tagGroup SexDoctor Visit Ch. 03

Doctor Visit Ch. 03


The next morning I woke up alone. The smell of bacon and eggs drifted upstairs to find my nose. Gathering a sheet around me I heading downstairs, to find David and Steve sitting at the kitchen table. David, the 30-year-old doctor who had confessed of an older woman giving him pleasure when he was younger, sat quietly. Steven, the 50-year-old doctor was different, more self-assured. David glanced at me with a soft smile then looked down at his plate to continue breakfast. Steve was more intent, looking at me for quite some time. I felt the heat start to rise in my cheeks. He motioned toward the stove; "There are more eggs and bacon on the stove if you're hunger."

"Thank you," I said in a quiet voice.

After filling a plate I sat at the table with them. The image of last evening and the kitchen table was still fresh in my mind. Given the turn of events so far I was hard pressed to wonder what the two of them had in store for me today. Steve did mention that today was hunting day so perhaps they would allow me time alone in the cabin.

"There will be a few others arriving soon," Steve said directly to me.

"Who is coming?"

"A few more friends."

"They are going hunting with you?"


Wanting to continue the conversation I asked, "What are you hunting for?"

"A lovely two-legged dear," he chuckled.

"Excuse me?"

"We were originally going to hunt white-tail deer but when this opportunity with you arose I decided to try something new this year."

"What are you talking about?"

"You will find out soon enough, now go upstairs and put on some jeans and the long sleeved shirt I left out for you."

I left the table but I still had a million questions. The walk upstairs only added more questions to my list. Two-legged dear? Wearing a long sleeved shirt and jeans? I wasn't sure what was going to happen, but reminded myself that I was the one who accepted this invitation for the experience and excitement. When I was dressed I left the bedroom and headed downstairs again. The other men had arrived. They turned to look at me from their spots at the kitchen table. They were deep in conversation.

My appearance broke up their meeting rather quickly. One by one they walked outside until Steve was the only one remaining.

"Are you ready for the hunt?"

"If you explain what you mean, perhaps."

"You are the two-legged dear we seek today."

"I will be the hunted?"

"Yes, but I have taken safety precautions to make sure nothing happens to you... well at least from a hunting safety standpoint."

"What do you mean?"

"I have a homing device I will attach to your ankle. You will be given a 2-way radio in case of emergency. I will hold the other radio and I will have control of the homing device." He handed me a bright orange vest to wear over my shirt and a duffle bag with some bottled water in it, "This is to protect you from other hunters in the area. You must wear it at all times so you aren't mistaken for an animal. The water is for your comfort."

"Just like that?"

"Yes, just like that. I have heard of human hunts before. They are primarily to hone hunting skills and nothing bad ever happens to the hunted one. Since you want to experience new things this could be an interesting quest for you, to see if you can outwit us today."

"What happens if someone captures me?"

"Well now, that is where it gets interesting."

"How interesting?"

"It seems that they wanted more than the thrill of simple catching you, especially after they saw you. I had to offer them something more to sweeten the idea for them."

"What did you offer?"

"If someone catches you, they get to have you to themselves for a while."

"If you have a homing device attached to me what is the point of hunting me?"

"I will only turn on the homing device after the allotted time for the hunt has passed so I can find you in the forest. That way you can wander and run as you need without fear of becoming irretrievable lost."

"How sweet of you," I murmured sarcastically.

"Are you up for this Sue?"

"It's not like I have had time to consider it one way or the other."

"That's true, but then again you do seem quite the adventurous one."

"I am adventurous and it does seem you have taken measures to keep me safe."

"I would never let any harm come to you. I do think that the adrenalin and the thrill of the hunt will be just as enjoyable as the rush you get trying to evade your captors."

"Yes I think you're right. When do we begin?"

"You will be given a 30 minute head start at the top of the hour. Then Dave, myself and the other 4 men will begin our pursuit of you."

"It's 9:45am. How long will you allow the hunt?"

"Six hours."

"Six hours!?"

"Yes, six hours total but if you are captured before that you have to remember that some time will be spent with your captor. Oh yes, and if you are caught early, after spending time with your captor you will be released again to evade the others until the six hours are complete."

