tagLoving WivesDionysus Retreat, Sex Club Banquet

Dionysus Retreat, Sex Club Banquet


Now Stuart and Brock knew why they had been in tuxedos all night. The assembled audience of on-lookers was going to join Brandi and Joan in a top floor banquet room, and they the husbands were invited to join the gala. Why not? Much had happened, much had changed, and much needed to be celebrated.

Their wives were now the two most awe-inspiring sex partners either man had ever known. Sexually liberated, knowledgeable, and self-confident, Brandi and Joan knew things about sex and had done things sexually like no other woman they had ever met. That made each wife/initiate powerful, hungry, and sexily desirable in the extreme all at the same time. Neither husband could wait to lay eyes upon them in person, though each was a little apprehensive about how Joan and Brandi would react to seeing them in the company of their Cougar Game sex partners. In one sense, the husbands too had played the game but hardly with the involvement of these newest Cougars.

As the fifty or so attendees assembled on the top floor of the Dionysus Retreat, Stuart and Brock noticed they had risen atop the highest level in the tower. The entire Cougar Game had played out in five floors below this penthouse dining club of a fifty-story bank building they had taken their wives to on special occasions. Indeed, Sonia Drapier had spotted both women on one of those occasions five weeks earlier. Joan's 53rd birthday dinner had been celebrated by the foursome at this very same Top of the Town dinner club. Joan had worn a transparent gauze dress with only a flesh-colored body stocking underneath. Her incredibly long erect nipples atop those full 34Ds had remained conspicuous all night, and only slightly less obvious were the outlines of her big pussy lips for such a pixie-sized body. This hot wife clearly got lots of sex workouts, and her engorged pussy lips were visible if you really stared. She and Brock had been making love almost non-stop throughout the day. She had asked him as a birthday present to make her late for breakfast. He had done so, and then called in sick. They had feasted on one another all day, and Joan's pussy lips were as puffy and stretched as they'd ever been (until, that is, her initiation night of hour upon hour of big cock sex at the Retreat).

Joan had chosen her outrageously revealing outfit for this particular restaurant because she'd noticed on previous occasions that everyone male at the Top of the Town from the patrons to the waiters to the busboys did in fact stare at sexy women. On this occasion, in order to have a closer look, one man after another had taken extra trips to the bathroom which the maitre'd had located strategically just beside their dining table. Many diners and employees had even stopped to complement the birthday girl with the big tits and party hat. One particularly bold waiter managed to spill a little ice water down the side of the tablecloth beside Joan's legs. The handsome young black man quickly dodged down on a knee beside her chair dabbing at the spill. Brandi noticed however that he kept his eyes riveted the whole time on Joan's crotch.

Watching from nearby, Sonia Drapier realized that the whole evening had been an erotic mind game the two women had set up just to enliven their sex lives. Sonia had observed with much attention to detail each of Joan and Brandi's sly winks and whispered exchanges. Yes, she was sure of it; the two wives had planned Joan's outfit to drive their husbands and all other males in attendance wild with lust and envy. Sonia guessed they might be headed home to a shared night of wife-swapping or at least a perform in front of your friends foursome. Then and there she had decided these two women should be invited to a Cougar Game, and that was precisely how the sequence of events that led to this whole evening of initiations had started.

Stuart and Brock took notice of a few details as the Cougar Game participants appeared; details they might have missed before tonight. The women all had on sexy peep toe high heels and stockings, not pantyhose but stockings either thigh highs or full-fashion stockings with a garter belt. Many dresses were short enough to reveal lacy stocking tops, and there were telltale outlines of garters under tight clothes over full hips and firm buttocks. There were no waifish models in sight; the Retreat's women members were curvaceous bombshells every one. The short floppy skirts of two carelessly seated Cougars had ridden way up their thighs revealing wisps of hair in the one case and a completely bald, shaven pussy in the other. Stuart and Brock wondered if all the women were so exposed.

