tagLoving WivesDoes He Really Want That? Ch. 01

Does He Really Want That? Ch. 01


Letter from the Author: This is a story of Female domination and later on, humiliation. The main character has a small dick and therefore feels inferior. If you don't like this kind of story, please don't read it. To all others, please enjoy. Feedback is always welcome.



Steve lay still eagerly awaiting the cum that was now dripping precariously from his wife's big round ass. She lowered her gaping hole down around his waiting mouth and pushed the load of her lover's seed from her ass. Steve willingly licked and sucked it from her and delighted in its taste.

"That's a good boy, lick momma's ass you clean." She encouraged him as she enjoyed the feel of his soothing tongue on her stretched ass.

This scene was becoming a frequent occurrence now. Melissa would visit her lover, or he would visit her and after he deposited his cum in her she would give it to her cuckold husband. She loved the power it gave her. The rush made her hot just thinking about it. She would have never imagined herself in this situation just a few months ago, hell; she had never even heard the word cuckold before then. Back then she was just a wife and mother who was pretty happily married to Vince for the last 12 years. They had sex about once a week and she was content to live with that.

Six months earlier....

Melissa lay in her bed, it was about 4:30 in the morning, she had just gotten up to pee, and her husband was shuffling around the house getting ready for work. He was in construction, so he had to be on the job site by 6:00. She lay there awake trying to get back to sleep. She heard him rustling around in the kitchen, probably making his lunch. Then she heard the dogs making noise as he fed them. He went to the bathroom and brushed his teeth. Now she expected him to come kiss her and leave, but that didn't happen. The house got quiet and she listened as he began to type on the computer. She just figured he was checking his e-mail, but it was more than a half hour before he finally turned on the hall light and came to kiss her goodbye. She was feigning sleep when he walked up behind her and leaned over to kiss her. She was lying right on the edge of the bed, and as his body leaned against hers she could have sworn she felt a hard-on press against her back. He kissed her and left.

"What the hell was he doing that he had a hard-on. She immediately got up and went to the computer. She checked the history and found that he had visited a sex story site. She was furious. She wanted to call him immediately, but she decided she would investigate further to gather more evidence. She went to the pages that were the in the history folder and started to read. The stories he read were about female domination and even some humiliation. This surprised her, because he had always been the aggressor in bed. He talked dirty to her and played the dominant one. Some of the stories he read had a wife or girlfriend being fuck by another man in front of her man, sometimes in the ass, and the man enjoying it. She had found out this was called cuckolding.

She monitored his activities over the next several weeks. One day she noticed a page he went to that said "Login". She went to the login screen and typed in the screen name he used. She knew his password for things on the computer like the bank account and bill pay were the same, and so she tried it. It worked. She found out that he was an author on the sight and had written over 20 stories.

She spent the next few days reading some of the stories and found out many things about her husband that she didn't know. All of his stories had a common theme. A small cocked man was dominated by a large, big breasted woman. This was just like her and Steve. The women all had lovers with larger cocks than their men and their men all watched as the women were dominated by her lover and then all the men ate their women's cream pie after she was used. Was Steve writing about what he wanted? She knew he liked sex, but never imagined his tastes were this kinky.

One night she was reading a cuckold story he had written when she noticed how turned on she was getting. She began to rub her clit as she sat at the computer. A few years before she had caught Steve chatting with other women online and had told him how perverted he was sitting at the computer stroking his dickwhile he typed on the computer. Now here she was doing the same thing. She fingered her pussy as she read about the woman in the story being fucked by another man as her husband sat and watched. Then the woman in the story made her husband lick her cum filled pussy until she came. Melissa exploded in orgasm as she read the story. She collected herself and went to bed. She lay next to her husband in a sexual fever. She reached into his shorts to grab hold of his cock. She manipulated it to stiffness and when her husband woke up he immediately attacked her.

He rolled her over and dove between her legs. He noticed the wetness of her pussy.

"Your pussy is all wet." He told her. "What made you so wet? He asked.

"I was thinking of you eating my pussy." She told him. Little did he know she was thinking of him eating a load of cum from it. After he had made her cum once, he slipped his skinny 5 inch cock in her dripping snatch and after about 2 minutes of pumping deposited his cum in her.

