs. They crawled in and crammed themselves into the back corner, behind some boxes. It was a very cozy fit. Melissa started to wonder if this had been such a great idea.

She was crouched down in front of the Aussie, her back pressed into his chest. As he breathed, his breath tickled her ear and she gave some serious consideration of passing out right then and there.

"You okay?" His voice spoke into her ear.

She answered in a breathless whisper, "yeah. You?"

"I'm good." His lips brushed her earlobe.

Melissa's breath quickened and blood rushed to her head. She closed her eyes and concentrated on how good he felt pressed against her. Without realizing it, Melissa leaned her head back slightly and turned her cheek towards Ryan. Their faces were almost touching and it was torture to not kiss him.

She didn't care about the game or anything else at that moment. All she wanted was to feel his lips on hers, to drink him in, to tear off her clothes and fuck him madly. It would be so easy. All she had to do was lean forward a bit and rub her ass into his crotch. He was sure to get hard -- in fact she was beginning to suspect he already was. They could wrestle their pants off and he could slide his cock into her right there. She could imagine them fucking doggy style, fast and frantic, humping madly before they were caught.

A quiet groan sounded in her ear. A real groan, not an imaginary one. Melissa suddenly realized that she had begun to rhythmically press herself back in to Ryan. His hands had begun to move and he gently cupped her breasts from behind. Melissa inhaled sharply, her lips parted. Ryan's mouth found her neck and he bit down gently as another low moan escaped him. She felt as though she could cum right then, she was so horny. The strong hands caressing her breasts became more firm and forceful. Melissa responded by pressing harder against him.

Suddenly, the door opened and the couple froze. They knew they couldn't be seen, but it was enough to bring them back to reality. The flashlight beam made a cursory search of the small space, loud Japanese voices and laughter filled the hallway outside, and then the door shut.

"Shit," Melissa said to herself. To date, she and Alex hadn't come to a final decision about Ryan. She couldn't give in and fuck his brains out just yet. She moved away and turned to look at him. Their eyes had become accustomed to the dark now, and she could see clearly the expression on his face. The desire she saw in his eyes nearly made her lose her resolve. For long minutes the two stared at each other, breathing heavily and the smell of arousal filling their nostrils.

"I think I'll let them find me this time," Melissa said, finally breaking the silence. Before he could say anything, she dashed out of the storage room and re-entered reality.

The rest of the party was a blur. Melissa finally regained some sense of normalcy and she and Ryan managed to behave as though nothing had happened. It was all such a lie, though. When it was time to leave, and they were alone in the car, Melissa could feel the sexual tension between them, just under the surface. They went through all the motions; getting his things from his apartment, running into the store for some steaks, and picking their way through the video store.

Melissa kept finding ways to touch him, though. As he handed her his cell phone in the video store, her hand brushed his for an inordinate amount of time. Every time he came up behind her to point out another video choice, he came close enough that she felt like she had been shot through with a jolt of electricity. All this teasing was driving her insane. Her nipples were tight and sore, and her pussy was absolutely dripping.

Fortunately, Ryan had opted to follow Melissa in his own car back to the small village where she lived 45-mintues away. Melissa spent the entire drive playing out a variety of scenarios that all involved herself, Ryan, and her husband Alex naked and sweaty. Images of the three of them filled her mind and made her drunk with desire. While Alex had a few reservations about playing with Ryan -- a single guy versus a married couple - Melissa was well aware of his weakness for watching her go down on another man. For her part, she could fantasize all day about being full of cock. Few things pleased her more than being fucked hard and fast while her mouth was crammed with a throbbing dick. Over and over again, Melissa imagined the pounding and fucking. She could hear the panting and groaning, and she could almost feel herself being carried away by the sensations of having two men at the same time.

As horny as she was, Melissa decided masturbation while driving was not a good idea. Driving on the left was still a bit tricky for her. Besides, she needed to calm down a bit before getting home. She inhaled deeply and tried to clear her mind. Looking round, she finally took note of her surroundings. Absorbed in her fantasy world, the landscape had flown by and she now realized that she was nearly home.

Alex heard the front door open. He slid open the door to the entry way as Melissa and Ryan entered and began removing their shoes.

"Hello, there," he said cheerfully. "How's the drive?"

"Not bad. The roads are pretty good," Ryan replied as he hung up his coat on one of the wall hooks. "There's a new grocery store in Nantokagawa. It's enormous. Did you see it?" He turned around to ask Melissa as she, too, was hanging her coat. It was cramped in the small entryway.

"Uhmm...no, I guess I missed it." She fought down the flush she felt rising in her cheeks. She'd been so distracted by her imaginary sex-fest that she had driven through the small town without noticing.

