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The following story is fiction, that is, I made it up! It is also for adults only, so if you are under age, you shouldn't be here reading this!

* * * * *

I had been working long hours at my job, trying to get ahead and the proverbial 'big promotion'. I had of course been neglecting my husbandly duties, mainly having sex with my wife. I had always been what she termed as 'under-sexed', while she was what I termed, extremely over sexed! I always seemed to be in trouble with her for not giving her enough, or longer or "the right amount" of sex. She had worn me out on our honeymoon the first night! We had gotten to our hotel room in the Cayman Islands at an early afternoon hour (right after lunch), and she had me in bed fucking from then until about the same time the next day! I had only had sex with two other women up to that time and Wendy had had sex only with one other guy! She made up for that lack of sex on our first day of our honeymoon, and kept after me the whole two weeks we were there! I had more sex in those two weeks than I had ever had in my life up till that time! Including masturbation!

After our honeymoon, things settled down. I managed to get her off about two times a day for the first year, then finally, we got down to what I thought was a nice several times a week! Obviously, I was wrong about that! I had been taking one or two business trips of about three to eight days long, once or twice a month for the last year. Wendy had complained to me about wanting more in the sex department, more and more as the year went on. Our arguments so far had been precisely about this very fact. I tried to reason with her on why I didn't want to. In one argument she accused me of cheating on her! She couldn't see why I didn't want sex as often as she did, and so she assumed that I was getting it somewhere else! That couldn't have been farther from the truth! I would come home from work dead tired from long stressful days at work, commuting for an hour each way, and not be 'in the mood'. Wendy tried her best to get me interested in fucking her, wearing sexy nighties, rubbing against me, wine, romantic dinners, everything! I would just usually be too tired!

After one of my longer trips, I noticed that she wasn't bugging me for sex as much, which I noticed almost at once. From there things went further down the drain. Pretty soon, I would come home, eat, watch some TV for about an hour then go to bed. Wendy wouldn't say anything about wanting sex, and several times, on weekends, when I started to get 'frisky', she would be 'too tired', or, 'headache'! One night, as I was getting ready for another business trip the next day, I realized that we hadn't had sex for over five months! Wendy hadn't said anything to me about wanting it, nor had she tried to physically get me into the mood!

The whole time I was gone that week I worried about where our relationship was headed, and if we would end up divorced. I had neglected her sexually, and I suppose, due to that, emotionally too! I loved Wendy too much to give her up without a fight, and after thinking about it I also realized that she might have been having an affair! I decided that I was going to 'win' her back, or die trying!

When I got home from that trip I cut back on my hours at work, and reduced my travel time. (The very first day back at the office!) That weekend, I took Wendy out for a nice dinner, and a movie! Afterwards, we went to a local hangout, had a few drinks, and then caught a cab home. At home I put on the best moves I knew how, and finally, after a very long time, we had sex. She was reserved and even preoccupied during our love making, causing me great concern! I was afraid that I had lost my wife through my own stupidity!

For the next three weeks, I would come home and do something with Wendy, and then we would make love, almost every night! She was still not 'in to me' and the more she would act this way the more I would worry! I tried to talk to her about it, but she would brush it off as nothing important! One night, in the middle of having sex, I noticed that she covered her mouth and yawned! That was enough! I knew that I hadn't been a great lover, but come on! I said something right at that time, she flew into a rage, I got mad back, and, well the couch was much warmer than she was for the rest of that week!

I knew that she must have a lover on the side. Maybe she was even getting ready to leave me! I was just sick with jealous anger, fear, and love! I was all wrapped up tight in one big bundle! My co-workers noticed my character change and tried to talk to me about it, but it was too personal for me to talk to anyone about.

This had been going on for about three months now and I had to do something before I lost it completely! Finally I came up with a plan to catch her in the act, and get it out into the air to be fought out as needed! I faked a business trip that would take about four days. I planned it so that I had a motel room close to home and rented a sports car. I packed as usual, and that morning as I left to go on my 'trip' she even seemed to be relieved! I noticed that she had dressed a little sexier that morning, not at all like she had been dressing for the last few months!