Surely, their wives wouldn't come to a fancy dinner in the Top of the Town restaurant wearing no panties. As soon as the thought crossed their minds, the husbands remembered that Cougar Game women were always completely exposed for full viewing of their most private parts throughout the events on the lower floors. Perhaps this gala was still part of the game? Finally, Brock and Stuart noticed that a few more husbands were spread around the room than had attended the initiation but that the great majority of the males in attendance as either waiters or bartenders or tuxedoed guests were black staffers they thought they recognized from lower floors.

Sonia Drapier entered in a black matte G suspender minikini under a tuxedo jacket with Greek goddess high-heeled red sandals attached by strappy leggings. She encouraged everyone to find their seats. Stuart and Ross were relieved to see that the Game Creator had wisps of cloth covering her pussy lips and nipples, if not much else. They found their seats at either end of a fifteen-seat head table that sloped downwards from a raised middle dais of three high-backed throne chairs. On each side there were six empty arm chairs and then on the end down lower sat a straight back chair for each of the husbands. Sonia took the middle place on the dais, the lights dimmed, and the proceedings began.

Next, out walked spotlighted Joan and Brandi to wild applause. They had gorgeous hairdos and professional make-up looking more like movie stars on the red carpet at the Oscars than the suburban housewives and tennis buddies they had been only yesterday.

Both husbands were again startled; neither of their wives had on a stitch of real clothing. Joan's cupless and crotchless black vinyl monokini was matched with thigh-high black vinyl boots atop 5-inch red stilettos. The two narrow verticals of black nylon stretched across Joan's shoulders, down to her long hard nipples, and then mounded over her 34 double Ds which had never looked more beautiful. Coming together just above the crotch, the two strands of nylon then split again to frame but leave exposed Joan's pussy before joining to rise up her butt crease, then split apart once more to return to the shoulders. It was an amazingly revealing garment by design. At her crotch, Joan's stretched and engorged pussy lips now hung almost two inches below the ridiculously revealing garment most people had only seen pictured on Brazilian beaches or in strip clubs.

Brandi had on a similarly revealing item. A three-strand faux pearl bodice from Wicked Temptations framed immediately under her beautiful pear-shaped 38C boobs and then draped lower twice more across her chest. Similar G string strands of faux pearls encircled her waist and ran down the crack of her ass, then around and up her crotch leaving nothing whatsoever to the imagination. Between the crotch pearls hung two-inch folds of Brandi's fleshy swollen pussy lips also now distended by her evening of big cock sex. Come to think of it, Brock and Stuart realized every woman's pussy lips in the entire Dionysus Retreat looked just about exactly the same, and the husbands now understood why. Brandi's thigh-high white vinyl boots matched Joan's black ones, right down to the 5-inch red stilettos underneath.

The wives' skin tones were flushed from their three and a half hours of sexual intercourse, and their necks and breasts were all marked by obvious love bites, but they had been massaged the last few minutes and anointed with expensive scented body oils. Each woman felt absolutely wonderful, and it showed. In their revealing monokinis, faux pearls, and thigh-high boots, Brandi and Joan were just simply breath-taking, every man's fantasy sex partner.

Rather than joining their husbands, Brandi and Joan sat down at the raised center table next to Sonia. Then the master of ceremonies began to identify by name and body part the wives' sexual partners throughout the evening's initiation event-- the four black studs from Level 4, WhiteZilla, and Usa, the woman with the African headdress. As each was introduced, he or she walked out from behind a curtain and stopped at either Joan or Brandi's throne chair where the wives pulled off a tear-away tuxedo pant that revealed to all in attendance their mating portfolio of five cocks and one strap-on dildo.

As the black studs (now clad in just a short cropped tuxedo jacket) made their way throughout the room and then returned to their head table seats, Sonia described the unique characteristics of each man's phallus in detail, recounted how it had been used that night, and opined what each one must have felt like as it entered Joan or Brandi's mouth or cunt. She also noted what it would have felt like if either of the initiates had decided to take that particular cock or dildo in the ass. Sonia appeared to be speaking from experience. After the head table was fully introduced, Brandi and Joan's six sexual partners stood for recognition as a group and were greeted with vigorous applause. Next the wives stood individually, and more applause erupted.

