Divine Depravity Ch. 05


"We're not," I informed her. We've been doing you all night. Now if you plan to get off, you're going to have to take the initiative."

"Well why didn't you just say so," Nola said with irritation and relief. "After all we've done tonight, I'll be glad to take over myself. Besides, honey, while I admit your tongue had me going, I really think it's better if you just watch." She was clearly more relaxed with the idea of a solo performance, and she lay down on the cushion with her legs splayed wide, as her hand moved to the glistening folds of her overflowing pussy.

"No, that's not what I meant," I said, reaching to pull her hand away. "You're going to get yourself off alright, but not with your hand."

Nola was totally exasperated now. "I've had it!! Now what? At this point I don't care what rubs this cunt. I just have to get off! I feel like a dog in heat, and if I can't use my hand, then I need to rub my ass against something...anything!! What do you want? I need it so bad—NOW!!"

I could see she was really gone as she got up and straddled the chrome rail, arching her back and beginning to rub her ass in a humping rhythmic motion while she stared at Rick's rigid tool.

"No, Nola. You're not a dog and shouldn't be humping yourself against anything," I admonished. "Why would you want to hump a cold rail when you can have a live, warm beautiful cock, dying for a fuck?"

This seemed to jolt Nola back to reality as she stopped humping and jerked her head, turning to stare at me with a look shock and confusion. She was clearly on the spot, obviously having second thoughts about her previous agreement that was made in the throes of passion.

She struggled to formulate her thoughts. "Wa-wait. You can't...Oh God, you can't expect me to—you can't mean—have Rick...Aah, you know, inside me? I mean...Oh God, I know I promised, but not...Well this can't...Not now!! I wasn't thinking—at least not with my head. I meant maybe sometime. But you can't expect...I mean that's a hell of a thing...Well it's just too soon. I'd need a chance to...I mean I'd have to get used to...Well..." Nola trailed off, at a loss for words as she sank down to the cushion once again.

"What the hell, Nola. Suddenly you can't talk?" I observed, tiring of her resistance. "Why are you being so careful now, stuttering around with the 'you can't expect me to have Rick inside me' routine," I mimicked sarcastically. "A couple minutes ago, we heard you say Rick could fuck you—in every orifice I might add. Now it sounds like you're back tracking. Were you just saying that so we'd finish getting you off, or did you mean it?"

"Come on, Lisa. You really can't expect me to let Rick fuck me. I mean, here and now? I know what I said, but you know that was kind of just talk. I mean, I was thinking of...Well maybe sometime I...Aah...We might get together. But not now!! I-I'm just not ready for that." She was pleading.

"So you—the one who's been so big on honesty tonight—lied to me and your own son?"

"I-I don't think I'd call it a lie...More like an exaggeration, or maybe a thoughtless comment...something like that," she responded lamely.

I thought she just needed a push so continued. "No he's not going to fuck you now. I think he's done enough this evening. You need to get over this crap of doing everything for everyone or letting them do to you. I know I'm your student. But sometimes the student has some things for the teacher to learn. When are you going to learn the joy of doing things for yourself? No. Tonight if you're going to get off, you're going learn the pleasure of to do it for yourself."

"That's what I was doing for God's sake! I didn't think you wanted me to get off myself." She sounded relieved, gasping as she quickly reached for her cunt, parting her lips, and beginning to let her fingers work their magic.

But her relief was short lived as I intervened. "No, I didn't say by yourself. We haven't done much solo tonight and we're not about to start now. No, if you plan to get off, it needs to be with the love of your life. You were ready to let Rick fuck you before I stopped things. And you were so far gone, if I hadn't put the brakes on, you know he'd be plowing you right now."

"I know," Nola looked down, shaking her head in dismay. "I don't know what made me..."

"Well I know," Rick interrupted. "You were dying for my cock!"

"And you'll have it," I predicted. "—just not the way you expected. Rick's not going to fuck you; I want you to fuck him!"

Pulling her hand away from her cunt, I went on. "Let's cut the bull shit. You know you have to get off, and I'm saying it's only going to happen if you choose to fuck your own son."

