Doctor Who: Panic Moon Rising Ch. 04


He catalogued this fragment of knowledge, like any good scientist would in his position; Amy gets off, and the alien backs off...

Even as Sander regained majority control of his senses, he could feel Amy shuddering in his arms, in the grips of what had to be the same uncut cocaine orgasm that the creature had given them both the last time they had... well, fucked. He was tempted to back off a little, give himself a better view of the action in progress, but thought better of it; if someone really did walk past, a groaning Amy would pretty quickly get them discovered and worse, identified. If he kept this close, not only could he muffle her reactions, but their closeness and the distance from the street would render them as indistinct silhouettes to anyone on the street proper.

Besides, the warm feeling progressively coating his palm was kind of nice, not to mention the soft feeling of her thighs squeezing his hand...

In time, Amy slackened, muscles unwinding as she came back down to Earth from the stratosphere. She exhaled all at once, her breath fluttering unevenly as it tickled Sander's face, and for the moment their kiss remained, her tongue moved against his, far more actively than he was used to; he had to remind himself that this was a very different iteration of Amy Pond. A willing Pond...

When he pulled away, she licked her lips; it wasn't a sensual gesture, just an automatic one, but Sander couldn't help but wonder if she could still taste him there. Her eyes were wide, and his fingers were still inside of her; for a moment they stayed locked like that, neither one wanting to move and break the spell, sending things spinning into awkward territory. Amy seemed to assume that once either of them recognized what had happened, they would be embarrassed; she had no idea just how many times Sander had been in similar circumstances with her. It occurred to him that it would be best to keep it that way, if he wanted to get close to Amy in this time period.

Eventually he saw fit to withdraw his hand from her pants, and in the dim afternoon light the two of them watched it glisten, coated in Amy's juices. Even as she desperately worked to set her clothes back in place, the redhead's eyes remained locked on his hand with a kind of shameful fascination. Following a sudden surge of dominant inspiration, Sander spoke up, almost instinctively.

'I could make you lick it clean,' He said, voice so low the words almost constituted a threat. But it wasn't, and Amy knew that; he had just stated a fact, as he wiggled his sticky fingers before her eyes.

'I know,' Amy's voice trembled, her eyes wide and fearful; not only was it a possibility, but she wondered if he would actually do it, here in this alley, with the threat of someone she knew walking by every second. Even through her nerves, her cunt throbbed at the possibility, a deeply detailed image of him forcing his fingers into her mouth entering her mind. When Sander put his hands in his pockets, Amy couldn't decide if she was relieved or disappointed.

Now they were disengaged, neither of them seemed to know what to do; both simply stood close together, Amy's back still to the wall. She was breathing heavily, as what remained of her earlier exertions slowly dissipated, leaving her with a persistent warm feeling and Sander's eyes glued to her body. Sated as she was, she could still feel the want in his gaze, and a small part of her was thrilled to see it; the kinds of people she usually dated, or saw on the job, only ever experienced a surface level attraction. They saw her legs, and her ass, and possibly her tits, but they never wanted her in the same way Sander so clearly did. She knew if she gave any of those younger men a shot they would fuck her, but just in experiencing Sander's proximity, she knew he would do very different things to her.

The correct word for it escaped her; the closest she could come was devour. If she let him- possibly even if she didn't, perish the thought...- he would devour her, use her up and leave behind a quivering mess... do things to her she hadn't even known she'd wanted before he did them...

'Sander's a strange name,' She said suddenly, to break the tension building between them. She still felt strange herself, and didn't want to get drawn back into this.

'It's Dutch,' He answered, blinking as he raised his gaze to her eyes.

'Are you Dutch, then?' Silly question Amy knew, but she felt a need to find out more about this man that had dropped into her life, apparently from outer space.

'I'm not from Earth at all,' He said, with a small chuckle. Stretching, he turned and walked back to the armchairs, putting himself out of sight from the world beyond. A little frustrated that now was the time he started valuing stealth, Amy followed.

'Ah yes, future man,' Amy pointed as she took the seat beside him, watching him with eyes that she hoped came across as guarded and wary. 'I'm still not sure I believe you on that.'

'It doesn't require your belief,' Sander shrugged. 'But my reality requires you. If you don't first meet me exactly the way I remember finding you, my whole life could change.'

'What do you mean?' Amy said. 'Is this... you said alien in my brain, earlier?'

'Yeah, that's what's troubling me,' Sander sat up in his chair, leaning over the worn, threadbare arm toward Amy, inspecting her eyes with a detailed gaze. 'Tell me, did you enjoy what we just did?'

Amy blushed, rocked back in her chair to put some distance between herself and Sander. Her mouth opened, searching for the words but unable to find any; what kind of a question was that? Didn't he already know? It sure as hell felt like he did...

'No, don't go all blushing virgin on me while my fingers are still damp, Amy,' He shook his head emphatically, giving his fingers a demonstrative wriggle in front of her face. 'Now answer the question: did you like what we just did?'

