tagSci-Fi & FantasyDjinn in the City Ch. 03

Djinn in the City Ch. 03


I'd like to thank everyone for your comments and votes, this has been a great experience. This is the last chapter of the Djinn in the City series, but I do have some ideas to continue the story if you all want more. Comments appreciated!


The next morning was hectic. Fedex delivered a mass of Amazon orders in the morning, including the much-awaited electronic reader. The mattress was being delivered around noon, and some of Jack's construction friends were showing up before that to start reviewing and going over the plans.

"Want a hand?" Gin asked.

"Not really. I think there will be more talking and planning than actual work today," Jack said, pulling a 12 pack from the fridge. Off of Gin's look, Jack put his hands up in defense. "Hey, this'll just get the creative juices flowing. But if you were up there I would have some distracted guys, I think." Gin was wearing cut-off jeans and a tee shirt and was looking delectable. After their furious bout of anal sex in the afternoon, they made gentle love after the movie, Jack passing out between Gin's soft thighs. That morning Gin had once again woken him with a fantastic blowjob. Jack was worried his wish to have fantastic sex with her for the rest of his life might actually kill him. How ironic! "Don't sweat it, you'll get to meet all these guys soon enough, alright?"

"Of course Jack. Maybe I'll see what Stacy's doing," she said, grabbing the spare key and heading down the hallway and knocking on Stacy's door as Jack headed upstairs.

"Ginny! Hi, what's up?"

"Nothing really. Jack is busy working upstairs and I was wondering if I could sit with you a moment?"

"C'mon in girl, of course, jeez," Stacy said pulling the shorter woman inside. "You're not helping?"

"Jack said I would distract the guys?" This got a full-throated laugh from Stacy.

"Yeah, that could be a danger... I mean do you even own a bra?" Stacy said, indicating Gin's outfit. "Hey, don't get me wrong, I go without a lot too, but I don't have a set of tits like yours," Stacy said, indicating her smaller chest. Stacy had a classic model's body, tall and slim.

"I... I just don't really need one, I guess. Is it that distracting?" Gin asked, looking down at her chest.

"Ugh, quit playing. I'm already jealous enough." Stacy said, going to the fridge.

"What do you mean?" Ginny asked, coming around the counter to face the taller woman. Stacy looked sheepish for a moment, then broke into an embarrassed smile.

"Okay, don't hate me. But yesterday after we got back from looking at real estate, I was a sweaty mess. So I went to take a quick shower," Stacy explained, leading Gin to her bathroom. "And I... heard you."

"Heard me what?" Gin asked, confused.

"Well, so here's the window," she said, getting in the tub and pointing at it. The window was indeed right in the shower, but the small frosted glass didn't allow prying eyes in. "And just over there..." she pointed, directing Gin's eyes to another window in the same building, "is Jack's window."

"Oh. Oh!" Gin said, figuring it out. "So you heard... us."

"Yeah," Stacy said, a mischievous look in her eye. "You were, uh, noisy." Gin blushed crimson and Stacy touched her arm in support. "Hey! Nothing to be embarrassed about! Seriously! I just was a little..."

"Jealous, you said?" Gin asked, her embarrassment fading.

"Well, shit. What can I say? It's been a while since I've been fucked like that. I thought he was killing you or something in there," Stacy said, grinning slyly. "Well actually, I've never been fucked quite like that, if you know what I mean."

"Oh?" Gin asked. Talking about the amazing sex from the day before was getting her a little hot. "Why not?"

"I dunno, never really trusted a guy to do it, I guess. It didn't hurt?"

"Not really. There's a little pain, but Jack was very slow and gentle," Gin said, leaning against the shower wall. "Was I very loud?" she asked, grinning. Stacy laughed.

"At first not so bad, I could hear you moaning and stuff. But I guess... When he put it in? You went crazy. I was a little shocked, actually. Was it always that good?" Gin paused, as if to think on it, remembering that Stacy thought that she was an old girlfriend of Jack's.

"I'm not sure. That was a long time ago." Something occurred to her. "So... You just listened to us as you stood here showering?"

"Well..." Stacy hedged, and now it was her turn to blush, "c'mon, it was fuckin' hot. You could work in phone sex with that mouth of yours." The two girls laughed. "Sorry."

"What for?"

"For dumping my shit-sex-life problems on you. My best orgasm in three months was from listening to you getting it in the ass. I'm depraved," Stacy laughed, but Gin could tell that there was real pain there.

