tagIncest/TabooDiscovering Daddy Ch. 02

Discovering Daddy Ch. 02


The next morning I took a shower, pulled on a pair of shorts and a t-shirt and went to scrounge some breakfast. As I was walking downstairs I remembered how turned on I'd been by Callie's bare legs and here I was showing off almost as much bare skin as she'd been last night. It made me almost go back to change, but I was all kinds of tired. I'd finally gotten up when I decided it was useless to try to sleep any more – too many libidinous thoughts had captured my imagination and stolen my night.

Dad makes a lot of money and we have a really nice house with a pretty fancy kitchen. It's big, with a breakfast table in the nook made by the bay window. It was a shame but the kitchen hadn't been used very much since Mom died, and once Caroline went off to school it was used even less. Dad and I just made simple stuff or ate out, and the fancy Jenn-Air stove hardly got used. Most of our cooking at home was microwaved.

I got down a bowl, the box of Apple Dapples, and some orange juice and milk. I sat down at my usual spot at the breakfast table. I was munching away and trying hard to think of things other than my pussy when Dad came in.

The sight of him here in the flesh after a fevered night of fantasizing about him took my breath away. Not that he noticed. I couldn't bear to look at him with those thoughts swirling in my head, so I took an unnatural interest in my cereal. Dad walked over to the cabinet and started up the coffee machine. When he saw me sitting at the table he said, "Mornin', Katherine!" Dad's always been one of those people who's way too cheerful in the morning, but mom had taught him to keep it under control most of the time. "You guys got anything special planned for today?"

I managed to shake my head, which he took as a sign to leave me alone. His usual breakfast is toast and coffee, and he popped some bread in the machine and got out the butter and some boysenberry jam. I couldn't trust myself not to say anything stupid. Why hadn't I ever seen it before? His kissable jawline, his rakish hair, his tight buns. Caroline was right - he was sexy. Sexier than any boy I'd ever imagined during my late night masturbations, sexier than the boys at school, sexier than any movie star. Hell, he was even sexier than my big sister, who had last night turned into the sexiest creature on the planet.

I kept eating, but it was just habit. Whenever I could I'd sneak a peek at my dad. He was already dressed for work in a crisp white shirt and a blue tie in regimental stripes. He looked gallant and masculine, not skinny or overweight like the boys at school but not flabby at all. But the main thing was this new shivery feeling that I had developed some kind of magical x-ray vision and I could see the wanton animal hidden in him, one that he could control or let loose at his will. Dad was in command of his whole world – he loved being in charge of his job and his family. And I knew that his mastery would extend to the bedroom. Unlike the groping boys who'd stolen a kiss from me here and there (and once even a quick fondle of my tit after school before Dad had arrived and scared him off), Dad would deliberately keep his inner animal leashed until he chose to let it out. Seeing him in this new light was amazing. It was so obvious. My father was sexy! I could totally understand Mom letting him fuck her in any way he wanted. I felt like I had discovered a fundamental truth about life and sex, a knowledge of how to look for the qualities that would make a good lover or even a good husband. And I knew that none of the boys at school could ever hope to grow up to be as sexy as my dad. I even tried to imagine how they might look and act when they were his age, older, heavier and with a little gray in their hair, but it didn't help - there was no way they'd ever exude his kind of raw magnetism. He oozed confidence, he was mature and good-natured, he was handsome and sexy as all hell.

I wanted to walk over to him, lift his tie out of the way, unbutton his shirt and kiss his chest. Dammit! How did Caroline live with having these thoughts? I pushed them away and tried to concentrate on Apple Dapples.

Dad was buttering his toast when Callie came in. I was jealous. Obviously her conscience and libido hadn't interfered with her sleep. Her face was freshly scrubbed and her hair bounced in a little blond pony tail. She looked more like a fifteen year old virgin than a nineteen year old who had given a blowjob and longed for sex with her father. She had on her Winnie-the-Pooh pajamas, pink with little Poohs and honey pots scattered all over. An image of a whole different honey pot flashed in my mind, and I blushed. I couldn't believe our dirty tryst last night, and I wondered if we were going to do it again today.

"There's my freshman college girl!" Dad said to Callie. "Your sister is grumpy as usual this morning. What would you like for breakfast?"

