Dirty Laundry


"I hear you have a live-in now Shannon, what's up with that?"

Brian stood behind me, leaning against the table in the common laundry room. Brian was my landlord's son, on leave from the Canadian armed Forces. He was huge! Broad, wide chest, large shoulders, narrow waist and pretty damn handsome to boot. Of course, he knew that. He had flirted with me from the first week I moved in and while I teased him, we never had a relationship.

"Why, are you jealous?" I asked, looking back over my shoulder to catch him leering at my backside. I hadn't dressed like this intentionally, I didn't know he was home. I wore oversized men's white shirt and white socks. That was all. And when I would reach to pull something out of the washer, the shirt would rise to just below my ass cheeks. If Brian bent over, he would have seen quite clearly the object of his desire.

"Fucking right I am! You're my gal!"

"Jeez, Brian, you still singing that tune?" I knelt in front of the dryer and began to pull out my previous load and placing them in the basket. Once they were out, I had to place the load from the washer in. While I was occupied, Brian reached down and pulled out one of my white polyester tanks.

"I would love to see you in this Shannon." I watched as he held it to his face and slid it along his skin. I was suddenly aware that his attentions were giving me wild thoughts.

"Better yet," I replied, "I'd like to see you in it." I said jokingly.

"Alright then." Brian began to strip his T-shirt off in front of me. I recall studying his chest in the summer time when he would sunbathe in the backyard. I think he had developed even more muscles. He slipped my camisole over his head and struggled to get his arm up into the tiny body.

"Give me that, you big dope, you're going to stretch it." I went to grab for it and we play struggled for a few seconds till Brian stopped trying to get his arm into it, and instead, he wrapped them around me, drawing me against his broad chest. The palms of my hands against his skin were hot.

"Brian, let me go."

"Not till you kiss me."

"Brian, don't be stupid, let me go."

"Just one kiss, just one…"

I just wanted to give him a peck on the lips, a quick kiss and then get my camisole off his neck. Why then were we lip locked for what seemed ages? Why didn't I pull away when I felt his cock jerking against my belly? Why did I drive my tongue into his mouth when his hands fell over my backside and squeezed? I don't know and I don't care. Years of watching this young men grow into a physical God was suddenly taking form as lust and I wanted him.

I shoved my hand into the waistband of his track pants and he whimpered as I wrapped my hand around his shaft. Thank goodness his bodybuilding didn't make up for a small cock. It was a great size, and I wanted to see it. My kisses left his lips and traveled down his throat. I was pushing his track pants off his waist when my mouth found a tiny erect nipple and I sucked on it hard.

"Jesus, Shannon, slow down, fuck."

"Shut up Brian. You've always wanted me, well here's you chance. You do want me right?"

"Oh fuck!" was his only answer. I was now on my knees and servicing his circumcised cock. Its head was already a deep purple and I studied every centimeter of it with my tongue and lips. He didn't know it but I had one hand between my legs, working my cunt lips apart and teasing my own clit.

Brian pushed me away and then lifted me up till I sat on the dryer. It's metal, while not cold, made me squeal a little.

"Ssh, someone might here you."

"Wait till I start screaming for you to fuck me!"

"Oh fuck!" and Brian was pulling my shirt open, his hands and mouth on my erect nipples. I moaned and whimpered and when his fingers fell over my naked bush, I trembled.

"Oh fuck!" was his response when he found I wasn't wearing panties. I was discovering he was a man of few words. He was too fast, his fingers probing and spreading me apart.

"Stop, stop…just fuck me Brian, put that fucking cock inside me."

Brian stood straight and I reached down to guide his shaft into me. We both watched as I wiggled his cock head over my lips, spreading them open and then inserting him into my hole. What he lacked in vocabulary, he made up for in girth. He was still clumsy kissing and squeezing my breasts but he was fucking my cunt expertly.

"Oh Brian, oh fuck this feels great. God you're handsome, I could just eat you up."

"You did. Here, lets try this." Brian pulled me off the dryer and for a second my weight went down onto his cock and I moaned with pleasure. Without releasing me, Brian spun us around and sat his own ass up on the dryer. I clung to him at first but I needed more movement so I grasped the bottom edge of the cupboard behind his head and began to work up a good rhythm.

I was worried that the cabinet would let go from the wall but it felt so good. Brian reached both hands around my ass and grasped my cheeks. He squeezed hard and pulled them apart. I could feel the air caress my anal passage, exposing both my ass hole and his cock in my slippery wet cunt. What a sight that must be!

I wiggled and squirmed, begging him to fuck me, to make me cum. I was so close. I was trembling with my need. Brian slid a finger over my smaller pucker but didn't penetrate. He didn't have to, it was enough and I found myself climaxing, holding back my scream by biting on his shoulder. Brian still had my camisole around his neck.

"Did you cum?" I asked.

"Not yet."

It was my turn to say "Oh fuck!"

Brian slid off the dryer and helped me off his cock. He guided me to the exposed side of the dryer and gently turned me around and pushed my chest onto the top. I went to spread my legs but he told me to keep them together. "You have the best ass Shannon, I want you to keep your legs together, makes you feel tighter now that you've cum."

He was right! Oh man it felt great to feel his cock back inside me and his thighs on either side of me. He was very good; changing his rhythms and depth of his thrust. He would massage my exposed cheeks and back or reach under and cup a swaying breast. He fucked me like that for a few minutes. I would look back over my shoulder and watch his expression. I love being fucked this way. I loved how he kept my camisole on.

"Oh God Shannon, roll over."

I lay on my back now, my legs held wide by Brian as he slid his cock in and out of my humming pussy. He had lost his rhythm and was now just madly fucking me, his balls slapping against my ass as he drove home. "Oh fuck Shannon, I'm going to cum!"

"Don't cum in me!"

"What?" but he didn't slow down, he was out of control, he couldn't stop. I had to think of something.

"Cum on my tits baby."

"Yeah, yeah sure."

I slid off the dryer and crouched with my back against the warm metal. Brian was jerking his cock madly just inches from breasts and when he exploded he was the one that cried out more loudly than he should have. I spread the sticky goo over each mound and lick my fingers clean.

"You know Shannon, I'm here for another 4 days."

"You know Brian, I'll probably have to do some laundry tomorrow."

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