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Dirty Movies: AOTS Ch. 01


Please put this in italics at the beginning before the story:

Author's note: This is going to be my longest story to date, hence why it's in multiple parts. I'm not an overly huge fan of Attack of the Show!, but I've seen enough of it to try and follow the format.

Also, I didn't include Olivia Munn (who would have been an obvious choice) because she doesn't do anything for me. She seems like an okay person, but I honestly don't see the appeal.

In any case, hope you like this story, and please leave me any feedback/comments/ below, as I've become a total sucker for them.


There are three kinds of secrets in Hollywood: the kind that the tabloids and the media know about, the kind that directors, producers, and agents know about, and the kind that only the celebrities themselves know about. Dirty Movies is one of the third kinds. Spreading only through word of mouth from actress to actress, starlet to starlet, Dirty Movies is a production company founded solely for one reason: so that the gorgeous young ladies who graced screens and made hit singles could act out their nastiest, raunchiest sexual fantasies on film for their own private collections, to be shared only on the drunkest of nights with others also "in the know". No one quite knows the full story of how Dirty Movies came into being, nor how their logistics works in terms of fulfilling every one of their client's personal fantasies, but they manage to provide for everyone, and no one has ever been disappointed by their service.

Today, Dirty Movies shoots a television special you won't find on any network, made by and for the various stars of the program...


"Hello, and welcome to Attack of the Show's XXX-Rated Special, your only source for all the porn that matters!" The slender brunette has a bright smile on her face and is dressed in a loose-fitting dark-blue blouse with the top two buttons undone and black Capri pants. Amidst the applause and cheers, she introduces herself with "I'm Candace Bailey."

"And I'm Alison Haislip, what's up?" The blonde greets enthusiastically to more applause, wearing a spaghetti-strap green tank top and denim shorts that end just above her kneecaps. The response she receives noticeably louder thanks to her outfit, or more specifically, what it's styled with: her top has the image of two naked women busily eating each other's wet twats in a classic "69" position and her shorts, while looking relatively new, have multiple stains of dried semen on them.

"Wow, sounds like you're pretty popular today," Candace comments.

"Gee, I wonder why?" Alison replies dryly. "You'd get a lot more if you show off what you're wearing."

"What, this?" Candace looks down at herself. "I mean, this looks good, but—"

"Oh, c'mon," Allison says, playfully indignant. "Let's be real, show them the whole thing."

"I don't know what you mean," Candace replies innocently. She turns around halfway so that the camera can see her back. "What are you talking about?"

Whatever response she might have gotten from her co-host is immediately lost in the uproarious level of cheers and applause as the back half of her outfit is revealed: her blouse has the large image of a cock spurting cum from its piss-slit, and the seat of her pants has been cut away to show off her ass, bare except for a lacy black panties. Candace grins mischievously, momentarily belying her act of naivety, before starting the show off proper.

"On today's show we meet with the super-attractive, super-talented, super-slutty Amy Brooke, one of the hottest porn stars in the adult industry right now with nearly 200 titles to her name and an AVN award for 'Most Outrageous Sex Scene,'" Candace says. "She's dropping by the studio to talk about her new movie, 'Gapeland' and maybe give us a little demonstration of how she 'prepares' for a role."

"And for all the ladies out there looking to add a little kink to their sex lives, we have our very own Morgan Webb to show off some sexy sex toys you should be buying. Because why settle for your own fingers or that cucumber you're saving in the fridge for tomorrow's salad? That's coming up on Attack This."

"Hang on, if she's talking about sex toys, shouldn't the segment be called 'Fuck This'?" Alison interjects.

"Um, I guess," Candace says, shrugging before addressing the in-studio audience. "I dunno, what do you guys think? Should Morgan be 'Attacking This' or 'Fucking This'?"

The response is almost instantaneous and unsurprisingly unanimous, with a chant of "Fuck This!" being stirred up in the crowd.

"Okay, okay," Candace says loudly, giggling a bit as she raises her hands to quiet them down. "We have Morgan coming up later on the show to 'Fuck This'."

Alison waits for the cheers to die down before continuing. "Also on the show today we have Sasha Grey going out on the streets and In Your Pants, giving her advice on all things in the bedroom. Or, you know, bathroom, living room, back seat of your car—pretty much anywhere you can think of to bang, she's got you covered. She may not be in porn anymore, but she still knows all the tricks."