"Coffee," she said, pulling out the chair next to mine.

"Really? When did you start drinking coffee?"

"Along about the time I had to stay up all night to study for a test in psych class."

"Oh? And why weren't you already ready?" Dad poured her a cup and brought it over.

"It's not what you think. I had already done all the studying I needed. I just wanted to put in some extra time at the last minute. I got an 'A.'

"Well, OK. As long as it's not a recurring study aid. I mean, I don't mind you drinking coffee, but I don't want you using it as a crutch, capisci?"

Caroline nodded and brought the hot coffee to her lips. Dad's toast popped up and he started to butter it.

I tried not to be too obvious as I looked at him. He was so handsome! My fantasies picked up again, even though I thought I'd left them all back in my bedroom. I could just imagine him all dressed (well, except for the most important part), standing right where he was in the kitchen right now, and I'd be all naked. I'd put my arms around his neck, pull myself up and wrap my bare legs around him. He'd be surprised, but knowing how badly his little girl wanted him he'd thrust his stiff dick into my dripping pussy, and it wouldn't even matter if Caroline was watching her father and sister having a wild kitchen fuck.

"Chew!" Caroline's voice whispered urgently in my ear, and I realized that I'd lost track of myself and had been sitting there with my mouth hanging wide open, dreaming of a stand-up fuck with my own Daddy. I started chewing and glanced over at Caroline. The look in her eyes was knowing and laughing. She'd seen me zone out while staring at Daddy, and knew exactly what I'd been thinking. She raised her eyebrows at me and smiled, her face easy to read, co-conspirators that we were. "See? I told you he was hot!"

Dad leaned against the counter and munched his toast. He didn't sit down for breakfast very often. "So, what do you have planned for today? Your sister's not awake enough to have a plan yet."

Caroline blew on her coffee. "Me neither. I thought I'd just kind of take it easy and hang around the house today. It's good to be home, you know?" Dad and Caroline started talking about school stuff. I had to admire Callie's control - I don't know how she could just sit there and talk to him as if she wasn't dreaming of him in her pants, but I was grateful I didn't have to contribute to the conversation.

As I looked at Dad I thought about what it would be like to make love to him. What had it been like for Mom? What kinds of things did she do for him? Did he like it hard and fast? Slow and loving? Sideways? Standing? Missionary? I supposed that if I was going to indulge my fantasies I could have him do me all different kinds of ways. I was leaking onto the chair cushion, pretending that I had the nerve to pull his pants down right there in the kitchen and kneel on the floor so that I make him cum in my mouth like Callie had done for Harrison. I would slurp it all up, I just knew I would. Every drop. My Daddy's sperm would taste better than anything. I had to concentrate so that I could remember to eat. Grudgingly I even remembered to chew - I was pretty sure Apple Dapples weren't nearly as tasty as Dad's sperm would be.

Caroline must have been waiting for the right moment, because the second Dad turned away to the refrigerator to get some juice she quickly put her hand on my bare thigh. Before I had a chance to react she squirmed her fingers up the leg of my shorts and under my panties. She wriggled her fingertip between my wet lips and settled it onto my clit, which caused my hips to involuntarily thrust against her hand. Dad turned back to face us and it was too late to object. I could just hear myself sounding like a five-year old whining to her parents when her older sister was picking on her. Daddy! Caroline's got her fingers on my special place! There was no way I could do that. And even though I felt ashamed, I also felt wicked and grown-up and sexy.

Caroline pretended that her hand wasn't in my crotch, her finger making little swirls around my clit. She blew on her coffee and said something to Dad. Damn her – if she was going to diddle me couldn't she at least be interested enough to not carry on a conversation with someone else? I was amazed to feel my legs spread a little farther apart, welcoming her hand without any thought from me. I couldn't believe that I was being masturbated right in front of Dad while he was talking about the expected offer for a new IPO. Not that it seemed to matter to my pussy. It got gushy and hot and welcomed Caroline's finger as if it was my own.

