Do it! Ch. 01

byMany Feathers©

"I'm taking you to a place we call Chambers," she informed me. "Chambers is where we hold meetings, court, judgments, and of course punishments if they're to be given. Now, I would ask that you do me a favor here if you would please. Follow along and observe only, say and speak nothing while inside. There will of course be curious onlookers as to your being here, but that isn't to be mentioned or addressed now. As far as any of the Lesser's are concerned, you are right now, one of us."

I was surprised when we entered a small room, all around inside were long black satin like robes that hung on the walls. "I'll need you to put one of these on," she told me and then began to undress until she was entirely naked before slipping on one of the robes. "If you don't mind doing the same," she smiled. "And please, remember what you see and hear today, must remain here. What you are about to witness and see is for a reason, the girls are here to learn obedience, and discipline, and there are many, many ways that we go about teaching them that."

After I had myself undressed and slipped into my robe, I followed Deidra into what almost looked like a cathedral inside. And though it was arranged with what appeared to be hard wooden benches, they formed a half circle in front of some sort of Dias, or platform. Behind that, several far more comfortable seats, one of which was currently being filled by Bella as she patiently waited for us to join her. At the moment, there were nine young women sitting there on the benches wearing white, with six others wearing blue, two of which I now realized, had to be older than even I was! All of them wore robes similar to the black one I had on, though obviously in different colors. Though Bella I had noticed was the only one wearing red.

Bella stood as we came in, as did everyone else sitting there in attendance.

"Mistress Deidra?" Bella began. "As it was you who the novice affronted, it will be up to you to administer her punishment. Also, it is noted, this is her second offense for the same lack of respect shown to you as was shown to one of the Attending's the last time. As such, her punishment shall be doubled for the offense, and given as a last and final warning."

Obviously as I now realized, as Bella spoke looking over towards the row of women all sitting together dressed in the blue robes. These I realized, had to be the one's she'd addressed as "Attendings".

"Novice Jamie? If you would please step forward and approach the platform?"

I now watched as one of the younger looking women, obviously Jamie, walked over towards the raised platform stepping on to it. She had long blonde hair falling well down to the middle of her back. She was strikingly beautiful as well, though her look was one of fear and anxiety as she slowly approached. I stood off to one side, merely watching...observing, as Deidra now moved forward joining her. Behind Bella, on the wall, I only then noticed what appeared to be a collection of various kinds of whips. I'd at first thought them to be part of the décor, some sort of a collection perhaps. But now I realized, they were items that were obviously used. Deidra stepped up, selecting one that I later learned was called a "quirt". Once she had done so, she walked over towards the young woman, motioning over towards the Attendings as she did. Two stood, immediately coming over to now join the two of them.

As one, the two Attendings now reached down, lifting the robe pulling it up and completely over the young woman's head. She now stood there, totally naked in front of everyone. "Assume the position," Deidra told her letting the sound of the Quirt be heard as she snapped it within her hand. Jamie turned, bending over completely, her hands actually coming down to take a hold of her own ankles. In the next instant, Deidra struck Jamie's bare ass with the small whip, three times in rapid succession, stopping briefly, and then doing so again. I noticed from even where I stood, the young woman's ass had taken on a rosy red glow where each one of her cheeks had been struck.

"That is to teach you discipline and respect," she informed the young woman. "And now, you will be further taught obedience and humility." Deidra then nodded her head at the two Attending's, who now walked over towards her. Unlike the Novice robes that were pulled over the top of her head, my robe like Deidra's were tied and fastened in front. As one, they now stood in front of Deidra, undoing the sash and fastenings until it fell completely open. They then stood behind her, taking it from her as it came away. She now too, standing there as naked as the somewhat now cowering young woman was. One of the Attendings now leaned over pulling something out of a drawer that was in the six foot long Dias they were standing next to. It looked as though to be some sort of padded comforter, along with a pillow, all in a rich deep red, that was now spread out upon the Dias itself. Once it had been, Deidra climbed up, lying down upon it, making herself comfortable, legs spread. The two Attendings then took up positions on either side of the Dias and began softly caressing, almost playfully teasing Deidra's beautiful nude body as she lay there. Only then did Bella step forward speaking once again.