"Plus, our very own Sara Jean Underwood heads to Portland to take part in the Naked Bike Ride once again." There are loud cheers from the audience. "Due to the overwhelming popularity of her appearance there last time, Sara decided to do it again this year, and apparently had a bike of her own design, is that right?"

This is directed at the girl in question, the blonde former Playmate and current correspondent standing just off to the side. She's wearing a hot pink tube top that just barely contains her sizable B-cup breasts and black hot pants that accentuate her tanned legs. Sara nods in response to Alison's question. "Yep. And let me tell you, this year's ride was a LOT more fun."

"Awesome, we'll check that out later in the show," Candace says. "And then of course, you're also bringing us the all the latest headlines in The Feed."

"Nice segue," Sara remarks wryly.

"I thought so," Alison says breezily, deflecting the sarcasm. "Very smooth."

Sara rolls her eyes good-naturedly turning to the camera. "Today on The Feed we take a look at what new projects Dirty Movies might be working on, plus the debate between 'extreme' and 'regular' content comes to a head. All of this and more, coming up."

"Thanks, Sara," Candace says. "Let's kick this show off right by taking a look at the top five porn clips on the Web in Around the Net."

The segment intro plays, the music intercut with moans, grunts, and the quick slapping of flesh against flesh as a multitude of snippets taken from a variety of porn movies, both professional and amateur, flash across the screen, followed by the title. As the intro runs the crowd picks up a chant of "ATM! ATM!" while clapping with each letter before dissolving into general applause as the intro fades out.

"Wait, wait, wait a second," Candace says. "Are you guys saying 'ATM'? It's Around the Net, not Around the...whatever synonym for Internet starts with 'M'."

"I think they're referring to something else," Alison chimes in, raising an eyebrow. "That's not right now, guys, hold your horses."

"What? What do you mean?" Candace asks in a confused manner.

"Don't worry about it, I'll show you later." Alison turns back to the camera. "Our Number 5 porn clip demonstrates that while it could be fun to imitate what you see in the movies, some things are better left to the professionals."

The show cuts to the clip of an amateur video shot POV-style: a fair-skinned redheaded girl is on her knees blowing the cameraman, who's apparently using one hand to balance the camera as he pulls the girl's head onto his cock with the other. While the redhead is doing her best to suck him off, the cameraman continues pushing her head further and further onto his shaft, clearly trying to get her to deepthroat. Just as he starts breathing heavily, signaling that he's close, the girl makes a retching noise and vomit shoots out of her nose and from around her lips all over his cock and balls. The cameraman instantly pulls his dick out of her mouth, cursing loudly as the redhead continues to puke on his crotch, and the clip ends.

The show cuts back to the hosts, with both women having expressions of amused disgust on their faces.

"Not gonna lie, I kinda saw that one coming," Alison says, a smirk on her face.

"Funny, 'cause she didn't," Candace jokes. There are groans from the audience. "What? It was kinda funny."

Alison shakes her head good-naturedly. "Seriously, guys, if you're going to try making someone swallow your dick, make sure they're ready for it...or at least, that they haven't swallowed something else already. Like, I don't know, lunch."

Candace continues the segment. "Coming in at Number 4, the question must be asked: do women squirt during orgasms?"

The clip plays, this one taken from a porn movie: a guy lies down on a couch while holding the hips of a squealing blonde who energetically and enthusiastically fucks up and down his cock cowgirl-style. The blonde's cries of passion are getting louder as she cups her bouncing tits in her hands, clearly approaching orgasm. Her cock-riding becomes so frenetic that just as she reaches her climax her pussy comes completely off the guy's dick. A jet of cunt juice spurts out hard from her gash, spraying his face and drenching it completely. This is followed by a few more large squirts that shower over his chest and stomach, with the wailing blonde's hips jerking with each one. She falls forward on top of him panting heavily, her pink tongue sticking out of her mouth to lap at her discharged juices on his torso while he spits out the small amount he's caught in his mouth and wipes more from his eyes as the clip ends.

