Doctor's Visit



I guess this is the way things happen, you go through the entire week feeling fine and then, on a long holiday weekend, when y our doctor is long gone you suddenly fall ill. Well, that was the way it felt for Henry, who now had to simply sit and wait in the middle of a crowded waiting room at one of those urgent care facilities, listening to the coughs, sneezes and other disgusting sounds of the sick people around him. Hell, he wasn't really all that bad, but he figured if didn't get the problem looked at, it would only get worse and he'd end up missing work after the holiday.

Henry had a book to read so at least it wasn't a complete waste of time. Of course, with all the commotion, conversations and the foolish behavior of some people, it was hard to concentrate on the book, so he found himself reading lines, passages and often entire pages over and over again. Yeah, he began to wonder whether it was really worth it all.

One hour turned into two and then three before he finally heard his name called. He followed a nurse into a small room where he stepped on a scale, Henry swore to himself the scale was five pounds off, had his blood pressure taken and then his temperature taken. Hell he didn't even have a fever.

The nurse led him into another room and handed him a small cup and showed him the restroom. After filling the cup, Henry was led to a treatment room and directed to sit down and be comfortable. Well, it was quiet and he did get some more reading done in the forty five minutes he waited to see a doctor.

When the doctor finally arrived, Henry quickly changed his mind about the whole ordeal being a waste of time. She was absolutely stunning. Though not as tall as Henry, saw was quite tall, with long dark hair, dark brown, almost black eyes and a slender body. Her breasts weren't large, but were nicely shaped, as her unbuttoned jacket and low cut blouse displayed them nicely.

"Good afternoon Mr. Johnson," she said holding out her hand, "I'm Doctor Hameed."

Henry reached out and shook her hand saying, "Henry."

"Excuse me?"

"Call me Henry."

"Okay Henry, I've checked the results on the urinalysis and everything is fine. Tell me what's been bothering you."

"Well, I felt a pain right here in my stomach," he said, touching his lower abdomen. "It just felt like it did before when I got a urinary tract infection, so I thought I better come in and get it checked out."

"Well here, come sit on the table here and let me see what it feels like."

Henry stood up gingerly, not because of the pain, but in an effort to hide his erection. Remaining hunched over, as if in pain, he was able to conceal it as he moved up onto the table. Sitting on the table he found himself gazing into her stunning dark eyes.

"Can you lie down for me, and please unfasten your pants."

Henry did as she asked, realizing there was no hiding his erection now. He simply gritted his teeth as she began to prod his stomach, acting completely oblivious to the tent in his pants. She pressed all over his stomach, then held her hand in some areas and asked him to cough.

"You seem to have a small hernia, Mr... I mean Henry. It's nothing serious but if it gives you problems you might want to get a cat scan and see if it needs to be fixed. I was going to ask about if you've had any problems with sex, but I see that's not a problem."

"I'm sorry, it's just that you are so incredibly attractive, and then when you have me unfasten my pants and start touching and prodding."

"You understand that as a doctor, I need to do that, right?"

"Yeah, it's just that I kept wanting to touch you."

"You did?"

Henry nodded.

"And where would you touch me?"

"Oh just places," he replied feeling a flush come over his face.

"You're embarrassed, you shouldn't be, physical desire is a healthy thing."

"But wanting to and actually touching you are two different things," Henry replied.

"Yes, that is often the case, of course sometimes a woman might be flattered you want to touch her."

"Yeah, but I bet you get that a lot, so much that it must be annoying to you."

"Well, perhaps, but for me it is a bit different, a kind of validation if you will. Of course not all women are like me... well, actually, very few women are like me." She then stepped up to the table and helped Henry sit up. Then, rather than back away as he expected, she stood there, very close to him. When he did nothing, she reached down, grabbed his hand and guided it to her breast.

Completely shocked, Henry gently squeezed her breast and when he noticed her hold her head back and close her eyes, he moved his hand sliding it under her blouse and bra. Her breast was small but nicely rounded and he could feel the hard nipple in the center of his palm. He wasn't sure how far this was going until he felt her hands slip into his still unfastened pants.