"Well then I'm glad I could help," Gin said lightly, trying to break the mood. "You want to go out for a walk? I feel like I've been cooped up for the past few days. I want to see the neighborhood." This was true: Ginny hadn't left the apartment since their trip to O'Reilly's.

"Uh, sure, why not. Wanna go shopping? There's a second hand store over on 54th that's good. Go ask Jack if he'll bankroll us," Stacy said as she left the bathroom, laughing.

"See you in a minute," Gin said, leaving the apartment and heading upstairs. She pushed open the door to 6B to find Jack holding court with three men, clearly his construction friends.

"Gin! Hi, uh, guys, this is my... Assistant, Ginny, Ginny Powers. Gin, this is Steve, Stosh and Kyle, they're going to be helping me get this apartment ready."

"It's very nice to meet you," she said to the men. For their part, they seemed struck dumb.

"What's the matter?" Jack asked, stepping closer.

"Stacy and I are going shopping. She suggested you could bankroll us." Jack laughed.

"Yeah sure, here," he said, handing her his debit card. He leaned closer and whispered, "When it comes time to pay, just slide this card through the... You know what, just give it to Stacy."

"Thanks Master," she whispered back. "It was nice to meet all of you," she said to the group before turning on her heel and leaving.

"Fucking hell Jack," Stosh said, "where've you been hiding her?"


The next month was probably the busiest of Jack's life. Mr. Antanopolis was even quicker than he had said, and Jack was the proud owner of a six story building with 14 tenants, including Stacy and Ginny. But that was only the first of six real estate purchases he was in the middle of all over town, and Jack had a full schedule of inspections, meetings, document signings and closings. It would probably be another few months until it was all said and done, but everything was going according to schedule.

Jack's move up to 6B was complete, and he reveled in the bigger place. The kitchen was still a gutted mess and the bathroom was only half finished, but again everything was at least going to schedule. After Jack offered to pay for their move to Arizona, the Chows had agreed to move a month earlier, and it was only a few more days before Jack could start knocking walls down. Which he was itching to do.

Jack had started taking a course in restaurant management, going three nights a week to a culinary school in the city, and he was scheduled to start taking a bartending course there soon as well. At the same time, at Stacy's urging, he had started seeing a personal trainer a couple of times a week. Between his class schedule, his training sessions and his business responsibilities, Jack was always running from one thing to the other.

And he couldn't have done any of it without Ginny's help. She was able to keep his schedule straight and was always just a phone call away now that Jack had given her a cell phone of her own. Whatever she might have lacked in general knowledge she made up for with a sharp mind, quick wit, and excellent planning skills. It turned out her job as his personal assistant wasn't going to be such a sham after all.

Her education continued at a rapid pace. Her reading speed was astounding, and Jack figured she had read upwards of 250 books in the month. She never had to ask a question more than once, and had even started explaining things to Jack that he didn't understand. Their nightly movies had become a tradition, with Jack trying to leaven the heavy diet of classics with some fun guy movies and other favorites. They would snuggle up on the new couch and enjoy them on his new enormous 65 inch flat screen tv.

Not to mention the fact that the sex continued to be mind blowing, toe curlingly good. Jack loved the money, but he was starting to think that sleeping with Gin every day was the best wish he made. They made passionate love every night, and many days, always pushing each other to the absolute limit of pleasure. And on the rare night that Jack was just too tired, Gin woke him with a fantastic blowjob the next morning, which frequently led to 69ing and even more sex. Jack couldn't get enough of her.

Most nights she slept with him in 6B, but occasionally Jack would come down to the studio and sleep with her there. The studio was now Gin's apartment, despite her claims that she didn't require a place to live. Jack insisted, saying it would help as a cover for her. Gin had even gone about decorating the place, something a genie should never have had to do, and even let Jack buy her clothing and furniture.

"Gin, if you're gonna live in this world, you've got to live by some rules," Jack said as he put up a picture Gin had selected. Her design tastes were a little odd, but the place already was better looking than when Jack lived there. "If you don't have a place of your own, people will think you're my live-in slut or something."

"Mm, there's an idea," Gin said, sliding her hand easily into his pants, already finding him half-hard. "So this way, I'm your downstairs slut?"

"Gin, please don't do that while I'm, mm, trying to hang something straight?" Jack pleaded, hammering the picture hook into the wall quickly. As he worked, Gin quickly unzipped his pants and pulled his cock into her mouth. Jack kept working, not letting Gin's antics distract him. He hammered the second nail in as Gin took him deep, holding his cock in her throat, her tongue sliding out to tease his balls. Jack groaned but soldiered on, hanging the picture and checking that it was level.

