tagInterracial LoveDistractions Ch. 06

Distractions Ch. 06


Ok, ok, I know, everyone is waiting for the hot and heavy, and quite honestly I cant wait to deliver...but in the mean time I had to add this chapter. It clears up some things on Gavin's side, but I promise your wait will be rewarded...at least I hope so.


_(*(*(-)*)*)_6 Years Ago_(*(*(-)*)*)_

Gavin was throwing wood on the fire when he saw Isabelle and Cassie step into the clearing. Isabelle wasn't paying any attention to Cassie, and so she didn't see Cassie when her eyes locked on Gavin, and she came running towards him.

Gavin wiped his hands on his jeans and waited for Cassie to reach him. She was wearing a pair of ridiculously tight jeans, and a see-through black top, despite the weather.

"Hey Gavin," she said when she finally reached him.


"Nice turn out, huh?" she said as she ran her hands through her hair then settled her hands on her hips. Gavin tried not to smile too broadly at the sight of her sticking out her chest so he would notice.


"Well, if you get lonely later, come find me," she said as she snaked her arms around his waist for a hug. Gavin shook his head as he watched her bounce off to say high to some of his buddies. How she and Isabelle were friends, he would never know, they were polar opposites. Isabelle was reserved and shy and Cassie was loud and crass. Gavin shook his head, Cassie could definitely get it.

Gavin wasn't alone for long, he saw Emily Parish standing by the beer and he went to say hi.

"Hey Emily."

"Hey Gavin. Nice turn out."

"Yea, me and Bren worked really hard." Gavin winked. "So, did you think about what I said?"

Emily rolled her eyes. Gavin was captivated by the way the light flickered in her light blue eyes and the wind danced with her long blond hair.

"Gavin, I'm not going out with you."

"Just one date. If I can't convince you that I'm a complete gentleman, you won't ever have to hear another word from me on the subject." The corners of Gavin's mouth slowly tilted upwards as he could see Emily thinking about it.

She was the one girl in the senior class that refused to have sex. It wasn't a religious thing, that Gavin could've respected. She didn't think the guys in her school were good enough to date, let alone have sex with, and Gavin was set to prove her wrong.

He'd been pursuing her for weeks now, and he could tell he was starting to wear on her defenses. Emily turned and smiled at him flashing her brilliantly white teeth.

"Tell you what, I'll think about it."

"Thatta' girl," Gavin said as he threw an arm around her. Emily smiled at him sheepishly. This is gonna be like takin candy from a baby. Gavin walked back over to his group of friends with Emily under his arm. He smiled happily at all the angry looks he was getting. By the looks of things, it looked like he'd win the bet. He'd be the one to pop Emily Parish's cherry.

Gavin didn't know what time it was, and he didn't care. He sat around the fire and watched as couples either went off into the woods for alone time, or they headed back down the trail to head home. The night had been very successful, and nearly all the alcohol was gone except for a couple bottles of vodka. Suddenly, Gavin got a brilliant idea.

Gavin caught Brenden by the arm as he was walking past. "Hey, Bren, you wanna play spin the bottle? Senior rules?" Gavin watched as a wide grin spread across his best friends face.

"Hell yea," he chuckled. "You still tryin to win that bet, huh?"

"Gather everybody up. I'm gonna get the liquor." Brenden smiled and walked away.

Gavin went back over to what was left of the stash and gathered as many bottles as he could. He sat down next to the fire, and waited for Brenden to finish gathering the people that wanted to play. His heart nearly beat out of his chest when he saw Emily Parish walk over and sit down across from him. He didn't think she'd play, but this was a nice surprise.

As the circle began to grow, he tried to sit everyone so that each player was sitting next to a member of the opposite sex. Honestly, he didn't really care where people sat; he just wanted Emily across from him. This seemed like the best way to get her to kiss him. He glanced around the circle as Brenden approached as plopped down next to his girlfriend. He knew Brenden was pissed because he would have loved to be in on their little bet too, but he didn't want his girlfriend finding out about it.

Gavin was about to blurt out the rules when he caught site of Isabelle's glowing mocha skin in the firelight. He raised his eyebrows in wordless astonishment. He had no idea she'd had it in her to play with them. He knew she was the only sophomore in this circle, and he wondered how she felt about all the senior boys. He watched in amusement as she glared at him, daring him to make his comments public. Gavin thought it best if she sat there and endured this, who knew, things could get very interesting.

