tagIncest/TabooDoctor's Orders Ch. 01

Doctor's Orders Ch. 01


Currently Bobby was sitting in the waiting room for the doctor's office with his mom. His mom, Rachel, was only 36, twice the age of Bobby himself and she had a great body, large tits and an ass to die for. Bobby was no slouch himself in the looks department and received complements all the time from girls in his school. Bobby and Rachel lived with Bobby's two sisters Lisa and Theresa, they were twins. Bobby's dad left Rachel for another woman when Bobby was 14.

Bobby's mom had decided it would be best if Bobby saw a doctor for his problem, just yesterday he finally approached her about it after 2 days of not being able to get relief. In other words, Bobby hadn't been able to cum in that amount of time. He didn't want to tell his mom about it but he didn't know who else to turn to at the time.

"Mom," Bobby had said before.

His mom had been bent over, getting something from under the sink giving Bobby a very nice view of her ass. "Yes hon, what is it?"

"Um, well, um, I've been having this problem. Um, I don't know what to do about it..."

Rachel stood up from the cupboard, "What is it Bobby? Is everything alright with school?"

"Yeah, mom, schools fine it's just that, well, something's kind of been up when I try to um, you know, um..." Bobby dropped his voice really low, "find release..."

"Do you mean masturbation sweaty? Don't worry about that everyone masturbates, hell even I masturbate from time to time." She said with a smile.

Bobby was a little shocked at his mom's sudden openness, and his eyes dropped momentarily to her crotch, wondering what it would look like for his mom to have a couple fingers deep in her cunt while using her other hand to rub her clit. He shook off this image thinking, sure she's hot but this is my mom! "I know mom, but it's just that whenever I try to, well... you know... I can't seem to, um, get off."

"Hmm," she thought, "that sounds like a real problem..." She casually glanced towards her sons pants, noticing for the first time that there was a rather large bulge in them. She wondered for a second just how big her son actually was but decided that she shouldn't know. "How about I schedule a doctor's appointment for you, what do you think about that?"

"Oh, that would be great, thanks mom for understanding."

And now they were in the doctor's office waiting for Bobby's name to be called. Bobby was really starting to get nervous. What if he had an incurable disease? What if he had testicular cancer? What if his dick was going to fall off? What if...

"Bobby Smith please."

Bobby and his mom walked back with the nurse. She showed him to the doctor's office and weighed him. She then said that the doctor would be there momentarily and that they should take a seat.

Rachel noticed that Bobby was looking really uncomfortable, she really wished there was something she could do to help him, but she couldn't think of anything to say other than "don't worry son, everything's going to be okay." but that sounded a little cheesey so she just kept quiet.

A moment later, the doctor came in. Rachel was a little surprised to see that it was a woman. Rachel looked this woman up and down, she had breast that were almost as big as hers. Her body was very shapely in her doctor's uniform which was just a shirt, skirt and coat. She looked a little older than Rachel herself, and she was guessing she was early fourties.

"Hello, I'm Dr. White." Said Dr. White, "what appears to be the problem today, Bobby?"

Bobby looked at his feet ashamed, he opened his mouth to speak but no sound came out. Rachel, seeing that Bobby was having trouble decided that she should probably tell the doctor herself. "My sons having trouble um, achieving orgasm when he, um, masturbates." She tried to keep her language to as professional as possible, as not to embarrass he son. Bobby however, was now completely flushed.

"Hmm," went the doctor, "interesting, I haven't heard of anything like this since I was in medical school, well, we better take a look then." Bobby looked a little shocked, "What?!" Dr. White just smiled, she had a really sexy smile, and it calmed Bobby down a bit.

"Come on then, stand up and remove your pants please."