Alex noticed the look on Melissa face. She squeezed past Ryan and up the step into the main hallway, briefly meeting her husband's gaze. Her hazel eyes were bright and Alex knew instantly that she was horny as hell.

"Have a nice day?" he asked her in a low voice as she came to give him a hug.

"Mmm...fun, and frustrating. You now how it goes, "came her coy response. She stood on her tiptoes and kissed him deeply. Her tongue immediately slid between his lips, probing his mouth with a deep hunger.

Alex pulled her closer, cupping her buttocks in his hands and eliciting a quiet growl of pleasure from her.

"Ahh, nice to see you too," she pulled back and gave him a look that clearly communicated her desire. Alex's cock began to harden and he was forced to adjust himself slightly.

They heard Ryan's footsteps as he finally stepped into the main hallway. The Australian's eyes met theirs for a split second, and then he looked away. The look had been long enough, though. Long enough for both Melissa and Alex to see what Ryan must be trying desperately to hide - desire and confusion, an intoxicating combination.

As the three of them moved into the living room, the conversation was the usual run of the mill sort, but Alex's mind was elsewhere. He wasn't surprised that things were coming to a head. Melissa and he had been talking about playing with Ryan off and on for months. They had known that it would be a little frustrating to leave their swinging lifestyle behind while they took this temporary hiatus in Japan. It had now been more than a year, and Melissa was champing at the bit.

Watching Melissa and Ryan chatting companionably as they unloaded the groceries, Ryan thought about watching her go down on the other man. He imagined her kneeling in front of the Australian there in the kitchen, yanking his pants down, and telling him to thrust his cock into her mouth. He loved watching Melissa down on the floor sucking off another man.

Alex shifted his cock again. He was rock hard now. Why not play with Ryan? Melissa certainly wanted him badly enough. She was so enthusiastic when she was this horny, too. Rubbing his cock through his jeans, Alex smiled to himself. Ryan was going to get a surprise tonight.

As if reading his mind, Melissa turned away from Ryan and looked at her husband. She shivered and felt her nipples harden when she saw the grin on Alex's face, followed by an almost imperceptible nod. By now, her panties were soaked. Her pussy ached as she returned Alex's smile. "Game on," she thought.

Melissa began to flirt in earnest now, as the three of them prepared dinner. She took every opportunity to get close to Ryan, bumping and rubbing up against him. After they had eaten, she snuck up behind him and found an excuse to reach around him to the sink. As she leaned forward and to the side, she saw the bulge in his pants. It took every ounce of self-control Melissa possessed to stop herself from just simply reaching her hands around him and into his pants. God, how she wanted to hold him in her hand, to slide her fist up and down the hard length of his shaft.

Alex watched from the table and adjusted himself again. His own cock throbbed and strained to be free. Alex well knew how good it felt to have Melissa's naked body pressed against his back, gyrating, masturbating him while they stood. He wondered how long she was going to wait.

After the kitchen had been tidied, Ryan grabbed his smokes off the bookshelf and made his way to the door. Melissa followed, joining him in his after dinner smoke as she often did. They slipped their shoes and coats on and went out into the cold night.

"Ciggie?" he asked, offering her a slim white cigarette.

Melissa chuckled at his Australian slang. "Thanks," she replied. She slid it between her lips and leaned forward as he flicked his lighter. Ryan's hand moved towards her to pass her the lighter, but she took his hand and guided it up to her cigarette instead. Her hand held his lightly and much longer than necessary. When her "ciggie" was in danger of catching on fire in earnest, she slid her hand down his and finally dropped it, her cold fingers retreating to the warmth of her coat pocket.

"Thanks," she said. She took a deep drag and looked into his eyes.

Ryan returned her look, but then turned his gaze to the light dusting of snow around them. "Noriyuki and I are supposed to play golf tomorrow in town."

"You're crazy, Ryan," she laughed at him. "I think golf season is over for the year."

"Maybe, but it's supposed to be sunny tomorrow. It might melt," Ryan responded optimistically.

"You need a girlfriend. Something else to spend your money on, instead of all this golf." Melissa laughed and exhaled smoke. The white cloud billowed between them. She shivered and took a small step closer towards him. "When was the last time you got laid, anyway?" Melissa gave him a teasing look. "I've heard that it isn't all that easy for foreigners to hook up with local girls, especially in small towns like ours. How many times have you been laid since you moved here?"

Ryan kicked the snow at his feet and shrugged. "Oh, I don't know. Five or six, I guess." He grinned, "Remember, there was that girl this summer who wanted to get even with her boy friend."

Melissa laughed, remembering the story. "I forgot about her."