As her fingers wrapped around his erection, Henry reached both hands up and began unbuttoning her blouse. When he finished he reached his arms around her and unfastened her bra. He then watched as she stepped back, pulled off her coat, blouse and bra and placed them on a chair. He had slipped down off the table and when she came back to him, she grabbed his pants and pulled them down to his ankles as she kneeled in front of him.

He watched as she stroked his cock several times with her hand and then she opened her mouth and took in the head of his cock. Henry felt her tongue circle him while she began sucking. All he could do at that point was watch and enjoy as she began bobbing her head back and forth as she slid her mouth over his cock and back. It was an incredible sight to see his glistening cock sliding in and out of her mouth.

As she moved her mouth over him, Henry could also feel her stroking his shaft and caressing his balls. The combination of these sensations were incredible and it was no time before he felt a pressure building inside him and then the sudden electric jolt of pleasure shoot up the length of his cock. He arched his back and came, spurting his cum into her mouth.

He watched as she swallowed a couple of times and then let his cock slip out of her mouth. She then milked it several times with her hand, and then put her mouth back over the head and sucked and swallowed the last droplets of his cum.

By then all Henry could think about was eating her pussy. He reached down and hooking his hands over her arms, he helped her stand up. He began kissing her neck then moved down to her breasts and nipples. He slowly moved one hand down her hips and moved it between her legs. As he did he felt an odd lump, which he moved his hand back to. He wrapped his fingers over it and squeezed gently, noticing the doctor moan slightly when he did this.

Henry then gasped, moving his hand from her and stepping back. "What was that?"

"Henry, it's okay, I'm okay. Remember I told you I am not like most women. I am a woman who was born a man."

"But you have a cock."

"Yes, I'm awaiting the final surgery, everything else is woman, see." She cupped her breasts with her hands. "You loved these. Well, soon this will be all woman too," she continued, grabbing her crotch.

"So what do I do now."

"What do you want to do?"

"I wanted to eat your pussy."

"You know when the surgeons build my pussy, they will use this to do it. In a way this is my pussy," she said, unfastening her pants and pulling out her cock.

It was an odd sight for Henry, but damn, she... he, no she was still beautiful. He moved over and kneeled down, taking her cock in his hands and stroking it lightly. He paused for a moment, looking at her cock.

It wasn't very big and was quite thin. He watched as some clear fluid welled in the tiny opening and then dipped his tongue into, noticing the bitter taste. Henry took a deep breath and then took her cock into his mouth.

Not entirely sure what to do, he simply remembered what things he enjoyed when he got a blowjob. He immediately began sucking as hard as he could, while stroking the thin shaft. He was able to take most of the cock into his mouth, which he did from time to time, but he really just tried to concentrate on the head of her cock.

As he sucked and licked her cock, he moved one hand to her balls, which he noticed were tiny. He caressed them some, but then later moved both hands to his shaft. Using the tips of his fingers, he moved them all around the shaft as he continued sucking on the head. It wasn't too much longer that he heard the doctor moan loudly.

Henry continued while she reached down, grabbed his head, arched her back and came. The sudden spurting of the thick, warm fluid surprised him and he nearly gagged before swallowing her cum. It was an odd, bland tasting fluid, almost like plain, unsweetened cream of wheat, perhaps slightly salty. He swallowed again and then let the doctor's cock slip from his mouth.

Standing up, he embraced the woman and kissed her, letting his tongue slip between her lips. He then stepped back and said, "Wow, that was incredible."

"Yes, so very nice. You were so kind, most men wouldn't..."

"Well, they simply don't realize a real woman when they see one."

She smiled, actually blushed a bit, "You're too kind Henry. Oh my, look at the time, we better get dressed."

Nodding, Henry quickly pulled up his pants and then watched as the doctor finished getting dressed. She glanced into a mirror and then tossed her hair a few times. When she noticed him watching her she said, "Can't go visit my next patient looking like I just had sex."

Smiling, Henry said, "Thank you doctor."

"You let me know if the hernia keeps bothering you. Good bye Henry," she said slipping through the door.

Henry got up, checked out with the cashier and headed out to his car. As he climbed in and started it up he realized that in spite of the fact it took four hours for his doctor's visit, it was worth every second.


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