I grabbed a fistful of hair, my other hand locked around her upper arm. I pushed her into the dark room. The only light that coming through the door from the hallway.

"If you wanna play that bitch game baby, I've got you covered, no problem you little shit." With that I spun her firmly to the right, slamming her into the wall. The air gave a "whoosh" sound as it left her body. I could feel her weaken a bit, her knees giving the slightest hint. But not so much that she couldn't attempt to break from my grip and try to slap me. She's kind of strong. I caught her wrist in mid-flight.

"Nasty little bitch," I smiled at her.

She struggled a little more. I tightened my grip on her wrists as she called me loving little names. "Fuck you, son of a bitch." I could feel the spittle on my cheeks.

So, I slammed her quickly and unexpectedly with my whole body pinning her against the wall. She moaned as I pressed into her. That made me hard. I clamped my mouth over hers and the little bitch bit my lip.

I thrust my hips into her almost as hard as I could. And while she gasped for air I threw her around me 180 degrees, using her own weight for momentum to toss her on the bed. She had no time to react as I hurtled through the air only inches behind her own flight, landing right on top of her chest. One knee on either side of her ribs.

Locking me knees tight against her to stop any squirming, I pinned her left arm with mine. My free hand grabbed the rope tied to the bedpost and lashed off her wrist. I like to keep the ropes on the bedposts just in case of situations like this. Almost every lady requires discipline at some point. I repeated the process on her right wrist.

With wrists secured I slid down past her hips onto her upper thighs, while she sneered at me. "What are you doing to me you bastard? Gonna try to get it up and fuck me? You ain't man enough."

I leaned forward and licked her gently on the cheek as I chuckled. Then I reached back towards the footboard and took the rope from that post, tying her left ankle. Then the right one. I pulled her legs as far to the outside edges of the bed as possible. She had little room to move them.

"Big macho fuck, huh? What are you gonna do now? My jeans are so fucking tight you'll never get them..." She stopped cold when I flicked open the Buck skinning knife. The light from the hallway glistened along its blade. I crept back up her body and leaned into her neck. She squirmed and thrashed as best as she could in the darkness of the room. But she couldn't escape my mouth as I bit into the side of her neck again. She moaned louder, I just get harder. I know where this little bitch lives. I sucked on her neck. Licked it. Bit her more. Pulled the skin into my mouth as hard as I could and gave her a nasty hickey. "If you don't want more of this, you'd best keep that foul mouth of yours in check."

"Fuck you!" she screamed out. "Fuck...you!" I tore into the base of her neck on the opposite side. I bit, pulled, sucked, chewed and made a mess of it. Her hips were beginning to have a life of their own. They were trying to grind against me. I raised my body to keep her from using me for pleasure. I'd be the one doing the using tonight.

I leaned over and turned on the light on the nightstand. Her eyes instinctively narrowed. But then widened as I put the knife in front of her face. Rotating it and showing her it's simple yet beautiful shape. I could feel her swallow nervously. I grabbed the neckline of her sliky pullover top, then put the blade to it, running from top to bottom like cutting butter.

"You fucking asshole! I spent $50 on that!"

I leaned down to her with my mouth at her ear and whispered "You'll be begging me to take that $50 as a down payment for tonight when I'm done with you." I ran my tongue up the side of her face for a taste. She tried hard to catch it with her mouth. "And you want it so bad don't you?"

I began to slowly grind my hips into hers. She returned the action. I bit her neck again. I chewed on her a little, pulling on the piercings. I crammed my tongue into her ear as deep as I could. She began to buck, moan and breath deep. "No, no, my little slut. Not just yet. You wanna make fuck don't you. Not now. Maybe not at all. Unless I want it. You're here for my use. Do you understand?"

"You bastard."

"That will never do. Try saying 'You're a bastard, master.' Try that."

"Fuck that. Nobody tells me what to do."

"We'll see about that, won't we?"

I sat the blade down on the nightstand. I didn't want any accidents. Who could say what sort of frenzy the sight and smell of blood might send me into.

I returned to her shirt, pulling back the sides to expose a lacy white bra. It held a pair of very large, sweet tits. I sat up straight and massaged them for a few moments until the nipples began to spike. I pinched them through the material, quick, light pinches. Taking the knife in hand, I slide the flat of the blade under the bra between her tits, then I quickly jerked the blade upward, cutting the material in half. Those incredible, lush melons sprung free as though they'd been waiting for me all along. I know they had been. They craved my work. I let the material slid off her chest to either side, on top of the slashed blouse.

"Damn it, motherfucker!" she screamed. "Do you know how hard it is to find a bra that nice to fit these tits?"

Taking the knife I put the blade right under a nipple. Goosebumps jumped out all over her areola. She gasped. "You best watch your foul mouth bitch. I don't know or care how hard it is, but I'm worth the effort. You'll buy more." I flicked the blade upward. Then I pulled the nipple, stretching the skin a good inch above the titmeat. Then I dove down and sucked, she loved it. I pulled the nipple into my mouth and rolled it between my teeth, biting, pulling and sucking. Her hips were moving again. What a slut.

When I'd gotten that nipple worked up to my satisfaction, I reached into the nightstand drawer and pulled out two clothespins. Her eyes widened. I grabbed the well-lubed tit with one hand (it wasn't easy), and squeezed enough to make the nipple jump up. I clamped the pin on it. She groaned and rolled her head to one side. Her breathing was getting deeper. Then I doctored up the other tit until it was ready for the same treatment. I leaned back and looked at the sight. Those awesome tits lay low and to the side of her chest while the clothespins went out at 45 degrees away from her. The nipple skin stretched upward into the jaws.

