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The following is a true recollection of an experience that I had. A few years ago I moved and had to change my PCP. I made sure it was a female doctor. I scheduled a checkup. I hadn't had one in about 5 yrs anyway so I was overdue.

The nurse ushered me into the room. She took my blood pressure then when she was leaving the room she asked me to 'strip down to my shorts'. I had shorts on but I assumed she meant my boxers.

So there I was in my boxers when the doc came in.

She was petite and about 40. Married unfortunately. Nice looking and had a pleasant personality.

We made some small talk. She also asked questions about my lifestyle. Was I taking care of myself, my diet and did I exercise, did I have any allergies, old injuries etc. We talked for awhile, much more then I was used to from doctors. Usually they rush in then rush out. Finally she said, well okay lets get started, and then she did all the physical stuff. Eyes, ears breathing etc. The stethoscope felt very cold as she checked my breathing and heart.

Then she asked me to lie down on the table. She did that thing on my stomach pushing in and what not.

Then she went to the shelf and put on some gloves. And I was thinking if she thinks she is going to stick a finger in my ass no fucking way.

But I was glad when she said; I am going to examine you for testicular cancer. She asked me to stand up. I did. Then as she asked me to pull my shorts down, she pulled up a chair.

Down they went. I tried to be non-chalant about it as I pushed my boxers down to about my knees. But it’s difficult to be relaxed when you have just put your cock and balls on display for a stranger. I was really nervous about this whole thing, so I had shrinkage. But my balls were hanging low which I was proud of. I didn’t mind the shrinkage, in fact I was glad. I was afraid of getting an erection in front of her. Having shrinkage kind of says, it’s okay, I’m not some pervert, I’m not enjoying this, it is just an examination etc.

I almost crawled out of my skin when here glove coverer hands first made contact with my testicals. She examined my balls for 5 minutes! I kid you not! I don't know if it is supposed to take that long or what. But I think I was definitely being exploited! Not that I minded though.

It was great as she was rolling them in her hands. It was a little rough; she was squeezing a little bit harder then I would like.

But even though this lady was examining (fondling) my balls, she seemed very professional. She recited statistics about cancer and how important it is to check for these things. What types of symptoms she was looking for etc. And she was looking at me very intently. Her entire focus was on my balls, or was it? Her face was about a foot maybe a foot and a half from my balls. But how did I know she was only looking at my balls. Was she stealing glances at my dick? How could she not? It was literally almost in her face. And as she moved my balls around it made my cock swing a little bit.

And why was I standing anyway? Wouldn't it have been easier for her to do this if I were lying down so my Johnson wouldn't get in the way? The longer this went on the more comfortable I started to get.

As she examined my balls, I asked her, 'Do you see anything bad?'

She said 'No, they look umm I mean I don't see anything bad.'

I couldn't believe my ears. Was that a Freudian slip or what? She seemed really embarrassed that she said that. Her face began to blush a little bit. But her hands kept doing their thing. She tried to recover by saying something like 'However it is very important that you check yourself ever 2 weeks or so. A good time to do it is when you in the shower.'

As she was talking I was still thinking about the 'They look great comment'. Was this lady/doctor merely doing the standard exam or was she extending this because she was enjoying herself?

Then it happened, I felt that wonderful stirring as the beast awoke and began to uncoil. And she saw it all. She saw it go from wrinkled and totally limp to expand slowly before her eyes. I watched here watch it grow. My cock went from 3 to 4 inches. She continued her work. I looked at my cock; it had swelled up to 5 inches now. I looked again at her face; she didn’t betray any look of interest other then the medical examination. My cock was getting larger, and as it did so it swayed a lot more as she inspected my balls. It was getting more difficult for her to not accidentally make contact with it.

She stopped her exam just as my expanding penis was beginning to arch away from my balls. Almost a full erection, 6 and a half inches. Satisfied that there were no abnormalities with my testicles, she said I was okay and I could pull up my shorts now.

But this was just too much fun. Here was this clothed lady and I'm exposed standing in front of her. I was over my initial fear of this situation. Plus, she did seem to take an extended amount of time in the examination. She only stopped after she had seen me almost fully. Maybe she was enjoying this too? Probably not, but how could I let this opportunity go?

I made up a bullshit excuse and stayed with my boxers around my ankles and said something about being concerned about some tiny bumps on my err'' and pretended to be shy about it.

She stood up and bent down and inspected my penis that had grown to a respectable size.

'Aah no everything seems to look fine', she said.

That was kind of a disappointment. I was hoping to hear another Freudian slip and that it looked 'great'.

Then she said something like, 'Were you referring to these little bumps?' as her hand felt the base of my penis, 'Don't worry about these, they are just hair follicles. Everyone has them.‘

Then she squeezed the base of my penis. Needless to say, this gave me full-blown erection. Six and a half very hard inches. My cock head was swelling as she squeezed my penis at the base. She moved it around to get different views of it. Inspecting it for bumps or anything unusual.

After getting an eyeful she finally said. ‘The shaft looks okay.’ To add emphasis, with her other hand, she trailed a finger along the shaft up to my swollen cockhead. Then she said, ’ the head looks...good also.’ As she said that, she looked up at me for and for a split second and flashed me a wry smile.

‘YES!’ she said it looked good!! That was kick ass I thought.

For the next few seconds she ogled it, almost as if taking a mental picture of it and storing it away on file someplace.

Then it was over.

She let go of it and said ‘you are a very healthy young man, you have nothing to worry about’

As I slowly pulled up my boxers which ended up forming a huge tent around my cock., she said something about some forms or something and giving them to the receptionist etc,

Then she left.

To this day, I still shake hands with the governor, thinking about that experience.

I wonder how often she thinks about me. Did she go home that day and masturbate thinking about me? Did she enjoy it? She had to enjoy it. The comments she made, and the smile at the end? Does she do this all the time? Or was I special? Or is this the new procedure in medicine and all doctors do this? I don’t know, I don’t care, it was a great experience. Later I did have to see her for a back injury, but that was totally professional and nothing significant happened there. I’ve been tempted to go back and schedule an appointment saying that I was afraid of a growth on my balls or something so she would have to examine them again. But that would be totally wrong. No, I’ll just let it be. However, a few years from now if I need another physical or whatever I know where I’m going. It’s good to have a PCP that you like and trust. Who says HMO’s are bad? Fuck them.

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