"Okay, I'm going to call bullshit on that one," Alison says, shaking her head vehemently. "Nobody, and I mean nobody, can squirt like that. Not when they're coming, no way. She's pissing on him."

"I dunno, Alison, I've known a few ladies who can squirt when they climax," Candace counters.

"I know some women can squirt when they cum. Hell, I've done it myself a couple of times," Alison responds. "What I'm saying is that what she's doing isn't humanly possible just from orgasm. Cunt juice comes out in droplets, or maybe a few small spurts, but not like a freaking fire hose. Most porn movies who have girls like this are just having them piss all over while cumming, making it look like they're squirting."

"Maybe," Candace says doubtfully. "I still think it could happen. I mean, if you got turned on enough..."

"Could never happen," Alison emphasizes with finality.

"Well, I guess we'll agree to disagree, then," Candace says, turning back to the camera.

"Or I can prove it to you later."

"What?" Candace looks over at her co-host.

"Nothing." Alison quickly changes the subject. "Number 3 gives us the distinct pleasure of why anal sex, while fun, is not always a good thing."

The clip begins, showing another small piece of a porn move: a nude Asian woman is on her knees on a couch, with her upper body leaning over the back of it. Several men are lined up behind her, with the first moving into position as he inserts his cock into her ass and starts fucking it, pumping in and our for a few moments before stopping with a grunt, his buried dick shooting its sperm into her bowels. He withdraws and moves aside for the next man in line to do the same. This continues as each man steps forward, fucks his cock into the woman's ass, and drops his load in her rectum after a short period, with the woman sighing appreciatively with each deposit. As the last man finishes releasing his seed inside her, the camera comes in for a close-up of her well-fucked shithole. With a off-screen prompt, she makes it wink open and close a few times before a large glob of semen is suddenly expelled from her ass to splatter onto her legs. There is laughter as the woman, her face turning red with embarrassment, uncontrollably and messily farts out more of the large buildup of semen in her bowels, with much of it tinged with tan coloring. The clip ends with another sticky glob manages to splat onto the camera lens, obscuring it.

Alison is laughing while Candace just has a grossed-out expression on her face. "Why is this funny to you?" she asks the blonde. "That whole thing just looked disgusting to me. I mean she's almost seconds away from crapping on that couch."

"It—it just reminds me of Dogma, y'know, that Kevin Smith movie?" Alison manages to say in between chuckles. "There's—there's a part where Jason Mewes' character asks if chicks fart when you blast them in the ass—and it looks like they do!" Alison practically collapses as laughter takes her over again.

Candace sighs and rolls her eyes. "Let's move on."

"Oh—okay." Her amusement over, Alison regains control of herself. "Okay, I'm good."

"Video Number 2," Candace announces, pausing for a moment before turning to Alison. "You know, I have to admit, when I saw this video, it actually really got to me, in a good way I mean."

"Yeah, I got super turned on by it, too." Alison nods in agreement. "I watched it several times. I don't know if it's the freakiness factor that gets me going, or just how she looks, or both, but man...it was pretty hot. Hotter than I thought it was going to be."

"The video itself is a little too long to show in full," Candace addresses the audience and camera. "We edited it to the more important parts, so you won't miss anything good. Just...just watch it, and you'd be amazed at how turned on you get."

The clip shows another amateur video of a dark-haired, olive-skinned beauty sits naked on a bed with legs apart, squeezing one of her large tits with her left hand while she uses her other hand to play with herself, shamelessly rubbing her crotch. A closer look reveals what she's got: a slender penis, about 3 inches in its flaccid state, but starting to grow quickly as she strokes it. The clip jumps forward in time to where her cock is at its full length of just over 7 inches. Its girth is somewhat thicker now due to its engorgement, and her balls can be seen nestled underneath the shaft.

The pretty shemale scoots her ass backwards on the bed until she's close to the headboard before rolling half onto her back, raising her legs over and behind her head so that her feet rest on the headboard. Her erect cock hangs just above her stomach, the head pointing towards her face. She skillfully arches her upper body so that she curves forward, opens her mouth, and takes the first couple of inches of her meat past her lips, beginning to suck on her own cock while using one hand to stroke the rest of the shaft.