Bobby stood, he couldn't believe what he was doing, he didn't like showing people his cock. He once had a girlfriend and they were fooling around one night and she took off his pants. But when she saw his cock she freaked out and had to leave, the next day she broke up with him, she didn't say why. Bobby knew it was because the size of his cock was so big it must have scared her, and he really didn't want to freak out this sexy new doctor or his mom for that matter. Bobby glanced at his mom, wondering if she was going to leave or not, she was staring at his pants, waiting in anticipation for him to take them off. He felt like asking her to leave but he couldn't seem to make any noises with his mouth at this point, he was so nervous.

Finally, he first took off his shoes and socks. Then he took his jeans off. Now there was nothing in between his cock and these ladies except for his underwear, and he wasn't sure if he had to remove those or not. He knew that he didn't want to one bit, so he just stood there in his underwear. Rachel couldn't believe what she was seeing. Her son was standing here in his underwear and by the size of his bulge she knew his cock must be enormous. She was waiting for Bobby to pull down his briefs when she noticed that he just stopped and stood up again, she glanced at the nurse and saw that she was waiting for the same thing when Rachel cleared her throat, bringing the nurse out of her daze.

"Now, Bobby," said Dr. White, "you know I can't find out what's wrong with your co- er, penis if I can't see it. So hurry up and take off your briefs." Bobby looked completely dumb struck at the thought, which didn't go unnoticed by the doctor. "Do you want me to take off your briefs Bobby?" Bobby could just nod.

Dr. White approached Bobby and kneeled, giving Bobby a very nice view of her cleavage, which was once again making Bobby really uncomfortable, he was suddenly quite scared that he might pop a boner in front of his mom. The doctor then reached up and grabbed the elastic band around the underwear that Bobby had on. She slowly began to pull it down, his cock began to come into view and she saw that it was thicker than she could possibly have imagined, she continued pulling down his underwear and Bobby stepped out of them now standing naked from the waste down in front of them. Both the doctor and his mom were staring at his cock. He noticed that his mom licked her lips and the doctor was now starting to breath very hard.

Dr. White couldn't believe what she was seeing, Bobby's cock was huge, no not just huge, gigantic. And his balls were just as big to match. She thought for a second about fucking something as big as that and felt herself getting wet at the thought. She found herself staring and just had to clear her throat. "Um, I think it's about time for me to examine this, um, specimen." She reached out and began fondling his cock with both hand feeling it up and down. She started by gripping the very base of it with her hands and stroking it all the was to it's head, and then back again. She couldn't believe it, but she couldn't make her hands meet together and this boy wasn't even erect yet. "There doesn't seem to be anything a problem that I can see, perhaps if you were erect I could examine this member better."

Rachel watched as the doctor fondled her son's cock, she was starting to feel a little jealous that she couldn't be doing that at that moment. Her pussy was starting to get very damp just thinking about it, but that would be wrong since this was her son, she tried to push the thought from her mind but she couldn't.

Bobby couldn't believe what was happening, his cock was being fondled by a very sexy older woman while his mom watched, and now she wanted to give him an erection! Her hands on his cock were starting to feel very good and the view of her cleavage was really starting to arouse him. He could feel himself starting to get hard when the doctor said something about examining his testes and started to fondle his balls with one hand. Then Bobby was completely erect, his cock now pointing directly at Dr. White's face, the head was now so close to her mouth that he could feel her breath on it.

Dr. White was now holding back with all her might to keep from wrapping her lips around this glorious cock before her. She couldn't believe how big he was now that he was completely erect. She was fondling his balls with one hand and found that she could hardly fit one into her hand let alone both of his humongous balls. She did this for several minutes before pre-cum started leaking out of his cock and onto her large tits. At first she didn't notice before she remembered that she was suppose to be a professional about this and didn't want to look like she was seducing this boy in front of his mom. She cleared her throat and said, "Well, apart from the unusual size this boy's cock, um, penis happens to be in perfectly healthy condition, and the amount of pre-ejaculatory fluids shows that he should produce a rather healthy amount of semen when the time comes." She continued fondling his cock and balls and allowing for his pre-cum to leak all over her tits before Rachel finally spoke up "What do you suggest for this then?"

