tagBDSMDiscovering a Domme

Discovering a Domme


He drove home from a hard day at work, he had worked 12 hours, and was wanting nothing more than to go home, take a shower, and then go to sleep. He got home, dropping his keys on the kitchen counter, took off his sport coat and put it on a chair and continued to drop his clothes in a path to the bathroom, with his shoes sitting neatly outside the door. He got in the shower and felt the water drip down his body, rinsing his day away.

He got out of the shower and threw a towel around his body, walking toward his bedroom. Once he walked in the door he noticed his girlfriend sitting on the bed. She was dressed in a black latex corset that pushed her C-cup breasts up toward her neck. She wore a matching skirt that barely covered her ass, and had on 6 inch heels. Her hair was in a tight pontytail going straight back. She was sitting on the bed with her legs crossed and had a riding crop in one hand, and start spanking her hand with it. She had a blank stare on her face as she stood up and walked toward him.

"Hey there" he said and put his arm out to try and pull her close.

She swatted his hand away with the crop "don't say another word," she said in a harsh tone as she walked around him. He felt a bit uncomfortable, not knowing how to react. "Good thing you're all cleaned up for me." She was directly behind him and he heard the clink of metal. He felt her hand roughly grab his wrist, then the cool feeling of metal on it, and then his other wrist. Her hand touched the middle of his back, it moved up to his shoulders and pulled down. He clumsily went down on one knee and then the other. She walked back around him, her hand on his shoulders, then to his chin, having him look up at her. "You are mine for the night, you will do exactly as I say, and if you behave, you may get a reward. You will only speak when spoken to, and will end everything you say with 'Mistress,' do you understand slave?" She looked deeply in his eyes, making sure he knew that tonight the tables were turned. She had laid on her back and been pounded by his hard cock many times, and while she loved how he felt inside of her, tonight she wanted something different, she wanted him to be at her mercy.

"Yes Mistress," he said, looking back at her, his cock hardening at the side of his girlfriend that he had never seen before.

She walked over to the bed, sitting on the edge of it "crawl to me slave," she said, motioning toward the floor in front of her. He complied, his towel falling off his naked body as he crawled on all fours toward her. When he got to her she crossed her legs, and put her riding crop on her calf. "Kiss," was all she said, and he moved his face to her calf, kissing it with his lips and letting some of his tongue move between them. "Good slave" she said, grabbing his hair and moving his mouth higher on her leg, up to the bottom of her skirt. He continued kissing her leg until she allowed him to the bottom of her skirt. Shen then pushed him back and away from her. "On the bed," she said, standing up and motioning with her riding crop.

"Yes Mistress," he replied, as he clumsily stood up. He felt the sting the same time as the sound, getting smack with the crop across his left asscheek. He could hear her chuckle as he stumbled.

"Lay down," she said, and he laid on his stomach, turning his head to one side. "I am going to uncuff you, if you try to get away or struggle at all this will stop, and you will be sleeping by yourself for the next month, understand?"

"Yes Mistress," he replied quickly.

She undid his cuffs and moved back off the bed. "On your back slave, get in the middle of the bed," she ordered, and he quickly complied, enjoying his regained freedom of movement as he moved his shoulders in a wide circle. When he was on his back she moved back onto his chest, straddling him. He could see she had on no panties as her skirt was hiked up with her legs spread. He could also feel her on his chest, a pleasing combination of heat and moistness. She roughly grabbed his wrists again, cuffing them together and then attaching it to a hook on the top of the bed. She slid down his body and kissed him, their lips and tongues meeting. She pulled up and then kissed down his body as hers continued down. Her ass hit his rock hard cock and continued moving down, letting it feel her moistness as she slid over it. Her lips moved down his torso, kissing and licking the exact area her pussy had just passed over.She got down off the bed and cuffed his ankles together and attached them to another hook. This left him stretched out and unable to do much more than rotate his body on the bed.

She stood there, admiring her handiwork, and walked to the side of the bed, where her bag was hiding. She pulled a blindfold out of it and put it over his eyes, lifting his head by the hair to pull the elastic strap behind his head. She threw his head back against the bed. Next was a feather, which she began at his chin and moved down his body, tickling his skin and making him squirm involuntarily. He was ticklish along his sides, and she used that knowledge to make him squirm back and forth, his nipples becoming erect.

"Too much for you slave?" she asked, continuing to move the feather up and down his sides.

"No Mistress" he replied, trying to act as tough as he could, but the breathiness of his response let her know that she was succeeding. She pulled the feather away and moved back onto the bed, straddling his torso, but facing his rock hard cock. It was sticking straight up from his body. She grabbed the head between two of her fingers, admiring its length and girth, thinking of all the times it had been thrusted into her pussy roughly, and how many times that motion had made her scream in delight.

