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Dirty Sister-In-Law


Well, first the usual bullshit about who's who in this story... I'm George, a mediocre guy with a mediocre size, 36 years old, six-foot frame that once was athletic, but now growing fat around the belly, brown hair, 180 lbs, green eyes. I used to be a professional, but I'm now self-employed, thanks to the recent "downsizing" efforts. I get by with computer projects, and I had made some money so that I can afford to live in a nice place with the wife and two kids.

My wife is Jenna, she's 35, with a good body, although her tits are a bit small for my taste, something between B and C size. And, no, I didn't marry her for sex.

My wife's sister is Gail, and she is definitely not a looker. She's 39, about 5'2, 130 lbs, with a fat ass, but her tits are probably 38D. She's married to this guy who's a hot shot banker, a condescending sort of asshole who believes whatever he says is true, and doesn't give a shit about anything else. Well, I had my share of arguments with him, but he's always right, y'know what I mean? When I was "downsized", thanks to my manager who's been an asshole throughout the three years I was with the company, he was the first to blame me of rocking the boat and trying to paddle up a current too strong for me.

But I digress... The asshole of a brother-in-law, who lived in a four-story mansion with a great view, decided to get a laptop, hook it up to a new home cinema set-up, connect to the 'net and whatever you could imagine with a computer. He managed to fuck the whole thing up, and guess who he called for help!!

Well, yours truly decided that he was a nice guy after all and managed to find an afternoon free for the feat. Harry, however, had to be away that week and he gave me all the passwords (yes, he did define passwords for a system that didn't work properly). He asked me if I could take a look and do something about the system. I said, 'Sure Harry, that's what relatives are for.' He thanked me profusely and said,

'You know George, all the IT guys at the Bank couldn't do a thing about it, if you can get this thing working, I might even change my opinion about you.'

Yeah, right... Anyway, I told him to make sure he's got all CDs and diskettes that he got with the system around, and I'd go the next day to have a look. As it's the case with most engineers, I feel challenged with a system that doesn't work the way it should. I was going there for that challenge, definitely not for helping this asshole with a system that he'd go boasting about the next century.

The next morning, I woke early, saw the wife to work and the kids to school. I had another cup of coffee and hopped into my car. It was still 7:30 am and I was pretty sure Gail was sleeping. After I drove for 20 minutes to make it to their place, I was surprised to see Gail going out of their yard with her car. She stopped when she saw me and told me to go up to the third floor where Harry had his "toys". She'd be back in an hour, she had to go shopping blah blah blah... I wasn't listening...

It took me about half an hour to see that Harry's stuff was wrongly configured and to correct the whole thing. Although he was a pompous ass, he did have the common sense to leave all the necessary software and drivers around, and it wasn't before long I found myself connected to the 'net and surfing with a projector on the wall. Well, I definitely felt naughty and managed to enter one of the porn sites with streaming video. It was still 8:30 am, but I felt horny with a forced celibacy due to my wife's inattention in the last two weeks.

I chose a video with a group scene with one guy and two women, and to my delight, the women were above 25, with full tits and full bushes to compliment. I have this thing about women with large tits and hairy pussies, and my wife keeps on trimming her bush all the time, saying that it's dirty to have hair down there.

Before long, the scene turned very hot and I found myself stroking my cock through my jeans. It was just unbearable to see those women on the screen, one being fucked up the ass and the other fingering and licking her pussy. I was almost oblivious to everything when I heard the front door closing. Shit, it had to be Gail, and my early morning solitary escapade was over. Growling, I closed the connection and tried to look as if I was working on the Control Panel!!!

In a few minutes, Gail came up and asked me how it was going. I answered, 'It's about finished. Now your husband can view all the naughty sites and videos on the wall.'

She surprised me saying, 'Who gave you the idea it was Harry's idea to get this thing set up?'

I stammered, 'Weeeellll, I thought.... Y'know.... Uhmmm... Since he told me...'

She laughed, and said, 'Harry's away most of the time, you know how it goes with the job. I was getting real bored and I forced him to get me something like this. Now, do you think you can help me find some naughty sites?'

Is the Pope a Catholic? Of course I could, but I still didn't see Gail as a sexual partner up to that point. So I managed to get online again, and accessed the video that I was watching just a while ago. I said, 'There you go, I'll help myself with some coffee while you play around.' And I just went downstairs to get something to get my mind off the hot scenes that she was about to see.

I turned on the tv in the kitchen, and started watching some stupid cooking thing that's on every weekday morning. I made some coffee and I was drinking when I saw Gail at the kitchen door with a sheer gown. She was naked inside the gown, and I could see her large nipples and a dark shade between her legs. She said, ' George, that video was just great, do you think we can find some more stuff like that?'

'Sure we can, but I need to be around to make sure that you get what you want Gail,' I said. Now that I'd seen her more intimate parts, I was getting some ideas that weren't exactly decent.

She said, 'Well, I don't mind George, as long as I get what I like.'

