Do You Remember Ch. 01


"I'm not stalking you." She tried to pull her hands from mine, but I didn't let her. "It's just I've been seeing you in here for the last couple months. Are you happy now? I feel like an idiot and you think I'm psychotic."

She looked so cute with her pink blush matching her lipstick. "Allison, it's funny how simple men are. You say you're stalking me..."

"I'm not stalking you," Allison said trying to interrupt.

"You say you're stalking me and instead of running away screaming, I look you over and think just how psycho could this pretty woman be?" I smiled. "As long as this isn't some Fatal Attraction thing? Allison, you're not about to butcher my pet rabbit, are you?"

"You don't have a pet rabbit." The words were out of her mouth before she could stop herself. "Please God, just let me die now."

"Assuming I don't buy myself a pet rabbit any time soon when would you like to go out?"

Allison was muttering to herself something about having to find a new coffeehouse.

"Honey, people will think you're crazy if you keep muttering to yourself. So answer my question, when are we going out? I figure since there still is blackmail involved it should be obscenely expensive, probably French or Italian, but I'll leave that to you. We should really follow up the meal with an evening of dancing too and of course I mean ballroom not disco. I'm not a great dancer, but I can do a decent fox trot and the odd waltz. After that I will drop you off at your door and if I've been an exceptionally good escort maybe I'll get a kiss. Well, I may press your for more than a kiss, but if you want more or not is up to you."

"You're not just trying to..." Before she got the words out, I leaned over and kissed her. What had started as a peck on the cheek turned into a barn burner and if I hadn't been bent over a table and off balance I would have been glad to take this a lot further.

"Wow," she said, perfectly expressing my feelings.

"What do you say to Friday?" She nodded, but I kept talking. "And until then we'll just have to make do with coffee. How about we meet back here at 7 tomorrow?"

God, we were both smiling like idiots.


Chapter 2, the conclusion to the story, should be finished soon. Hope you're enjoying this so far.

Either way please take a moment to vote.

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Only 1*

Only 1*, which is a shame because this had the makings of a really good story, decent characters, nice story line (so far), and a nice cliffhanger end to chapter one. HOWEVER, where is the ending or atmore...

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