Gavin chuckled to himself, and then began explaining the rules.

"We're playing spin the bottle with senior rules. There's enough liquor left for everyone to get their own bottle." Gavin flashed a smile a Brenden, acknowledging the fact that this plan was going to work out perfectly. Gavin produced bottles from behind his back and began passing them around the circle until everyone had one.

"Ok, now, an empty bottle goes in the middle. We will start with me spinning and go clockwise. If the bottle doesn't land on you, you drink. No cheating ladies. The point of this is for all of us to get fucked up, so no pussy sips." The guys laughed.

"If the bottle lands on you, you and the other person have to kiss for three seconds, tongue optional," he said with a grin as he looked at the girls sitting around the circle. Gavin wasn't sure why, but he made sure his gaze skipped of Isabelle.

"If you choose not to kiss, then you drink for five seconds. The third time the bottle lands on you, you and your partner have to go into the woods for three minutes." Gavin said this as his eyes locked on the girl sitting directly across from him, Emily Parish.

Gavin was too busy staring at Emily to notice that Wilson Butler plopped down in the small space next to him. Only the sound of Wilson's whisper broke his eye contact with Emily.

"Even if you do manage to deflower her," Wilson whispered so no one would hear. "You're still behind me by three."

"Shut the fuck up, bro. I got time, the year isn't over yet, and when I win, I want my $500."

Wilson scoffed and shook his head. "If being delusional makes you feel better...go right ahead."

"If you choose not to go into the woods for the three minutes," Gavin continued, "You have to remove an article of clothing. Shoes and socks, don't count."

He'd thought of everything to try to get Emily alone in the woods with him.

Gavin turned back to the circle and asked if everyone was clear on the rules. This time Gavin's eyes did lock on Isabelle. He was trying to offer her a way out, but he knew she wouldn't take it. She'd rather sit through this game than walk away and be submitted to his relentless teasing about how she still hadn't kissed a boy. It was pretty amazing to him. She was a sophomore in high school and had yet to kiss a boy. He shook his head at the memory of their first kiss that certainly didn't count.

He had come home from school and after hearing Wilson talk about kissing a girl in the gym; Gavin had wanted to try. Like the little kids they were, they tried it. He'd spit afterwards telling her he didn't want her cooties because she was a girl. She ran home crying.

The crackling of the fire brought Gavin back to the present. As he looked into her eyes and saw her resolve to carry this out, he spun the bottle, and the game began.

Try as he might, Gavin just couldn't get the damn bottle to point directly towards Emily, and neither could anyone else. It was almost as if some invisible force field was protecting her from all their ill intentions. Gavin looked down at his vodka bottle, more than a fifth of his bottle was gone, and looking around the circle, he could tell everyone was drunk, or nearly there. He knew he wouldn't really feel it until he stood.

The game continued, and it was Gavin's turn again. He stared at Emily as he prayed this dog would finally get his day. No such luck. He'd spun the bottle too hard, and he stared bewildered as his mind wrapped around where the bottle had landed, he didn't suppress the smile that spread across his face. This would be interesting.

He looked into the eyes of his best friend, waiting for the mortification to wear off. He was about to get up and go over to her, when suddenly the girl next to her jumped up and rushed towards him. He stole a quick glance at the direction the bottle was pointed. It was pointed at Isabelle. He smiled to himself again; at least the awkward situation was diffused.

Gavin had to brace himself as the girl that'd been sitting next to Isabelle threw herself into his arms. She planted her lips on his as he stayed focused on his watch, he didn't even know her name, and he didn't want to know. He had to push the girl off him when the three seconds was up and unconsciously wiped his mouth with the back of his hand. His eyes followed the girl back to her position next to Isabelle. The girl looked like she was on cloud nine, but Isabelle looked different. She sat with her shoulders slumped and her eyes focused on the dirt.

Wilson was eager to go, so he spun the bottle before the girl sat down. While Gavin was still trying desperately get the taste of that random girl out of his mouth, he watched in slow motion as the point of the glass bottle landed on Isabelle. He wanted to laugh aloud at the expression on her face.