"Gather round," she simply commanded, "Learn how to obey and to serve," she added as each one of the Novices now approached, forming yet again another half circle around Jamie and Deidra as Jamie now leaned forward, though still standing, and immediately began licking Deidra's very exposed pussy.

I was slightly surprised to be witnessing this for one thing, not quite or entirely expecting it. Once again my own emotions a jumble at this point, realizing to some degree of what was expected and being required around here. And yet...standing there witnessing what I now was, I found myself becoming mildly aroused by it.

I had a few years back, dabbled in my own college curiosities as they say, and had admittedly in fact, enjoyed the experience. Since then however, I hadn't again experimented, or enjoyed the pleasures of being with another woman. As I stood there watching this now however, those same feelings, desires, wants and needs suddenly came rushing back. I was thus quite surprised to find myself becoming obviously aroused as I stood there watching the young woman obediently, and now quite openly enjoying it, as she continued licking and sucking Deidra's cunt.

Bella had in the meantime taken down what appeared to me to be a riding crop. Walking up behind the young woman Jamie, she now joined the half-circle of curious interested Novices and Attendings who all stood around watching what was now taking place. Without warning, without hesitation, she again landed the crop with a loud resounding smack on the woman's left cheek, causing her to wince slightly as she did so, though she continued without pause, licking Deidra's wide open, obscenely displayed pussy.

To my ultimate surprise however, even as this was going on, I noticed more than one Novice had now lifted their robes, hands down between their legs, obviously and very openly masturbating themselves. Even one or two of the Attendings were doing so as well, though these, I also noticed, appeared to be doing one another in some instances. Bella struck the woman again twice more, then laying down the crop, reaching to part her own robe. When she did, I immediately saw something else, what appeared to be a long, thick, life-like looking phallus sticking up between her legs. It was evident, Bella was wearing some sort of a strap-on.

She now stood behind the young woman, placing the fake prick against the woman's ass, though without inserting it, simply asked her. "Do you...submit?"

"Yes Mistress Bella!" Came the reply. "Yes!"

I couldn't believe I could now find myself as aroused as I now was, standing there watching this, walking forward just a bit in order to get a closer, better look at everything that was going on. Upon hearing the young woman's willing submission, Bella immediately repositioned the stiff hard cock she had on, and slid it inside the young girl in one single thrusting motion, burying it deep inside the young woman's pussy. There she held, staying for a moment, letting the girl get used to it perhaps, though she herself continued to lick, tickle and suck Deidra's spread cunt without missing a single beat in doing so.

I now felt my own moisture gathering between my legs, no longer caring, though no eyes seemed to be focused on me, I reached down, likewise parting the seam in my robe, easily locating my own, very wet split and began toying with it.

Standing there watching the spectacle before me, I was surprised at the level of obvious intensity which had been reached. The two Attendings on either side of Deidra, each one leaning over to suck, kiss and caress her breasts, all the while openly fingering themselves while doing so. Many of the other Attendings going so far as to remove their own robes, now stood fondling, caressing, or brazenly finger-fucking one another or themselves, one or two others now inviting one of the Novices to begin doing so to them, which they likewise now did. I noticed however, than none of the Novices touched any of the others, only themselves as many now were invited to remove their own robes, which most of them did. Bella continued fucking the young woman, even as Deidra finally cried out with climatic joy, announcing the unbridled arrival of her pleasure.

"May I...may I come now Mistress Bella?" Jamie asked looking back over her shoulder.

