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Dinner with Friends


The invitation was surprising to me. I'd known them for several years and we'd worked at the same firm. But I didn't really expect an outside social contact. I will admit to hoping for one, but never expected.

Margaret wrote and asked for my cell number, but since we live close by I just thought there might some neighborly assistance needed or something. When she called and asked me to dinner I imagined a party but she said I was their only guest. I was liking it already.

I should mention that there has always been a sexual tension between Margaret and myself. Never anything overt at all. We work for a very proper firm. But there were sidelong glances, loose blouse buttons, unnecessary touches and that sort of thing. It had been going on for the six years we'd worked together and got more intense during the three years that I worked in close daily contact with her. I had recently moved to another corporate location in the area and hadn't had the chance to see her for a while, so while telling myself I was crazy to hope what I was hoping, I was also able to realize how nice it would be to see her again - and her husband Stan too. He worked with us there for a while, but had since retired.

I should point out here; this is not your "everybody is a beautiful 20 something porn star" type of story. All three of us are currently in our 50's and Stan and I are nothing to write home about. Like most middle aged American guys, there is some "gut" to deal with. Stan has really achieved greatness in the gut department. I like to think I'm keeping it in control, but what do I know? Margaret is very nice looking with a great body, but not a model type. She has a nice face and at somewhere under 5 foot she's very small; except for her breasts. I'm not even a "breast man" and I appreciate and respect them. Big enough to be too big but not so big as to inhibit function. I absolutely love small females so Margaret has always appealed to me. I have had quite a few unprofessional thoughts about her, even at work. I decided I would go to their house and look for opportunities to be aggressive and assertive. I was going to make my best attempt to live my fantasy.

So I accepted the invitation and showed up on time. I pulled through from their side entrance into the drive so my car was facing out the front entrance. Stan was in the garage with the door open – tinkering I suppose. I walked in and said Hi to Stan and he said to go on in because Margaret was expecting me. That's an odd way to put it, but it was his choice. I did go on in.

She was in the kitchen whirling about. As I came up behind her I realized she was wearing a black shear blouse with a black bra underneath and a very nice pair of jeans, with nice heels. She was just getting up from putting something in the oven when I walked in the room and, spinning on her heels, she wobbled a little and since I was passing right behind her at the time I put my hand in the small of her back just as she lost even more balance. In order to keep her from falling I caught her. I used by right hand and essentially grabbed her left breast. Hey, it was in the right spot.

After stabilizing her, I didn't let go of her breast. It felt SO good. And remember I'm not a breast man. She stayed right there with me and didn't fight an instant. I just kept rubbing and feeling through the fabric.

"I just want to make sure you're stable and not going to fall again." I said.

She came back with, "I'm plenty stable now but if you keep doing that I'll be weak in the knees and lose all that stability."

I kept on, but said, "So you want me to stop?"

"No, god no" she said. "I love it. Please don't stop."

"Aren't you afraid your knees will get weak and you'll drop to your knees? Right there in front of me." I asked?

"I'd like that," She replied.

Still feeling and rubbing I said, "Interesting thing about these shear blouses, they always have strategically placed pockets, and they KNOW everyone is going to wear a nice bra underneath. The pocket would hide what needs hiding so why wear a bra? Or why have pockets? Or both? I imagine the fabric would feel very nice against the skin and with as sensitive as that area is, it would make a blouse like this any girls' favorite."

"Well it might be too sensitive for some situations." She suggested.

"But you're not going to wear this blouse in those situations, are you? When you wear this blouse you want to be seen, don't you?" I asked with a wink.

Looking away from me a little she said, "Yes. I do."

"I like that in a girl." I said, and with unbuttoned the top button so I could reach inside and slide my hand into her bra. Her nipple was so hard it was easy to find so I began fingering it.

Her reaction was beautiful. She gasped as I slid my had in her bra, watching in fascination. When I found her nipple, her head tipped back a bit and her eyes closed. I took that opportunity to lean down to kiss her. My god did she ever kiss back! The passion and desperation were palpable and she was breathing hard immediately. It was an awkward position and my arm began to wear down so I broke off the kiss and she opened her eyes and looked at me. I knew right then I was going to fuck her that night.

