The door of the psychologist’s office opened and Bob & Carol stepped out into the bright sunlight. They looked at each and shrugged their shoulders in unison, before smiling and walking down the footpath hand in hand. They collected their Ford from the car park and Bob drove carefully through the heavy city traffic.

Once on the freeway and heading towards home Bob broke the silence and asked, “Well we both agreed that therapy may help our marriage but after five sessions with Madame Psycho nothing seems to have changed does it?”

“Madame Psycho, when did you come up with that name? Carol laughed. “Although I must admit the name suits her.”

Bob grinned and then sighed, “Today while she was rambling on, going over the same old shit once again. Honestly honey, she is a waste of money. We could get everything she has said out of books.”

“Yes Bob, I tend to agree, but we had to do something didn’t we?” Carol sounded irritated.

“Take it easy honey, yes we did have to do something, but going back to her again will get us nowhere.” Bob reached out and patted Carol’s arm. ”Well tell me one thing she said today that may help to get the spark back in our relationship.”

“Ummmm she did say one thing today that hit home with me.” Carol replied quietly.

“Really?” Bob’s surprise showed in his voice. “What was it?”

“It was when she said that we need to find something different. Something that will get the spark and fun back into our lives.” Carol chose her words carefully. “Her words made me think of something that has been on my mind constantly recently.”

“What honey? Why haven’t you told me until now?”

“I won’t tell you while you are driving in this traffic,” Carol’s voice was shaking, “It may upset you, I’ll tell you when we get home.”

Bob’s reply was to steer the car onto the grass verge beside the freeway where he stopped and turned off the engine.

He turned sideways in his seat and looked expectantly at Carol. “Ok, out with it.”

Carol shook her head from side to side. “It’s so silly Bob, I honestly don’t think I can tell you. I wish I’d never mentioned it.”

Bob’s reaction was to reach out and hug his wife. “Honey I love you. I want our marriage to work. I want the fun and laughter like we used to have and I know you do too. Come on, tell me please.”

“I want you to spank me!” Carol blurted out.

Bob jumped back in his seat with shock and cracked the back of his head on the side window.

“Fuck, owwww! That hurt!” He said, rubbing the back of his head as he looked at his teary-eyed wife. “You did say spank didn’t you?”

Carol nodded as some tears slid down her cheeks. “See, I knew I shouldn’t have told you. Damn, when will I learn to keep things to myself?”

“Hey honey don’t cry,” Bob exclaimed as he wiped Carol’s tears with a tissue. “You really took me by surprise. Spanking? You really want to be spanked? Where did this idea come from?”

“It’s not just an idea Bob, it’s a real need I’ve had for years.” Carol sniffed as she spoke. “I just didn’t have the courage to tell you because it sounds so silly. But I’ve been looking at spanking sites on the internet and there are thousands of adults all over the world into spanking. I’m not alone with my needs and I’ve got friends in chat rooms who have helped me a lot. I’ve also used a hairbrush on myself and I love it, it’s the best turn-on. There I’ve said it, I guess you want a divorce now.”

Bob reached out and held Carol’s hands. “Divorce you? Shit no way honey. But spanking, wow, give me a chance to get my head around the idea will you?”

“I’d rather you got your hands around my arse.” Carol giggled and blushed bright red.

Bob laughed. “You know that’s the first joke you have cracked for months.” He leaned forward and hugged Carol tightly. “Honey I am really proud of you for telling me, it must have been hard for you. Ok let’s get home and you can tell me more, I’d like to see some of the internet sites too.”

They kissed each other with a passion that had been missing for too long and Bob then eased the car back onto the freeway.

“Oh Bob, you are so special.” The relief in Carol’s voice was evident. “I can show you some good Dom/sub sites and also the chat room where I have my friends.”

“Dom/sub?” Bob questioned, “What does that mean?”

Carol happily chatted nonstop as Bob drove home telling him about what she had learnt from the web sites. She tried to ease his fears of chat rooms and promised to let him watch while she chatted in the room that night. Bob was surprised and delighted by the change in Carol, he hadn’t seen her so happy in months.

When they got home Carol quickly sat Bob down in front of the computer in the study so he could read some of the information at castlerealm.com. Bob grinned as Carol removed his shoes and then prepared a delicious snack along with a nice cold beer. He hadn’t had such attention for ages and he was determined to do his part to get their marriage back to the happier days of the past. He found himself becoming quite excited at some of the information he read and he was soon looking forward to the night ahead.

After a couple of hours Carol took over the computer and Bob pulled up a chair to watch the proceedings in the chat room.