'I did...' Amy answered reluctantly, grudgingly. She lowered her eyes, unable to take the grin that spread across Sander's face. She had never had someone... tower over her like this, able to manipulate her with so little opposition. At times, she could almost believe that he knew her in the future... far, far more intimately than she was comfortable admitting.

'Well, that's for the best,' Sander leaned back, bringing his knees up to his chest. 'We'll probably be doing stuff like that a lot.'

'What?' The redhead leapt to her feet, backing away quickly, as the conversation took a turn for the creepy.

'Look, I'm sorry to be so blunt about it, but it's something we're both gonna have to face,' Sander threw her a number of conciliatory gestures, keeping his tone as gentle as he could. 'As near as I can tell, the alien parasite in you feeds off of sex, and it'll do whatever it takes to get some. So it drives whoever's around you completely wild, and does the same to you... we're like an instant meal for it.'

'Okay...' Amy nodded, blushing as memories of the brunette in the field flooded her mind. 'That's kind of familiar.'

'No doubt. And I know your future, Amy. You never had that parasite when I knew you, which means I've gotta find some way to remove it, using twenty-first century tech, and fast. If that means sticking to you like glue, then that's what I've gotta do, but that also means I'll be your alien's source of protein for a while. Because I have no idea what it'll do to you if left unchecked.'

'This is a lot to take in, you know!' Amy shot back, frowning. 'And I'm not saying I even believe any of it...'

'You're filled with alien hormones, you tell me if I'm telling the truth,' Sander shrugged again, only this time the gesture seemed infuriating to Amy. 'If you're being honest with yourself, you'll figure it out, and you'll also discover that spending that time with me will probably be a lot of fun, if our last two times are any indication.'

'So, to be clear: you, an obviously older stranger, are attempting to- without wanting to at all, I'm sure- get into the pants of me, a pretty eighteen year old village girl... and I'm not allowed to be suspicious at all?' Amy said slowly, after a substantial pause in which all she did was stare at Sander.

'Oh god, I'm actually double your age, I never even thought of that...' He said, expression shifting from mild concern to a kind of amused lasciviousness. Upon seeing Amy's expression, he became serious again, 'Hey, I know this is a lot to find out all at once, and a lot of it must seem pretty insane. I must seem pretty insane... but you know that I'm right. Once upon a time a guy twice as crazy as I seem crashed into your shed, and you trusted him. You still trust him, because they haven't fully pounded that out of you yet. I am not as much of a long shot as him.'

'I don't know...'

'Hey, if I'm a liar then you'll have no problem resisting me, won't you? The fact that you're this unsure just tells me you know exactly what I'm talking about,' At this, Sander winked. 'Besides, if you let me hang out I'll tell you stuff about the future.'

Amy took a moment to consider this, but Sander knew he already had her. Keeping things light, that was the key; this was an Amy who hadn't yet matured into the woman he knew. She was very much still the Girl Who Waited, keeping her life in a holding pattern in the hopes that her Doctor would return. She wasn't accustomed to the kind of serious darkness the Time Lord would bring to her life; he had to match that tone, and introduce her to new facts slowly.

'Where did you say you were from?' She smiled as she spoke, and Sander grinned in return. It was a good sign; how many years had she sat and pondered the kinds of questions she would ask the alien who had come to visit her as a child?

'New Earth,' He answered.

'Oh, come on!'

'No, I'm serious!' Sander laughed. 'I'm from New Earth! From the year 3375. I lived on a moon called Trismestigius with a couple of aliens and a half breed. I owned the place.'

'You owned a moon?'

'Stellar real estate is cheap, assuming there's no valuable minerals or living organisms there. You can pick up a level zero planetary body for... pocket change, really. You'll see for yourself, in future. You'll go there,' Sander trailed off, deciding that this was exactly as much information as he was willing to impart, here. Best to keep her asking questions of a more general matter; if she knew the truth, he might never be allowed to fix the problem.

'Yeah, you'll need to tell me more about that-'

'Later, I promise,' He cut in. 'Not here. Take me to your place? No funny business if we can help it, I just... don't want to be left out in the cold, if you know what I mean? Unfriendly ears, and all that...'

Of course, for right now she didn't need to know he also meant that literally...

Amy leveled an appraising gaze at Sander, looking for any sign that he was being less than honest. The difference between him and her first alien visitor was so stark, and at least the Doctor had brought some form of evidence with him. Sander was relying almost completely on an odd feeling in Amy herself, and some- admittedly accurate and unsettling- knowledge he could not otherwise have had.

But then, there was a kind of honesty in the stranger's expression; if he was hiding anything, it didn't seem malevolent. Yet.

'A space parasite that feeds off of sex, huh?' She said, finally.

'The universe is a big place, and evolution finds a way,' Sander shot back. 'Pretty much any permutation of life exists, if you look long enough. Sometimes, they come looking too. Twenty first century earth kids at least started the casual sex thing- that'll continue, by the way- so there's a ready food source... I think this one might have gotten off course or something, though. I mean, Leadworth...'

'Yeah, I know,' Amy sighed. 'Criminal lack of young men.'