The clip cuts forward again, where the shemale's selfsuck has become more fervent, and she is audibly moaning. Suddenly her body stiffens, and her cock twitches and jerks. The expression on her face is one of nirvana as she's clearly orgasming, ejaculating her cum into her own mouth. Her cock slips free from her lips and slaps wetly on her cheek, depositing the rest of its watery load on her skin. Keeping her mouth shut, the shemale breathes heavily through her nose as this happens, letting her climax run its course before slowly rolling over onto her knees and crawling towards the camera. She opens her mouth, showing off her cum collected on her tongue, before closing it and gulping it down. The clip ends with her leaning in to give the lens a sweet kiss.

Shifting back to the show hosts, both of them appear very aroused by the clip. Alison is in the process of pulling her top off, tossing it to the side. She pushes the shoulder straps of her bra down her arms, lowering the undergarment so that her breasts are exposed. Her cum-stained shorts are already puddled around her feet, along with her panties, and her glistening twat, framed by a small patch of pubic hair, can be seen. Next to her Candace has her unbuttoned her blouse and pulled it open, squeezing one of her braless tits with her hands. Her pants are undone and pushed halfway down her legs, and the crotch of her panties has been pushed aside to show off her cunt, which is shaved.

Alison licks her fingers before reaching down to rub her muff, closing her eyes and sighing in pleasure from the contact. Candace is doing the same with her cunt, inserting a finger inside her slit. Distracted by their self-pleasure, both women fail to notice the segment is still going on...until they both tilt their heads slightly to the side at the same time, in the same angle. Alison reaches her hand up to cup her ear, apparently listening to something.

"Oh!" she says suddenly, her eyes shooting open and looking at the camera, Candace following suit. "Sorry about that. Uh...like we said, that clip is...well, hot."

"It might not be for some people," Candace amends. "But you have to open your minds just a little to really appreciate it, I think."

Nodding in agreement, Alison bends over to pick her skirt back up her legs before pausing, then shrugging and stepping out of it, pushing it aside with her foot. She ignores her discarded top as well, and leaves her bra halfway down her stomach.

"And our Number 1 video from Around the Net...I actually don't know what it is," Alison admits.

"I don't either." Candace shakes her head. "Apparently there was some last-minute change with the previous video, which was a pregnant woman having her water break during a gangbang, Which, y'know, ew."

"Yeah, so...here's the Number 1 video," Alison says.

A graphic and a computerized fanfare announcing the Number One clip plays before the actual clip: a girl kneeling on a carpeted floor, her upper body lowered down as much as possible so that her ass sticks up high. Her asshole is being held open by a speculum, showing off the inside of her anal passage. Two other girls are sitting on either side of her, inserting a number of dildos inside her ass, each of them progressively larger than the last. The girl bent over has a look of pleasure on her face, her expression mixed with intense concentration as she does her best to relax her anal muscles. She sighs and groans as the toys continue to get bigger, the other two girls trying to dig deeper into her body.

The final dildo is as thick as their forearms and just as long, and as the girls plunge it into her asshole she hisses through her teeth, her back arching. They stop, with one of them asking if she wants to stop. After a few moments of steady breathing, she shakes her head and tells them to keep going. She manages to take about half the dildo into her body before stopping, where it juts out obscenely from her ass.

One of the other two girls takes a small bottle of body oil and pours half the contents over the dildo, letting it run down the plastic shaft, over the stuck girl's stretched anal ring, and into her very full butt. The other girl rubs it into her asscheeks, making them shine, as well as squeezing more oil into her bowels with her fingers. The two girls then remove the speculum so that her O-ring closes around the dildo before twisting it like a corkscrew as she moans in delight.

The stuck girl starts grunting, her body alternatively tensing and relaxing as she apparently tries to push the oversized sex toy out of her ass. It starts sliding out little by little, the large amount of lubrication helping it along. At a point where it seems unable to move, she closes her eyes, grips two handfuls of the carpet, takes a deep breath, and pushes hard. The dildo slides further out of her rectum, leaving just the bulbous head within her. She steels herself again and gives another strong push.

With a sloppy wet sound the dildo comes free of her ass, dropping to the floor. This is followed by a "rosebud," with part of the inner walls of her rectum prolapsing out of her body past her anal ring. The clip ends with the other two girls leaning in to lick it with their pink tongues, with one of them even putting her mouth on it.

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