She'd get her real kiss now, and it would be in front of a good portion of the senior class. This would be classic, he'd never stop teasing. Gavin followed her gaze, as she looked at the person she was slinking towards, and the color drained from his face. He could almost feel the challenge radiating off Wilson's body, and at that moment, he knew exactly what his friend was thinking. Gavin watched in horror as Isabelle stopped in font of Wilson and closed her eyes, waiting patiently.

The kiss lasted exactly three seconds, but it was the longest three seconds of his life. Suddenly their Hymen Buster game didn't seem so appealing, especially when he could almost hear the gears churning in Wilson's head. Gavin knew Wilson would do whatever he could to win that 500 dollars, even if it meant fucking his best friend. Gavin felt sick.

Gavin sat tensely and watched as the game continued, he forgot to drink when the bottle didn't land on him. Three turns later, it was Isabelle's turn, and wouldn't you know it, the freaking bottle landed on Wilson.

This time, she moved forward without fear. How could this asshole be her firstreal kiss? Gavin had all but forgotten about Emily Parish. Gavin watched in silent horror as Isabelle willingly pressed her lips to Wilson, and he could almost feel the smugness roll of Wilson's back. They were kissing as if they weren't sitting in a circle surrounded by an audience. He slipped his tongue inside her mouth and she was allowing it!

Gavin called time much louder than he'd intended. The two reluctantly broke apart, and Gavin felt himself relax even if it was infinitesimally. Gavin was pissed now, not sure how his feelings had been altered so quickly. He wouldn't let Wilson have sex with his best friend, just to have sex with her, she wouldn't part of their sick, twisted game.

And that's what it was, a sick and twisted game. Gavin wasn't sure how he'd seen the fun in something like that. He couldn't even bring himself to look at Emily now. He was barely thinking when spun the bottle after someone had to remind him it was his turn. He was still lost in thought when he heard everyone gasp.

"What did I miss?" Isabelle asked. Gavin was wondering the same thing. He looked down as saw where the bottle was pointed. One end was fixed on Isabelle and the other was fixed on him.

Oh for Christ's sake. Gavin couldn't catch a break. At least Red wouldn't have to kiss Wilson in the woods. As he peeled his eyes from the bottle on the ground, his eyes found Isabelle's. At least he found his way out. There was no way she would allow this. Absolutely not. Gavin took comfort in the thought until he saw her rise.

"Are you coming or what?" That let the wind right out of his sails. Panicking, he looked at Brenden for help.

"She wanted to play." Was he kidding? Surely, he couldn't be that drunk. Gavin didn't realize he'd risen to his feet.

"Not a big deal guys, it will be just like kissing the dog." The words rolled so smoothly from her tongue. Suddenly, he was the one trying to regain his composure. They couldn't do this, it wasn't...right. Numbly, he followed her into the woods. She tried to walk of her own volition, but it wasn't working. Almost not wanting to touch her, Gavin reluctantly reached out and grabbed her elbow, leading her into the darkness.

When they'd finally stopped, Gavin finally found his voice. "You don't have to do this you know."

"Why, so you can call me a chicken?" Her words were slurred, and he knew she was only doing this because she was drunk, and that made this situation so much worse. They wouldn't be standing here alone in the dark cold woods, contemplating what they were about to do if she wasn't drunk. If that was the case, then what the hell was he doing here?

He was going to try to convince her this didn't need to happen. It couldn't happen.

"I won't call you a chicken. It would be our little secret. No one has to know."

"Am I that repulsive to you?"

Gavin nearly recoiled at her question. What the hell was she thinking? Didn't see how retarded this situation was. Of all the scenarios he ran through his head of how this spin the bottle game would go, he never saw this coming. Didn't she see that this didn't make any sense? She really was drunk.

"No," he said with a smile, "but you are one of my best friends." He sighed with relief. That was the perfect argument, and he could see no flaw in it. It had to work. His grin got a little wider.

"Not a big deal. Lets get this over with." She was bluffing.

"You're blushing, Red." She had to be bluffing, and he had to call her on it. Gavin stepped closer.

"Its from the alcohol." The words came out with barely a whisper.

He was going to call her bluff and make her see she really didn't want to cross this line. He took another step closer. She didn't flinch. She didn't recoil. Shit. He wasn't sure what to do now. Slowly he raised his hands to either side of her face as trying to give her time to flee. She didn't move. He was desperate now. "You don't have to do this, it's only a game of spin the bottle."