"So I could hypothetically be captured more than once?"

"Yes but that depends on your cunning in the forest. Perhaps you won't be captured at all."

Putting on the vest and tossing the small duffle bag over my shoulder I headed out the back door. Catching a glimpse of the other doctors I found them to be pretty good looking. One doctor in particular caught my eye. He looked very much the bad boy with a well-groomed dark goatee. I would have never thought him to be a doctor if I met him on the street. His dark complexion spoke of another nationality. Suffice to say, he met the tall dark and handsome descriptive well. Glancing at my watch I knew I had 3 minutes until I would be turned loose in the woods. I took the time to look over the rest of the men, trying to access their prowess as hunters.

Two of the doctors were larger and taller than the others. I figured they would have a hard time being lithe in the woods because of their build. Another was average height with sandy brown hair and rugged features, he quietly observed as the others spoke. I knew I would have to be careful this one for his observation skills. The one I noticed earlier stared at me with a hunger in his eyes. I had to look away because he made my skin crawl. I wanted to ask what type of doctors they were but decided it really didn't matter at this point. None of them were doctors right now; they were hunters that would soon be in pursuit of me.

Steve walked to me and placed the homing device on my ankle then fired a pistol into the air, "Your time starts now. I will shoot again in 30 minutes when the hunt commences."

I ran into the woods beginning my flight. After running as far and as fast as I could I stopped and looked at my watch noticing ten minutes had passed. I took time to access my location. Luckily Steve didn't notice me snatch a compass and a knife out of his gear. I gauged my distance from the cabin by the smoke coming out of the chimney and cut to the west. A creek barred me from going any further. I followed the creek to a narrower span and crossed remembering to mark a large tree so I could find it in the future, if need be. I started to creep more slowly through the woods trying not to break down the thickets and leave signs of my travel. I followed the creek northward until I heard a shot in the air. Another look at my watch confirmed that they were now searching for me... the hunted one.

I took a moment to sit down, drink some water and listen to the sounds of the forest. Squirrels chatter when people come near them while birds tend to go silent. I listened for signs out of the ordinary then resumed my trek. Unless I missed my guess I had doubled back on them by heading south, west then north. This could put me in danger if any of them headed west from the start so I was very cautious. I looked for the tell tale sign of the cabin, the chimney smoke. It wasn't too far from me so I headed that direction thinking if I could get to the cabin I could outwit all of them and wait for their arrival after the hunt.

In mid step a twig snapped, I stopped to huddle behind a big tree with my back against it. A hand came around the tree to cover my mouth. I bit the fingers covering me and ran hard from that place. The lumbered stride behind me told me it was a big man, I presumed one of the 2 large men I saw. I ran as hard as I could to get away, then glanced over my shoulder to see if I was gaining an advantage. A solid form stopped me in my tracks and grabbed hold of me. I looked into the eyes of the sandy brown haired doctor and began to struggle loose. He grabbed my hair and held me firm. Before long the 2 large men caught up to me.

"She's mine I saw her first and had her until she bit my hand and ran away."

"No, she's mine. I rightfully caught her and held her so she couldn't get away."

"If she weren't running from me you never would have caught her."

"Truce time. We will share in the spoils but I go first."

The large man looked at him with contempt but agreed. He led me to a downed tree and turned me to face him. "You agreed to his girl, so drop your pants and let me have what I earned."

I loosened my jeans and dropped them on the spot. He unfastened his pants and pulled his semi-hard cock out stroking it to erection in moments. His cock was average but had a nice fat head that glistened with precum. "Lay across the tree."

Doing as instructed he came behind me and slid his cock up and down my wet crack a few times before pushing his length into my waiting pussy. He let a groan of torment when he met my wet warmth. "Damn, that is one hot fucking pussy!"

He grabbed my shoulders and pounded into me hard and fast, animalistic. His balls slapped my clit, thumping me hard each time. Within minutes he arched and shot a load of cum up my pussy while his fingers dug into my shoulders. The 2 large men stood to the side watching him take me while they stroked their cocks in preparation. Their cocks were average also, perhaps a bit thicker because of their size, but still nothing like the girth of Steve's.