"Mm, good work Master. I want the next picture over there," she said, pointing over the bed.

"Where?" Jack asked, pushing his pants off.

"Over here," Gin said, crawling onto the bed on all fours. At some point she had lost her pants, and now she pulled her shirt up to reveal her round ass. Jack groaned as he saw the base of the butt plug sticking out between her cheeks. "I want it right here," she said again, lowering her chest to the bed and spreading her pussy wide.


"I'm sorry Stace, it just happened!" Gin said, giggling.

"Go up to his place! I'm sick of hearing you two fuck like animals. It's driving me crazy!" Stacy said, laughing. "And you! I know you're moaning extra-loud for my benefit, you little slut." The two women's friendship had blossomed over the past month. Stacy didn't know it, but she was helping to teach Gin a great deal about people and how they interacted in the modern world.

"I couldn't help it. He was hanging some pictures for me. There's something sexy about a man swinging a hammer around." No need to tell her about putting in the plug before he came down to help, Gin thought.

"Hm. I know there's a 'hung' joke to be made somewhere, but I'm not sure..." Stacy said, giggling. "Where is your stud today?"

"Closing on the place on Greenpoint, then meeting with Lexi and Seth for a bit of a review of where he stands. And..." she was distracted by a beep from her phone, a text from Jack. "And he's closed on the place in Greenpoint. Yay!"

"We should celebrate! Lets... Hm. Do a nice dinner?"

"Sounds nice. I don't know if I can handle one of our usual celebrations."

"Oo, and I think I can score a little weed from Diane. How's that sound, stay in, get lit, eat a big meal?" Gin knew what weed was from her books, and was curious.

"Yeah, that sounds fun! What should we cook?"

"We need to go shopping," Stacy said, already dropping her pajama pants. Gin was surprised: the taller woman was now nude from the waist down, and as Gin watched her tight ass walking to the closet, she realized Stacy didn't seem to notice or mind.

"Working in fashion you get used to it. Quick changes on the runway and all that," Stacy said, answering Gin's unspoken question. She grabbed some shorts and panties from her dresser and as she turned, Ginny saw her pussy and squeaked in surprise. "What?"

"You... Your pussy! It's all... bare?" Gin was astounded. She'd never seen that before. Jack was right; there were still a lot of things she didn't know.

"Standard in the business. You've got to show up with your hair done, top and bottom. What? Don't tell me you've never seen a bald pussy before," Stacy asked, now brazenly standing with her feet shoulder width apart. Gin stepped a little closer, openly staring.

"No, I can't say I have."

"Ever thought of doing it?"


"Shaving? Going bare down there," Stacy asked, finally pulling some panties on.

"I, no? Why would I do that?"

"Drives guys crazy."

"Really?" Gin said, intrigued.

"Oh yeah. The first time I waxed, my boyfriend couldn't keep his hands off me. It's like he needed to eat pussy to live." Gin's eyebrows went high at that, and then a small smile tugged at her lips. A truly devilish grin formed on Stacy's. "You want to try it, don't you?"

"Yeah, I think I do," Gin said, already planning on using her magic to remove her hair there so she could surprise Jack with it. It would take but a mo-

"Okay, drop trou and get up next to the sink in the bathroom."


"Take off your pants and get on the counter in the bathroom. I'm gonna shave your pussy for you," Stacy said with determination, leading Gin into the bathroom. "C'mon, it'll drive Jack crazy. Not that you seem to need any help there, but!" Stacy rummaged in a drawer finding a can of shaving cream and a razor. "Gin, you gotta keep guys on their toes. And it'll be a nice extra celebration for him!" she said, dragging a chair into the bathroom. "Don't worry, I've done this a couple of times in college."

"But I'm not-"

"Hon, it's no big deal. Hey," Stacy said, sitting on the chair, putting her in the perfect position to do the deed, "imagine what Jack'll do when he sees it. When you tell him I did it for you." Gin thought for a moment, remembered how the other day he fucked her senseless just from seeing her bent over looking for underwear.

"Okay... Okay!" Gin said, dropping her sweats to the ground and hopping onto the counter.

"Hon? You gotta spread your legs a touch. Pretend you're at the doc's," she said, pushing on her knees. Gin obliged, spreading her thighs and, at Stacy's urging, pulled her thighs up, scooting her butt to the edge of the counter. "Perfect. And I do mean perfect, you're very pretty down here."

