tagBDSMDinner with Parents and Master

Dinner with Parents and Master


Author's Note: Slowly working off the cobwebs and getting back into writing solo stories again. Bear with me. As with all of my stories, all characters are eighteen years of age or older.


He chose the restaurant specifically for the special occasion she brought up. It was nice, he thought. Not a cheap joint, yet not some place that was too expensive and pretentious for a man trying to impress her parents. As always, he arrived more than a few minutes early than the agreed upon time, wanting to get the lay out and feel for the place on a night she so eagerly wanted to go smoothly. A nice bottle of wine was picked out for the table, a rich, dark red just the way she said her parents liked it.

When he saw her coming through the aisles of tables, leading the way for her parents, he instantly rose to his feet. A smirk floated across his face at the sight of her, taking in the beauty he always found in her. The dress he loved on her, the black dress that, although plain, was elegant in the way he wore it upon her body, hugging every curvature and moving with every step that she took. His eyes did not hesitate to linger upon her neckline as she approached, a fire lingering in his eyes at the sight of the gold chain upon her neck.

Even in public she wore his mark. The gold chain around her neck, plunging ever so deliciously down between the narrow valley of her cleavage, stirred that familiar hunger for her yet again. To others the gold necklace, the gold chain with the triskelion pendant which hung from it, may have been nothing more than another necklace, but to the two of them, it was something much, much more meaningful than that.

She introduced him to her parents. A handshake from her father, a warm and friendly hug from her mother. Both seemed friendly and warm, and seemingly had no idea what their precious daughter is to him. It wasn't long at all until the four of them took their seats at the table in the middle of the busy dining room, the couples situated together on either side of the table. Small talk was made here and there over drinks, curious questions about him and what he did in his life. Just as he always was when around others, he was charming, ever the polite gentleman, answering their questions with ease and casual calmness. It was part of what attracted her to him before, all those weeks and months ago at some fetish bar in town.

The memory of the night stirred within him. He couldn't help but to ever so casually reach down and place his hand upon her thigh, skin upon skin as it moved slowly up under her dress. The night they met seems as if it were only the day before in the back of his mind. Even then there was something undeniable between them, some spark that spoke from across the haze of the dark little club. It still brought a smile to his face when he remembered catching her eyeing him from across the room, watching those hungry, greedy eyes taking him in with wanton desire.

Her body stilled under his touch, a tenseness coursing through her muscles as his hand slowly worked it's way slowly up her thighs. He couldn't help but to find mild amusement. Purposefully he had waited, to give her the false hope that he wouldn't try anything, but around her, he simply couldn't. It was near impossible to hold himself back from her, to restrain his desires, and a part of him knew that was another thing she loved about him.

Ever so slowly his hand moved against her thighs. The thick, masculine digits were gentle as he caressed the smooth flesh, carefully moving up and closer to the warmth. All the while he tortured her, all while he slowly, painfully teased her under the table, never once did he show signs of what was going on to her parents. Instead he continued on, talking and making small talk as if nothing was happening.

He hadn't planned for it to be a stressful night for her, a night that would test her in ways that hadn't been done before, but as his hand slowly made contact with fabric, the lacey material that covered what was his, he couldn't help but to feel a small ounce of surprise and disappointment. Out of the corner of his eye he looked over beside her. Even with the friendly look upon his face from the conversation taking place, his eyes smoldered as they fixated upon hers. For only the briefest second she looked up to his own, and in that brief moment, there was no denying she knew what was going on in his mind.

Politely he turned back to the conversation, keeping it going for only a moment longer before reaching into the inside pocket of his jacket. Feigning interest in his phone, he looked up apologetically to her parents, offering his deepest, most sincerest apologies at having to take an important call from work as he rose to his feet with phone in hand as he proceeded to make it seem as if he were stepping out for a moment.

Yet to the outside he didn't go. Just outside of the field of vision of her parents, he turned down the hall leading to the bathrooms before stepping into the mens' room to find an empty stall in the deserted restrooms. He didn't hesitate to step into the stall with his phone in hand, quick to send a text to her.

"Mens Room, stall furthest from the door. Now." He wrote, sending it without a second thought.

He did not have to wait long for her to quietly turn up, the tell-tale signs of her heels clicking against the tiled floor instantly alerting him.

"Breaking some rules tonight, are we?" He asked as he slowly swung the door to the stall open, leaning against the dividing wall as he gazed upon her.

