Disclaimer: This is a work of erotic fiction and contains scenes of a sexual nature. It includes characters that are copyrighted by Paramount Pictures. No copyright infringement is intended with this story. While the characters are the intellectual property of Paramount, the story is of my own making and imagination. :)

Warning: If you are below the legal viewing age for your area, or are easily offended by stories involving adult/erotic materials, please stop reading now.

Summary: Seska must "distract" Jadzia from discovering a plan by the Maquis to destroy a Cardassian ship full of weapons destined for the Cardassian/Federation border.

(Set during the Second season of Deep Space Nine, and before the beginning of Voyager. Takes place right before the events of "The Maquis, Parts 1 and 2")


"I can't wait until this damned assignment is over." This thought rang through Seska's mind for the thousandth time as she sat at a table in Quark's bar. She'd only been on board Deep Space Nine a day and she already hated the changes that had been made. "They've taken a beautiful piece of Cardassian engineering and poisoned it with Federation technology."

Outwardly, however, she couldn't show her distaste. After all, she was posing as a Bajoran member of the Maquis, a band of Federation criminals attacking Cardassian interests along the recently created Cardassian/Federation Demilitarized Zone. Gul Dukat himself had asked her to take on the extremely painful surgical operations necessary to transform her into a Bajoran woman, undetectable to all but the most demanding medical examinations. While she was honored to have been given this counter-intelligence assignment, the sacrifice over the last two years had been difficult.

"Do not be concerned, Seska. Our contact will arrive shortly."

Seska brought herself back from her dwellings to pay attention to her partner on this particular mission. Sakonna, an attractive Vulcan woman, was the agent assigned to acquiring weapons for the Maquis. She had been on DS9 (that horrible name for Terok Nor) for a few weeks now, scouting ahead for possible future missions. Such as Seska's current assignment.

The Cardassian transport ship 'Bok'Nor' was heading to the border with supposedly humanitarian relief items for the Cardassian colonies. Of course, through her own contacts, she knew they were instead full of weapons and military supplies. Somehow, the Maquis had found out as well, and had planned to destroy it upon its departure from the station. She'd informed Central Command of this, but they'd insisted that she allow, even assist, in the mission, in order to keep her assignment secret. It turned her stomach to aid this band of thieves, but she was a consummate professional at all times. Besides, there would only be a skeleton crew on board the transport, so casualties would be kept to a minimum.

She shook her head at Sakonna. "I'm not worried. I'm just bored by the waiting. I want to get in and DO something."

The Vulcan gave her an irritatingly passive glance. "Patience. There shall be enough action for us in the near future. This war is only just beginning."

"Not if I have anything to say about it!" Seska thought furiously at her partner. On the outside, however, she simply sighed. "I suppose your right. But the longer we stay here, the better the chances that someone, like the shape-shifting security officer, will become curious. The last thing we need right now is trouble."


Across the way from the bar, Seska's worries were indeed accurate. Standing in the shadows of a doorway, Odo was intently watching the pair. He couldn't quite put his finger on it, but something about the pair of women sent warning bells off in his head.

Without warning, he felt a hand rest upon his shoulder. Whirling his head around, he saw Lieutenant Jadzia Dax smiling at him. Of all the personnel on board Deep Space Nine, she seemed to be the one person who could sneak up on him without any sound. When he'd asked her about it one time, she shrugged and said, "Don't forget, I've been around a while. It's a skill you pick up."

He let a breath out and returned his gaze to Quark's bar. "Hello, Dax. Is there something I can do for you?"

He heard he chuckled behind him. "Well, good morning to you too, Odo. Hope I didn't startle you."

He could almost hear the smirk she was wearing. "I'm going to figure out how you do that one of these days."

"Better beings have tried." She peered over his shoulder. "Pretty girls. Are you becoming a 'peeping Tom' Odo?"

"A what?" he asked.

"Never mind. Bad Terran joke. So, who are our friends?"

"According to station log, they're engineers from one of the Federation colonies on the border. The Vulcan I've seen around for a while, but the Bajoran woman is a new arrival. However, since she's arrived, she's either kept to her room, or sat at the bar, almost as if she were waiting for something."

"Or someone," Jadzia added.

"Hmmpf. Sorta the same thing I was thinking. And the fact that she's doing all her waiting in Quark's makes it more suspicious."