Well, that was the end of it, really. We went up to the third floor, and I searched for a similar streaming video. I found one more with the same players and asked her if she'd like to see the same people again. She said:

'You're the guy with experience, George. I'm just a follower.'

And I clicked on the "play" button. The same women with tits and bushes were there and they were masturbating side by side. When they moved on to each other, I heard a soft moan coming from my side. I loked around and saw Gail fingering herself through the open gown. As I had suspected, she didn't wear anything inside. When she saw me looking, she said, 'George, I know it's difficult for you, but you can undress if you feel like it.'

Did I feel like it? Hell, it took me less than ten seconds to get out of my jeans and t-shirt, with my boxers on. By that time, my cock was already out of the slit in my boxers and standing proudly in front of my sister-in-law. She didn't seem to be embarrassed, and I was too concentrated on her hairy pussy to be embarrassed. She said, 'Get out, George.'

I was shocked. As I started to mumble unintelligibly, she added, 'Get out, so that I can get into something that you might like.'

I ran out. By that time, I was so horny that I could rape Gail if she didn't want me to fuck her. But after two minutes, she called me in and I saw her fully naked, except for a pair of lace-top stockings. Her pubic hair was magnificent, as were her slightly-sagging large tits.

She said, 'Do you think we need to talk anymore?'

I didn't reply. I kicked out my boxers and attacked her right away. As I was kissing her with my tongue deep in her mouth, I could feel her nipples harden. Her hands sought my balls and she gently squeezed them as I cupped her ass. We fell onto the couch, with her on top. She slid slowly down, while licking my chest, belly and reaching home base. She took my cock in her mouth and cupped my balls. She began licking the head and the length of my cock, as I was moaning. She looked up to me and smiled, spreading my legs. She reached my asshole with her tongue and licked the whole way from my asshole to the tip of my cock. Then she took all of the now-huge meat into her mouth and forced my asshole with her finger. Aaaarrrgh, I was about to cum, so I got her away and pulled her to myself, to kiss her mouth tasting of my ass and cock.

When I first saw her tits at close-up, I felt I was in heaven. They were huge, much bigger than that when I saw her in bikinis. Her nipples were at least an inch long, and she reacted violently to my sucking. My hands were seeking her pussy, and found her clit among the hair in no time. She was panting and I knew she was close to cumming when I slid a second finger into her flooding pussy. Her hairy pussy lips were sticky, and a wet smacking sound was heard as I was sliding my index and middle fingers into her pussy.

Gail was moaning loudly as I kept on sucking on her erect nipples. She ran her her fingers through my hair and said, 'Move down big boy and lick me clean,' among her moans. Who was I to disagree? I licked my way down her soft belly, stopping momentarily to kiss her navel. As I moved my head down, the intoxicating odor got stronger. I reached the line of her rich pubic hair and lingered on the border. She pulled her legs up and put them over my shoulders. Now the wonderful pussy was up close, only a fraction of an inch from my eyes. Her hair was sticky from her pussy juices and her clit protruded about half an inch, hidden partially by the hair. I delicately bit on her clit, sending her into a a new wave of convulsion. I licked her all the way from her asshole up to her clit again, leaving some of my spit around her anal opening. I brought my middle finger to her ass and started to force my way slowly inwards. While playing with her clit orally, I slid my index finger into her wet pussy. Gail started to scream as I double-fucked her with my fingers and tongued her clit. I felt I was as hard as I ever could be and wanted to fuck all her openings.

As the wave of orgasm subsided, Gail smiled at me and said, 'Fuck me.'

I stood up and brought my cock up to her pussy as I laid on her. She opened her legs, held my cock and pushed me all the way in. She wasn't very tight and all the juices she produced made her even easier to penetrate. She held me strongly, kissed my earlobe and said, 'George, fuck me raw. Do it fast and make me scream.'

Hearing this, I went crazy. I pumped her really fast, and she was panting and screaming all the way. I pulled one of her legs on my shoulder and pushed my cock even deeper. It seemed to reach the end of her cunt, and by her cries, I could tell it was hurting. But she didn't seem to mind, and I definitely didn't. I kept on going for a while. Gail was crying, 'Oooooooohhhhhh, I'm cumming, cum with me..... Cum on my tits..... yessssssss...'

As I felt my balls twitching with the signs of cumming, I took my cock out and moved over her tits. She brought her open mouth close to my cock, while squeezing my cock between her magnificent tits. That was too much for me and I spurted cum after cum on her chin, in her mouth and all over her face. The cum she couldn't swallow, she spread all over her tits and face. We were both panting and lay side by side without speaking for a while.

Then Gail turned to me and said, 'George, I wanna tell you something.'


'We've got a shared secret now. Maybe we can help each other.'

I wasn't quite sure what she meant. 'In what way, Gail? You mean fucking? Hell, you can call me anytime baby.'

'It's got to do with fucking, George. Maybe we can help each other with some of out fantasies.'

'Yeah ,baby, sure... As long as your asshole of a husband and my frigid wife aren't aware...'