Sonia then handed each new Cougar a pair of kneepads and sent them down under each side of the high table where to no one's surprise (other than Stuart and Brock's) they began performing oral sex on one male after another. The idea was to see how quickly the new initiate/wives could cause the recipient of their blowjobs to stand and demonstrate a hard-on. More applause followed each successful erecting of an oversize black and one enormous white phallus. Even Usa got into the action feigning exaggerated pleasure as Joan mouthed her strap-on. Most of the erections happened quickly with only one or two males needing more than three minutes of the wives' now expert mouthwork before standing to reveal impressive rock hard cocks. As the last black stud received his applause, Brock and Stuart were surprised to feel hands on their own zippers. Looking under the table, each saw the other's wife leering up at him with a big grin.

Rather than slouching down like their often cock-worshipped black counterparts seated above them in armchairs, both husbands instinctively drew back and sat up in their ramrod straight chairs. Pressing their spines against the chairbacks made their already smaller penises disappear like withdrawn turtle heads back into the folds of their pants. Sonia of course had set up this additional reminder of the husbands' ultimate inadequacy. Yet, both wives just persisted digging further into the crotch of their friend's husband until each again had something hardening and exposed to work with.

Since neither Brock nor Stuart was used to the oral techniques of his friend's wife, the time to attain an erection was a bit longer than for the black studs. At five minutes, Stuart was watching everyone watching him and realized that instead he should concentrate on the blowjob Joan had begun administering. Brock had a similarly slow start but also responded eventually when Brandi wrapped her lips around the base of his cock and made his entire organ disappear into her suctioning mouth and upper throat. At the eight minute mark, each husband realized he should stand, but as soon as each got to his feet, the wives came out from under the tables and kept right on sucking. Within another few bminutes, both husbands ejaculated. The applause now erupted again with cheering especially for Brandi and Joan.

Sonia had given detailed instructions as to what should happen next. Brandi and Joan pulled out the six-inch spurting organs and caught the husbands' cum on their lips and tongues. After standing and making an exaggerated swallow, they each stuck out a long tongue on the tip of which they had saved a last big drop of semen. Turning slowly, they approached the recipient of their blowjob and appeared to be readying the man for a sloppy kiss. However, instead of replanting the man's semen in his own mouth, their smeared lips stayed only momentarily. Then each Cougar wife stood and stuck out her tongue to show the cumdrop still present, mounded up just where the ejaculating husbands had left it.

Walking quickly with purpose up the ramp to the head table, crossing behind Sonia, and hurrying down the other side, Brandi stopped behind her own husband Stuart (and at the other end of the table Joan did the same behind Brock). Each then leaned her husband's head back, bent at the waist, and placed a deep sloppy kiss with wide-open lips, depositing the other man's semen in her own husband's mouth. After much tongue-wrestling, the wives released their men, and then all four came up for air to much applause and shouts of acclaim.

With these final events, Sonia Drapier wanted the Cougar Wives to bring their husbands around to the idea they could participate in the Game on their wives' terms, at their wives' discretion, when and where and if their wives wanted it. Sonia smiled broadly at her newest protégés.

A fabulous banquet ensued. After the last course, Sonia presented the new initiates full length leopard skin coats as Dionysis Retreat gifts of initiation. The two newest Cougars modeled the coats by swirling and swishing round each table throughout the dining room. Sonia also presented to both husbands heavily noduled five-and-a-half inch Wolftooth penis sleeves suggesting that these sex toys "would fit the boys perfectly" and could help get Brandi and Joan reinterested in having sex with them again.

"If that doesn't work," she said, "Brandi and Joan will be needing these,"

and she proceeded to hand each of the wives a giant dildo like the one on the doorknob downstairs. Then, she passed each husband his own sexy love doll, no longer impaled. Appropriately, these fully-functioning sex substitutes for a human female had "From Brandi" and "From Joan" painted across their butts in red tattoo-like letters.

"If Brandi or Joan ever are late getting home from a visit to the Retreat, you husbands will need something to keep you company," she said.

Sonia then pronounced the ceremonies over and invited Brandi and Joan to leave the ceremonies with her. Throwing a kiss to their husbands, the wives promised to be home before dawn and marched out arm in arm like the adventurous Cougars they now were. Both husbands lustily watched their wives high-stepping out the door in their leopard skin coats and high-heeled boots. Stuart and Brock realized this was assuredly the first of many such late night adventures Brandi and Joan would go on. The husbands were resigned to their new roles. They realized their best bet was to try to make what would surely be their sexually-spent and exhausted wives late for breakfast.

