tagLoving WivesDionysus Retreat, Brides Night Out

Dionysus Retreat, Brides Night Out


By Thursday, the new initiate-wives were getting a little cranky. It had been 48 hours they'd gone without sex. Last week that would have been no big deal, but following their initiation ceremonies at the Dionysus Retreat, both women now had sex drives incomparably greater than their past sexual needs. Brock and Stuart had been called out of town unexpectedly and mysteriously Tuesday night for a quick trip to the West Coast, and Brandi and Joan had stewed about their lack of plans for just such a contingency. They joked with half serious laughter about flying down to St. Lucia the next time this happened. Each had considered suggesting a stop in at the Dionysus Retreat in the normal course of a 5th Avenue shopping trip Wednesday but neither had wanted to admit her burning desire to have big cock sex almost daily now. After all, Sonia had insisted they attend the once-a-month Brides Night Out event at the Retreat Thursday evening. Surely that would involve some sex! Brock and Stuart were returning from San Fran on the redeye, so both wives knew they had 'til dawn to act out any fantasy triggered by the events at the Retreat. Brock and Stuart had said they would join them in the wee hours if they were still 'at it' by then.

Over the phone, Sonia Draper had explained that all Retreat members and any husbands in attendance at Brides Night Out had to come as brides and grooms. The staff would play all the other wedding party and honeymoon resort roles in a free-form play that had evolved over several years each third Thursday of the month. Some people went regularly to Thirsty Thursdays at their local pub and drank, but "we'd rather just get together and have sex" Sonia had said without embarrassment. The whole thing sounded intriguing to the two horny women. They could hardly wait for nightfall. But first they needed a costume.

As they combed the costume and resale wedding shops of uptown Manhattan, Brandi had selected high-heeled ankle strap white pumps like Joan had gone so nuts over in St Lucia and a diaphanous see-thru white gown with halter top showing off her gorgeous natural 38Cs. Below an embroidered belt at the waist, the sheer fabic fell unadorned over her hips to her ankles leaving her crotch totally exposed. Her headdress was patterned after one Cleopatra had worn to seduce Mark Anthony. She got a make-up artist and her hairstylist to put together an Eqyptian consort look with lots of blue eye shadow. White embroidered elbow length gloves finished off the outfit. The total effect was stunning.

Joan had decided to go simple. She found a lace and gauze summer bridal gown that when soaked with water (like a bride caught in a rainstorm at an outdoor wedding) revealed every curve and protruding detail of her magnificent figure. Specifically Joan's 34Ds and her elongated nipples were on maximum public display. She could have sold hundreds of her plastic surgeon's implants the way her wet bodice tightened around her perfect breasts exposed yet tantalizingly and teasingly so because they were covered. True to form, Joan had gone one step beyond the sane elevation for her shoes. In her new crystal platforms, 5'2" Joan stood almost 5'8." With the turn up of her ankle that meant her heels were 7 ½ inches tall. It was ridiculous but fun. And wasn't that the idea. Anyway, Joan reminded Brandi, she wanted to try for heel marks on the ceiling.

As they got out of their limo at the Retreat, Joan paid the driver to soak her from head to toe with a monstrous water gun. Crossing the private lobby entrance area at 8 p.m., Brandi and Joan saw something that confirmed it was going to be a fun evening. Off to their right from another entrance, four 39- year-old women (the club's youngest members) walked towards the elevator up to the 45th floor. In the middle was a bride in full regalia with a slit in the front of what appeared to be her real wedding dress showing a bare leg and what would surely be more skin underneath. She and her maid of honor had big floppy hats and bouquets of flowers. That was strategic in the partially public space of the lobby because her maid of honor had not one stitch of other clothing on. White pumps and a hat, with flowers for the cover up of the tush or the crotch, your choice. Nice idea Brandi and Joan agreed. Flanking these two were two bridesmaids who appeared to have split a two-piece wedding dress. One woman had a long bridal train (her own she volunteered on the elevator ride), a white parasol, and a white ruffled skirt gathered around her waist in such a fashion that one leg was bare from toe to waist. The other bridesmaid had her wedding train and the top of the white ruffled outfit but no bottom clothing whatsoever. It was a laughing jocular sixsome who made their way to the big cock haven that was the 45th floor entrance to the Dionysus Retreat.