" may not, not today, not this way at least," she warned her. Only then stepping back, pulling out of the young woman's cunt. "But you may, pleasure yourself to completion if you wish, while we all watch you," she then added. I saw a small look of obvious relief on the young woman's face. Deidra now sliding off the table, standing beside it as the Attendings brought her robe back to her, helping to put it on again. She looked towards me, smiling, and motioned me over. I was still standing there with my own hand between my legs, not realizing it for a moment until she'd done that. Only then removing it, allowing the folds of my robe to close once again, before walking over to stand next to her.

"You may have one of the Novices, or even one of the Attending's finger you if you'd like," she said whispering, but you must not touch any of them in here," she then added.

"No, that's ok...I'm fine," I responded back, though admittedly aroused, still in need and surprised to find myself enthralled watching all this.

As for Jamie, she had now crawled up onto the Dias, openly spreading her legs, where she proceeded to furiously finger-fuck herself, slapping her clit in fact, urging herself on towards climax all the while others standing there looking on, watching her, fingering themselves, or someone else having been invited to do so. Throughout the entire chamber, one by one, the pleasured moans and groans of ecstasy finally being reached, began to reverberate throughout the entire massive room.


Even though I was honestly still aroused, I had decided against allowing myself to do more than I already had. Following Deidra back into the small changing room, Bella soon after arrived joining us.

" ok by all of that?" She asked pointedly.

"It was...interesting," I responded, still feeling the flush of excitement and arousal as the three of us stood there dressing again. I couldn't help but glance over, admiring Bella's firm full breasts, the continued stiff hardness of her nipples as she almost too slowly, too casually slipped back into her clothing again. Deidra too took her time, but then surprised me further, reaching over before I had managed to replace my bra, which was still hanging on one of the nearby hooks on the wall, hefting my breast in her hand momentarily.

"You have lovely tits," she told me. "I'm already looking forward to sucking them." I laughed at that, feeling embarrassed, still flushed, a jolt of renewed arousal traveling down to my groin as she quickly kissed it, sucking the nipple briefly before letting go. "Whenever you're ready for that," she then added.

I hated to admit it, but I was ready now, wrestling with my emotions however, just barely succeeding in overcoming them as I hurriedly finished dressing.

"Well, since you'll be staying with us through dinner this evening at least, how about I show you the fitting and dressing rooms? Let's see if we can't find something suitable for you to wear tonight," Bella told me. I soon after followed, wondering now what the rest of the day and evening was going to be like. It had been interesting enough as it was. But with a male guest being in attendance tonight, and one that both Bella and Deidra told me had some interesting little quirks about him, I couldn't help wondering what I was letting myself in for.


They had shown me the gowns they would themselves be wearing this evening, each one similar to those they had worn the night before, though in a dark sparkling blue color.

"You'll be introduced to Robert as another one of Ted's guests," Bella told me. "We don't want him making any assumptions about you, and as such, we'll make sure you're dressed in something totally different than what we'll be wearing," she explained.

I tried on a few different gowns, dresses, though one that fit almost perfectly ended up being a long floor-length emerald green affair that was cut well up the hip along one side. Obviously, I wouldn't be able to wear anything underneath it. But also posing as another one of Ted's guests, I'd no doubt not be expected to be doing so either. And though it wasn't as low-cut as either one of the gowns that Deidra and Bella would be wearing, it was low-cut enough that I knew I'd be showing off more than an ample amount of cleavage myself. Still, I had to admit, I thought I looked pretty good in it after putting it on.

"It's time for our afternoon massages," Deidra stated then as we handed over the gowns to a waiting Novice who was to ensure that they were clean and wrinkle free before the evening began. I watched as she hurried off, remembering the scene in the Chamber.

"You mind if I ask another question?"

"Feel free, ask anything you'd's the best way to learn," Bella stated.

"Well, I was wondering. Obviously there is a hierarchy of privilege between the Novices, Attendings and yourselves. I got that, that much was obvious by what I saw. But I am curious...amongst the two of you, is there also a level of priority and privilege there as well?"