I left the house, went to the airport, left my car in long term parking, got my rental car, and went straight to the motel room and checked in. A little while later I drove over to my house and parked up the street under a tree. Soon Wendy came out and met a van that drove up! She opened the passenger door to it, stepped back and opened up her dress! I could clearly see that she was naked underneath and she had shaved her pubic area completely bald! I was stunned!

As she got into the van, I could see through the sun emblazoned tinted glass that the driver leaned over and kissed her for a moment! They drove off in a hurry! I followed as well as I could, until they made a couple of turns and I ended up losing sight of them! I drove around the run-down neighborhood for a while, realizing as I did that the only people I was seeing on the street were black!

Finally, I located the van after a while and it was empty, of course. It was parked in front of a rather large house, rundown but livable. It sounded like a party was going on in there, but I didn't go to check it out because I would have stood out like, well, like a white guy in a business suit, in a black section of town! Not something that a person sees very often! I opted instead to go to the motel room and check back at the house later by phone.

Later that evening I called as if I was out of town. Wendy answered on the second ring and was very sweet on the phone. She talked to me for about a half-hour, and then said she was going out with some of her shopping friends. I was sure that she was going to be seeing her lover, or now I was afraid, her lovers! I drove over to my house, with my cell phone charged up ready to go! I waited for a while then that van pulled up into the driveway! The garage doors opened, and the van pulled into our garage! I waited for a little bit then called my house number. Wendy answered, out of breath! When she recognized my voice, she sounded a little miffed that I had called her at all, since she had been going out with her 'friends'!

I had some papers that I had her look for, and then pretended to find them buried in my briefcase. When I went to say I loved her she just said good night and hung up! I was crushed! She was cheating on me and didn't even care if I existed or not! She had blown me off like yesterdays news! I waited for about an hour, and then snuck into my own house, through the back door! I could hear someone in our first floor guest bedroom! Moaning! I recognized my wife's tone of voice, but another voice intruded. A voice that I didn't know! Her lover was in there with her! They were fucking in there! In my house!

I was furious! I stepped up to the door and since it was partially open I could hear my wife!

"Oh, baby, you are so-o-o good!" "You do this so much better than Jim!" "You can have me anytime you want, I'll be your slut forever!"

I was stunned! She was fucking some guy, probably a black guy, and saying that I wasn't as good of a lover as he was! My own wife had turned against me in my own home! Her lover moaned and whispered something to her! Soon my wife answered him!

"YES!" "YES!" "I'll be your slut!" "Yes I'll do what ever you want when ever you want, however you want me to!" "If you tell me to I'll do your friends!" "Anything you want I'll do because I love you!"

I was shell-shocked at this point! My own wife was giving her love to some black guy and offering her body for all of his friends! I felt tears welling up in my eyes! I was shaking all over! I had to stop her! I had to do something! I didn't want to lose my wife! Even though it seemed that I had already lost her to this black bastard! I burst into the room and saw my wife being fucked doggie fashion! Her lover's back was to me, his black toned body thrusting his cock into my beloved wife. She was begging for him to go deeper and harder! I grabbed him by his dreadlocks and started to yank back! He elbowed me very hard in the groin, causing me to almost throw up! He had nailed me in my nuts so hard I just collapsed onto the floor on all fours! He had jumped back behind me and at the one glance I took; all I saw was my wife's shocked face as she started to cry!

The guy kicked my in my ribs and was yelling at me in an odd voice! I was holding my stomach, and now my ribs, trying not to puke everywhere! My wife was yelling at him to leave me be! She was also trying to come up with some lame-brained excuse as to what they had been doing! You know, 'this isn't what you think Jim!" "You need to understand that I still love you!" The usual line of bullshit that comes with 'discovery' of a spouse caught doing the nasty dance with someone else!

Her lover had left the room and was in the bathroom behind a locked door by the time I could bring myself to sit up on my knees and look around. My wife had covered herself with the sheet from the bed and was just sitting at the end of the bed crying! I finally stood up, somewhat shakily, since I was still ready to toss lunch!