When Sonia's almost fifty inch long legs headed somewhere, you knew you had to work those thigh and calf muscles to keep pace, especially in heels. Joan was practically running on her toes in the high-heeled boots to keep up. But she'd had plenty of practice charging around with a basketball team captain who was her first boyfriend and lover. So, she knew how to keep up; it was one reason she was still a trim bombshell. At the banquet hall door, Sonia made a quick signal to several people following the threesome and slipped into an elevator disguised as a phone booth.

"This thing's right out of a 'Get Smart' TV show, isn't it," she said as the wives crowded in. There really wasn't room for more than two people but here they were altogether touching one another in all sorts of sensitive places. Ample boobs smashed against boobs, hips against hips, and laps against butts, etc.

"This is how we come and go so inconspicuously to and from the Retreat, yet still have the full services of the Top of the Town restaurant, bars, and night club. Very convenient when you want to lose a male admirer in the public areas of the club who just doesn't stack up the way you thought he did at the start of the evening. There's always some staff on duty downstairs to make you forget you've wasted half an evening with a dolt."

Brandi and Joan now began to understand fully that the Retreat was really run for the benefit of the Cougars in the membership, not their husbands. No female escort professionals had been in evidence throughout the whole evening's initiations. And unlike what they all had expected, no sexy women members had tempted Stuart or Brock to take their eyes off the initiation events their wives were experiencing and have sex themselves. As far as Brandi could tell, no initiation events at all had happened to the husbands until she and Joan had performed their surprise wife-swapping blowjobs at the banquet. So, a little curious and knowing Sonia would tell them straight out, Brandi decided to ask.

"Sonia, what's in this for the guyz? Just now Brock and Stuart absolutely erupted so feverishly into our mouths in such copious amounts in part because we've never before consummated any of our numerous plans to try wife swapping. But also because I don't believe either Brock or Stuart have 'come' at all the whole evening while we, in contrast, lost count? Am I right?"

"You are," replied Sonia as the elevator bumped to a halt with its three-woman load.

"Then, what's in it for them?"

"That's up to you two, really? I hope it's obvious that Stuart and Brock are welcome to accompany you to the club any time you're here. We don't really encourage their stopping by on their own, but any time you're here, of course they can come."

And changing tone, Sonia continued, "And I really mean cum (with a u)."

"How so, asked Joan?"

"Well, they can have sex with you for one. My husbands were uniformly turned on by my bringing them down here, and we had many multiple-orgasm encounters as a married couple in the Retreat. It's a lust-stimulating place. On that, I think we can all agree. Your reactions tonight (and I believe that of your husbands, the few times I slipped away and talked to them) suggest you four certainly found it so."

"So, they can get turned on by all the wife watching that takes place here and then join in with any of your sexual encounters with the staff. That kind of a male-male-female threesome happens all the time here. I've brought you back downstairs to show you a little of that type of sex before you go home."

"In addition, your husbands can have sex with other women members here at the club with your explicit permission. In truth, there's not so much of that, but it does happen because we Cougars like to watch too. If a member wants to get it on with my husband, I might want to watch. I might not too, depending, but it's surely allowed. Consensual sex; that's the idea all around with you as the instigator and only with your consent."

Sonia continued, "You can imagine, most members come down to the Retreat to act out their Cougar fantasies with the staff on duty. They're the ones with the big cocks, right? Therefore, except for wife-watching, a husband is a little bit superfluous when you're here. But, two female members and a husband often do get together. Perhaps some member wants to sample your wares, so you ask if Stuart can join in. Most Cougars love threesomes (we'll see in a moment about you two?), so most members would readily agree to such a proposal. Or maybe a husband being involved is part of the deal requested by the member you approach. Nothing wrong with any of that. Instead, it's much to be encouraged in fact. I've seen marriages break up but subsequent FFM threesomes here at the club with a grieving divorcee lad to a new living-together arrangements or once even to a new marriage."

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