"Hmm," said the doctor not stopping feeling Bobby's dick up and down, "well, in order to find what the problem is I'm going to have to take a semen sample. Meaning that it would probably be best if I were to masturbate him." At this, Dr. White took both her hands and started to stroke Bobby's throbbing member up and down. Bobby let out a moan which got a stern look from his mother but made the doctor start stroking faster than before. Pre-cum was now leaking from his cock head at such a rate that Dr. whites blouse was starting to get a little soaked. Rachel looked at Bobby to the doctor over and over again and felt a very steady amount of pussy juices leaking from her, she was now so wet she could smell herself and was holding back from just reaching into her panties and fingering herself, she was holding back with such ferocity that she was practically cringing.

Bobby could feel that he was getting close and thought he should announce it but felt weird about saying something with his mom sitting there. He glanced at his mother and saw that she was just watching the doctor stroke him and realized that she was just as into this as he was. He turned back to the doctor and announced that he was about to come.

At first Dr. White didn't hear him, she was too caught up in the moment. Then her brain finally registered what was going on and she realized she needed to stop stroking him to get the plastic container to take the semen sample in. Instead of stopping though she just sped up her pace and without taking her eyes off of Bobby's beautiful cock, she told his mom where she could find the containers and asked her to get her one.

Rachel went as fast as she could to get one, not wanting to miss for a second her son coming. She came back and tried to hand it to the doctor but the doctor didn't seem to want to stop stroking her son so she said "Could you please hold that in front of his cock to catch all of his semen?" Rachel was a little dumbfounded that she would ask her to do this for her own son but decided that if she couldn't stroke him she could at least do what she could.

Bobby could feel himself ready to come and knew it would be only a couple more strokes. He watched as his mom put the container in front of his cock head and she began caching his steady flow of pre-cum. He looked down at the doctor below her and watched as her tits bounced up and down in time with her stroking him when he felt himself start to come. He announced, "I'm coming!"

His first load of cum flew from the end of his cock over the container his mom was holding and hit the doctor in the cheek making a stream of cum going from her cheek into her hair. The next did the same only this time landing in Dr. White's open mouth. His mom got a grip on things and repositioned the container to catch the next few streaks of cum, but he quickly overfilled it and cum started leaking out all over Rachel's hand. And she had to take the cup away. The next few streaks flew out and covered Dr. White's head and chest . By the time he was done Dr. White looked like something out of a bukkake movie. Bobby was still as hard as a rock while the doctor and his mom started cleaning themselves up. Finally Dr. White looked at both of them.

"Well, as I see from this more than extraordinary amount of semen," she said while taking off he cum soaked blouse and jacket showing a very excellent pair of bra enclosed tits, "I suggest that he get a regular emptying of his balls er, testicles in order for him to cum er, ejaculate more efficiently and not get any nasty testicular conditions. Now it would probably be best for someone else to do this since he has proclaimed having problems with ejaculating, so I should probably make house visits whenever necessary in order..."

"I'll do it." Said Rachel before she could stop herself. She looked just as shocked as everyone else did but didn't say anything to deny what she just said.

"Well, I guess it is your right as his mother to do so, I suggest he is manually masterbated 3 times a day, once in the morning, once in the afternoon and once before he goes to bed. No exceptions until I say otherwise. Since I'm a doctor I'll be more than willing to help out as much as I can." She then gave Rachel her card, and told them to have a good day. As soon as they had left she examined the semen sample for a moment, she brought it up to her nose and smelled it before she put it up to her lips and drank in down a one large gulp. Mmmm, she thought, so thick and creamy. That boy is really something else and if I don't get to fuck and suck his cock soon I don't know what I'm going to do. She then began to think up ways to get at that humongous penis.

On the trip back to their house neither mother or son could look at each other. Rachel couldn't stop thinking about his cock and how she had agreed to make him cum three times a day with the doctor. Bobby couldn't believe what happened at all and didn't know if his mom really wanted to jerk him off or not.

To be continued...

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