I continued playing with her nipple but I said, "you know if you want to be seen you need to go take off that bra. You know it will feel better, don't you think so?"

With a smile she said, "oh yes, definitely. But I can't move with your hand there. To be honest I don't want to move with your hand there."

I told her, "we have all night. Do you think Stan will be a problem?"

She said, " We've discussed this possibility for years. Believe me he loves the idea. Will it bother you if he watches?"

I was floored! All this time I'd been thinking about taking her in front of him and they were thinking the same thing. I was so glad I decided to be aggressive that night.

"I would love to have him watch – as long as he doesn't get in the way."

"He won't. You're in charge." She said. "Of everything."

"I said, "Well in that case I'll expect to be addressed as 'Sir.' How does that sound to you?"

"Yes SIR. Sounds great SIR." she said, emphasizing the "SIRS" with a smile.

Then I said "I've already told you to remove that bra." Here I slid my hand out of her bra. Her face fell. I rubbed each breast a quick rub and then slid my hand down the front of her. I grabbed the button of the waistband of her jeans with my fingers and jiggled it a little, and then proceeded (still outside the pants) down to her crotch. Rubbing there perked her up again. I could feel the moisture through her jeans. I knew she was already dripping wet. I got more energetic in order to ensure it was felt through the fabric and used my fingers hard on the spot I knew her pussy to be. The reaction was again great.

"You just don't want my knees to hold me up do you?" She asked.

"You'll be on your knees soon enough. For now though, while you're taking off that bra, why don't you change to a skirt? I can see you're warm and uncomfortable down there. A little air would be a good thing don't you think?" I said.

"Yes SIR. Good idea SIR." she replied.

"Good – then go and hurry back." I commanded. As she walked past and got to the door I added, "Oh and Margaret, no underwear of course."

"Of course sir" she replied. She went and I sat down in the dining room to wait. A minute later Stan came in and I pointed to the back and said, "She went to the back for a minute."

He answered, "I'm sure she'll be right back. As our guest we want to be sure you're kept entertained. I'll take a quick shower and then we'll be ready for dinner. OK? She'll keep you busy for a few minutes I'm sure."

"She's a very entertaining girl. I'm sure we'll be just fine." I replied. "Enjoy your shower." And off he went.

After only a very few minutes Margaret came walking down the hall, looking like a vision. Her sheer black blouse was no longer inhibited by a bra underneath and she had found a nice short white skirt. She kept the same nice black heels so generally she looked as sexy as any girl breathing. I couldn't help but notice her breasts didn't appear to sag at all. Defying physics and age they stood up big and proud. What a sight to behold.

"What a sight! You are beautiful!" I told her as she walked down the hall.

"Thank you Sir." She replied as she curtsied. I love a girl who curtsies. "I explained to Stan where we stand now and he is as excited as I've ever seen him. When I suggested that we actually do something to give ourselves the opportunity we never thought it would work this well. We're both very happy that you've turned out to be what we were hoping for."

"Great! SO I assume he'll be a few minutes – as will dinner – so step on over here a minute." I commanded.

She did as she had been directed. As she stood a little further away than I wanted, I grabbed her by the hips and pulled her to me. Her reaction was to smile. Here was a girl who liked to be controlled.

Without much further ceremony I started at her knee and slid my hand right up to her dripping pussy. Once she realized what was happening you could see her tense up. But the instant I touched those slippery little lips she relaxed. I slid my finger up and down her lips over and over again, after several minutes finally splitting them in two to get into the slit. I went right for her clit and gave her a little rub and she reacted by almost cumming in my hand. She was ready to go off any minute. Because of that I pulled off her clit and slowly slid a finger into her sweet tight hole. Her knees almost buckled again but she knew she was supposed to stay standing in front of me so she did. I added another finger and she was beside herself. I went in and curled them back looking for that spot. And I found it. She went off like a firecracker. Trembling, quaking, whimpering and gasping and eventually opening her eyes and looking at me. She began grinding on my hand, but I told her to stop and she did. But I kept on massaging her G spot as more and more of her juices ran down her legs.