Jadzia was intrigued. Things had been getting kind of boring lately, and she wanted to see if Odo's hunch was on the mark. "Well, would you like a hand in keeping them under surveillance?"

This time he DID turn around. "Why? Don't you have better things to keep you occupied? I don't want to take you away from your duties, Lieutenant."

Again she chuckled. "Don't worry, Constable, I'm all caught up on my work. Truth is, I've always wanted to help in law enforcement. Stars know I've done enough on the other side of the law for centuries."

He gave one of his rare grins. "For some reason, I don't WANT to know."

"Smart move."


"Don't look now, but we have company across the way."

At Seska's warning, Sakonna slowly looked around, casually noticing the forms of the security officer Odo and the station's science officer, Jadzia Dax. They were simply standing in a doorway, talking amongst themselves. But every once in a while, she noticed Odo obviously observing them.

"It seems your concerns may be valid."

"May? For crying out loud, Sakonna, Odo's practically cataloging us for future reference. We're gonna have to find a better place to wait for Samuels."

"Negative. If we moved now, it would most certainly alert him. The best course is to simply act as if nothing were out of the ordinary."

Once she had calmed down a bit, Seska realized the Vulcan was right. But it still didn't make her feel any better. "What about the other one? The one standing next to Odo?"

"She is Lieutenant Jadzia Dax, a Trill. She's chief science officer aboard the station. It's also said that she's a close personal friend of Commander Sisko."

Seska shook her head. "It just keeps getting better," she muttered sarcastically. "Why don't we just walk up to them and surrender now?"

"I can only ascertain that you are being sarcastic."

She leered at Sakonna. "That Vulcan logic is amazing sometimes." Her mind was working furiously. "If they're keep this close of an eye on us, how can we possibly keep the mission going?"

"Do not worry about the security chief. When the time comes, we have a way of 'keeping him on ice', as the Terrans are fond of saying. Only, in Odo's case, it will literally be the truth. However, Dax could present a problem."

An evil grin spread across Seska's face as an idea sprang into her mind. "Does Dax have any interesting hobbies that you're aware of?"

It took a moment for Sakonna to bring up the intelligence data they had on her via her PADD. "There's little specific information, but she reported to be quite skilled with the Klingon bat'leth. Also, she seems to have an affinity for tongo, a Ferengi-based game of chance."

"Hmm, I'm not that familiar with tongo, although I have watched it played. But I am pretty handy with the bat'leth. B'Elanna Torres and I have spent a lot of time practicing with them. Might come in hand."

Sakonna gave Seska a puzzled look. "Come in handy for what? I do not quite follow your logic."

"That's because there IS no logic to it." She lowered her voice to a whisper. "When the time comes to actually rig the ship to destroy itself, I'm going to keep Jadzia Dax too busy to worry about anything else."

"By engaging in a bat'leth battle? That still will not keep her from responding to her comm badge."

Seska's grin grew even wider. Her tongue ran along her lips in anticipation. "Let's just say her full attention will be elsewhere..."


"Look, there goes the Bajoran woman," Jadzia pointed out a moment later. The Vulcan remained at the table, working on her PADD. "Maybe I should follow her."

"Typical amateur approach," Odo said with smug satisfaction. Tapping his Bajoran designed comm badge, he stated, "Computer, tag and track the Bajoran woman who is currently five meters in front of me."

The female voice that was standard Federation-issue replied, "Confirmed."

Jadzia crossed her arms over her chest. "Curzon would never have approved. No fun doing it that way." She looked up at the chrono set into the wall above the entrance to Quark's. "But it'll have to do. I'm due in Ops shortly. Keep me updated on her progress. After all, I don't want to miss out on any of the fun."


The next day passed without incident. The 'Bok'Nor' was scheduled to depart in twelve hours. Sakonna once again sat at the table at Quark's, with Samuels and Seska seated next to her.

"As of this moment, Odo is sound asleep, or the shape-shifter equivalent of it, in his quarters. Just before we get ready to board the ship, his room temperature will be dropped to well below freezing, which should immobilize him for at least a few hours, effectively removing him as a potential problem." She turned to Seska. "Have you decided on how to occupy Lieutenant Dax?"

"Leave it to me. According to Quark, she'll be getting off duty in about an hour. She's scheduled to use the holosuite for about an hour of bat'leth practice against the computer. Just before she gets there, I intend to join her. Once you see that I've entered the holosuite with her, proceed with the plan."