Sonia Draper greeted everyone in the reception area. She congratulated each woman about the ingenuity of her costume as they all had their picture taken with her.

"We do this every third Thursday, so it's really a test of your imagination to see if you can keep your costume fresh from month to month. You six certainly have done so! I'm reverting to fifth honeymoon clothes myself." Sonia reported.

She had on a white flouncy baby doll negligee whose neckline stretched down below and lifted her large full breasts. Length was noticeably absent. The baby doll stopped somewhere north of Sonia's triangle of pussy hair. She wore an eight-suspender black garter belt with sheer beige thigh highs topped in black lace. Double ankle strap peep-toe black sandals with a five-inch heel completed her 'look.'

As they entered the hooka spa on Floor 2, Brandi and Joan noticed some display screens that had been covered the previous weekend. What was flashing on the screens as champagne and drinks were served were provocative images that most of the women could relate to and found stimulating of their sex drives. First a gorgeous blonde in an open cup corset with her hands clasped but unrestrained behind her back was blindfolded down on her knees. She was sucking the tip end of a thick long black cock. Wow, thought Brandi. This is going to get interesting very quickly!

Next Sonia's image appeared on the screen in a classic 69 with one of the staff members. She was using her mouth and cheeks to pull hard with suction the top two inches of a stiffening ten inch black cock. Several shouts rang out,

"You go girl! Always the hostess with the mostest! Offering right now to replace Leon up there on the screen. 69 is for me. 69 is mine!"

A Demi Moore look-alike in the next frame was celebrating her good fortune as she licked simultaneously on a very reputable 7 x 2" white cock stuck out of one side of her mouth and out of the other side she licked a 10 x 2 ½" big black cock. Then a brassy big-breasted blonde down on her knees was looking incredulously up at a white man whose 6 x 1 ½ inch uncircumcised cock she was mentally weighing in the palm of her right hand. In her left hand she was assessing the much greater heft of a thick 9 x 2 ½ black cock. Finally, a cute long-haired bride with her veil still on was shown down on her knees also weighing in one hand a very thick nine-inch black cock and in her other a slim 6 x 1" white cock. No indication which was her husband though she was smiling a big Cheshire cat grin up at the black man.

Gasps then emanated from many quarters across the spa. The next slide was a bit different. Consistent with a first principle of the Dionysus Retreat that women should always take full control of their own sexing and their own bodies, a huge semen-filled condom appeared on the screen surrounding and hanging off the end of a nicely-proportioned large black cock. The copy beneath the image said,

If You are still fertile, always ask for and use a condom. They are available throughout the Retreat in literally every room. Take control of your own body.

The elongated condom held perhaps three ounces of the brilliant white stuff but still reliably attached to the big black cock that had erupted all that prodigious baby-making sperm. No one missed the point but still Sonia repeated what she always said on Brides Night Out when the demographics of the Retreat's participants tended to be quite a bit younger than their membership as a whole,

"Take no chances. Don't get pregnant at the Retreat unless it's one of those occasions when you're actually here having sex with your husband. Condoms both prevent and save lives!"

"Let's do a mixer exercise for thirty minutes, and then everyone move up to Level 4."

Sonia passed out numbers to the female members and letters to the husbands and male staff and then scrambled the combinations, posting the paired number and letter on the electronic screens surrounding the spa. People made their way around finding one another and then making small talk for five minutes. Then Sonia posted new pairs. Having done that a half dozen times, Sonia invited all the participants to walk down the louvered door corridor upstairs on Floor 4 and meet in fifteen minutes at the spotlighted Performance Chamber.

Joan found her wet wedding dress impractical in the air-conditioned office tower so she had changed into a cupless white corset with attached garters and white hose always available on third Thursdays in the Level 2 costume department. Even with a new bridal headdress she was still easy to spot because of the platform shoes that made her taller than anyone in the spa other than Brandi and Sonia. Little Joan the giant as long as she doesn't trip, Brandi worried to herself. At one point Brandi caught a glimpse of Joan stroking with her inconspicuously hanging left hand a big black cock as she leaned in close to whisper something in Rebel's ear. Like all the staff, her sex partner from last weekend was totally naked. His cock was magnificent as he leaned back against the stair rail and let Joan erect him to new heights. Brandi took notice of that unique organ with its circling rope-like veins, for future reference.