"Oh quiet, this is embarrassing enough," Gin said, blushing scarlet.

"That's right, I forgot something!" Stacy took a hand towel and soaked it under hot water, placing the hot cloth over Gin's pussy. Stacy took a quick dash out of the bathroom, returning a moment later with a bottle of wine and two glasses. "Definitely required."

"What about food shopping?" Gin asked, holding the warm towel to her pussy.

"We'll order in. Jack will appreciate this more, trust me," Stacy said, pouring the wine.

"What's next?"

"Well the hot water will soften the hair, making it easier. I'll trim a little with a scissor, then lather you up and fwoosh! Bald pussy," Stacy said as she took her seat between Gin's thighs. She removed the towel and took the scissors, and set about trimming back Gin's bush.

As Stacy snipped away, Gin sipped her wine, forcing herself to remain calm. It had been a long time since a woman was so close to her. Of Ginny's 33 masters, only four had been women and of them, only one of them had used her for her pleasure. Gin remembered her fondly, but quickly shook such thoughts away as Stacy's slim fingers moved around her pubis. A few quick clips later, and Gin's bush was reduced to a short fuzz.

"See, I think even this is better," Stacy said, grabbing a can of shaving cream. "You still have hair, so grow back isn't an issue, but the goods are still on display."

"Grow back?" Gin asked, then squeaked as Stacy spread the cream on her mound. "That's cold!"

"Grow back. When you shave, sometimes when it grows back it's itchy as a motherfucker. That's why I wax," Stacy said absently, her fingers spreading the cream all over Gin's pussy. "Okay, time to decide: Landing strip? Heart? Sphinx?"

"What are you talking about?" Gin asked, taking another swig of wine. Stacy sighed.

"For one of the smarter people I know, you can be a bit of a dummy. A landing strip is just a strip of hair from here," she said, indicating the beginning of Gin's pubic hair, "to here," she ran her finger right to the top of Gin's cunt, her fingertip brushing her clit. "A heart is a heart with the point pointing to your clit, and a sphinx is what I have. Bald pussy."

"Whatever will drive Jack crazier?"

"Definitely bald. Are you sure you want Jack crazier?" Stacy laughed, grabbing the razor. "Okay, point of no return. You ready?"

"Uh huh," Gin said, and Stacy began. Pulling one lip taught, she brought the razor down gently, scraping the hair off of the delicate skin as she went. Ginny tried not to gasp at the intimate contact, and started chewing on her bottom lip instead. Stacy worked diligently and methodically, starting at the lips and moving up to the mons.

Gin was trying not to get turned on, but it was really hard. As Stacy pulled skin taut to get a good shave, her slim fingers would touch Gin's pussy in all sorts of delightful ways. As she reached the top, she placed her thumb right next to Gin's chubby clit, apparently by accident. Gin gasped, tensing. Stacy looked up from between her thighs, her eyes mysterious. Gin gulped down her wine and set it aside, spreading her thighs wider. Stacy continued her work, and a few minutes later Gin looked down at a bare pussy. She thought that was it, but Stacy stayed there, sliding her fingers along the now slick flesh.

"Checking to see if I missed anything," she said absently. Gin thought she checked for a very long time, but Stacy declared her pussy bare. Gin was about to get up when Stacy stopped her. "One more thing Gin. Bend over the sink a second." Gin complied, turning around and presenting her ass to the taller woman. "Spread your cheeks. I know you know how to do that."

"Is this really necessary?" Gin asked, spreading her ass wide.

"Need to get every hair darling," Stacy said, looking at Gin's displayed pussy and ass and biting her lip. "Damn girl. You sure you don't want to try modeling? I could have you in one of those big booty magazines in like a second!"

"No thank you Stacy. Now stop ogling my ass and finish up please," Ginny said, laughing. There was hardly any hair around her ass, but Stacy quickly cleaned up the few hairs before turning Gin back around and putting her back on the counter.

Taking the wet towel again, Stacy wiped at Gin's mound, cleaning away the excess cream. The rough cloth felt divine, and Gin couldn't stop a moan of pleasure from escaping this time.

"Oh I'm so sorry," Gin gasped, blushing.

"Don't be," Stacy said, pulling a bottle from a drawer. "This body oil will keep your skin happy, post-shaving. You just rub it into the skin." Stacy stood there holding the bottle, and Gin sensed the other woman was holding her breath.

"Stacy," Gin said, staring into her blue eyes, "can you please rub it in for me?"

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