Instead of the nervousness he had been expecting, instead of the apologies he had been anticipating, the flirtatious smile upon her face catches him off guard for a moment. He couldn't help but to watch as she approached him, a certain sense of confidence she carried herself with. "I thought, you know, maybe for tonight we could bend this one." She began, placing her hands behind her back as she looked up to him with that cute, flirty look that could drive a man insane with desire.

The look she gave him, the look of innocence, as she spoke and gave her weak excuse only amused him. Right away he could see what she was doing, what little act she was putting on with her attempt to charm and flirt to get her way. "Is that so, huh?" He asked, reaching out to place his hand upon the nape of her neck. Carefully he applied pressure, pulling her closer to him into the semi-privacy of the stall.

Once she was in, he closed the door behind her, throwing into place the lock before turning his attention back to her with his arms folded across his chest. Softly he shook his head. "What am I going to do with you?" He commented before extending his hand towards her, palm open and up. "It would make things go much easier if you handed them over to me now instead of making me take them from you?"

When she said nothing, when she made no movement to fulfil his demand, he could see there was more to it than simply wanting to wear underwear out to dinner with her parents. The flirting, the cute, innocent act she tried to put on, only amused him when he thought she was doing this all on purpose, just to get a rise out of him. Softly he sighed, shaking his head again as he stepped closer to her in the confined space.

Without hesitation, with hands steady and firm, he reached down to the waistline of her dress and pulled it up, gathering the material by the fistful until it was bunched up around her waist to expose her nearly nude lower half. He stepped to the side, his hand grasping the waistband of her panties before finally ripping the material down the side. Uncaring for the material, he ripped the side to let it fall to the floor down around her ankles, before moving back to stand before her with his arms planted his sides.

"I should belt your behind until it's black and blue for disobeying one of my cardinal rules." He commented, his hands slowly motioning towards the leather of the belt in his slacks. "But we shouldn't keep your parents waiting too long for us to go back, should we?"

Her eyes watched as his fingers, the fingers that were capable of bringing such pleasure, yet also such pain to her body, began to unfasten the belt upon his pants. She gulped with uncertain nervousness, unsure of what he was going to do to her. "What did you have in mind for me, Sir?"

Softly he smirked as his dark slacks fell to the floor around his ankles. "You know what I have in mind for you." He stated, his hand reaching down to stroke the slowly awakening member.

He couldn't help but find pleasure in the sight of her eyes as they traveled down to his member. Not for a second did he doubt that she thought he wouldn't have done anything to her then and there. The destruction of her underwear was, perhaps, something she had thought would happen, but something more than that? No, he doubted very much that she thought he would have her pleasure him there and then in the bathroom stall.

"Here?" She asked. "Now?"

"I thought I made myself clear." He stated. "I could bend you over that disgusting little toilet and fuck you here and now, but I wouldn't want to have my slave embarrassing herself all night by sitting across from Mommy and Daddy with my cum down your thighs and ass."

The veiled threat had hit it's mark. With hesitation she slowly lowered herself, sinking carefully down to the floor of the toilet stall to go to eye level with his cock. "What if my Dad walks in and hears us?" She asked quietly, her voice barely a whisper as she took his cock into her soft, warm hands.

"Well then, I guess he'll find out what a dirty little cockslut he has for a daughter." He commented, reaching down to brush a stray strand of hair from her upturned face. With care he brushed it behind her ear, tucking the strand in behind her flesh before slowly pressing her head forward by the back of her head. "Do it, Princess... I'm starting to get impatient, and you wouldn't want that to happen, now would you?"

Her response was almost immediate, the dread of what more he would have her do becoming clear in her mind with the different scenarios. She did not hesitate to take him into her mouth, those soft, luscious lips locking around the hardening tip quickly. Her tongue swirled and caressed the sensitive flesh, teasing with the warm moist pad as her fingers began to touch him. The soft, warm palm of her hand wrapped around his thickening shaft, stroking him into life with each fluid pump of her fist as she aimed to please her Master.

From the moment he felt her lips make contact with his organ, he could not help but to let out a soft, sigh from his lips. Gently his eyes closed, savoring the feel of her wrapped around him so intimately. So many times he had experienced the pleasure her mouth could bring, that moist opening and attentive tongue like heaven to be in with what she could do, yet he couldn't help but to savor each and every time, to simply enjoy the feeling of her pleasing him, to feel the worship she paid to him and his organ.

