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Do Your Man a Favor


Do Your Man a Favor

A man's testicles are very vital and important organs in his body, and without them we would be an extinct species. Keeping them in top-notch shape will give him harder erections, more sex drive, higher amounts of ejaculation and enhanced orgasms. The key to proper testicle function and health is better blood circulation to the testicles. This article explains how to increase a higher-level blood circulation to his testicles to promote all round better function and health. An added side benefit to the ideas discussed below is intense orgasms on his part. My wife created this little routine (which I love) and I thought I would share it with you all.

Step 1: Setting the Stage

Shaving the genitals of men can be just as exciting and pleasurable as it is for women. Men who shave their cock and balls say their sensitivity is increased immensely. Their partners also don't miss the hair-in-the-mouth experience when performing oral sex. Shaved men's genitals are also easier to "control" when administering genital massage or other advanced forms of sexual play.

Shaving the male genitals is about as easy as it gets. All you need is a little water and soap (or shaving cream) and you're off to the races. Any double or triple edge razor used for facial shaving should suffice for the genitals. Some care must be taken to not nip and cut skin as you proceed. The man can do this to himself in the shower or leave the pleasure to his partner.

Step 2: The Warm Up

Before doing anything further, apply a nice hot wrap to his testicles or warm them up with a hair dryer for 3-5 minutes. This will make them warm and the skin more pliable to stretch and massage. After the warm up is complete, apply a healthy dousing of baby oil into your palms and really work it into his testicles skin, covering all viable area with baby oil. Make sure the oil is really rubbed in to the skin.

Begin to massage all surrounding areas of his testicles, but not the testicles directly. Massage in between the testicles with a pumping motion using your thumb and fingers. Massage at the base, pulling down as you massage. Do this for about 3 minutes. Then take your hands with your fingers spread apart and grip his testicles at the root and lightly pull them down, bring them back up, them pull them down again, over and over for about 3 minutes.

Lightly apply pressure to his testicles as you continue, massaging and stroking his penis as well while doing so. Massage all around them, working your way around both of his testicles constantly changing your pattern. Continue to repeat all of these steps over and over again. Another good stretching method is grasp around the base of his testicles with your thumb and forefinger and squeeze until his testicles are tight together on top of your thumb and forefinger. Take the other hand and apply a small amount of pressure on top of the testicles and massage them in a circular motion. While you are doing this, pull down lightly of the hand grabbing the base of his testicles connecting flesh. Do this for about 3-5 minutes without stopping.

After these massaging exercises, his testicles should be stretched out and appear to be hanging lower than normal, as well as appear to be larger. This is due to the increased blood circulated into his testicles from performing the above exercises. Another good tip to promote increased blood circulation to his testicles while performing these exercises is to heat the bottle of baby oil for several minutes in a sink of hot water before applying. This heat will increase the blood flow as well as absorb into the flesh quicker, enabling a better, more efficient workout.

Step 3: The Edge

The third part of the exercise is called edging. It's a more intense form of cock and ball massage whose goal is to get as close to orgasm as possible without really going over the edge...thus the term edging. Each time you do this additional seminal fluid is release into the scrotum, which eventually become very full and the desire to orgasm becomes more intense. By creating this additional fluid once orgasm is actually achieved, a larger amount of ejaculate is release, which cleans out the male reproductive system very effectively. And the orgasm is usually very intense.

You achieve this by going to the edge...over and over. Run your oily hands all around his penis and balls gradually building to an orgasm. The closer he gets to cumming the slower you go and decrease the pressure. After about ten minutes of this he should be right at the edge. The trick is to keep him just below cumming but at the same time giving enough stimulation that the excitement level does not decrease appreciably. It's a delicate balancing act.

The resultant intensity of pleasure can be close to that felt in a full ejaculatory orgasm but potentially unending. Furthermore, the associated sexual organs exercise, and the learned ability to better control those organs mentally, will greatly increased the scope and persuasiveness of his sexual pleasure. Feelings of pleasure are augmented by greater loin vasocongestion, and sexual organ fluid fullness and readiness. And unlike ejaculatory contractions, that feeling can last continuously, sustained for minutes on end, revivable in seconds if the attention flags. It really is a near-continuous, mind-blowing delicious orgasm! And every approach to ejaculation increases the amount of fluid held in the ampulla, with an associated increase in pleasure and passion of sexual readiness.

Another trick you might use when you finally get him to the edge point is this. You can really increase his excitement by taking each ball even more gently with all five fingertips evenly spaced around each testicle, and very gently massaging them, as if rolling an egg back and forth. No matter how desperate he is to cum, stimulating just his balls will usually not put him over, but it sure intensifies the feeling!

Step 4: The "Coup de grace"

And last but not least, if you really want to be devious and drive him crazy, you can try this little trick. Once you have brought him to the edge a sufficient number of times, and you can tell his balls are getting really full, you can take a piece of rope or a shoestring and wrap it around the base of his testicles. You may have to warm his balls up again to make them hang low so you'll have something to tie up. Making sure that it is snug/tight, but not pinching skin; continue to wrap it around and around until you have about 3 inches on either end remaining. Don't be afraid to give it a few good tugs to make sure the strands aren't loose. This won't hurt him, trust me. The goal of this phase is to separate the testicles from the body, making them unable to retreat back inside the torso. This also makes the skin tighter along the shaft of his penis, making it stand out more, as well as making it more sensitive. This also applies to his balls. There's no way they are going to escape her devious manipulations now! Starting to make sense? Finish up the process by tying the two loose ends together and viola'! With his testicles now being the center of your (and his!) universe, you now have his full attention in whatever you want to do to him. Now it is time to have some real fun!

Granted you could have tied off his balls at the very beginning of the massage and the choice is yours to make. In either case you will notice that his sensitivity has almost doubled once you begin your massage again. You can bring him to the edge again a few times if you wish but the primary objective of this phase is to give him an intense massage. The string around his balls will allow ALL of your touches to be amplified. Thus you should concentrate on his balls. You'll be surprised at the higher levels of moaning and body twitching that will occur when you massage him in this state. You could even tie him down to get complete control over him if he'll agree to it. Think you can tease him enough to get him to beg to cum? Once you decide to finish him off, don't be timid in giving his balls a good squeeze during ejaculation. You'll be surprised how intense his orgasm is, as will he. Rest assured he will thank you when it's over.

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by Anonymous03/11/18

Ball play. So often forgotten or ignored but oh so good!

Great Article.
The stretching of the ball sack is extremely pleasurable and made more so by pulling down gradually more harder.
Also the balls if loosen enough can be both lowered into a mouth (tea bagging)more...

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