Rick sat there staring at her cunt while Nola was focused on his huge phallus, lying rigid, extending upward toward his chest. She just sat, wide eyed, and motionless for a moment. Then she suddenly snapped back to reality, and her response told me this time I'd pushed too hard.

"Well then maybe I just won't get off." She was flushed and clearly irritated. "Do you really care about my feelings, as much as you do getting me off the way you want? Do you want to hear how I'm feeling right now?" she asked.

I wasn't up to going through all her objections again, but before I could respond Rick stepped in. "Of course we care, Mom. Tell us how you're feeling about things." Clearly she was now driven by thoughts more than feelings and with regret I felt the momentum evaporating. But after Rick's response there was little choice but to sit back and listen.

"OK, I'm going to be honest, but I'm not sure you're going to like what I have to say," she warned. "Let's start by going over what's happened tonight. First, Lisa, I agreed to let Rick turn himself on in front of you. I thought that was an extremely generous accommodation that would surely satisfy you both. Then you finessed a kiss and shared Rick's cum with me. While I admit that you had me going some, I was still trying to put on the brakes. But you guys just kept hammering back, conning me into joining in some erotic fantasy talk, assuring me it was all in fun, and nothing would really happen. Then you conned me into stripping naked; in front of my own son, for God's sake!"

Nola was showing more irritation as she continued. "You knew how embarrassed I was, and I couldn't imagine that you'd push for more. But you kept playing me, agreeing to my limits—but only for a while. Then you'd get me so horny, I'd agree to extend the limits in ways that I never would have, if I had my wits about me. Each time I'd feel shocked and embarrassed with what I'd done, but tried to rationalize it so I'd feel less guilty.

"Then you guys would back off and play me some more, getting me horny so I'd agree to your next demand. Rick, I still can't believe I agreed to that French kiss, letting you feel my tits, and cum all over me—even down my throat, and then tongue my pussy. If you had told me I'd ever go along with such things, I'd have told you that you were nuts! You have to know that I would never agree to this if I hadn't been hopelessly horny and out of control. You have admit it; you guys kind of conned me."

Nola now appeared relaxed and confident as she continued. "You clearly took advantage of me in a vulnerable moment. I admit it, you won and I was the one who totally lost control. But still you got me to agree to fuck Rick when I was completely lost in the moment of passion. People say all kinds of things in a heated emotional state. Everyone knows that, and no one expects to be held to what they might say in the throes of passion. I'm not saying I might not consider fucking you sometime, Rick. My God! I can't believe I just said that. But God knows it's tempting. Still, I'm just not ready for that now, and I really feel uncomfortable with how you both have tried to manipulate and pressure me in this thing."

I was struggling to come up with a response, knowing the opportunity was gone, when Rick spoke up. "You're right, Mom. We're sorry for taking advantage. We really didn't mean to hurt you. I thought you were enjoying it most of the time. I know we played you some, but we thought you just needed a little push each time to lower you inhibitions about this, so you'd let go and get the same turn-on that we were getting. I guess it's the old question of when 'no' means 'no.' I thought I was getting signals that you wanted this, even when you were protesting some. Please know that I would never do anything intentionally that would hurt our relationship. I apologize if I hurt you by misreading what you wanted."

I was feeling defeated with a total change in the momentum, seeing Rick's cock deflating to a semi-erect state. It seemed like he and Nola were now joined in keeping boundaries that I had desperately been trying to break down all evening—all for him, the man I loved. Then the tension eased as Nola seemed surprised and pleased by his response, eliciting a more conciliatory tone from her, leaving me with a thread of hope.

"I appreciate that." Nola was relaxed, gently rubbing Rick's leg. "I know you meant well, and to be honest, I really did want it. I mean, what girl in her right mind wouldn't want that." She was again staring at his semi-erect tool, now dangling down and touching the mat between his legs.

"I was getting pretty defensive when you were pushing me for actual intercourse. But I also realize that several times I was pretty lame in my protests and I have to admit that I honestly enjoyed you guys seducing me. I don't know where things will go from here but I feel good knowing you guys care for me so much and respect my feelings. This has all happened so fast, I'm just not sure what's best or whether this is what we both want. But I think that our relationship is too important to risk on a moment of passion. Rather than risking regrets in the morning, I think we need to give this some time."

