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Dinner Party


It had started out as a typical Tuesday. On her first break Suzanne grabbed a cup of coffee and opened her GMail account. Her heart skipped at the sight of his email. Her breath caught in her throat as she read the words.

"Honeypot, I require your services this Saturday. Prepare yourself fully and be ready at 1600 hours. I will prepare your wardrobe and see you then. No O's till then for you. -David"

It was a long week, especially since Suzanne was not allowed a self-induced orgasm, but Saturday finally arrived. Suzanne was up early and started on her preparations. Coffee and two slices of wheat toast. A long, hot soak in the tub. She checked items off her mental list. Hair and waxing had been done Thursday. Nails had been done Friday after work. The only things left were the enemas, her makeup, and a few last touches to her hair.

At 7 pm Suzanne was dressed in a short black dress that David had selected. It was form- fitting and low cut and it literally dripped sex. Underneath was a black lace garter belt and some thoroughly decadent silk stockings. Three other women in similar dresses were mingling in the crowd. Suzanne wondered if they, too, were going commando. The crowd was ten men, all wearing expensive business suits, and the four women.

At 7:30 sharp the man hosting the party rapped on his wine glass. David had introduced him as Ryan. The room went quiet and the man smiled all around the room.

"Our dinner has been served. Please join me in the next room."

A set of french doors opened and a large table became visible to the crowd. Everyone filed into the room and found their name cards. Suzanne was seated between David and a man named Steven. All the other women were seated next to their man and someone they had just met. The two end chairs were set for Ryan and someone named Charles.

Ryan spoke again "Ladies, if you will please remove your dresses, we will all sit down and enjoy the meal."

Suzanne looked at David and he just nodded. Across the table both Sylvia and Randi were already stepping out of their clothes. David moved to her back and unzipped her dress. Taking a deep breath, Suzanne allowed her dress to fall around her ankles, and then carefully stepped out of it. The woman to her right, Melanie, shimmied out of her dress. Suzanne noted that all four women wore black garter belts and black stockings. None wore panties and all were clean-shaven. That done, everyone sat down to a very nicely-presented meal.

Suzanne picked at the food in front of her. Her thoughts whirled in her head. What was going to happen next? What was going to be expected of her? David gave her no hint. He only smiled at her, patted her hand, and continued his conversation with Ryan. Suzanne realized, with a start, that her breathing was shallow, her nipples hard, and her pussy was dripping on the chair. She drained her wine glass and looked across at Randi. Randi also had two erect nipples and a flush in her cheek. She did not speak, but smiled shyly at Suzanne.

Ryan tapped on his wine glass, rose from his chair, and the room went silent. Suzanne inhaled and held her breath.

"Ladies, please follow me back to the other room."

Everyone rose and Suzanne and the other 3 women followed Ryan through the French doors. A second long dining table was set in the middle of the room. On the table were four long pillows, each with a name card placed on it. Suzanne was again across from Randi and next to Melanie. Where Ryan had been seated there was a set of steps. Randi held out her hand to Suzanne and led her up the stairs. Melanie and Sylvia followed.

"Ladies, please stand in front of your pillows, and face the edge of the table. Please keep your ankles spread about a foot apart. The men will be right in."

Randi assumed the requested position near the edge of the table, and extended her right hand to Sylvia. Melanie settled into a similar stance and reached her hand over to Suzanne. As the men entered the room they were greeted with the sight of four ladies awaiting their full attention.

Ryan smiled at the ladies and turned to the men. "Gentlemen, you have all washed your hands. Please insert your fingers into the vagina of each of these Ladies and perform a taste test. Take your time and be certain to wash every time you move to another Lady. When you have had time to savor each one, please go select your choice, and do have some water to cleanse your palate. Owners may not select their own Ladies."

Suzanne experienced something similar to schizophrenia; one part of her brain screamed at her to run and hide, and the other started involuntary hip movements. She felt her vaginal fluids leak down her legs into the stocking tops. Ten different men, including her David, used their fingers to penetrate her sex and taste her vaginal nectars. Five men returned for a second taste. Four of the five selected Suzanne as having the best taste.

When all of the men had chosen their favorite, Ryan tapped his glass and said "Ladies, please be seated on the pillows, the men will now draw for position."

Suzanne watched Melanie sit on her pillow and recline. Sylvia and Randi did the same. Slowly Suzanne sat down, reclined, and spread her legs as the other women had done. Melanie stretched out her hand to Suzanne and Suzanne welcomed the comforting hand of a total stranger.

The first man approached with a chair and proceeded to sit down, draw Suzanne closer to the edge, and start licking at her wide open vagina. Three men, all awaiting their turns, stood behind the chair and watched.

Over an hour later the last man finished licking and fingering her sex, and Suzanne was finally allowed to rest. Her breathing was still hard and her vaginal lips still swollen from the attention lavished upon them. Her eyes finally focused on her David standing between her legs. He was smiling down at her and he whispered "I love you". Then Suzanne noticed that Melanie had her man standing in front of her, but he was preparing to have sex with her. And then David, her David, flicked her clitoris twice and slid his stiff prick into her wet pussy. Suzanne immediately had an orgasm, followed by another when she felt David pump his orgasm deep into her.

On Monday, when the girls in the office asked Suzanne what she had done over the weekend, Suzanne said "David took me to a private dinner club. It was quite romantic."

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