'I've been here a few days, and I've only seen Rory,' Sander trailed off, before laughing a little, to himself. It seemed as though he was at least attempting to suppress the sound, 'Probably good you found me then, before you did something embarrassing with someone you have to live with afterward. Me, at least I'll be gone once I've fixed the problem and hitched a ride out.'

Amy's frown at that surprised even herself; it brought a pang of near panic with it, at the thought that he would be leaving too. Another alien visitor leaving her behind in Leadworth? Far too familiar... And after the last time, Amy wasn't eager to repeat the experience.

'What'll you do when that happens? Just go back to your own time?' She said, adding timidly. 'Leave me?'

'It's a bit more complex than that,' Sander sighed. 'And I will explain, but we need to not be here right now. Imagine how hard it'll be to explain to your neighbors, talking about the Raggedy Doctor again. All your hard work looking normal, down the drain, all because of gossip.'

'Alright, space boy,' She relented, finally. 'You can come with me, I suppose. But promise me you'll try to keep it in your pants, at least...'

'I can but try,' Sander said, jumping to his feet. 'Come on, let's go. I already know the way.'

It wasn't too long a journey; Leadworth was mostly negative space, if it felt like being expansive. Otherwise, all the buildings kept in close, civilization in a herd, as if afraid of letting the outside world in. All it did, to Sander's outsider's eye, was show just how limited the village really was, as they passed the totality of Leadworth's amenities in the space of a few minutes. It depressed him that he would be spending his one trip to the original Earth in a place like this.

All too soon they were back at the Pond house, and it was only then that Sander realized it might not be empty this time. He had never been terribly interested in the family Amy had in this particular version of history; her aunt Sharon had seemed profoundly uninteresting to him, but then... he had been awfully absorbed in his plan at that point. Everyone had faded out from his life then, as his world narrowed down into tunnel vision focused on the Doctor.

He really had no idea how Sharon would react to... well, to him; the strange older man hanging around her niece. But he could guess...

When he looked over, he could see Amy winding up to ask a question, most likely one around the precise idea that he himself was ruminating on, but Sander didn't give her the time to do so. He gave her a gentle push to the small of her back, compelling her to move; if he started thinking about this situation too much now, he might flee from the potential causal disaster that still loomed large in his mind. History itself could come crashing down on him like a tidal wave any moment, correcting him right out of the timeline with vicious, predetermined certainty. And so he moved, made events happen, to keep just ahead of the merciless currents of time.

Of course, Sharon was right inside, her gaze unavoidable as Amy entered the house, allowing Sander to follow her with a slight duck of her head to her aunt. Sander immediately baulked upon seeing the older woman; if he had seen her while looking back into the past, he had never truly looked at her before. She was all dark haired and prim looking and... immaculate, in that way that only small town, church going, woman could be.

In essence, she would be a challenge.

'Amelia? Who is this?' Sharon's gaze went past Amy, locking on Sander with a guarded kind of expression. Sander ended up returning an automatic, awkward smile, but Amy stepped up to the plate right away; evidently, bullshitting her aunt is something the young woman had become quite adept at. This made a lot of sense; even putting aside Amy's own propensity for trouble, the redhead was friends with Mels.

'Well, this is Mr. Hackett, he's... new in town, so I was-'

'Showing me the sights,' Sander cut in, shooting Amy a momentary look to clue her in on exactly which sights he was referring to. He stepped forward, extending a hand, 'You must be Sharon. I'm Sander Hackett.'

He supposed, as Sharon shook his hand and gave him a once over, that this was putting his best foot forward. If he looked normal, acted normal... well, there's nothing terribly wrong about introducing oneself to the new neighbors, was there? But Sharon's expression showed mostly suspicion; he was the stranger that had come in with her young charge, after all. She was probably wondering, quite rightly, whether or not he was expecting her to be there when he came in.

'It's nice to meet you, Mr. Hackett,' She said, and following this was a strange kind of silence, as though both of them were expecting the other to say something first. On Sander's part, Sharon's presence was just an extension of the sense of the unknown he felt in simply existing here, in a reality that no longer conformed to his foreknowledge. He had no way to predict what she would do, or even make an educated guess as to what she was thinking. It can't have been good; Sander knew he looked younger than he was thanks to his altered genes, but he was still obviously older than Amy by quite a margin. What must his following the young woman look like, from the outside looking in?

'Aunt Sharon, I need to talk with Sander a bit, private stuff,' Amy cut in on the silence, something for which Sander was grateful. 'So I'm going to, um, take him up to my room for a bit.'

She didn't frame her words as a question, and despite Sharon's attempt at protesting, Amy kept it as a statement; gesturing Sander up the stairs before her aunt could say much more. The redhead's attention to detail was admirable; she had taken the time to pretend that Sander didn't already know the way to her room. Clearly, she had some practice deceiving her aunt.

Still, as Sander followed her up the stairs, they were accosted by the older woman's voice from below, her tone belying her desire to wrest back at least a little control of a situation that had quickly gotten away from her.

'Amelia, you keep your door open, young lady!'

To be continued...

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