She put the cock ring on the head, and stretched it with her finger as she moved it down to the base. It locked into place, leaving him with a tense feeling around his cock. She turned around and slid back up his body, finally resting her wetness over his mouth.

"Are you ready slave? This is the part that will earn you a reward if you do a good job."

"Yes Mistress" was all he could reply as he tried to flick his tongue onto her wetness. She moved up out of its reach and reached down, grabbing his hair and pulling his head back.

"Not until I tell you to start slave. You don't want to sleep all by your lonesome do you?"

"No Mistress, I'm sorry Mistress."

She then sat down, smothering his mouth with her pussy. "Eat it good slave" she said, gripping his hair and pulling his head up toward her.

He gladly complied, pushing his tongue into her wetness as far as he could, switching between jutting it in and out and long, slow licks.She moved herself up and down on him, smearing her juices all of his cheeks and chin as she began moving faster and faster. Eventually she sat all the way down on his face and came hard, squealing in delight from the feeling running through her entire body. She laid back on top of him, catching her breath, his cock still standing straight up next to her head, but she paid it no attention. She slowly regained her breath and returned to his face, kissing him roughly and licking her juices from his cheeks, seeing his chin glisten because of her.

"I taste great" was all she said to him.

"Yes Mistress, you do," he said, too turned on for words, wanting his cock to be released from its one-barred prison.

She moved back down his body, running her fingers down his torso, leaving small lines on his body. She was back to his cock, and she kissed it on the head. He loved feeling her mouth around it, she could cum before he could while going down on him, the feeling of his hard cock in her mouth, and knowing she was in full control of it had always gotten her sopping wet, and now was no different. She slowly moved her mouth all the way down to the ring, watching his reactions as he was clearly in heaven, but wanted the ring off badly. She continued to tease him, knowing that no matter what she did or how much pleasure she gave him he would be unable to cum. Attacking his cock with her mouth she moved her lips up and down as fast as she could. He kept moaning and breathing heavily, his hips moving up and down, wanting to thrust. The first time he thrust into her mouth she pulled off of his cock and swatted his chest with the crop. "No slave," she yelled at him.

"I'm sorry Mistress," he said between breaths.

She pulled her mouth away from him for good, but replaced it by putting her pussy onto the head of his cock and gyrating in a small circle. This drove him wild, thinking he wouldn't be able to take it anymore. "Mistress, may I please cum?" he asked breathless.

"Not yet slave, I haven't decided if you've been good or bad yet," with that she dropped down onto his cock with all of her weight, taking its entire length into her.She stayed there, feeling how deep he was inside of her, filling her completely. She rocked forward, moving her hands up his torso, paying special attention to his chest, his nipples were hard and she pinched them both and grabbed his chest roughly. His mouth opened involuntarily at the sensation, wanting to scream out loud. Her hands moved higher, lowering herself on top of him. Her breasts moving next to his mouth, she reached and grabbed his head, pushing his nose and mouth between them as she rocked back and forth on his cock, letting it go as far in as it could, then pulling it out until only the head was in. She continued to do this, teasing him to his limit and beyond. Her pussy was dripping wet all over his cock, and she was getting close to cumming again. When she was about to cum again she pulled off of him, and sat on his torso again.

"I think you've been good enough, I'm going to remove the ring and free you, and you can have your way with me, but once you cum that is the end of it for the night, understand slave?"

"Yes Mistress," he said, relieved and excited at the same time. She took the ring off of his cock, giving it an extra stroke before removing the cuffs from his wrists, then his ankles. "Off the bed" she said, and he quickly complied, standing perfectly at attention. She laid back on the bed, sliding her skirt down her legs and kicking it over to the side of the room. "I am yours now slave," she said.

He leapt onto the bed, moving himself between her legs as soon as he could, too preoccupied with getting inside of her to worry about courtesy. He immediately moved the head of his cock onto her pussy, and pushed it in as far as he could as fast as he could. She wrapped her legs around his body, letting him get even deeper inside. "Fuck me you worthless slave," she yelled at him, squeezing him with her lower body. He began thrusting as hard as he could, filling her forcefully at top speed, his cock hammering her like a piston, she came loudly and violently, grabbing his hair as her body convulsed. He tried to put it off, but he was so pent up that it only took him a few thrusts at full speed before he exploded inside of her, pushing his cock as deep as he could as he filled her pussy with his hot cum. He collapsed on top of her, completely spent. "Good slave," she said, patting him on the back, I'll have to let you perform like this again sometime."

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