Ever the optimist, I sensed a crack in her resolve and decided to explore the possibilities again. I realized I'd blown it by trying to hold her to her promise, so I knew I had to take a different approach. "I'm sorry too, Nola. I shouldn't have used your words in the heat of passion to try and force you into sex with Rick. I really thought you would want it and thank me when he gave you a mother-fucking."

I ignored her gasp at this lewd suggestion as I concluded. "I just didn't realize the idea of sex with Rick would be upsetting and such a turn off." I deliberately over stated her feelings, hoping she might give an opening, as she made her usual attempt at reassurance.

I wasn't disappointed. She couldn't let it drop with Rick thinking he was a turn off, and was quick to respond. "Now wait a second. I certainly didn't say the idea of sex with Rick was a turn off. You know I don't feel that way, don't you, honey? I think you're a wonderful, sexy guy, especially after tonight. Whatever made you think that, Lisa?"

"Well I just assumed it. With everything else tonight you seemed to join in and were excited, but then when it got to actual sex you backed off. So I thought it must be a turn off."

Nola was starting to squirm and again looked uncomfortable with the conversation as she responded. "All right, you guys must know that I was pretty hot with Rick tonight. Honey, I'm sure by now you know that part of me would go wild over having sex with you. But we all know that it's wrong and however exciting it might be, we just can't do it."

I sensed some opportunity as I saw Rick becoming erect once again and noticed that Nola's eyes were again riveted to his growing member. "I appreciate your honesty, Nola, and I'm really not trying to challenge you," I said attempting to sound reassuring. "I just don't quite understand how you decided that some sexual experimentation can be ok sometimes, but other times it's wrong. You always tell me that anything goes between two consenting adults, as long as no one gets hurt. Now I'm feeling somewhat hesitant about all this sex stuff. It seems like when I try different things, I could be doing something wrong without even knowing it."

"I'm sorry. I didn't mean to confuse you." Nola paused, considering her response. "I guess I really don't have a good answer for you. Anything you and others agree to in sex is really ok. I guess the idea of sex with my own son is a real hang up with me. I suppose that relates to the fact that most people are extremely opposed to it and consider it perverted and morally wrong. If we were the only ones on earth I'm sure that I'd..." Nola suddenly stopped in mid sentence, realizing what she was about to say. "Anyway you don't have to worry about it now, Lisa. You are a ways from having kids, so you won't have to face that moral dilemma for a long time."

"And if I have adult kids 20 years from now, and we choose to have sex?" I continued relentlessly. "What would you say if you learned about it?"

"Well, when I think about the fantasy, I admit it's kind of a turn on. And I'd probably want to hear all the details." She smiled sheepishly. "I don't think I'd condemn you for it. Actually thinking about it...well, I'm picturing it and actually...You know I'd probably love to watch and..." She stopped, suddenly aware of what she was saying. "Oh God, I can't believe you got me to say that. But that doesn't mean I'm ready to take that step with Rick."

"I understand what you mean," I said. "But watching you guys tonight has given me some of my own thoughts and ideas about this, and I'd like to share these, if it's ok."

"I'm happy to hear what you think," She said, clearly looking more relaxed with things. "I feel a lot more comfortable hearing your thoughts, knowing that you guys aren't going to try holding me to anything."

"Well for starters, I have to say that I don't get how incest between consenting adults is wrong. I remember that Mom once said parents and their children could never be too close. I just don't quite understand your prejudice around this. I get suspicious about what others may think is wrong. I mean, look at all the prejudice and discrimination our families had to endure; all because lots of people thought mixed marriages were sinful and immoral. After all that, I would think you'd be to last one to have automatic barriers of prejudice and discrimination in any relationship."

"Well I never thought of it that way I guess." Nola was slow and tentative in her response. "I mean, I'm certainly not prejudice about...Well, I never thought I was prejudice in any of my relationships, certainly not with my family. I'm just not sure this makes sense. I'm feeling like...Well are you suggesting I'm bigoted?"