The walk down the louvered door area was different too than Brandi and Joan remembered from initiation night. In addition to a nameplate, each doorway now had beside it a framed oil of the named staff member's sex organs. There was Capstone's flanged cockhead and next to it Doughboy's insanely wide organ. Sonia's massive distended pussy lips and Randi's gaping pussy were distinctive as was RamCola's baseball bat organ. But other paintings were less easily associated with their staff members, so one had to look for inconspicuous details such as the tiny butterfly tattoo on Harriet's thigh. Reaching the end of the now well lit hallway, Brandi and Joan reencountered the darkened Performance Chamber and its spotlighted stage. They again took a leather and chrome fucking chair together, just like last time, and settled in ready to watch (if not called upon to be watched). Their half-naked bodies touched in at least a ten places.

On stage flat on her back was a beautiful bride. She wore a bridal veil and a lace-up white waist cincher attached by four long front-of-the-thigh garter straps to white lace-top stockings. Her legs were parted and bent at the knee with hips spread wide open so her husband could move his whole face fully up in her crotch. He was mouthing her pussy and tongue-lashing her clit while inserting two, then three fingers in her pussy. Cupping both breasts, the woman's head was arching back in the throes of a first orgasm of the evening. Low guttural moans filled the chamber with sound. Brandi and Joan noticed something they had not perceived in the midst of their initiation the previous weekend. The Performance Stage had been designed as an echo chamber. One audible gasp filled the room with reverberating sounds lasting several seconds. It accentuated the sexual magic of the place.

The first bride rose up to a sitting position and took her husband's cock between her lips. Licking and sucking with vigorous hand motions up and down the shaft, she brought him to a 7 x 2" rigidity. Pushing him down on his back, she mounted the rock-hard shaft she'd created and rode him with the intensity of a cowgirl on a bucking bronco. Getting on her hands and knees, she then turned back with a come hither look and used a trailing arm and hand to pull her pussy open. Her husband proceeded to bury himself in her cunt doggy style.

"Oh fuck me Brad! Do me good! That's it! Right there! You know all my spots!"

Soon the moans turned to squeals of pleasure, "Yes! Yes! Yes! Ah iiieeeeee! she wailed.

The spotlight then swung away from the stage to the bar area where a bride in a cupless white corset and veil was kissing her husband perched on the barstools facing out with elbows up on the bar. His dick was poking through his unzipped pants and staff member Randi in a brilliant red chiffon dress, black garter belt and black hose was bent over at the waist sucking it. Randi used a trailing hand to stimulate a staff stud's much longer black cock pressed along her butt and climbing up to the small of her back. Seeing the big organ, the bride broke off her kissing of her husband, got off the bar stool and dropped to her knees to examine what the staffer whose stage name was Straight Out had to offer while Randi continued fellating her husband.

Many flashbulbs went off as this particular bribe with 36 DD implants prominently displayed got down on her knees to let the horizontal 10 x 2" black cock poke this way and that into the white gauze surrounding her face. Throwing back her veil, she took Straight Out into her mouth and began deep throating his cock. It was an amazing juxtaposition of black on white. After a few thrusts of the organ down her throat, the bride sat back just staring at the black phallus before her and began rolling both her nipples between thumb and forefinger. She had a far off look in her eyes like she was constructing a fantasy right there in real time. And she was. At the Retreat, everyone watching realized this 42-year-old married woman could make that reality happen right now before their eyes if she so chose.

Throwing her veil off to signify she was ready to stop playing around and wanted to get down to serious sex, she slid under her black partner's organ and took not one but both his low-hanging balls in her obscenely-stretched mouth, sucking hard. His big black cock stretched all the way across the top of her strawberry blonde hair. More black on white juxtaposition such that flashbulbs again erupted. Then the lights went low, and when they came back up, the self-same bride was reverse cowgirl riding her chosen big black cock in the middle of the circular bed on stage. Her husband was standing beside her putting her bridal headdress back on, and she was suctioning his cock into her mouth. More classic poses resulted in many more flashbulbs as the professional photographer on hand recorded scenes this couple had asked be taken of their 'wedding night' role playing of a threesome.