The soft slurping sounds slowly began to fill the small, confined space as she strived to take more and more of his hardened member deeper into her throat. Back and forth her head went, bobbing along his fleshy hardness in such a greedy way, gobbling more and more with each forward movement of her head down his thickness. Another groan softly escaped his lips, his hips ever so slowly beginning to thrust deeper into her face.

A chuckle from somewhere in the bathroom startled both of them for a moment. The sound of another person in the restroom striking fear into her as eyes widened in fear. Her heart raced, pounding in her chest, with her mouth full of his cock, not daring to go forward so quickly.

"Having fun over in there, you two?" A stranger's voice called out from where the urinals were situation.

Her Master could only smirk as he held her head firmly in place and began to slowly pump his member into her throat. "What can I say? She's a hungry little cock slut." Her Master remarked, pushing firmly against her face.

The stranger only chuckled as the sound of the urinal flushed. "Lucky bastard." The man commented as he rinsed his hands.

"Oh you have no idea." Her Master remarked, his eyes locking in upon her as the customer left them alone in privacy. Firmer than before, he began to push his fleshy hardness deeper into her willing mouth. "I didn't say stop, now did I slave?"

She was slow to shake off the experience of getting somewhat caught. It was clear the fear was still in the back of her mind as she slowly began to move her head forward, slowly and cautiously resuming the pace from before. He was more than content to wait for her, to allow the panicked hesitation to slowly subside in her mind. Only gently did he try to push her past the hesitation and fear she felt, just as he always had done when testing her limits.

His patience was slowly beginning to pay off. With care and caution she began to push past what doubts lingered in her mind. He could feel her becoming bolder and bolder with every moment that passed between them, the gradually increasing pace as she began to take him deeper and deeper into her wet heaven of a mouth.

Soon that fear of getting caught, that hesitation to continue, was replaced by the greed, the hunger, the desire for her Master's release. Her tongue aimed to please as it massaged and caressed the underside of his thick shaft, tracing along the thick veins she had come to know many times within her body. She wanted him, wanted to please her Master in ways only she could.

For all of her expertise, for all of the things she did to him, it was something else about her that finally drove him over the edge. Even with the feel of her soft, plush lips swelling up against his cock, the hollowness of her cheeks as she took him in deeper and deeper, and the mind numbing sensation of her hand so deftly working his slickened shaft with her saliva, it was the sight of her eyes that was more than he could withstand. Just seeing those eyes, those wide, captivating orbs looking up to him with her mouth full of his cock, filled with that potent mixture of lust and eagerness, he simply could not hold himself back any longer.

His hands tightened upon the back of her head. Fingers gripped and fisted through her long locks before finally releasing his seed deep into her throat. His body tightened against her, pulling her face in close as she coughed and gagged upon his cock. Uncontrollably his cock spasmed deep within her, convulsing as his thick seed spurted deep into her eager and willing mouth. And through it all she took it all, not daring to let a drop of her Master's seed fall to the floor.

Finally he released his tight, iron-like grip upon her head. Softly he panted, his heart beating in his chest as if it were threatening to burst free. For a moment he relaxed, easing his back against the door to the stall as she diligently continued to suck and clean his member.

"Such a good girl..." He commented, reaching down to tenderly stroke the top of her head. "My good girl."

Feeling her lips smile around his cock brought a smile to his own lips. Slowly she removed her lips, a sense of longing, as if a part of her not wanting to end so soon. "Thank you, Sir." She said quietly, planting a small kiss upon the slowly deflating member before her.

She was careful as she slowly rose from her knees to her feet, pulling up her Master's pants around his legs as she went. Nothing was said as she began to tend to his clothes, tucking in his shirt before fastening his pants and belt back together again. It wasn't until she made sure he was ready, that the wrinkles and any stray hair from her head were brushed way from his pants that she began to fix and straighten herself up. It would have been easy to say it was because of her ever dread of the possibility of her parents finding out what they were up to, but he knew different. He knew just how loyal, how dedicated she was to her Master.

A soft kiss was planted upon her forehead, light and tender as she straightened out her dress and heels. "My good girl." He said again, brushing the pad of his thumb against her lips before taking her by the hand. "Come now. We shouldn't keep your parents waiting much longer..."

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