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Doctor or Master


This is my diary for the Doctor. My Doctor is called Louis Antonio Hale. We met at a party. He heard about my headaches and said he would help. Louis said it would be free. I am to go to his office this Friday. He will try a new drug on me. I am afraid. What will it is this time, which is causing the headaches?

July 13,2001 I go to his office and once, there he tells me to take off my clothes. I do as told. I am nude. Louis takes my clothes and locks them in a cabinet. I am given a shot, which makes me spaced out. He picks me up and wraps a cover around me. We go somewhere but I can not see where. I am now laid on an exam table.

I feel a blindfold being put on my eyes. He places a pair of headphones to cover my ears. A ballgag is placed in mouth. I can not fight back; the drug is making that impossible. I am in a world with no senses but smell and touch. What will happen to me?

My wrists and my ankles are put in cuffs and clipped into place. I am in spread eagle position. I can feel where the exam table ends. My ass and pussy are there for the taking. Louis rubs ice bags on my nibbles, which make them hard as rocks. Louis tapes the ice bags to my tits. What is he doing now? Why is he doing that?

Did he leave? I lay there for what feels likes hours. A leather dog collar is place on my neck. The leather collar has a hole in it. The next things I feel is a sharp pain my neck. A needle is push in place on the collar. A strange warm feel is going down in my body. He has put another drug in me. My body is reacting to it. I am getting turned on. Louis begins to place a machine near the exam table because I feel him bump the exam table. The machine is large. My nibbles are the first to feel suction cups on them. Inside the suction cups are what feels like small tongues. I am being sucked and licked at the same time. Wet and cold airs from the tongues make my nibbles harder.

I can not see, hear, scream, or gets lose; what do I do now? My body is his to do with as he pleases. My body is not in my control. I am begging under the gag to be released. Is he here? He must be watching the show. My pussy is begging for release. OOOHHHH! My nibbles feel like I have two different men licking them. Oh God! Help me. I wish he would stop this and do it himself. Did I say that? I wish to tell him stops, but my body is telling to keep it up.

I am begging in my mind and though the gag. Oh God! His hands are on my body or is this machine doing it? I am being rubbed and massaged with warm oil. What will happen next? Did I think that? Oh God! Why did this happen to me? The earphones come on and start playing what is taped on them."Louis is your master."

"Your body is not yours; it is his."

"You will obey all commands given by him."

"You will not cum until he says or orders you too."

"You are mine, BWITCH."

"You are my Slut."

" My CUNT, you are." I feel a sharp pinch on my nibble. Something is being pushed though it. I feel a loop with a ball on it lying on my tit. I know I have had my nibble pierced. The other nibble receives the same treatment. I am marked with nibble rings, now. I am being touch on my pussy. Some one is examine and seeing how tight, I am. Is it he or the machine? I feel the same sharp pinch. I feel a larger loop being pushed though and then it is locked in place. This one is different; a coin is lying at the entrance to my pussy. The coin is flat and cold. I smell a fire in the room with. Something is being rubbed on my left butt check. I feel the cuffs tighten and the heat coming closer. I feel the sharp pain of a branding iron being pushed into my butt check. I cry and scream in pain. I smell the scent of burning skin. I do not know what brand is on me. "It hurts"! OH! God! Help! I am in the hands of a mad man! He is marking and making me his. The machine is doing some of the work for him. I am still being licked and sucked. My nibbles are very sore and with each lick or suck, I jump in pain.

A cream is placed on and in my ass crack. Then a butt plug is rammed in place. The plug is turned on and starts vibrating my virgin hole. I feel something near my pussy. A dick is rammed in to my virgin hole. Is the machine or is it Louis? Both are vibrating and pushing my to its first orgasm. They bring me to the edge and stop. A few minutes' rest and they start back up. I am released from the machine. Louis touches me and removes the earphones. He sucks and licks my nibbles. Louis kisses me all the way down my body. He laughs when he sees the blood from my pussy.

I did not know you were a virgin; this is my lucky day. The laughter grows louder when he licks the blood from my pussy. I beg to cum and he knows it. I will save you for the auction. "What auction?"

"You boss has been told you are going into the hospital. He will not be calling to check on you."

" The hospital called your landlord and said you would be staying there for six months or so and to rent out your place."

" I have parked your car in a safe place."

" Your bills have all been paid."

"I am the only one who knows who you are and where you are."

"Cocoa, Take her to the tub and clean her up for the auction. I will be back to finish the training."

"She will take more time now that I know she is a virgin."

"Or I may keep her for myself."

" I have not had a virgin in a while."

"We have twenty women to sale at our auction."

"All are trained and will obey their new owners."

Cocoa helps me from the table and into a hot tub. I jump when I hit the water. Each part of my body burns and hurts when she rubs the soap on to me. She takes her time with my pussy and tries to make me cum with the sponge she is using. I hear a laugh come from behind the big mirror in front of me. It slides open and walks Louis. "Cocoa!"

"I told you no playing with the slaves."

"Cocoa, you will receive your punishment now." In walks another man; he wears a hood, which hides his face. He is nude. He makes her bend over and rams his dick into her ass. He rams it harder with each push. He cums in her ass and then makes her clean his dick.

I look scared. Louis looks at me and says," not yet my Virgin!" Cocoa comes over and takes me out of the tub. I am taking to a bedroom; it has pad on the floor, a pillow made of fur and cover made of fur. There is a fireplace in the room. Chains and pulleys are on the wall and in the ceiling. I am chained to the wall. Cocoa places me in a spread eagle position again. A blindfold is placed back over my eyes. The gag is still in my mouth. I hear people come into this room.

I feel their hands all over me. "Yes, she is the Virgin."

"The only thing that has touch her is the machine."

" The machine has marked her as my SLAVES are marked."

"I have not finished her training as of now."

"She is not on the auction block, tonight."

" I will have bids for the first person to break her cherry."

He takes his guest to another room. I am alone. What are his plans for me? I wish I knew.

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