Before long Stan came out from the back. Since I was facing ninety degrees to the direction of the hall, he had a good picture of seeing his wife standing before me with my hand up her skirt – and her quivering madly on my hand. I could see him start down the hall watching intently. Once he got to us, I made sure I left my fingers in his wife long enough for him to know what was going on. Then I pulled out and offered to shake his hand.

He took my out stretched hand and said, " Sir, Margaret has explained to me the situation. I want you to know I am happier than I have ever been and looking forward to anything that may come. I will stay out of the way but I will be here if you need anything. Please enjoy Margaret. She deserves a good man." All this said while shaking my hand that was dripping with her juices. He didn't even look down at it.

"Excellent boy. Now let's have a quick dinner and get to having fun." I said.

Standing up I told him to sit where I had been and told Margaret to go into the kitchen and get dinner on the table quickly. I wiped my hand on Stan's shirt and then went down the hall quickly to wash it.

She was bringing plates when I came back and so I told her, "You there and me right there next to you." That put us directly opposite Stan. She of course complied.

I sat down and she was there moments later. I reached over and roughly grabbed her breast again and began twisting the nipple through the fabric. I was eating with my other hand, but I could see she was having trouble thinking right then, so I told her to eat something and she began eating – while breathing heavily and writhing in her seat.

After a few bites I thought how nice it would be to tantalize. So I stopped twisting and unbuttoned two more buttons leaving only one button fastened and that right above the waistband of her skirt. Slipping my hand inside I resumed twisting. This time of course on bare skin. She closed her eyes and dropped her fork and grabbed the edge of the table. She was lost.

"Margaret is a very sensual girl. Did you know that Stan?" I asked.

"No sir, I have to admit I'm seeing a side of her I hadn't even dreamed of in the 35 years I've known her. Thank you for showing me her potential." He said, his jaw still slack from shock.

"I noticed she has a very wet pussy too. You saw it running down her leg when you came out no doubt? Have you seen that before?"

"No sir. I didn't see that. But no I've never seen anything like that either. You must really know how to use her sir." He said.

" Well Margaret, he didn't see it. Stand up and walk over there" and she did of course. I had her turn around and bend over so Stan could get a good look at the dripping slut I had turned his wife into.

"wow" was all that came out of his mouth and that nearly inaudible. But then he started reaching to touch it.

"No Stan. You can't touch it unless I say so." He instantly pulled his hand back but kept staring. "I own it now. Don't I Margaret?" I said.

"Yes Sir," She answered quietly, giving Stan a sidelong glance.

"Margaret come back over here and sit down again." She straightened up, turned around and looked Stan straight in the eye and walked back to sit next to me.

With constant reminder from me dinner was dispatched while we discussed my expectations from them.

When I was ready I said, "We're going to go into the next room now and you're going to show me your body Margaret. I haven't gotten the chance to see it yet. I want you to dance for me and strip to nothing but those pretty shoes and keep dancing. AM I understood?"

"Yes Sir. I will be glad to."

"And Stan, I see you have a chair over here. You come over and sit in your chair and watch your wife do anything I ask of her."

"Thank you Sir." He said.

SO we moved and I sat down on the sofa and took off my shoes and socks and told her to turn on some music and dance as she'd been told. You need to understand that Margaret in public is a very reserved and conservative girl. So the music turned on shocked me that she even had it, much less that it was so easily recalled. Then she began dancing and she REALLY shocked. She moved like she'd been on a pole her whole life!! My god she was grinding and rubbing like the slut I'd always known she would be.

"This isn't the first time you've danced I see."

"No sir. I often dance when Stan's out of the house to make myself feel sexy. But I've never gotten myself to where you've gotten me tonight." She said.

"The night is young" said I, and her eyes lit up like a Christmas tree as she closed her eyes and really started grinding.

Stan's reaction to all this was beautiful. Nothing but slack jawed shock. It was great. He didn't know who he was seeing but she hadn't ever been that in the 35 years he'd known her.