"I'll get my things together, and be gone as quick as I can!" "I know that you love your new man, and I have lost you!" "I only hope that you will be able to forgive me for driving you into his arms like I did!" "Or maybe, you wanted this, I don't know, but I have lost you now, that is all I know!" "Goodbye Wendy!" I left the guestroom and went to our bedroom and started to pack up my things, realizing now, that I didn't really have much of anything! Not that I wanted anyway. I had lost the one thing that I cherished more than life, and nothing seemed to matter now!

Suddenly the bedroom door slammed open! Her lover stood before me, still naked! 'He' was a woman! A very beautiful black goddess! She had a strap-on dildo on, and she looked somewhat ashamed!

"Jim!" "It's not as bad as you think!" "I'm your wife's lover!" "My friends are other women!" "Wendy hasn't been cheating on you with men!"

I was doubly shocked now! Not only had Wendy been cheating on me, her lover was a woman! I had lost my wife to a woman! A woman had stolen my love away! I had been depressed before because I thought that my wife had been cheating with a guy! Now, I learn that my wife had cheated on me with a woman! I felt so low! Was I such a bad lover that even a woman could have turned my wife away from me? GOD! I wanted to die! I left the room with both women trying to talk to me! Their words ran over each other and I just ran out the door! I went to the rental car and drove aimlessly around for hours.

It was raining. The gas gauge was low, so I pulled into a gas station and fueled up. As I fueled the car another car pulled up. It was a young couple, deeply in love, obviously. They were hugging and holding each other closely. Just like Wendy and I had been! It seemed like so long ago! The song on the radio was playing, something about being rusted and weathered, I was watching this couple loving one another and felt about as low as I had ever felt! I was rusting away, and I had weathered away a true loving wife! This had been brought on by my own greed, my need to be bigger and more important. I now knew that some things in life were more important than prestige, money, and material things! I wished that I could go back, and start over! I still loved my wife! I had driven her to cheat on me; yes I considered any relationship outside of our marriage to be cheating! Her lover might as well as been a man! The thing that bothered me was how I had ignored her needs until she had fallen into someone else's arms!

I went to the motel room and went to bed. I slept past checkout time and had to keep the room for another day. When I got up I called into work and made up an excuse to miss work for the rest of the week. My secretary told me my wife had called numerous times and sounded desperate! I called my lawyer, and made an appointment to meet him the following day. I then got up my nerve and drove to my house. Wendy was home and had been crying, her eyes red and bloodshot. Her 'lover' was there, but she stayed in the guestroom. Wendy took my hands and started to talk to me. I wasn't listening very well, and only heard a very little bit of what she was saying. I just headed to the bedroom and began to finish packing my stuff. Wendy sat on the bed and started to cry some more!

Pretty soon I had my stuff, a pitiful small bag and a small box of things, and took them out to the car. I went back in, just to tell Wendy that I was going to file for divorce. I couldn't face her so as I told her, I looked down at the floor and mumbled it out in one quick sentence. Wendy gasped and grabbed me! She was hugging me tightly, and wouldn't let go!

"JIM!" "Please wait!" "We can work this out, honest!" "You have to listen to me Jim!"

I couldn't stand to hear my love of my life sobbing and talking to me like this! I was all torn up inside! I hesitated, and that my friend's is how battles are lost! I hesitated, and Wendy sensed my reluctance to leave! She pulled me into the kitchen and sat me down at the table!

"We can work through this Jim, I still love you very, very, much!" "You have to believe me Jim!" "Luanne is a very good friend, and yes we have been lovers for quite a while, but, I still truly love you Jim!" "This affair just kind of happened one night." "I was over at Luanne's place, crying on her shoulder, literally, since our love life was shot to hell, and, well, I thought that you were having an affair!"

Luanne came into the kitchen and just sat quietly at the other end of the table.

"Why?" "Wendy, why didn't you tell me that you felt this way? "Never-mind, I know that I probably wasn't 'Hearing' what you were telling me!" "I know that I drove you into her arms, but, for the last couple of months I was trying real hard and you seemed to be, well, bored with me!" "The night you actually yawned in my face while we were making love!" "That cut me real deep!" "Then I caught you, I thought your lover was a black man, and I thought He had you fucking his friends!" I lost it!" "I'm sorry Luanne, I really didn't mean to hurt anyone, even the 'man' fucking my wife, but I truly lost it when I saw you two together on the bed fucking!"