The next morning Melissa came to a decision. If he liked reading about and writing about it so much, she would make it come true. She formulated a plan to cuckold her husband.

Over the next couple months, she became a bit more open in bed. One night, while Steve was eating her pussy, he had begun to lick her ass. She moaned a bit more than usual to encourage his actions. He took the encouragement, and began to stick his tongue into her ass. Melissa really found this exciting. Not only the sensation of the tongue in her ass, but the slight dominating feeling she got knowing her husband was in a submissive position of licking her ass. He even stuck his finger in there. Melissa was a bit surprised, but enjoyed that too. She turned Steve around and sucked his cock while he licked and fingered her pussy and ass until she came. When she had cum, Steve once again spun around and quickly pumped his cum into her pussy.

The next time they had sex, she asked him to put his fingers in her ass. Steve found this so exciting, that he didn't give it a second thought that she had never done that before. It wasn't long before Steve was fucking her in the ass on a regular basis. Melissa really found this to be a turn on. She would let him cum in her ass, and then he would get her off with his hand. One night he even went down on her after he had cum in her ass and licked her to a thunderous orgasm. The thought of his tongue being so close to his own cum that was dripping from her ass, made for quite a climax.

Now that she had Steve occupied with being allowed to fuck her in the ass, she had to figure out how to find a lover. She needed to find someone that she was attracted to and that her husband did not know, because although she planned to dominate him in the bedroom, she did not want to publicly humiliate him by fucking someone he knew.

She was a realtor, and in that capacity, she met many people. Melissa began to dress a bit more provocatively, accentuating her big full breasts and her round ass. She had always been able to attract attention with them when she was younger, but had not tried too much since putting on some weight after the kids. When showing houses she would flirt and tease with male clients. Some showed interest, but none made a move.

Steve had noticed her change in attire, and when the kids weren't around; he would attack his wife and tell her how hot she looked. One day the kids were not home yet, when Melissa walked through the door wearing a short skirt, and a tight silky top unbuttoned to reveal a fair amount of cleavage. Steve walked up behind her as she stood at the kitchen counter. He reached around and began to massage her big tits. Her nipples became hard and he found them. Steve rubbed them more as he pressed his already hard cock into her ass. He unbuttoned her top and pulled her tits out of her bra. He pinched her nipples and Melissa moaned her approval. Steve knelt down behind her and lifted her skirt up and pulled her panties to the ground. He spread her cheeks and plunged his tongue into her ass. Melissa rested one hand on the counter and rested the other on the back of his head. She pushed her ass out and his head deep into her ass as he plunged his tongue into her dark passage . Steve slipped three fingers into her now wet pussy and continued to cleanse her ass with his tongue.

"Oh yes, I love your tongue in my ass." She told him.

Steve assumed his normal dominating roll. He stood next to her and grabbed a tit with one hand, and stuck two fingers in her ass. Melissa let out a loud gasp.

"Oh yes."

"You like my fingers in your ass?" Steve asked.

"Yes." She sighed.

"That's not what you really want in your ass is it?" He asked "You want my cock in there don't you?"

Melissa was quite worked up by now. "Yes." She answered.

"Tell me." He demanded.

"I want your cock in my ass." Melissa replied.

"Say Please." Steve told her.

"Please." She returned.

"Please what?" He teased her.

"Please put your cock in my ass." She begged.

Steve knelt behind her again to moisten her asshole with his saliva. Then he stood and placed his rock hard cock at her opening and pushed it in slowly.

"Oh yea!" Melisa cried out with pleasure.

Steve began to pump slowly into her rear entry, enjoying the feel of her tight tunnel. Before long he was pumping faster and harder, until he could hold back no more. With one loud grunt, he pushed deep and unloaded his seed into her. Pump after pump she could feel it shoot inside her. Steve grunted and moaned until it was all out. Then as always he made sure to make Melissa cum. This time it was with his hand.

By the time it was over, Melissa had cum running out of her ass and down her leg. It was a mess, and as she headed to the bathroom to clean up, she told herself it would not be long before Steve was cleaning that with his tongue.

to be continued...

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