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Dirty Talking Lovers


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She lay back, her thighs spread wide. He was four fingers deep, his thumb gently teasing her tender bud. He lovingly looked down upon his wife, watching for the telltale signs. He had already made her thighs slap together and clench twice and was working her towards a third climax. She loved how he could control her, bring her to the edge and then hold her there in a intense state of bliss- he serviced her needs and desires well. Now she wanted him.

Earlier that evening they had gone out and she dressed to the nines- just as he preferred- to make him silently suffer in public. She made sure he was watching as she methodically dressed herself for the evening- just so he knew. From the scarlet red lipstick and pearl necklace to the cream silk blouse that revealed just enough cleavage and hugged her breasts to the tight black skirt that caressed her ass down to the spike heeled, knee high black boots, her longed for her. She felt his eyes roaming across her body all night, through the elegant diner, the long slow walk in the crisp autumn air, the party at the club and then the cab ride home. He yearned for her but was limited to holding hands or walking arm in arm. She basked in his unending hunger and playfully flirted with him all night, teased him up well, periodically reminding him of how she could not wait to get home, whispering in his ear how she wanted him, how she intended to take him.... his outwardly conservative wife telling him that maybe she would even wear the boots for him... Then, when they finally arrived home, she cruelly made him sit on the side of the bed and watch her slowly undress, depriving him of the thrill of undressing her, unwrapping his present. She knew the deprivation drove him insane. Secretly, he reveled in it, denial being the great seductress.

"There she lays, naked and available," he thought to himself as he observed her body tensing, her midsection gyrating, mons rising and falling, the heels of the boots digging into the mattress once again as her hips rose to meet his hand and a moon bean breached the curtains and crossed her body. His cock hung stiff and heavy, eager for gratification. He wanted to reach over and kiss her lovely neck and breasts, begin to take her, but knew it would disrupt her concentration. She was getting close.

"Put that worthless cock in me," she suddenly whispered in the darkness.

"Worthless?" he thought to himself surprised by the insult as he positioned himself between her thighs and split her tenderness with his perfect manhood, the kind most women longed for in a man. She knew she was privileged. He opened her wide and deep, hitting the back of her womb. She gasped.

He worked himself in and out of her sopping wet sex. She hissed in the darkness between grit teeth, "Harder... bust it up... don't be so fucking lame... hit it harder, like a man..." she implored.

He hooked his arms under her knees, pushed her legs back, pinning her down, rendering her vulnerable to his will as he leaned over her tender, smaller body.

"Oh shit yes," she quipped as he violently had at her, ".... fuck it, fuck it up real good..."

Her eyes rolled back. He knew he had her as her slick cunt futilely gripped at his powerful thrusting cock.

He waited for her to come off the moment and then sneered, "Worthless?" and gave her a good hard shove that shuddered her splayed spent body and told her a real fucking was being brought.

She loved it when he asserted dominance over her. "Yes, fucking worthless," she venomously spat back goading his ego as she looked directly into his enraged eyes.

He shoved at her again, this time even harder. "I'll show you 'fucking worthless', you licentious bitch," he growled, pushing her legs back even farther, exposing her wet cunt, slapping at it with rage as she rushed toward another climax.

"... oh yes, here it comes... come on, give it to me... yes, yes, fuck me," she begged between thrusts, now his panting bitch in heat.

"I'll show you who fucking owns it..." he told her and he thrust even harder, faster into her sopping wet lips.

"Oh shit," she quipped in a high pitched helpless voice as he punishingly thrust through her clenching pussy, splitting her open, sinking himself deep and marking his bitch....

Moments later....

"Oh baby, that was hot," she said as she kissed him, "so very fucking hot...," a smitten sexy look on her face.

"We are good at it, aren't we?" he asked.

"Fucking good," she giggled as she rolled him onto his back and sat upright, still impaled, "now make love to me... slowly make love to me all night...."

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