“Darling this site is called Literotica dot com.” Carol explained as her fingers clicked away on the keyboard. “I originally started just reading the stories here, some of them are really good. But then I found the chat rooms, ewwww, some are really yucky. But most of the people in the BDSM Social Club are very nice and made me feel welcome from the start. My sis’s are just great…”

“Sis’s?” Bob interrupted.

Carol giggled again. “Sorry hun, sis’s are my fellow sisters in the room, girls with submissive needs similar to mine. Ah here we are now, see the list of names down the right side, that is all the people in the room. That’s me there, ina.”

“Ina, how did you pick the nick ina?” Bob asked.

“Well I know we don’t live anywhere near there but I have always liked the name Carolina, I’m Carol, so I chose ina.” Carol giggled, “I guess that sounds a bit lame, but there is another reason.”

Bob rolled his eyes in mock horror, grinned and asked, “Ok, what’s the other reason.”

Carol giggled again. “I mixed the letters of the first name of a world famous Australian.”

“Let me guess,” Bob said, “Ummmm, Ian Fleming, the author of the 007 books?”

“Don’t be silly, he was English.” Carol laughed, punching Bob playfully on the arm. “No, it’s after Ian Thorpe, the world’s best swimmer.”

“Ok I understand,” Bob said as Carol typed her greetings to the room. “Oh yeh, I see the upper and lower case of the names. Ha ha, there are some strange nicknames aren’t there ina? Phyll McCracken and Ophelia Cox how funny! It seems there are quite a few animals in there, bunnies and wolves, I hope they get on all right together. Oh and look at the Sirs, should I stand and salute?”

Carol laughed loudly at Bob’s silly jokes as she told the room how happy she was that she had finally told her hubby of her desires. The other room members were very supportive and happy for her and wished them the best for the night ahead. Carol kept glancing at Bob, happy and smiling now that Bob was so interested in what had become her addiction. It was a busy night in the chat room and Bob frequently lost track of the conversations.

“They don’t actually talk much about BDSM do they?” Bob asked after a while.

“Sometimes we do, other nights are just chat and some nights are very funny. The Dominants and subbies are very supportive of anyone who is ill or who has problems in their lives. Some really strong friendships have been made in here, even a few real life relationships.”

“Really?” Bob sounded impressed, “So the bad publicity about chat rooms I’ve seen in the press and on TV is wrong?”

“I think the press only report the bad things about chat rooms,” Carol replied, “Good stories don’t sell papers or get ratings.”

Bob nodded and sat back in his chair wondering to himself what it was going to be like to spank the wife he loved so much. He smiled and accepted the confusion in his brain, on one side he admitted that the thought of spanking Carol was both exciting and arousing. But he also wondered if he could actually spank his wife, as he had never laid a hand on her in anger. He grinned as Carol giggled at a comment in the chat room; her absolute delight of finally having confessed her needs to him had made her happier than he had seen for a long time.

He made the decision and stood, “Come on ina, you have been waiting for too long, the time has come for you to be spanked.”

“Yes Sir,” Carol excitedly replied, “Just let me say goodbye to my friends and I’m all yours, oh my god, it’s finally going to happen!”

Carol quickly farewelled her friends and closed the computer down. A transformation seemed to come over Carol as she rose to her feet and stood submissively in front of Bob, arms by her side and eyes downcast to the carpet.

Bob took a deep breath and ordered, “Carol go our bedroom, place the straight-backed chair in the center of the room with your hairbrush. Then sit on the bed and wait for me."

“Oh yes Sir!” Carol exclaimed excitedly before rushing to the bedroom.

Bob walked to the bar in the living room and poured himself a generous shot of whisky. He noted the trembling of his hands and also a stirring between his legs and grinned to himself once again as he sipped the drink. After ten minutes of mentally rehearsing what he had learnt on the web sites, he decided that Carol had waited in suspense long enough. He took another deep breath and walked quickly to their bedroom.

Carol sat on the bed wringing her hands nervously. As Bob entered the room she stood, her eyes darting from Bob to the floor and back again. Bob made a show of rolling up the sleeves of his shirt and slipping the leather belt from his trousers. He edged Carol to one side and arranged the pillows in a pile in the center of the bed, laying the belt beside them on the sheets.

Carol gasped as Bob grasped her arm firmly and led her the few steps to the chair.

Holding his wife at arms length he asked, “You sure about this honey? We can stop now if you want to.”

