tagLoving WivesDiscovering Kelly in Bed Ch. 01

Discovering Kelly in Bed Ch. 01


Let me start by describing my wife, Kelly. At 5'8", she has a very attractive build with great 36C breasts and curves in all of the right places. Her figure is very womanly and attractive, and although she won't be modeling on a runway anytime soon, she looks great in sexy attire. She has medium length dark hair, sometimes tinted auburn or red, and very sexy, full lips. I'm not going to say she's a Penthouse Pet, but Kelly is a very good-looking woman and gets compliments from all my friends.

Kelly has known for many years now that one of my ultimate fantasies is to have a threesome with her and another man. Now frankly, I'm not bisexual and I don't have any desire to do anything with the guy. But I have had some threeways with two women (before Kelly's time) and once I did another one of my girlfriends with one of my guy friends. Having had these experiences, I've actually come to the conclusion that two guys can definitely make a woman feel wonderful. Two women on me is great too, and I wouldn't mind at all doing that again, but... I love giving a woman pleasure, and I particularly love giving Kelly pleasure. When we're watching erotic movies, one of my favorite things to see is a woman being fucked doggy style while she sucks on another guy's cock, or seeing her on her back with a man on top of her, while she has her head turned to the side and her mouth full of a thick prick.

I also love watching double penetration. I have to imagine that for any woman who enjoys anal sex at all, and likes a reasonably good-sized cock, this would be the most amazing feeling she could experience. The full sensation and the constant asynchronous thrusting would keep her at the height of arousal. To me it seems like the pinnacle of the ways to fuck a woman. When it comes to penetration and sex, where can you go from there?

Kelly likes watching these videos with me, and although she has to be pretty hot to openly admit it, I know she finds them extremely exciting. Of course, I'm not just making an assumption here. Usually we'll watch a video as foreplay while stroking and touching each other to full arousal. There are times when I am rubbing her clit and pussy for several minutes during a straight male-female scene, and while she is enjoying it, I'm not getting a big "liquid" response. Then a scene can come on with a woman taking either a cock in the mouth and a cock in the pussy, or being double penetrated, and within a few seconds, Kelly's pussy is literally soaked in her sticky juices. The only other thing we'll see in a video that gives her this reaction is extremely large dicks. I rented a tape with Lexington Steele in it one night, and Kelly was fascinated by his beyond life sized cock - I think it's something like 14" long and more than 3.5" thick? That got the same reaction Kelly has also discovered that I find creampies stimulating. I'm not sure exactly why, because like I said, I'm not into men. But to me, seeing a pussy full of semen is both natural and at the same time wicked. I've never cared for facials. When I am ready to explode, I like to keep going and fill my lover with my come. To me, seeing a full pussy suggests satisfaction, realism, and is very sexy in a hybrid classy/slutty kind of way. Because of that, I've never minded going down on Kelly after we've fucked. It works out well, actually, because she hates coming before I do. Usually, she only can come once during sex, and she wants to make sure I get off first so she can relax and enjoy hers. So I've learned to lick her pussy even after it's full of my come. I don't necessarily gobble it up or drink it down, but I do like the additional height of arousal she reaches knowing that I'm doing something "taboo" for her that few other men would do.

So those are some of the things that we know about one another's desires. Kelly laughingly refers to my dream of another guy joining us as my "ultimate fantasy" and sometimes when she's too tired for sex but wants to help get me off, she'll start telling me to imagine my ultimate fantasy and how good it would feel to be fucking her while a stranger slid his dick into her ass... She knows how to get me excited!

Now that I've set the stage by explaining some of our fantasies, I'll actually get down to the heart of my story, which is my discovery of Kelly after she had been fucked by another man.

Normally, I get home earlier than Kelly does. She works full time, and I work part time and go to school full time to complete my degree. So after my classes, I'll come home and clean the house, do homework, relax...this is also when I do most of my writing, by the way. By the time she gets home around 6:00, I'll have dinner ready for us and may have walked over to the video store to rent a movie.

Yesterday, however, when I got home at about 4:00pm, Kelly's car was in our parking space. I thought that was a little odd, but a nice surprise nonetheless. I unlocked the font door and stepped inside, and immediately noticed the smell of cigarette smoke in the air. This quickened my pulse and made me go slightly weak in the knees. Kelly only smokes when she's been drinking, or when she wants to get me excited for some hot sex, and if you've read other of my stories, you'll know that once she spent the entire day smoking in order to drive me into a peak of sexual frustration before getting down to business. So my instant guess was that Kelly had decided to surprise me with some hot afternoon sex. I was kind of right.

"Honey, is that you?" she called from the bedroom. I answered her and she said I should pour myself a glass of wine from the open bottle of Shiraz on the kitchen counter and then join her in the bedroom. I knew it - she'd gotten home early, probably had a bit of wine to get a nice buzz, and was waiting to screw my brains out. But then again, I noticed as I poured, she'd actually drunk quite a lot of wine. I got a decent glassful before the bottle was emptied, barely. Maybe she'd been waiting longer than I expected?