"Wait a minute," Samuels interrupted. "It's gonna take us at least ninety minutes to rig the 'Bok'Nor' for the show. What are you going to do about the other half hour?"

"That's sort of a personal question," Seska responded cryptically. She shared a knowing look with Sakonna, who'd been filled in on her complete plan. "Rest assured, Jadzia Dax will be a little too distracted to get in your way."


Jadzia was glad that their shift was over. She'd been overseeing the loading of the 'Bok'Nor' and her body was screaming for some physical relief. Her session in the holosuite was going to feel SOO good. She'd gone back to her quarters and changed into a workout suit of plain white cloth, such as many Klingons preferred to use during their training.

She was just climbing the stairs to the holosuite when she heard someone call out her name. Turning, she was surprised to find the Bajoran woman she'd watched the other day at Quark's climbing the stairs below her. She too had on a cloth Klingon workout robe.

"Lieutenant Dax? You ARE Dax, correct?"

"Yes. And you are...?"

"Sorry about that." Seska reached out and shook her hand. "My name is Seska. I recently came onboard on my way back to my colony near the DMZ. Nice to meet you."

Dax still wasn't quite sure what to make out of it all. "Likewise. Is there something I can do for you?"

"Well, I kind of have a favor to ask you. I was told by some in the bar that you practice in the holosuite using a bat'leth?"

"Yes. That's what I was just on the way to."

"Would it be too much to ask if I could join you? A friend of mine back home is Klingon, and we always practice together. I've been told you're excellent, and I'd love to see how far along I've come with it."

Dax looked at her for a moment. Was she up to something? Did she have an alternate reason for asking to join her? "Knock it off," she commanded herself. "Odo's suspicious nature is wearing off on you. Let's just see what comes out of this." To Seska, she nodded. "Sure, c'mon along. It'll be nice to have a live person to practice with for a change."

Seska grinned and climbed up after her. "So far, so good," she thought silently, enjoying the view of Jadzia's shapely rear-end swaying in front of her. "This should be fun..."


The session actually stretched out longer than the pre-planned hour. Seska and Jadzia had initially started off with some one-on-one practice. However, once Dax realized that Seska HAD spent time with the bat'leth, she decided to include her in her normal routine. In it, they worked there way through a Klingon forest, being challenged and fighting first one, then two, then groups of increasingly difficult Klingon warriors. By the time they'd dispatched the last of their enemies, they were both soaked in sweat, their robes clinging to their bodies like a second skin.

Seska was the first to speak. "That was incredible! I haven't felt this alive in a very long time. Wish we could get one of these programs out on the frontier."

Dax chuckled. "I can only imagine you have enough to keep yourselves occupied normally."

"Yes, I suppose we do. But it still doesn't match up to this."

Dax toweled sweat out of her eyes. "Well, I need a shower now. Thanks for the great workout, Seska. I'd love to do it again."

Seska started walking towards the door. "I'd like that. But I have another favor to ask."

"Hey, we've battled Klingon warriors together. Ask away."

Seska actually seemed to be blushing, despite her face already being red from the exercise. "Would you mind if I used your shower? The one in my quarters isn't working right now, and somehow, a sonic shower just doesn't relieve the tension after this sort of thing."

Dax had been around the galaxy a few times, and was pretty sure Seska was purposefully making sure they didn't part company. For what reason, she wasn't quite sure. But she was intrigued by the young Bajoran woman, and wouldn't mind some company for a change. "Sure, no problem. Afterwards, care for some Saurian brandy? Or maybe some Romulan ale? You'd be surprised at the sheer quantities of liquor that get confiscated at the loading docks."

Seska laughed and nodded. "Great! I have no place to go in a hurry." As they exited the holosuite, Seska felt something she hadn't felt in a very long time. She actually felt COMFORTABLE with Dax. Like she could just let loose and be herself. "Don't get carried away," she warned herself. "Think she'd respond well to find out your really a Cardassian in targ's fur?" Shaking her head, she followed Jadzia to her room.


Down below, in the bar, Quark leered at the pair and shook his head. "Why do I get the feeling their night isn't over by a long shot?" He grinned and went back to serving his customers.


"So I tell him, I've BEEN with your wife, too. And NEITHER of you are any good in bed!"