I moved farther down the bed until I was on the bottom edge of the bed. I unzipped her pants. She lifted her hips to help me out. "You little fucking slut. Who asked for your help? I'll tell you when and what to do. Don't you fucking move again until I tell you to. Got it?" All I got in response was a moan. "I get very unhappy when I'm not listened to. Don't make me have to be a hardass with you." I reached up and grabbed the clothespins, giving them several short, quick pulls. She looked me in the eye. "Don't look at me. Look to the side and answer me. I'll tell you what to do, do you understand?" She rolled her head to the side and moaned, wanting me to work those clothespins no doubt. I did. I used them like two joysticks. I pulled them side to side, pulled them up and pushed them down, twisted and twirled them. She loved it. "You didn't answer me, do you hear me? I'm losing patience."

A quiet yes slipped past her lips. "No, no, no!" I shouted. "Answer me properly! Yes, MASTER."

"No one is my master, fuck you." Oh, but she knew otherwise, soon she would break. There was no conviction in her words at all.

I yanked the jeans down as far as they would go over the wide, womanly hips. She snapped her head up and looked down at my work. I pulled out the knife once more and nodded my head at her. She only let her head flop back down on the pillow. She wanted and needed this. The fight was going out of her. I cut the stonewashed material from the zipper to the belt line. Free. I pulled each side down onto her thighs. Good enough.

I leaned into her V. I inhaled. Oh yea. Oh yet bet. Like an aphrodisiac. What a scent, the girl must be oozing under those blue satin panties. Like a desert baking in the oven. I inhaled deeply. I love the scent of pussy. Especially when its aching for me. I put a finger to the panties and pushed. I felt the wetness immediately. I kept on going, pushing the blue material right into her. I watched it disappear. Then I pulled it back out. Put my finger in again. Out, in again. I like to fingerfuck. I lowered my head right on top of her button. I searched with my tongue until I found what I wanted. I had to work those panties pretty good to open her folds and get the toy between my lips. But I did. I pulled it into my mouth and sucked hard.

When I had her moaning out loud, I let go. She groaned in disappointment as I stopped. Her hips had been bucking, she was pushing into me and just flat-out enjoying the thing too much. I clutched the front of the panties and her head popped up, anticipation in her face. I leaned my head to the side as though to say "Is this what you want?" She blinked hard. Again. "Please."

"What did you say, I couldn't hear you?"

She gulped. "Please take them off."

"Try it again, bitch."

"Please take them off...master."

I nodded my head. And I yanked those panties off with a vengeance. She flopped back on the bed. I put the panties over my first two fingers and began the push it in. I worked the material in little by little. My other hand went to her clit. I massaged it gently. Getting her going. Then I increased the pressure while stuffing more of the panties into her. She was going now. Like a train engine, wanting to pick up steam and thunder down the tracks. But I'm the engineer. She's forgetting that. I finger that clit. I push until every last bit of the panties is in her.

"Talk to me bitch."

She couldn't. She could only moan. "Talk to me or I stop."

She moaned louder. I stopped. I pulled the panties out of her. That did it. "Please master, don't stop. I want more."

"You'll talk when I tell you to. And when I told you to you didn't." I slid up her body, lying atop her. I brushed my lips past hers. She tried to kiss me. I sucked on her neck. I sat up and put a finger on her chin, pulling it down until her mouth was wide open. I stuffed the panties in her mouth.

"Since you haven't learned to speak when you're told to, you'll won't speak at all."

I reached into the nightstand drawer again. I removed the big, bright blue vibrator. It was covered with little nibs. I gave no warm-up, I pushed it right into her. Turned it on. Then I got off the bed. "I'll be back." I left.

When I returned about fifteen minutes later, she was writhing and thrusting her hips upwards, her eyes closed as she moaned and bucked. She was quite a sight lying there trying her damnedest to pleasure herself. I couldn't have that any longer. I walked into the room and sat the bowl on the table. Her eyes opened and she looked pleadingly at me. Aw, poor slut. "You need to come don't you?" She nodded her head submissively. "Is it good to look your master in the eye when you address his questions?"

She looked at me for a moment. I could see she was thinking once again of rebelling. Then her eyes lowered and she shook her head lightly. "Do you need something from your master, do you need help?" She nodded while keeping her eyes down.

"Not today. I'm taking the pleasure cruise today, and you're my ride."

I returned to my spot between her legs. I worked the vibrator in and out a little more until I had her going full blast, hips rocking and a smooth rhythm. I pulled the vibrator out with a quick jerk. Her pussy gave a loud smacking sound. She fell to the mattress, motionless.

I took the vibrator and put it against her clit. I rubbed it up and down. Pushing it up into the top fold of her outer lips over and over. She began to move again. And I let her go farther this time. She began to moan loudly through the panties in her mouth. Her hips got moving like a true slut. She loved it. Within a minute I had her peaking. The hips rose higher in the air. The moans were becoming a wail. I took the toy away. Her eyes flew open and she stared at me. She was beside herself with heat. I have the plan.

"Pick up those hips, you're not done. Now!" She lifted them from the bed. I picked up a towel from the floor, beside the bed. Doubling it up I placed it under her ass.

Reaching into the large bowl, I took out a long sliver of ice. I put the tip against her pussy opening. Her head fell back again. I worked it over the lips and into the pussy. Alternating, going back and forth. Then I pushed it in. I reached for another and put that in. And another. I stood on the floor and took my pants off. My turn. I walked around to the side where her head rested on the pillow. "Ready you bitch? Ready to receive cock?" With eyes closed she gave her most vigorous nod yet. I reached to her mouth, pushed it open with a finger and then removed the panties. Grabbing a handful of hair I pulled her head to my cock, she opened wide and willingly. I jammed that prick all the way in. She choked, but kept her composure and began to suck like a greedy little baby that hadn't been fed in so long. "That's right little slut, suck me good. We're in for a long night."

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