The two became momentarily quiet as they smoked and admired the stars in the dark sky.

"Say," Ryan began hesitantly. "...um...about what happened earlier today, you know, in the closet..." He shifted his weight nervously and fingered what was left of his cigarette. "I just wanted to say I'm..."

Melissa interrupted him by putting her finger to her lips. "Shh," she said softly. In one smooth motion, she crushed her cigarette out and turned to go into the house. Glancing back over her shoulder, Melissa looked at him with half-lidded lustful eyes. Without a word, she smiled and retuned to the warmth inside.

He followed her after a moment, and they again went through the shoe-removing ritual familiar to anyone living in Japan.

"Let me get the spare bed fixed up real quick. Why don't you go get the movie ready for me, okay?"

"No problem," Ryan responded, and headed into the living room.

"Alex, can you bring me that wool blanket off the futons, please?" Melissa called out to her husband from the extra bedroom.

A minute later, Alex came into the room carrying a blanket. "Here you are, sweetie," he said, dropping it on to the bed. His hands immediately went around her waist and he enveloped her in a violent embrace. Crushing his body against hers, he kissed her with a searing heat. Alex cupped her ass in his hands and made certain that she could feel his hard-on. She melted into him and groaned in response. Melissa hung helplessly onto his neck and submitted herself to his mouth and hands.

Alex forced Melissa backwards and pinned her against the wall. Her hips moved against him. Quickly, keeping his mouth on hers, he slid a hand past the elastic waist of her yoga pants and her panties. He smiled when she stifled the groan that tried to escape as his fingers found her dripping wet pussy and slipped inside. Immediately she began to fuck his fingers mindlessly.

"You want to fuck him like crazy, don't you," he whispered hoarsely into her ear.

"Yesss, " was her only reply.

"I want to watch you suck his cock deep into your throat..."

Melissa eyes were closed and she whimpered as he fingered the hard nub of her clit.

"I want to see you suck him off and swallow his cum," it came out as a gentle demand, not a request.

"Whatever you want, sweetheart," Melissa moaned quietly.

Then, just as suddenly as he had attacked her, Alex pulled away. He licked Melissa's juices off his fingers and smiled. He thought to himself that he was the luckiest man on earth. Most people would be shocked to know what the couple was like alone in the bedroom. They looked so normal on the outside, but inside, it was as if he was secretly married to his own private porn star.

"I love you," Alex said to Melissa.

His wife struggled to regain her composure. "I love you too," she replied, and gave him a gentle kiss before leaving the room.

The DVD began to play and Ryan fussed with the controller, finally managing to turn off the Japanese sub-titles. He sat on the floor in front of the couch where the couple sat. Melissa was lying sideways on the couch, her feet in her husband's lap. As she plotted her next move, she covertly massaged Alex's cock with her toes. Her eyes locked with his in the dim light of the TV and she licked her lips.

"I'm so fucking horny," she mouthed silently.

Alex's cock twitched tightly in response. He then watched as Melissa leaned forward so that her head was next to Ryan's. He saw the other man's chest begin to rise rapidly as his breathing quickened and Alex laughed inwardly when he thought about how confused Ryan must be right now.

Melissa could smell the beer and cigarettes on Ryan's breath as she leaned close. For some reason, it was always a scent that turned her on like crazy. Drinking it in, she slowly began to nibble on the blonde man's ear. Nipping gently with her teeth, she sucked on his ear lobe and slid her hands round to his chest.

"Bloody hell," came Ryan's whispered response. He inhaled sharply and arched his back against the couch.

"It's okay," Melissa whispered into his ear before she resumed her sucking and nibbling. Her mouth moved from his ear to his neck and Melissa could feel the muscles in his chest tighten. Ryan's skin tasted so new, and she reveled in it.

Still kissing and nipping at his neck, she slid off the couch and onto the floor. Her kisses trailed his collarbone and worked their way up his neck towards his mouth. Melissa lightly kissed the corners of his mouth. Ryan sat, either mesmerized or shocked; it was impossible to tell. His eyes closed and he leaned his head back a bit against the couch.

Melissa then began to brush her lips against his, teasing him, savoring the moment. She took his lower lip between her teeth and sucked it gently into her mouth. Ryan let out a quiet grunt, prompting Melissa to rest her hands on his shoulders and slide her leg across his lap, straddling her stunned friend.

Finally, she moved her tingling lips onto his mouth and kissed him deeply. Melissa's hands traveled from his shoulders to the back of his head, pressing their faces together. Her lips and tongue explored his, nipping, sucking, and biting. He was breathing heavily now. Melissa could hear a low moan building in his chest and she realized that she had unconsciously been rocking her pelvis into his crotch.

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