'You might have noticed, I like dirty sex,' she said. 'I know that Jenna isn't very keen on sex, and neither is Harry. Sometimes we don't have sex for weeks. And he doesn't like to give head or do anything kinky. Do you feel up to some really dirty stuff, George?'

'Hey, I'm game for anything, sweetie,' I said, although I was wondering what would come up next. There were quite a few things that I wanted to do, but was afraid to ask my wife, knowing for sure that she would outright reject.

Gail asked, 'Do you feel like cleaning up?'

'Might do as well. But first I need to visit the toilet.'

'Can I come with you?'

'Sure you can,' I replied, not sure what she wanted. We both stood up and walked to the bathroom. Her tits and face still glistened with my cum. As I aimed my cock at the toilet, she said, 'do you think I could hold it while you pee?'

Now, I was getting the picture. I was always curious about watersports and wanted to try it sometime. So I turned to her and said, 'Gail, why don't we get into that oversized tub of yours and do something dirty?'

She smiled naughtily at me and said, 'I was hoping you'd say that,' as she held my hand and stepped into the tub. She knelt in front of me and said, 'now you can go ahead.'

My bladder was even fuller by that time and piss ached its way through my recently-cummed cock. Gail held my cock to her chest and as the first dribbles landed on her tits, she moaned. She said, 'It's so warm, it feels so good.'

Then she did something I wasn't expecting. As I was peeing with full force, she opened her mouth and directed my cock to her mouth; trying to drink my piss. It was such an arousing sight, that I nearly stopped pissing due to an instant erection. My piss was all over her now, her hair, face, tits and dribbling down to her pussy hair and lace top stockings. She held me firmly by the hips and pulled me down to my knees. She looked at me and said, 'Thanks, George, that was just great. I think I just came again.'

Knowing very well that she was dirty by all standards, I nevertheless leaned toward her and kissed her lips. She tasted piss and cum, but it was so erotic, to taste my secretions on and in her body. She held me even tighter and said, 'Do you think you might want some of mine?'

I said, 'Stand up, baby, and piss all over me.'

She stood up and pushed her hips forward so that her cunt was right above my face. When she started pissing a clear light yellow fluid, it first splashed on my chest and as I lowered my head, I could feel its wet warmth on my face. I was hard again, and I started stroking my cock. She was that and as she was finished with her pissing, she also knelt down and licked my chest, while taking my cock into her hand. She said, 'My, George, you're almost as dirty as I am. We'll surely get along very well.'

When she made me lie on the side of the tub, I managed to get my foot between her legs and push my big toe into her cunt. She was still stroking my cock, but she pulled her hand away and turned around. She said, 'Tongue my ass.'

She knelt on all fours and pushed her fatty ass back towards me. As I started licking the rim of her ass, I felt her taking the big toe fresh out of her pussy into her mouth. I was in heaven, and all this time I hadn't realized how hot my sister-in-law was. Her ass tasted funny, as if she didn't clean very well after shitting. Well, nothing was gonna stop me from pushing my tongue deep into her ass and finger her tight opening. I kept on licking the rim, while sucking on the whole area, leaving a large amount of saliva. I forced two fingers into her ass. Gail moaned and said, 'You'll have to fuck it, you got me worked up you bastard.'

I was just hoping that. Her toe job and the previous watersports action had got me real hard and I was aching to put my cock into something. I straightened on my knees and brought my cock to her asshole. I slowly forced the head into her spinchter, lubricated with my spit. She tried to relax, and I managed to get the head in. She moaned loudly and said, 'Stop for a while, I wanna feel it.'

I stopped the movement and leaned forward to get a hold of a tit. It was still sticky with cum, and the remainders of our peeing session was on her. Suddenly she pushed her hips towards me and managed to get all of my cock into her ass. She cried a loud "aaahhhhhh" and started moving her hips. I managed to synchronize my own movements with her and we were fucking uncontrollably. Then I pulled my cock out and turned her around on her back. I lifted her legs to my shoulders and re-entered her ass. Then she told me to stop when I was all the way in. She said, 'I wanna get something in my cunt as well.'

She took a slim shampoo bottle, and slowly inserted it a couple of inches into her pussy. That was too much for me and as she was srying her way to a shuddering orgasm, I felt my balls boiling again. She saw me moaning and straining, and she said, 'Cum on me again.'

I took my cock out of her ass and she pulled me to her mouth. This time, she took my cock into her mouth and inserted a finger into my ass, driving me crazy. I shook uncontrollably and spurted into her mouth. This time, she swallowed all the cum and her cries were still very loud although they were muffled by my cock in her mouth.

As we were both spent we lay side by side, wet with sweat, piss and cum. Gail kissed me deeply and said, 'Let's clean up a bit before we get into public again.'

I laughed and said, 'Well baby, you can be sure I won't go into public whenever we can find time together.'

She smiled as she turned on the water. She said, 'That, I'm sure of. And there are things that I have in mind that you might like.'

I don't know what she meant, but I had a feeling I would learn soon enough.

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