Sonia approached and handed Joan a vibrator and asked if she would come on stage to play a role in the next scene. Not knowing exactly whether that meant to excite herself in spotlighted vibrator sex or something else, Joan turned around and saw immediately what was intended. The bride on stage was still in the reverse cowgirl position but the black staff stud Straight Out with the long but modestly wide 10 x 2" organ was now buried in her ass. Her pussy was gaping open begging for attention. Joan crawled on stage with her vibrator at the ready.

Remembering something she'd seen in a sex tape, Joan decided to really give the Retreat members a show. She placed the rotating control end of the vibrator between her teeth and approached the bride on all fours with the business end of the vibrator sticking out of her mouth. Descending between the thighs of the bride who was already working two cocks in her ass and mouth, Joan added a third 'organ' to her orifices. The audience cheered and clapped as Joan played the buzzing vibrator around the bride's pussy lips and then slid it into her cunt. In and out she 'fucked,' face to pussy completing the bride's artificial double penetration. The impaled ass, vibrator fucked, and mouth-stuffed redhead screamed out around the sides of her husband's dick,

"Oh, that's so good! How could you read my mind! I'm going to cum all over your face. You don't know this but I squirt! Ah Ah Ahh iiieeeeeeeeeee! Ah eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!"

Without another moment's warning, powerful streams of pussy juice jetted onto Joan's lips, nose, forehead, all over her hair, and dripped down her high cheekbones off her chin. Unbeknownst to the new initiate/wives, Joan was role-playing a scene repeated with different players every third Thursday. Sonia had figured that high initiative unrepressed Joan would not be easily embarrassed and perhaps would enjoy being flooded with a massive pussy squirt. In fact, Joan had never been so turned on in her whole life. She removed the vibrator from her mouth and proceeded to lick all over, up and down, and inside the bride's pussy retrieving every drop of the amazing squirt. At that point, both males removed their organs from the bride's ass and mouth and ejaculated huge spewing streams of semen across Joan's face and the bride's breasts. Covered in cum, they both looked quite a wreck!

Feeling really really horny, Joan scanned the room, pointed at a staff stud named Left Twist, and crooked her finger for him to join her on stage. Though filled with lust, Joan was a mess. Still, the black stud approached her without hesitation. All the staff members were used to the woman playing Joan's role in this Brides Night Out DP scene ending up covered in semen. As Sonia had hinted in her phone invitation, the Brides Night Out scenes had been produced many times. Though they were constantly evolving and sometimes had quite an addition or deletion, the same basic events and outcomes occurred each third Thursday. Instead of being turned off, Left Twist was really attracted to this new member he had watched being initiated the previous Saturday night. Joan had just introduced a lusty new wrinkle into the bride's DP scene. She had face fucked another woman holding a vibrator in her teeth!

That turned Left Twist on, and it showed. His initially flaccid cock had already swollen to an impressive thickness and twelve-inch length. Turning first to the bride and husband on stage, he completed the threesome by replacing Joan's missing vibrator by sinking his 12 incher into the bribe's cunt. His staff cohort finished the bride's double penetration experience by penetrating again her ass. She now had almost two feet of black cock working her crotch. Not surprisingly within two minutes she wailed,

"Oh you guyz are so big! You do me so well! Ah Ah! I'm going to cum again! Ah iiieeeeeeeeeeee! And now once more, Ah iiieeeeeeee!

The black studs left the bride to return to pumping her husband's cock, forcing out his last drops of semen, and catching them on her tongue. Next they turned to Joan. Taking Left Twist's big black cock in her hand, Joan smiled a mischevious grin to the audience and then went to serious cock sucking. Her big ponderous breasts had never looked more beautiful as Left Twist leaned her back onto the circular bed and raised Joan's left leg up onto his shoulder. Hovering over her on straightened forearms in a push-up stance, he growled,

"Bury me in your pussy, baby."

Snapping into action, Joan grabbed his big phallus with both hands and decisively stuffed herself with twelve inches of black cock. Eyelids fluttered shut and a loud moan escaped her lips,

"Oh, Gawd! That's so big! Fuck me! Fuck me good. Fuck my brains out!"

Left Twist proceeded to do precisely that! Long cocking with his hips in a blur, Left Twist caused Joan to erupt in screams,

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