"Not really. That's a little harsh, Nola. I just think you could have a little more tolerance. I was always taught to treasure the tolerance we learned."

"Yeah, maybe you're right," Nola responded sarcastically. "I guess I'm just like 99% of the population—an incest bigot!" she laughed.

We all laughed with her on this, but I still wanted to make a point. "In all seriousness, I remember Mom used to say that most were wrong about how they approached sex. So maybe the majority are wrong on this. I hope you don't think I'm perverted for what I'm about to say," I continued. "I was thinking about what I might do if I had a similar situation. Thinking about it, I know I'd never initiate things with my adult kids. But if they started things and I was turned on, I think it could be a wonderful experience. I've never had the experience of giving child birth, so you could probable better speak to this, Nola. But I would think that sex with your kids would be the ultimate in family bonding and closeness."

"I'm not sure I know what you mean,' Nola interrupted. "I think Rick and I have a very good, close relationship even without sex."

"I'm sure you do," I continued. "I guess you and Rick are a good example of what I mean. I don't think a family would want to consider sex with each other to bring them closer if there were problems. I think I've learned that sex doesn't make people close. But when they are already close it can be a wonderful shared experience. It's like any other things that are shared. We usually want to have close family join us for all the other positive experiences, like movies, eating out, or vacations. I don't see why sex is the one area that is excluded. Tonight, when I watched you guys get it on together, it was so magical and exciting. It just seemed like a natural evolution for you both to fully give to each other sexually."

I was observing the effect of the conversation on both of them. They each were glancing at me but more and more at each other, as their breathing was becoming more rapid. I took this as some encouragement and continued. "When I think of you having sex with Rick, it seems like you'd be reconnecting, like when he was born. Only now you'd both be participating in taking him back in you. I mean, look at Rick. He's hung like a bull, and I think you'd love to ride him like a one, with your pussy buried down to the hilt. I think feeling him deep inside stretching you, kind of like your cunt was stretched to give birth—feeling his flesh rubbing against your intimate core for the first time in twenty years—would be kind of like a rebirth; the start of a whole new relationship. I think it would be the ultimate closeness and the ultimate turn on."

"It does sound special," Nola said, appearing to relent some. "But you're appealing to my maternal instincts. I'm not sure how that connects with sexual passion with my own son."

I was feeling more hopeful as I continued. "Well, it seems like the biggest turn on happens when there is trust and respect for each other. Thinking about it, how could there be more trust and respect than you feel for each other. Nola, I honestly think that if you choose to let go and give in to this, you'll have an unforgettable experience of erotic passion! You'd be humping that pole for the ride of your life, staring down into his loving eyes and seeing how you're driving him wild. You'd feel him tighten and, when he shoots his cum into you, you'd clamp down on his cock, driving your cunt down to the hilt; hammering your clit like never before. You'd have an unbelievable climax that would have you begging for more. I think if you gave it a chance you'd experience such a beautiful high together, you'd forget all your hang-ups and wonder why you'd waited so long to give to each other in this way."

By the time I was finished, they both were looking excited as they openly touched themselves. Nola was the first to respond. "God, Nola, you make it sound awfully attractive. Part of me is saying, 'what the hell was I thinking...I should be fucking him right now...Just go for it.' But then another part of me is holding back, worried that I might somehow regret it. It's not something we can take back after it's done."

"It's ok, Mom. I don't want you to feel pressured at all," Rick assured her. I was somewhat taken aback by his response. "You don't have to decide this right away," he continued. "Besides, I was shocked and thrilled with you taking me down your throat. It might be pushing things to—you know—try the other way."

"Well, you're certainly considerate. But why the sudden change, when I thought you were dying to stick that monster back where it came from?" Nola asked, obviously sharing my confusion over his cold feet.

"Well the idea is a huge turn on, and when I was all hot, all I could think of was getting myself buried in your pussy. But now I'm thinking of the reality. You know I worry that...Well it's just that, it can get embarrassing to...I mean, well, I'm, ah...It's so big that I can't really...I mean no one really wants to have me...You know, have me inside to...I was feeling nervous about hurting you if...Well, you know if I was..." He was at a loss for words and he looked down.

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