Laughter rang out in Dax's quarters. They were both stretched out on couches facing a holo-simulated fireplace. Jadzia was in a light blue dressing robe made of a silken fiber that she'd picked up from her first trip to Risa years ago, before she'd hosted the Dax symbiont. Luckily for Seska, Jadzia had picked up a second one, this one in glimmering gold. They'd spent the last two hours showering, grabbing a quick meal from the replicator, then setting down with a vintage bottle of Klingon bloodwine that used to be one of Curzon's favorites. That was what had led them to discussing Dax's previous host.

Seska closed her eyes and took another sip of the potent brew. "It must be an incredible feeling, being able to carry the memories of a life you've never actually lived yourself."

Jadzia nodded. "It CAN get a little confusing at times. But it seems that Curzon and me had a lot in common when it comes to enjoying life."

"So, just how many hosts has the Dax part of you had?"

"Seven previous hosts. They've been pretty much split evenly between male and female. Which is sort of unusual, because a lot of symbionts get used to being one sex, and stick with it for the rest of their existence."

"So you're telling me that you have total recall of previous hosts?"

Jadzia finished off the last of her wine and walked across the room to refill. Seska savored the way the light garment hugged every curve of Jadzia's voluptuous body. The light reflected off the material, enhancing the hazel coloring on her eyes. Seska knew that it wasn't necessary to stay there any longer, as Sakonna and Samuels had had plenty of time to complete their mission. But she was simply ENJOYING herself so much that she didn't WANT to leave. Plus, she had to admit she was strongly attracted to the Trill science officer.

Jadzia was having thoughts along similar lines. Despite her initial misgivings about allowing Seska to join her in the holodeck, she was having a wonderful time. Also, she had noticed the way Seska had savored every second of her walking over to the table for the bottle. Jadzia could already feel warmth flowing through her body that had nothing to do with the wine.

Dragging her thoughts back to their conversation, Jadzia sauntered back over to the couch, purposefully sitting on the same one as Seska. "I don't know if I could call it TOTAL recall, but, through Dax itself, I had vivid memories of many things. It's a fulfilling experience."

Seska leaned forward and let her hand settle on Jadzia's bare knee, feeling a cooler body than hers. "What about sexual history? I mean, you're a woman yourself, but you carry a creature within you that has been both male AND female. It's been with all kinds of partners. Does that make you feel odd?"

Jadzia had a pretty good idea where this was heading, but wasn't going to make it easy for her new friend. "Why should it?"

Seska started stroking the Trill's skin, watching Jadzia's breath catch ever so slightly in her chest. "Well, most beings in this galaxy are drawn to members of the opposite sex. Has the Dax symbiont effected your views on that?"

Jadzia moved closer, running her finger over Seska's dark hair. Seska shuddered at the intimate contact. "Are you asking me if I find other women attractive?"

The double agent nodded and stared Jadzia directly in the eyes. "Yes, that's exactly what I'm asking."

Jadzia leaned in so there was barely inches between their faces. "Then, does this answer your question?" With that, she kissed Seska gently on the lips. Sparks jumped between them immediately, creating a heat they could both feel.

Seska had known coming into this that she was going to have to distract Jadzia long enough for her Maquis friends to set the implosive device on the 'Bok'Nor'. She'd also hoped that she would be able to seduce her, as Seska had a natural leaning towards female beings. But she had NO idea she was going to enjoy it THIS much! Or that Jadzia would be so open to the idea. She moved her hand along the other woman's thigh, riding the silken material up until she was near her hips. Jadzia resettled herself, allowing Seska to run her hand along her inner thigh.

Breaking their kiss for just a moment, Jadzia gazed into her eyes and whispered, "Just do me one favor? Don't be too gentle. Let yourself go."

Seska grinned and slid her hand all the way up until her hand made contact with the Trill's pussy. "How's that for starters?"

Jadzia swallowed and parted her lips. "That...that'll work."

Seska's grin grew even wider as she slipped a finger inside of her. Dax's eyes closed and her mouth parted in a moan of pleasure. It was quickly covered up as their lips once again found each other, but all senses of gentle behavior had been forgotten. Dax put her hands on the side of Seska's face as their tongues began to explore each other's mouths. Pure animal lust built within each woman, setting a fire raging deep inside them.

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