“Oh God, no Bob keep going please.” Carol pleaded. “This is so exciting for me, it’s a dream about to come true. Spank me hard Bob, I need it so badly. Don’t stop unless I call out the safe word - banana!”

“Banana!” Bob laughed, “Your safe word is banana?”

“Well it’s so different, if I call out banana you will know what I mean.”

“Yes I sure will honey,” Bob stopped laughing as he hugged Carol to him and then sat down on the chair.

In a serious tone he ordered, “Come here Carol, lie across my knees.”

Carol moaned as Bob firmly guided her across his knees and settled her into position. He was glad that Carol couldn’t see his shaking hands, his calm exterior hid an inner turmoil. Bob grasped the hem of Carol’s skirt and lifted it up, laying it over her back. He gasped as her saw that Carol had removed her usual pantyhose and was now wearing a red and black thong. Taking another deep breath he rubbed his hands over the smooth white skin of her arse cheeks. After rubbing in circles for a short time Bob raised his hand and brought it firmly down on Carol’s right buttock.


“Oh yes Bob, more, more!” Carol’s enthusiasm could be heard in her voice.

‘Spank, spank, spank’ - Bob’s hand rose and fell, the noise of his hand meeting Carol’s flesh sounding loud in their room.

Bob concentrated on covering all of Carol’s arse cheeks and the tops of her thighs with his spanks. Carol was wriggling and giving little yelps of delight that encouraged and delighted Bob, he could feel his confidence rising along with the color of his wife’s bum.

“Oh Bob, this is wonderful, don’t stop, a bit harder please, ouch!”

Bob grinned as the next spank made Carol cry out. Her excitement was contagious and he could feel his cock stiffening and starting to press against her leg.

‘Spank! Spank! Spank!’ - Bob slowly increased the pressure as the spanking continued.

He could feel the sting each time his hand came in contact with Carol’s arse and wondered what it must be like for her. She was giving cries of excitement almost every time his hand landed and the wriggling on his lap had intensified.

Bob stopped and ran his hand over the pink skin. “Oh honey your arse is so pink and warm, feel it.”

Carol reached back and felt her warm skin,

“Oh Bob, I’m tickled pink!” She giggled, “But don’t stop honey, I want more. God, I’m so wet, this is the best turn on ever.”

Bob reached over and took hold of the hairbrush, causing Carol to moan as he rubbed the smooth back of the brush over her bum.

‘Whack, Whack, Whack!’ - the sound of the brush was louder than Bob’s hand.

‘”Ouch! Ohhhhhh! Ahhhhhh! Oh shit, Yes!!!!!” Carol yelled.

Carol was now wriggling and twisting on Bob’s lap and his left hand pushed her down harder on his lap. The hairbrush rose and fell, Carol’s flesh bouncing each time the brush struck.

‘Whack! Whack! Whack!’ - The color of Carol’s skin was now quite a bright pink as she continued to eagerly accept her first spanking.

Bob stopped and slipped the thong off Carol’s red bum, down her thighs and off over her feet. He spread her legs wider and pushed his hand between Carol’s legs where his fingers found and probed her pussy lips.

“My God sweetie, you’re dripping!”

“Ohhhhhhhhhh Bob,” Carol moaned with delight. “This is amazing, more, more!”

“Whack!! Whack!! Whack!! - The hairbrush delivered Bob’s answer.

“Owwww! Yikes! Shit!” Carol cried out with each swat.

Ten swats later Bob stopped and threw the hairbrush onto the dressing table.

“No please Bob, I want………”

Carol’s words were cut short as Bob ordered, “Carol stand and strip!”

“Oh yes Sir!” Carol replied as Bob helped her to struggle up off his knees. She grinned as she saw the lump in his pants then quickly removed her skirt, top and bra.

With her breasts heaving and nipples hard Carol stood at attention in front of Bob as he rose to his feet. She moaned as he grabbed an arm and pulled her firmly over to the bed. Bob took hold of his leather belt and held it in front of Carol’s eyes. A verbal question was unnecessary as he arched his eyebrows and Carol replied with a nod of agreement. Another guttural moan came from Carol as Bob guided her onto the bed and helped her to lay face down over the pile of pillows.

Bob gazed at his wife’s nude body with the bright pink bum as he tried to quickly strip out of his clothes. After struggling to get his underpants off over his stiff cock he finally kicked them aside and stood with belt in hand beside the bed. A shiver ran through Carol’s body as he laid the strap over her buttock’s to get the correct range.

“Carol, what is the safe word?” Bob was a bit unsure about using the strap and wanted confirmation from his wife that she wanted to continue.