I took my glass and headed for the bedroom. Just as I expected, Kelly was lying on the bed waiting for me, smoking a cigarette. What an amazing wife I have - she's beautiful, intelligent, has a good job that pays well, and from time to time she really puts out an extra effort to turn me on. Kelly was wearing some lingerie that I'd bought her, a completely sheer black Calvin Klein bra that was hanging loosely from one shoulder. She taken the time to pull it partially off of one tit, which was very sexy. She had her legs crossed, so I couldn't tell if she was wearing the matching thong. She was fully made up with eyeliner, mascara and eyeshadow, and a very sensual dark red lipstick. Actually, the lipstick was kind of smudged, probably from drinking her wine. She must be a little drunker than I had figured, I thought. The effect was nice though, a little slutty, which was a nice contrast with her normal look. When Kelly does her makeup, she carefully avoids going too heavy (think Tammy Faye Baker, clowns, or women at the MAC counter). Instead, she goes for a sophisticated, classic look that screams sexy elegance, and she'd fully achieved that effect today.

"How was your day?" she asked while taking a drag from her cigarette. "Fine," I replied as I quickly began undressing.

She exhaled a stream of smoke and smiled wickedly at me as she ran her fingers down to her pussy, which I couldn't yet see because of the way she held her leg. She stroked herself briefly and brought her wet finger to her mouth where she licked it with her tongue. "Did you do anything interesting or new?" she inquired while motioning me forward with a crooked finger.

I mumbled something like "not really" as I leaned forward on the bed beside her. "I did," she whispered before pulling my head forward for a deep french kiss. Kelly doesn't always go for a lot of tongue when we kiss, at least to start, but today she was really into it. I could taste both her cigarette and her musky pussy on her mouth as she slid her tongue across my mouth and licked and nibbled at my lips. We kissed for a long time and I could feel my cock stiffening as Kelly probed my mouth with her tongue. Finally she broke off and put her cigarette to her lips. She inhaled and then pulled my ear near her mouth. Exhaling, she whispered, "I've been a very naughty girl today."

I don't know what had gotten into Kelly this afternoon, but whatever it was I liked it. I love it when she talks dirty to me, and she knows it turns me on. She continued, "I've been a real slut today, and I hope you won't mind. Lately I've been thinking about your fantasy... You know, your 'ultimate fantasy'?" She turned my head and began lightly kissing along my lips, cheeks, neck as she continued, sliding one hand down to slowly stroke my extremely hard cock.

"I think I may want to give that a shot," she said, "If we can find the right guy, with the right equipment." I have a nice sized cock, jut about 8" long and maybe 1.75" thick, but I know from Kelly's reaction to porn actors with really large dicks, as well as a couple of our big dildos, that she enjoys the sight and feel of a really large cock. She squeezed my prick and ran her fingertip over the drop of precum oozing from the tip.

"I know how much you'd like to see me sucking on another man's dick while you fucked me...or how you'd like to lay on the bed with me on top of you, screwing you while he slowly pushed himself into my ass. Actually, when we do it we'll probably have to go the other way around and have you behind me; I think I'd like it if we found someone about the size of the clear dildo, and I don't think I could take that in my ass."

She looked at me and took a last drag from her cigarette before crushing it out. Blowing the smoke past my face, she put her red lips very close to mine and asked softly, "Do you like the thought of me being fucked by a thick, hard, 11" cock? Just like our toy?" I moaned yes and she started kissing me again. "Good. Because I really have been a slut today, but I think I found a way to make your fantasy come true." She pulled away and looked me right in the eye while taking a firm grasp on my right hand. She slid it down her chest, across the bra and her exposed breast, down her stomach, across the closely trimmed pubic hair above her mound, to her sloppy wet pussy. And she uncrossed her legs.

I was thinking that Kelly was amazingly, unusually wet down there as I stroked her clit with my fingertips to the reward of her soft moans. So I slid down to look at her glistening, steamy patch, and then stopped suddenly. When she had uncrossed her legs, Kelly both revealed herself to me and unstopped herself simultaneously. Sliding from inside her pussy to form a small wet puddle at her ass was an unmistakeable stream of cum. My wife had been lying in our bed, seducing me for more than 20 minutes, with a load of jism inside of her. My mind flashed to the nearly empty bottle of wine, the bra askew, the smudged lipstick. Kelly had fucked another man this afternoon before I got home!

"Do you like what you see," she asked, sitting up to face me better. I realized that she hadn't stopped stroking my cock and that I was still rock hard. I didn't know what to say. Was I angry that my wife had cheated on me? Was I turned on? I didn't know what to think.

"I found the stories you saved on the computer," she explained. She also lit another cigarette, which further distracted me as I'm sure she intended. "The ones about wives who cheat, and men who let their wives get fucked by other men. The ones about threesomes. The ones about creampies. The ones you wrote."

