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Dinner and More


I was tired from work but didn't want to sit home, so I headed out to my favorite restaurant for a drink. While waiting for the bartender, I watched a bottle of wine pass by me and placed in front of a man at the end of the bar. There was only the two of us at the bar. The man smiled and I told him I liked his taste in wine. We started talking about different wines we liked and without me even noticing, the bartender had poured a glass of his wine and set it in front of me. I said thank you and the man said "enjoy" while tipped the glasses together. He introduced himself as Michael. The hostess came by and told him his table was ready and he asked me if I would like to join him. I was enjoying his company so I said yes.

Dinner was wonderful as we ordered a mix of things to try. We ate and drank and talked about everything and nothing. I felt myself relaxing more as the evening went on and it felt so good. Michael was enjoying working here but was alone most nights and was enjoying company for dinner. We finished the first bottle of wine and he ordered a second.

Michael was older with dark hair woven with white throughout his head. He was tall and lean and obviously kept in shape, but not addicted to lifting weights. He was comfortable with whom he was and made people around him feel relaxed and safe. So, he was definitely my type!! I was feeling relaxed with all that wine and began to flirt a little. I noticed his strong hands and imagined them touching my body. He was soon flirting back in a very sexy way.

Dinner was over far too soon and as we were walking out the restaurant he asked if I wanted to take a walk? The wine had definitely affected me so a walk sounded great. Besides, I did not want to leave this man just yet. The night was warm and walking downtown was fun with all the lights and activity. We were soon in front of an old brick building that had been converted on loft apartments. He said this is where he was staying and asked if I wanted to come up. I hesitated only for a moment. Thoughts of him were flowing through my head and I really wanted to see where this would lead to. I had never done this before, but I decided to be adventurous tonight.

The loft was beautiful and simple in its surroundings. The view was the vibrant city with all its beauty. Michael brought us drinks and sat on the couch beside me. I slipped off my shoes and relaxed. I could feel his energy beside me and the more I thought about him the more excited I got. I could almost feel the ache in our bodies wanting each other, but didn't know how to make the move. As I moved a little, he moved in towards me and kissed me strong on the lips. I love to kiss so the passion was there immediately. He grabbed my hand and led to his bed. We stood there and undressed not taking our eyes off each other. His body was strong and lean as I had thought and he was already hard. I reached for him, first his chest, then moving my hands down to his hard cock. This was going to be nice.

I sat on the edge of the bed and kissed his cock and slowly licked and sucked him. It was such a nice size and I knew it would feel great inside me, but I had to touch and play with it first. He layed me back on the bed and start caressing my body, first my nipples, them my stomach, and he kept moving not staying in one place too long. He was soon kissing and licking my shaved lips and told me how much he loved them shaved. I was aching for him to keep going and he didn't disappoint me as he them moved to my clit. I felt my body jump as he first touched my clit and as he continued I could feel myself beginning to let go. I felt his fingers reach inside me and he immediately knew he had made the right move as I arched my back. I began to feel myself starting and moved my hips around to feel everything more. I was trying to hold back but it felt so good he soon made me come. He stopped when I was finished and I saw that he was still hard. He caressed my body again and pulled my hips to him as he came down and entered me. It felt so good to have him inside of me. I could feel my lips around his cock. He moved slowly and it felt so good. I moaned with pleasure as he smiled at me. I could feel his pleasure and mine begin to rise again. He moved so well and I could feel the tip of his cock starting to touch that spot inside of me. I could feel his breathing changing and getting heavier and he soon let out a slow moan. He grabbed me harder and both of us reacted the same way as he began to come. It felt so good and suddenly I was coming too. He moved until every last drop of cum was deep inside me. We collapsed on the bed.

What a night. He is still in town for a little longer, so maybe we will have to meet for dinner again.

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