"As a matter of fact there is, though it's not nearly as obvious perhaps, between Deidra and I, and say us...and the Attendings or Novices. But yes...there are a few minor differences. For one, as Senior Mistress, I have first rights and privileges always. What that means is...say the three of us were invited to share Ted's bed one evening. What I first right, first privilege to fuck him, before either one of you would Deidra have first rights over you. However, if I so choose to pass off on that, then she is free of course to fuck him first, provided I have given up that right to do so. Likewise, on anything else that might happen or take place while in the room together. I have first right to suck his cock, though I might then ask or invite one of you to do so along with me. Or...I might wish to be the first one, perhaps even the only one, to drink down his seed. In that instance, it is my right to do so, without either one of you questioning me on that, do you see?"

"Yes, I think so," I told her.

"Something else you need be aware of," Deidra added. "Until such time as you decide, if and when you do decide to come here and stay with us, and even then...decide to become a full Mistress, until such time as you do, you will never be allowed, or invited to share Ted's bed alone with him. One of us at least will be there to join you. Only a full Mistress can accept an invitation by him to sleep alone with him in his room. It is a rare privilege to be invited to do so, or both of us are usually with him. On even rarer occasions, if one of the Attendings, or Novices even have shown some worthwhile improvements, or have accomplished a specific set of goals, or achieved excellent grades in school. Sometimes they too can be invited to share his bed with us. But there again, always...always...always, will one of us at least be in attendance with him even then. But, I will also add this. Master has the right to decide what he wants, and when he wants it, regardless. If he chooses not to leave it up to us, or the natural order of things, then he has the right to overrule or decide for himself what he wants. In those instances, privilege, and first rights no longer come into play." She saw the look of confusion in my eyes perhaps, chuckling. "Don't worry sweetie, it's not nearly as complicated as it may sound. After you've been here a while, see how things work, it's actually quite simple. Now then...we're already running late for our afternoon massage, so...shall we?"


I followed the two of them down yet another hallway, entering a large bathing room complete with its own small sized pool, sauna, and obvious massage tables. Three Attendings stood waiting for us as we entered. Each wearing only a small, very short wrap around much like a sarong, and bare breasted.

"They are all fully skilled in the art," Bella said removing her robe, now naked climbing atop one of the tables, as she lay first face down. Deidra followed doing the same, as I then did. "Whatever kind of massage you'd like...deep tissue, full workout massage, or even a nice gentle relaxing massage. Or...if you prefer, a very sensual massage, that I guarantee you, is well worth it," she added, nodding her head at the woman standing next to her, thus letting her know that's exactly what it was she wanted for herself. "Anyway...your choice, just relax and enjoy yourself."

I glanced up, the Attending one of the two older women I'd seen earlier inside the Chamber. I had seen her gently caress and suckle one of Deidra's breasts, arousing me to no end as I'd stood there watching her do that.

"I'll have what she's having," I said simply, seeing her smile, and then felt her hands as they soothingly began working my back.

None of the three spoke so much as a single word while the three of us lay there, though it wasn't long before I heard the pleasured sounds coming from both Bella as well as Deidra, as the two women working on them brought them ever closer to the peak of ecstasy. Whoever the older woman was that was working on me, had very skillful hands as well. She'd been slowly and ever so gradually teasing my neither lips, eventually even going so far as to allow an occasional finger to slip inside me, that I'd finally relaxed, even going so far as to spread my legs a bit more, inviting her to continue doing so.

I had been after all, very aroused, still very horny earlier from what I had seen, even though I hadn't as yet come to any final decisions about it. And yet...I was indeed enjoying this, enjoying the company of these two very interesting, and obviously very powerful women who had seemingly accepted me as a near equal, when most anyone else might have felt threatened, jealous even, by having been given such an offer as I'd been given. And yes, even though I realized and now understood, there were still subtle differences, and would be until and if such time as I decided to allow myself to be "trained" as Bella had put it. I couldn't help but lay here and wonder what it would be like to experience and enjoy this every single day. Especially when I felt my own Attendant suddenly surround my clit with her fingertips, and begin working it slowly up and down.

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