One of them came to my mouth, "You better not bite my cock bitch, or you will pay dearly." He shoved his cock into my mouth straight to my throat not giving me a chance to deny him. The other one came behind me and grabbed my hips. He raised my body with his hands until I was wide open and positioned his cock at my pussy. Pulling me back he plunged between my lips and shoved his cock deep inside me making me scream out. The cock in my mouth muffled my scream so no one else could hear. The tag-team from hell fucked my mouth and my pussy at the same time. Their physically brute size allowed them to turn me and manipulate my body to their will. They used me hard but it felt good, taking turns with each of them.

One of the men grabbed me while the other ripped my pants from my ankles. He held me against himself in the air until I wrapped my legs around him. He dropped my small frame down onto his cock and fucked me standing where he stood. His partner in crime came behind me and pushed his cock to my ass. With a smooth thrust he split my ass with the head of his cock. I felt the delicate skin tear from the double invasion but my hunger was so high I dismissed it and enjoyed the feeling of being taken this way. He held my waist while their hips pumped up into my pussy and ass. I felt myself starting to reach climax and lower my mouth to his coat to bite the lapel. I didn't want to give away my whereabouts to anyone else. They each thrust hard up into my pussy and ass while I screamed into his coat. It was obvious to me that they enjoyed that they made me climax because they both shot their hot loads into me while I clenched their cocks inside me.

The one holding me held me away from his body slightly, "You are the best catch I have ever found in the woods. I just may need to come hunting here more often." He lowered me to the ground effortlessly with his large hands. He dwarfed me when I stood before him. They both tucked their cocks back in their pants while I grabbed some leaves to wipe my sloppy pussy and put my jeans on. The other man was gone but somehow I knew he lurked close by.

"The rules are that I am to be released after some time so you have to remain here while I go back into the woods."

"You better get your little ass moving then before we change our minds."

Turning I ran into the woods aimlessly all thoughts of the compass lost to me. I enjoyed the sexual aspect of the hunt, but I also secretly wanted the time to pass so Steve could come find me in the woods. Something out of the corner of my eye caught my attention. The brush moved, I wasn't alone I was being tracked by someone or something.

I leaned against the side of an earthen hillside and hid behind some brush, watching and waiting. I noticed the breeze blowing into my face so I knew my scent would not carry the opposite direction. The birds quit singing. I held my breath trying to remain as quiet as possible. I saw the dark haired doctor walk by glancing around his surrounding looking for signs. Remaining hidden, I waited a long time after he passed to make my move. After 30 minutes the birds were chirping again so I felt safe enough to come out of hiding. The hunt was officially half over. The other men were ok but something about this one was different. He had a hunting instinct and I felt like he could be very dangerous. I walked quietly listening for any sounds. After 15 minutes I felt safer yet and let down my guard. I took a moment to sit and drink some water. I wasn't sure of my whereabouts and the tree cover hid the chimney smoke of the cabin. Two more hours and the hunt would be over.

I heard leaves crunch behind me. Turning I saw the dark haired doctor standing in a very commanding stance, legs spread slighting with his hands on his hips, staring at me.


He laughed heartily, "Yes we will."

"Damn, damn, damn, how could I be so stupid?"

"You're not stupid you did very well eluding me, but alas here we are."

"And I suppose you want what you earned?"

"Of course I do, but not right now."

"Why not now?"

"I don't want sloppy seconds. I want fresh, clean and consensual."

"The hunt is over in two hours."

"Yes, but after that we will be staying the night. You can get cleaned up and then I will enjoy you."

"What if I don't agree?"

"Then I guess you will always have to wonder what it is like to be with me."

"Why would I wonder that?"

"I saw how you looked at me. You like sex; you enjoy giving. You're a pleaser. You're creative and intriguing."

"You sure think you know a lot about me."

"It's my job."

"Oh really?" I laughed. "Yes, I am a psychologist."

"A psychologist or a mind reader?"

"Sometimes it pays to be both," he laughed again.

"And what do you intend to do with your allotted time if you aren't going to fuck me?"