Luanne just looked at me for a moment, and then she said to Wendy, "You were right, he really does love you, he just doesn't know how to really show you how much, Wendy!" "I have done much to drive a stake between you two and now I feel very upset!" "I never meant to come between anyone else's spouse and ruin a marriage!"

Wendy was holding herself together pretty well now, and she looked fondly over at Luanne. "I love you Luanne, and nothing will change that ever!" "I knew that Jim would eventually catch us, I hoped that it wouldn't be like it was, but I kept it going because I loved to make love to you baby!"

Wendy got up and went over to Luanne and hugged her for a moment. "Well Jim, I guess I owe you an explanation!"

I just shrugged. What did I expect? She was happier with Luanne, so I was a man without a home now! "You don't owe me anything Wendy." "I am sorry that I acted so ignorantly, and drove you away from me!" "Obviously I have lost you to Luanne so I guess we just need to make this as painless as possible!" "To be honest, I just want what I already got in the car, so I'll just leave you two to your own now!" I got up and started to walk away. Luanne jumped up and blocked my path.

"Jim, you owe Wendy a little bit more than a few lousy minutes!" "Sit back down and listen to your wife, you idiot!" "I think that she is, in her own way, trying to get you to forgive her and come back to her!"

Wendy had started to cry again! I stopped in front of Luanne, and finally sat back down. Wendy sobbed some more, and then got a hold of herself. "Jim, please understand!" "I love you with all of my heart, and I need you to forgive me for cheating on you like I have!" "I can promise that things will be different, but I know that you would have a hard time believing that, so I'm asking you to just give me one more chance and start over with me!" "I need you Jim!" "I would not be the same person without you, and I know that I have hurt you deeply!" "I don't know what to say to you that will make this all better or go away!" "I have hurt the only person that I truly have loved with all of my heart!"

I was a little upset, since I had heard her in bed with her lover, and what she had said to her about loving her and everything and Wendy could see me thinking about that as I thought it! She looked at me like a deer caught in the headlights, and I knew she was trying to think of what to say!

"Wendy, I heard what you told Luanne, how you loved her, how she was a much better lover than me, how you would do anything for her, so don't try to kid a kidder here!" "I know that I have been remiss in my duties as a husband in the sex department, and that drove you into another's arms." "I had my heart ripped out as I heard you talk to your lover, and I know that you meant what you said from your heart!" "I couldn't live with the fact that a woman stole you from me and I can't accept that you cheated on me, so where does that leave us?" "I want more than anything for this to have been a very bad nightmare, but it happened, in reality, and, well now we have the consequences of those actions!" "We have to live with the fact that you cheated, with a woman, and I probably drove you to it!" "I have to live with the additional fact that you prefer her sexually to me!" "That is something that I might be able to forgive, but I feel diminished in respect to my 'love-making abilities' now!"

Wendy looked at me and soon had tears streaming down her face. I was sure that we were finished as a married couple, and just wanted to get away! Wendy was sobbing, and Luanne started to cry also! I think that they had never realized how all of this would affect a man! How would he feel knowing that not only had his wife cheated, but with a woman of all people! How he would know that his wife preferred a person with a fake cock! I was feeling pretty bad now. I just needed for this to be over and to get some rest. I didn't know what I was going to do now, but I knew that things were going to change for me drastically!

I had two crying women on my hands and I didn't feel like being a nursemaid. Especially since it was my wife and her 'lover'! I still loved my wife, and I was pretty sure that she still loved me, but I didn't see how I could fit in another person to our lives, that wasn't a child of ours! I mean, Luanne did have a real nice body, good-sized tits, and tight ass, all of the 'right' things. The things that any man would like! I just wasn't interested in her sexually, I only had eyes for my wife, and I had only had eyes for my wife since I had known her! I also knew that I couldn't accept her having another person for a lover either! While our marriage wasn't yet dead, I was pretty sure it would soon be that way!

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