While grinding and rubbing she removed her skirt but left the sheer blouse. That HAD been the first thing of "us" so I can appreciate that. But before long that came off too and I saw her fingers go for her pussy.

Still dancing she rubbed and then penetrated herself looking me straight in the eye. Soon I looked at her breasts and her hands and fingers went to her breast and played with her nipples, leaving moisture as they did.

She bent over and played with her incredible tits, watching me all the time.

"Stay bent over but turn around and play with the pussy for me. I like to see what I'm getting into." I said.

So she turned and spread her labia to reveal her tiny little pussy, dripping with moisture that was running everywhere.

"Damn Stan that's a tiny little pussy. I'm going to have to be careful not to split her open!!" I said. He looked at me with something I'd never seen before in his eyes. He was agog. I'm guessing for him it wasn't that small. Seeing as how it was right there in front of me, I reached out and gently stroked it – ever so lightly with the tip of one finger. Her reaction was electric; As if the tip of my finger was electrified. She began shuddering and clearly coming hard. Because of that I inserted two fingers into her and tickled that spot again. Minutes passed as she shuddered and quivered. Juices flowed freely, making little rivers of lust down her thighs. It was a thing of beauty. Finally though her pace slowed – but before she was done I pulled my fingers out and told her..

"Turn around again."

She did of course and still bent over she was playing with those incredible breasts of hers. I moved her hands away and replaced them with mine, twisting nipples and kneading flesh.

"You are sex personified and I am going to make you proud and happy that you are." I said. It might not be smooth but it was what I came up with – and the effect on her was palpable. She began moving even more as she closed her eyes and dreamed of being made the slut she'd always wanted to be, but couldn't because of straight society. She now realized fully that tonight she was going to finally ascend to the level of slut that had always been in her heart.

With my hands all over her breasts she began migrating hers towards her pussy. But I told her to put her hands behind her and she did. Then I kept my left hand on her tit and moved my right back underneath her to the dripping slit. Penetrating it with two fingers and hooking them back around, I grabbed her hard and pinched and jerked her roughly. Her teeth went over her lip and she started vibrating again, this time with quiet little whimpers.

Again I stopped it sooner than I'm sure she would have liked. This time I had her stand up. Then standing myself, I took her by the arm and steered her into position. She was looking at my eyes the whole time and never once gave the slightest resistance. I put her in front of Stan's chair so that her left side faced him. Then I pushed down on her shoulders and she knew what she was to do – and so got on her knees promptly. I moved up close to her.

Without a word I unzipped and removed my trousers. That left my briefs as the only thing between us. She was staring unashamedly directly at the bulge in my drawers. There was no question that she desperately wanted me to turn it loose. Her natural inclination is submission though, so she didn't reach out, just sat there trying to wish my briefs off.

I took a minute to look at Stan and he too was staring at my bulge. Now I'm not all that big, but apparently in that room I was.

So slowly I began pushing the briefs down making sure to stay close to Margaret. It worked perfectly and when my rock hard cock popped out, it flipped in such a way as to smack her right in the face. She looked up at me and her hand just naturally came up to hold it.

"Use the left hand." I told her because she had used the right to start. "We want Stan to see that wedding ring on his wife's finger wrapped around another man's cock. You want that don't you Stan?" I Said.

"Yes Sir." He emphatically replied.

"No touching yourself Stan. Not unless I tell you" I told him.

"Yes Sir." He said again.

Margaret brought her left hand up and wrapped it around my cock. I love this particular thing with couples. The look on Stan's face was as good as any husbands I've seen as his wife grasped my cock and just naturally slowly moved up and down. I made a mental note to make Stan take a photo next time. I love that photo with the wife's face and hand and obviously NOT the hubby's cock. But for now...

I reached behind her head and pulled it closer, steering my cock towards her mouth. She opened and took it in, starting suction that I could feel immediately. This is a girl who wanted to swallow some cum now. I had to remove her hand as I slid further into her mouth, but I slowly filled her up until I felt it hit the back. It being her first time I didn't want to choke her, but she kept pushing. She clearly wanted to swallow every inch of my cock and seemed to love feeling it on the back of her throat.

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