I was stunned. Kelly and I have great sex, but her opinion has always been "quality over quantity" so often a week goes by in between. Like any other man, I need stimulation more often than that. I don't think she would have cared about the stories, but I didn't exactly advertise my masturbatory activities.

"I thought you would enjoy finding me like this," Kelly said, all the while stroking me slowly and smoking her cigarette. "I've never cheated on you before, and I don't even think I did today, because I did it for you. Well, us," she admitted with a smile. "But I know those stories turn you on or you wouldn't have saved them. And I know you want to have a threesome, even if you do claim it's only a fantasy. So I put the wheels in motion. If you want to do it, we are going to. I found a good person to try it with."

She had a point. Actually, I was very turned on. I'm not really a jealous person, and I've very secure in my wife's love, as well as her love of our sex life. She had plenty of sex before we married and yet was completely satisfied by my talents in bed. There are a lot of "cuckold" stories out that that make the husband out to be a real wimp. That isn't and won't ever be me. I have a very healthy self-esteem, and I know what turns me on; and I love giving Kelly pleasure. I was shocked, though, and needed to hear more. "Tell me," I demanded.

She smiled and lay back in the bed, pushing my head lower. "Eat me and I'll tell you all about it." I looked at her creamy hole and decided, put up or shut up. So I knelt between her legs and carefully spread her sticky lips apart with my fingers. I pressed my tongue to her clit and began licking, trying to avoid the biggest part of the mess, but inevitably getting some of it. I could look straight up her body and watch her smoke while she started talking.

"He's a guy I met through one of my work friends. We were joking one night about sex, and I mentioned that you wanted a menage with me. Actually, I was testing the waters with her to see if she might be interested, and she is, so I won't tell you who right now." She paused to let that sink in and then continued, "I told her that you wanted to share me with another man, and did she think that was outrageous or not. She seemed to be turned on and asked if I had anyone in mind. I told her I didn't want it to be someone we knew, but that I didn't want to do it unless he ws really hung."

"She whispered to me that she knew a guy that might work out. I guess they used to date years ago, and still have some booty calls here and there when one of them gets really horny. She said he was cute and had a big dick. She offered to show him my picture and see if he was interested, so I said 'why not?'."

"Oh, that feels good honey. Push your fingers inside me too - more, give me all four. Yeah, that's good. Anyway, to make a long story short, he was interested and we agreed to meet here today. And I fucked him. Well, not at first. Actually, I started by sucking on his cock. It was really big, the biggest I've had. I took out our clear dildo to compare him, and he was almost that big! He said it was 10" long, and it was really thick. I couldn't get my mouth very far down it, just a couple of inches."

Kelly pulled me up from her pussy. "That's enough - I want you to fuck me. I want you to feel my sloppy seconds and come inside of me while I tell you how he fucked me with that big dick." I climbed up on top of her and put the head of my cock at her entrance. Between her wetness and the stretching she'd received earlier I slipped in easily and slid right to my hilt inside her. She kissed me with her hot smoky mouth and continued.

"I let him come in my mouth the first time. I had to see what he tasted like. I haven't had another cock in my mouth since before we met six years ago. He tasted good. Then he went down to lick my pussy. He was good, but not even in your class, so I didn't let him keep going for long. Just long enough to recover and get hard again. Then I asked him to stick his cock inside me. Where yours is now."

Her eyes were wide as she moved beneath me, rocking her hips in time to my thrusts. I was getting close, I knew. Between her story and the raw sensation of her messy cunt clinging to my skin, I wouldn't last much longer.

"He put the head of his cock to my pussy and asked if he should use a rubber. I almost made him, but then I thought of your creampie stories and since I'm on the pill, I told him I wanted to have him come inside me at the end. Then he started slowly pushing into me. Do you remember the first time you used that big dildo on me? Of course you do, you wrote about it, and it was really good by the way... It was just like that, only his cock was warm and fleshy and I could feel it twitching when his heart beat. But the pressure inside my cunt, the stretching feeling, and the sense of being almost too full - those were all the same."

"He took a while to get all the way in, and then he slowly started fucking me. Gradually, he built up the speed until he was thrusting quickly and completely in me. I was so turned on I could feel my juices leaking out and down my ass. He fucked me for about 15 minutes and then he came inside me like I'm about to make you come. I could feel his hot spunk spurting and it felt good knowing you were going to be home soon to discover me and lick me. I came then too, thinking about that and feeling his thick dick in me." By this point I was so close to bursting that it was only going to be a matter of seconds before I came. Kelly took a long drag on her cigarette and pulled my mouth onto hers without exhaling. That drove me over the edge and I could feel my cock contracting as I shot several jets of come into her cunt to join the mixture of fluids already there.

"He left about 15 minutes before you got home," Kelly finished her story. "So what do you think? Do you still want to double-fuck me?"

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