tagFirst TimeDiving Doesn't Have To Be In Water

Diving Doesn't Have To Be In Water


I was first introduced to Kristen over the phone. Even though school administrators told me that I was not allowed to attend classes at their college they said nothing about me showing and partying. It had become something of a ritual for me on Friday nights; head up to the old haunting grounds meet up with my old roommate and party until the last one fell. When I first arrived this one weekend I had no idea the twists that this night would take. While waiting for Jeremy to get ready his phone rang since I was right there I decided to answer it. I think I surprised the person on the other end because she wanted to double check to make sure she had the right number. Making small talk I found that her name was Kristen and she was looking for her friend Amy, Jeremy's girlfriend. Unbeknownst to her Amy was no where around this night.

Having a coupe of drinks in me I decided to chat Kristen up and found out that she was only a year younger than me and she went to a small state college that was a couple of hours away. We must have hit it off because we had been on the phone for a half hour before Jeremy started to get a little antsy. Soon Kristen was wondering why we hadn't headed out to the bars yet

I jokingly replied: "I am waiting for you to arrive!!" Kristen gave a polite chuckle and as we were saying our good-byes she said "I'll see you in 90 minutes!" Never thinking she was serious Jeremy and I headed to the bar across the street. After a while my thoughts drifted back to Kristen and how nice she seemed. I started to prod Jeremy to leave the bar, stop off get some more beer and head back to his place and wait for Kristen.

He must have thought I was completely trashed because he looked at me strangely and said "Come on, do you really think she is going to drive a couple of hours just to meet you?!"

"I doubt it but I would regret if I weren't there and she actually showed up!" We had been home for about twenty minutes when there was knock on the door. Jeremy went to the door and I was surprised to see two girls standing behind him. He gave one a hug and politely smiled at the other as being introduced. I was pleasantly surprised by how attractive Kristen was in person, I mean she sounded cute but looked even better. She was about 5'6", a few extra pounds, long dark hair and shimmering blue eyes. As the beers flowed I found that me and Kristen were drifting closer and closer together and before too long we were locked in a passionate embrace. This went on for a couple of hours; a little drinking, a little socializing, a lot of kissing. As it became evident that I was in no shape to drive home I decided to crash on the couch and was pleasantly surprised when Kristen snuggled up beside me.

With the lights out and Kristen snuggled beside me I was speechless when she whispered in my ear "You have to promise me you will take it out!" I stammered out my response "O-o-f-f c-course I will!

I was no longer a virgin but I was definitely still in the rookie category when it came to sex. With every thrust I doubted whether or not I could actually pull out and stop the wonderful ride that was taking place. Let alone the fact that I nearly melted with every thrust because Kristen was making the sexiest moans. Wanting to keep my promise I reluctantly pulled out shortly before blasting a hot load of jizz all over Kristen's belly. After a little more kissing we drifted off to sleep.

The next morning having awoke to Kristen being ready for some more action I was more than happy to oblige. After making ourselves presentable and with no plans for the rest of the weekend the four of us, Jeremy, Amy, Kristen and I, started off on the 2 hour drive back to Kristen's college. We got back to her school with plenty of time to drop her bags off at her dorm and head out for happy hour.

It didn't take long for Kristen to be back in my arms, and it must have been a level of sexual remorse because she kept asking me "last night is not going to be a one night stand is it?"

Not knowing what else to say I replied with "Of course not, would I drive 2 hours for just some sex?"

She must have liked that answer because it was at least 5 minutes before her tongue was out of my mouth. Being pretty drunk we figured it would be best if we made our way back to Kristen's dorm room. When we arrived Kristen's roommate was getting ready to crash and after the night we had the night before we figured that it might be a good idea if we did the same. It didn't take long before there were no sounds coming from anyone else in the room and Kristen and I figured this would be a good time for another round of sex. This time however; Kristen was the one to climb on top of me and she was bouncing up and down like she was jumping on a trampoline. Doing her best to muffle groans she dug her face into my neck as she reached her climax. All the added blood flowing through my body was working better than Red-Bull as I was wide awake and looking for some more action. Having never known the joys and pleasures of going down on a girl I figured this would be as good of time as any.

As I was about to start my journey Kristen gently whispered "are you sure you want to do that? Won't everyone else know what you are doing?" "Are you serious?!"

"They are all asleep!"

With that said I was kissing my way down her body making sure to kiss and lick as much as possible a long the way. As I reached the beginning of her hair patch I caught an attractive aroma which seemed to be calling my name. Dragging my mouth over her pubes I went right for her inner thighs which felt like they were burning up. By the squirming that was going on I could tell that she as enjoying this as much as I was. I finally made my way back to her inviting vulva and was amazed at how wonderful a woman could taste. Not really knowing what I was doing I was doing what ever felt natural, licking sucking, moving my tongue in small circles, licking the alphabet (Q -- got the biggest reaction).

After about 20 minutes Kristen pulled me back up, gave me a kiss and asked "where did you learn to do that?!"

Before I could answer she said it didn't matter just as long I did it whenever we got together. This time I agreed but there was no reluctance at all.

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