My guilt melted a little bit and I started to enjoy the sin of her fingers when I realized that Dad was totally clueless about what was happening. God, her fondling felt good. Her touch was so much more erotic, more imperative than mine ever was. Guiltily I realized that I could get so used to this that I might never want to do myself again. I got slipperier and melted down into the chair. Caroline's little strokes around my clit made my muscles tense, and I wanted her to slip her fingers into me and fuck me with her hand. The last of my Apple Dapples got soggy in the bottom of the bowl, but I'd eaten enough of them that I could pretend I was done. Their conversation faded to the background, the voices of the two people I loved the most unwittingly feeding the need between my legs. In my head it was Dad's hand doing me, his tongue getting me ready for my first cock. My legs twitched, and I knew I was going to cum right at the breakfast table in front of my daddy. The thought made me even wetter. God, I wasn't even going to need her finger inside me. I could feel the edges of my orgasm gathering steam, and I held my breath so I could ride Callie's finger to the end. I knew it was going to be hard to cum and not let Daddy see, but I also knew I was going to try.

Suddenly she took her hand away. I almost moaned nooo. My pussy twitched and splashed into my panties, begging for her slender fingers to come back and resume their play. My mind swam dizzily back to the kitchen, and I realized that Dad had finished eating and was walking out the door. At this angle, he would certainly have seen Caroline's hand up my shorts, which was why she'd taken it away. He stopped and looked back, his hand on the doorway.

"Bye, girls. Don't get into trouble today. I'll try to be home a little early. The rules didn't change just because you've been away to college, Callie. Don't go anywhere without permission, and no boys! I'll be calling a few times during the day to be sure you two are OK, and we'll go out to dinner tonight. See you!"

"Bye, Dad," Caroline said, holding her coffee in both hands and blowing on it, her lips pursed in delicate perfection.

Dad left and I took a good look at his ass as he walked away, wishing my legs were wrapped around him while I came over and over in his big strong arms. Then I slapped Caroline on the shoulder as hard as I could.

"What do you think you're doing?" In my head I was yelling, but my voice was just a fierce whisper so Dad couldn't hear.

Caroline giggled and put her finger in her mouth so that she could suck it clean. Then she picked up a spoon and stirred some more sugar into her coffee. "Oh, come on – you liked it!"

I didn't have anything to say to that. I mean, it wasn't as if I could tell her I didn't – both she and her wet finger knew better. "Well you didn't have to do it in front of Daddy."

"Oh? Does that mean I should do it when Dad's not around?" Callie batted her eyes, pretending to be innocent. "Besides, I saw the way you looked at him. You saw him the same way I do, didn't you? You're such a bad girl. You'd like to get fucked by your Daddy, too."

"Caroline! I would not."

"Who are you kidding? You were sitting there all hot and bothered before I even came in. Face it, sis, you were almost as wet just sitting there looking at Dad as you were when you came last night."

I got up and padded in my bare feet over to the sink with my dishes. "Well, I still don't think my sister should be diddling me at the breakfast table."

"Oh come on. It was fun, wasn't it?" Callie batted her eyes at me again, and we both broke out laughing.

"But, really," she said, taking a sip of her coffee as if we were discussing her art class. "You should shave your pussy."

"What?" Even minutes after she'd been diddling me, I could believe she'd say something like that. It was just too personal.

"Listen to your big sister. I think you should shave your pussy."

"Stop saying that."

"Pussy? What would you rather I said? Cunt? Slit? Hole?"

"Caroline!" I was too flustered to come up with anything else to say. In her defense it did seem contradictory that she'd just licked my cum off her fingers but I didn't want her to use any dirty words.

She focused on her coffee, the spoon making little clanging noises as she stirred it. Her tone was patient, like a teacher explaining to a second-grader that that a triangle has three sides. "Look, it's just that a shaved woo-woo makes everything more sensitive."

"Woo-woo?" I had to laugh. How did I wind up having this conversation?

Caroline gazed off into the distance as if the thought of feeling her shaven pussy stole her attention because it was too dreamy. "It is so damned erotic. It makes everything extra slippery and smooth – you really need to try it. This is good advice. Trust me."

"I like myself just the way I am, thank you."

Caroline stuck out her lower lip, pretending to pout. Damn, but I wanted her to kiss me with those pretty pink lips again.

"Here's the thing," she said. "It's kind of hard to get everywhere and do a really good job. You kind of need some help."

"And you're offering your services?"

"Not exactly. It's more like I was hoping you'd do me."

Aha! That was where this was going.