“Shit Bob!” Carol squealed. “It’s banana, I’ll spell it for you, B A N A N fucking A, will you just damn well get on with it!”

Bob’s reply was to lift the strap and bring it smartly down over Carol’s cheeks.


“Subbies shouldn’t spell out words like that!” Bob’s annoyance showed in his words.

‘Crack - Owwwwwww!’

‘Crack - Yiiiiiikes!’

‘Crack - Yaaaaaah!’

Red stripes criss-crossed the pink skin of Carol’s arse as Bob continued the strapping. Carol’s legs were kicking in the air and she was crying out loudly with each stroke.

After ten fairly hard cracks with the leather belt Carol cried out, “Banana, Bob, banana please.”

Bob dropped the belt and leaped onto the bed beside Carol. Unsure of what to do he stroked his wife’s back as her body shook on top of the pillows.

“Honey are you ok?”

Bob’s words of concern were cut short as Carol turned her head and he saw her shining eyes and look of lust.

“Fuck me my horny Master,” Carol cried loudly. “Fuck me hard, use me for your pleasure, make me cum.”

Bob grinned widely at words he had never heard Carol say since they first met. He pushed her face down on the pillows again and quickly crawled around behind his wife. She moaned again as he rubbed the tip of his hard cock up and down the crack of her arse. As he rose higher on his knees Bob gave Carol a couple of hard smacks on her red arse. She cried out loudly with delight as he pushed his cock deep into her vagina. Bob held still for a short time, it had been a many months since they had fucked passionately and he loved the sensations of her cunt squeezing his cock.

“Come on fuck me Bob, I’m so close.” Carol shrieked. “I can’t hold on for long!”

Bob pulled on a handful of Carol’s hair as he began to fuck his lovely wife. His cock pounded in and out of her pussy, slowly at first but quickly gaining speed. Sweat was dripping off his face down onto her back and they were both moaning loudly at their fast approaching orgasms. As he thrust deep into Carol Bob’s body suddenly stiffened and he cried out loudly as he orgasmed. Carol screamed a short time later and her body thrashed wildly as all the pre-spanking frustration was suddenly released in a wonderful climax. Their shuddering bodies jerked like marionettes until Bob collapsed down onto his wife’s back.

He soon rolled sideways onto the bed and pulled Carol over on top of him. He pushed all but one of the pillows aside and slipped the remaining one under his head. They lay there panting from their exertions and the excitement of Carol’s first spanking. Carol’s head lay on Bob’s chest as he pushed the damp hair back off her face and stroked her back with his hands. Neither of them were sure how long they lay there both lost in their own thoughts until Carol finally raised her head and smiled sheepishly at Bob.

“Amazing my darling Bob, just amazing.” Carol’s smile grew into a grin as she rubbed a hand over her still warm arse cheeks. “Wow I can still feel the sting, I love it wonderful Master of mine.”

“Hey enough of this Master stuff.” Bob said with a grin while admitting to himself that he got a kick out the title.

“Come on Bob, you loved spanking me didn’t you?” Carol said triumphantly. “When I felt your cock pressing against my thigh I knew you were really getting into it.”

“Well ina,” Bob laughed. “Yes you are right, when I first started to read castlerealm dot com I got excited. It looks like we have found the spark to get our marriage back on track again doesn’t it my subbie?”

A shudder went through Carol’s body. “Oh my God, when you called me your subbie I instantly got wet again.” Tears formed in Carol’s eyes as she looked straight at Bob. “My darling Bob, I want to be your subbie and you be my Master. Just when we are alone, not when our parents or friends are around. Please Bob please; I will spoil you rotten, let me serve you. It’s been my dream, my fantasy since I faced my fears and admitted my feelings to myself.”

“Whoa honey, slow down a bit.” Bob hugged Carol to him, paused and then whispered, “My short answer is yes, you will be my subbie when we are alone. But this is all new to me so give me a chance to understand what happened today, and also to learn more from those web sites and books.”

Carol gave Bob a long kiss, smiled and said, “Thank you my darling, I cannot ask for more. I guess we don’t need to got back and see Madame Psycho again do we?”

Bob laughed, “We sure don’t baby, we will send her an email of thanks tomorrow. But right now, suck me my subbie, make me hard again for that wet cunt of yours.”

Carol moaned at Bob’s words, moved obediently to kneel beside her husband and happily took his cock into her mouth. As she sucked she thought of how hard it had been to confide in Bob in the car earlier that day. A new world had opened to them both and she was ecstatic of the future for her Master and his subbie.

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