He didn't know why this was so hard. All he had to do was tell her there was no fuckin way he was gonna kiss her, and that would be that, but it was the look in her eye that stopped him. He knew if he did, it would hurt her.

"I know," she answered breathlessly. He wracked his brain for something to derail her, anything at all, when he noticed a chill run through her body.

"Are you cold?" he asked, his hands still gently holding her head still as he gazed into her face.

Isabelle nodded.

Gavin wasn't sure what made him do it but he stepped closer to her trying to let his warmth flood her senses. Isabelle shivered again and licked her lips, suddenly making rational thought impossible for him. Like a gravitational force, it was impossible for Gavin to resist. He felt his face draw closer to hers even as he brain was screaming, Run! You can't do this! It was getting easier and easier to ignore that little voice.

When the cool of his lips touched the heat of hers, that voice was silenced. He was so stunned by the contact, he didn't move right away. He simply stood there with his lips pressed to hers. He could feel his body, on its own accord, increasing the pressure, wanting to have the most contact it could with her body.

Gavin could feel Isabelle's body start to give out from under the weight of the kiss, her knees starting to buckle. Instinctively he snaked an arm around her trapping her now feverish body to him. She gasped at the contact, and Gavin invaded her mouth trying to taste as much of her as he could. His mind couldn't wrap around it. He backed her into a tree, fearing his own legs would fail to support him.

He pressed his body against hers and if he could think, he'd be amazed at how well they'd fit together. Isabelle seemed to sense it too as she wrapped her arms around his neck, pulling him closer still. He slid one had to the base of her neck, as the other cupped the side of her face, as he continued to take as much of her as he could. Gavin didn't realize that all of him was pressed against her until she shifted her weight. He felt his erection twitch at the friction and continue to painfully grow while pinned in between their bodies.

The sound of the others voices had ripped through their temporary seclusion and brought him crashing back to reality. Suddenly embarrassed by his physical attraction to her, he pushed her away as fast as he could, trying to break the contact from her and his throbbing erection.

Gavin stumbled backward as he tried to comprehend what just happened. The sound of voices shouting time was seemed to snap him into focus. He shook his head, turned from his best friend, and started walking towards the fire. He tried to erase the memory from his mind, but he couldn't. Etched in his brain was the way she smelled, the way she felt, and the way she tasted. Her face flashed before his eyes and he could see the need there, written so clearly across her face.

Surely, this would not be the same situation if she were sober. It didn't make any sense, and Gavin hated himself for being so weak and taking advantage of her like that. She was his best friend, quasi-little sister, he was supposed to protect her from jerks like himself. What the fuck was wrong with him?

Gavin didn't realize he was nearly running towards the fire until he heard his breath coming in ragged gasps. He entered the clearing, meeting curious eyes. He said nothing as he took his place back in the circle. His friends were cheering and laughing at the sheer absurdity of the situation. They were positive nothing had happened in the woods. For all everyone guessed, it was all just a charade.

Gavin sat stock still as he heard Isabelle approach the clearing. He refused to look her in the eye, so he stared at his hands.

"So, how was it?" A girl from the other side of the circle asked Red. He tensed waiting for the answer.

"Just like kissing the family dog," she responded trying to make a joke of it. Everyone laughed, but he knew that if anyone was paying attention to his face they'd see his smile was actually a grimace.

Wilson leaned into Gavin. "We can make it $600 if we throw Isabelle in too. Suddenly I'm seeing a very easy victory." Gavin clamped his jaw shut and clenched his hands into fists. He was afraid to move. If he did, Wilson would have to leave this circle on a stretcher.

Wilson took in Gavin's response with a grin. Not really paying attention, he spun the bottle not caring where it landed. Of course, it landed on Isabelle.

"Looks like it's our turn in the woods." Gavin's eyes glazed over before he saw red. Before anyone had time to process what Gavin did, he'd already snatched the bottle from the ground and jumped to him feet.

"Game over," he grumbled. "Lets get out of here. It's cold."

He had to get out of here. The woods, usually a comforting place, were now constricting and suffocating. He had to get out of there now, and wouldn't allow Isabelle to go into the woods with Wilson.

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