"Well, I'm guessing that you've already done it," I said. "How'd you do it before? Is that something that Harrison did for you?"

"No. I've always done it myself. I just don't think I ever did it really well. So what do you say? You do me and if you like, I'll do you."

"I don't know…"

"Tell you what – you do me, and then you can decide if it's something you want to try. Please?"

"Callie, what happened to you? You weren't like this when you left for college. I mean, I think you were normal. Now you're like this sex-crazed maniac."

"I don't know," she said, twirling her spoon on the tabletop. "It's like, we've spent so long not fooling around. It feels like forever already. I don't want to spend the rest of my life wondering what all I've missed, wondering why I didn't try stuff."

"But you're only nineteen! You'll have like, forever to try stuff."

"Look, it's not as if you haven't had the same thoughts I have. Who was it that was cumming in somebody else's bed last night? It wasn't me. I was just laying in my own bed minding my own business, doing what every other all-American girl does when this really sexy girl with long legs and pretty lips came in asking all these rude questions about giving blowjobs. You want stuff just as badly as I do. You want cocks and sperm and you even want your own Dad to fuck you. I just know it better than you."

My brain stalled on what she'd said – pretty lips? Long legs? Me? A really sexy girl? I couldn't believe that she thought of me that way. I'd always really thought that Caroline was the sexy one. I had to admit that her feelings made sense, though – I'd started thinking of her as a really sexy girl too. I got a little gushier thinking that my own sister thought I was really sexy.

"Well, I suppose it wouldn't hurt for me to help out my sister," I said.

"It's only fair," she said loftily. "After all, I helped you out last night."


Caroline took my hand and led me upstairs to her bathroom. As she pulled me along I couldn't take my eyes off her figure, swaying and very naked under those Pooh Pajamas. I happily watched the swell of her hips, her tiny waist, her taut little ass wiggling from side to side. The knowledge that she thought I was sexy somehow made it OK for me to look at her and want to go exploring under her pajamas. Not that I had any intention of doing that. But that soft pink cotton sure didn't look like it would offer much resistance.

When we got in the bathroom Caroline gave me a quick kiss on the lips. "Thank you," she said. "You're a good little sister."

She grabbed a big soft towel off the rack and put it on the toilet. Then she got her razor and a bright pink can of shaving cream out of a drawer. She handed them to me, and I tried to shake the can. When it didn't shake, I read the label.

"Raspberry Rain gel with olive butter?" I said.

Callie giggled. "It's good! You should really try it – it smells neat."

I decided you could call the color on the can 'raspberry,' but only if you thought that raspberries were an intense shade of rose pink mixed with a touch of cream.

"And the Olive Butter?" I said.

"Olive butter is very important," she said, feigning aloofness and pretending that she wasn't about to sit on the toilet with her legs spread apart for her little sister.

"Of course it is. So how do you usually do this?" I asked.

"Well it's not rocket science or anything. It's almost like shaving your legs. It's just that it's hard to do a good job because you can't really see everything. I can get the top part all by myself. I usually do it in the bathroom." She had the grace to look embarrassed. "Once or twice I've done it on the bed. You can't do it without making everything all slippery, and then you want to fool around, you know?"

I knew all about fooling around, all right, and I made a mental note to try it once with some Raspberry Rain shaving gel.

I felt like the moment of truth had arrived, but Caroline didn't seem to notice. I tried not to look anxious, really I did. Ever since last night I'd been wanting to see between her legs without a pair of panties hiding the good stuff from view. I don't know why. I mean, I'd seen my own pussy often enough that looking at one shouldn't be sending these delicious little tremors through me. But it was. A pretty girl, my sister, was about to take off her pants just so that I could touch her pussy. It was making me wet. I swallowed hard and clenched my legs together. I didn't want to get too excited here. But I knew that when I was done I was going to have to go and play with myself again. Or maybe I could get Caroline to finish what she'd started in the kitchen. After all, it was her fault I was all wet, and she'd owe me for the shave, right? Ohmigod. I couldn't believe I'd actually thought such a thing.

Caroline's fingers, the ones that had been tickling me between the legs just a little while ago, slid under the waistband of her pink Pooh pajamas and pushed them down her long tanned legs along with her soppy panties. She kicked the pajamas off. I swear, I had a little orgasm right then just looking at her cute little pussy.

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