"Talk to you."

"Oh great, I get psycho analyzed by a shrink."

He laughed hard and sat down beside me, "I am not going to psycho analyze you but I am curious how you came to be in this position today."

"Honestly it all happened rather quickly." I relayed the details of how I got here while he listened intently.

"I like that you are not sexual inhibited."

"Thank you."

"You really are a treasure, do you know that?"

"I'm not sure I know what you mean."

"So many women have sexual hang-ups, it's refreshing to see a woman that enjoys sex and isn't afraid to do something like this. Granted it could be viewed as potentially dangerous to some for many reasons, but I don't think you are the kind that does something without measuring a persons intent before going out on a limb."

"I do enjoy sex but some would say that I am afraid of commitment."

"Perhaps, but perhaps you haven't committed to anyone because you haven't found the one that makes you think, drives you to learn and appreciates your attributes."


There was a silence between us for a moment as we sat in the woods and listened to its creatures. He rose from his spot and began to walk away. This man made my skin crawl when I first saw him and now I found myself sad that he was leaving. The dark look on his face transformed when I saw his smile and yet he was still very intense.

"Where are you going?"

"Our time is up."

"Oh, ok. Going to send me a bill?" I smirked.

He turned briefly with that same dark look in his eyes again, "Tonight after supper I will have you, of that you can be assured. You can pay me then." He continued to walk away while I rose from my spot thinking about this intriguing man. He seemed to be a good man. Behind his steely gaze was a very pleasant smile that put me at ease. The tone of his voice was calming.

I found my way to a clearing and looked for the chimney smoke. It was NE of me, so I headed that direction. Forty-five minutes remained in the hunt but my mind wasn't on that, it was on the dark haired man I just sat and talked with. I was surprised he didn't use me like the others, but I was glad he was different.

I meandered back across the stream at another location while I listened and watched for any hunters. I caught a glimpse of an orange vest out of the corner of my eye. I hid for what seemed like hours, but a glance at my watch told me it wasn't so long, only fifteen minutes remained. I was surprised that I didn't see David or Steve during the hunt. I decided to sit down and wait out the last 15 minutes to be safe. When the time was up I headed toward the cabin.

I saw an orange vest not far away but I didn't hide or run because I knew the hunt was over. Rather flippantly I walked toward the vest to flaunt the fact that the hunt was over. When I got closer I realized the orange vest was on a man I did not recognize. Three other hunters, none of which were from the doctor's cabin, flanked the first one I saw. I froze in my steps praying they didn't see me. I was too late; one of the men ribbed the man next to him and pointed my direction. They looked at me and glanced around then came toward me.

"Who is with you?"

"Four others." I lied.

"Where are they?"

"Not far behind, they should be coming soon."

I noticed all of them were very unkempt. One had disgusting teeth which I'm sure accompanied horrible breath. Another was extremely large with a huge belly that giggled when he laughed his hideously satanic laugh. Another one was so skinny he looked sickly and the last one stood with a glazed looked in his eyes. I was truly scared and prayed that someone would come to my rescue. I could see the intent in their eyes and knew what they were contemplating with me.

"Hey boys, I say we use this little girl and show her what a true woodsman is like."

"Yeah," the fat one chimed in, "I hain't seen my cock in ages but I know it's still there cause I can feel it getting hard lookin' at 'er."

The sickly skinny one made a lunge for me. I dodged him and ran. Another one pursued me while the fat one stood and yelled, "Get 'er boys!" I ran until I thought my lungs would burst. I turned to find two more oranges vests blocking their pursuit. Steve had apparently turned on the homing device; him and David were keeping the filthy woodsmen from reaching me. One held his gun on David and another one on Steve. They raised their arms and tried to talk reason. I didn't know what to do. Should I go back to help them, or should I run for more help?

The dark hair doctor found me and saw the dilemma. Using his best psychology skills he approached the men letting him know of his presence. He bartered and bargained with them until they finally lowered their guns and moved on. I breathed a sigh of relief when Steve, David and the doctor walked toward me.

"Thanks goodness you came along Anthony," Steve spoke to the doctor as they approached me.

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