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I waited in the car for ages trying to summon up the courage to go through with my idea. After finding the human puppy school on the net I had contacted the 'trainer' and he'd invited me along to his kennel to see how I liked it. So here I was, and I decided to go ahead and give it a try. I knocked on the door of the ordinary three bedroomed semi and must have looked like any regular guy to the people passing in the street. The door was opened by a middle aged guy, slightly bald, and a bit overweight, wearing regular jeans and t-shirt; I introduced myself and was invited in. I could hear barking noises from behind the closed living room door and, as soon as the front door was closed to the rest of the world, the trainer opened the living room door and an elderly naked man crawled out on all fours with a dog collar round his neck and black mitts covering his hands to make them into fingerless dog paws. He crawled over to me and immediately shoved his face into my crotch and started to sniff. I was pretty surprised but also turned on by the nuzzling of my hardening cock; however, as if he were my dog at home I stepped back, said "no" loudly and whacked him hard on his bare arse. I was really beginning to get into this I thought!

The trainer showed me into the lounge and we sat down on the couch chatting generally about what he provided and what I felt comfortable with; he'd shut the door and again I could hear the human dog barking outside. I said that I was pretty comfortable with most things (but as I'm only 21, I was pretty new to most and hadn't really tried much before); the most important decision I had to make was whether I wanted to be a 'sire' or a 'mare' as he let his 'dogs' breed at his stud kennel and needed both males and females. I said I wasn't sure so he told me he'd let the other 'dogs' decide for me, which was slightly concerning.

After the chat we were ready to get started and he took me through the kitchen into the utility room and he told me to strip completely; I expected him to leave to give me some privacy but instead he stood there watching my every move. I took off my watch and put it in my pocket then kicked of my Nikes, unzipped my hoodie and took it off, I pulled the white t-shirt over my head and the coolness of the room made my nipples tighten. I hesitated for a second or two and could see the trainer watching me with his arms folded across his large chest before I undid my jeans and let them drop to the floor before pulling them off completely and putting them on the work surface next to the rest of my clothes. I was now left standing in white sports socks and my baggy boxers which were tenting over my erect little cock; I removed each sock and thrust them into the trainers and then pulled my boxers down over my cock letting it spring to attention. I felt really embarrassed having to bend over to pick up my boxers as it meant showing my arse to him but I tried to over come the nerves and turned round to face him completely exposed while he was fully dressed.

"Very good," he said, "as soon as I put your collar on you will become my puppy, you can only make dog noises, and must stay on all fours. Your new name is 'Samson' and you will respond to that whenever someone calls you." He opened a cupboard and took out a woven blue dog collar and adjusted it to fit my neck size before clipping it into place, he then lifted up my hands and clenched them into fists before putting on the black mitts which restricted my fingers from moving. "Now get on all fours, Samson and be a good doggy for your trainer." I obeyed his first command and fell to the floor; almost straight away I began to feel like his dog and couldn't help sticking my tongue out and panting, which he rewarded by ruffling my light brown hair.

"We're going to take you to the vets for your first consultation, so be a good boy and I'll give you a treat afterwards." He then opened the door back into the kitchen, clipped a dog lead to my collar and led me through. Another guy was already standing in the room dressed in a white vet coat, he was much younger than my trainer and pretty good looking, but I tried to start thinking less like me and more like Samson the dog. The vet spoke to my trainer: "so, this is Samson and he's here for his first check up, right?" With that he snapped on a pair of rubber surgical gloves and wrote my name at the top of his piece of paper. "Right, well let's get him on the scales shall we?" and I was led over to a large set of scales which I crawled onto. "65 Kgs, good," said the vet as he noted the figure down on the paper. "If you could get Samson to sit up for me, please?" the vet asked my trainer who led me off the scales and pushed my butt to the floor and commanded me to "sit", which I did. I now felt really embarrassed as sitting upright exposed my little throbbing cock to them both, nestled in my pubic hair.

For the next few minutes the vet looked into my eyes, opened my mouth, and rubbed along my arms and legs; he then reached under my belly and pulled me back up onto all fours before inserting a thermometer up my anus; there was no warning given and the sharp sensation automatically made me yelp like a dog. He then told my trainer that he was going to "take Samson's measurements" and he used a tape measure to measure from my butt to my neck, then my arms and legs, before asking my trainer to hold my front paws in the air. The vet then pulled at my already erect cock slightly and measured it, saying aloud "4.5 inches" as he noted it on his paper, he then turned to my trainer and said "he's got a small cock for his age but it might still grow as he moves out of the puppy stage, but the other dogs will probably bully him because of it." Finally he groped at my testicles before slapping me on the arse and saying "there's a good boy, all done now." He gave the completed piece of paper to my trainer and said "he's in good health, make sure you feed him well as he's young and still growing." My trainer then crouched down, patted me on my head and said good boy" before holding his open palm out to me with a dog treat on it. I moved my face forward and picked it up in my mouth directly off his sweaty palm; it was very dry and crunchy and I was a bit surprised that he was actually giving me real dog treats rather than human food!

The vet went into the next room and as the door opened I could hear lots of noise, guessing that there was quite a few dogs next door now. Indeed I was right, as my trainer led me though on the lead keeping it tight so that I was restricted in my movements. In the room were three other dogs including the old one I had met when I was a 'human'. One of the dogs was a really over weight and middle aged man, whilst the other was probably in his twenties and had his whole body shaved completely with just a short mohican down the centre of his head. All three of them were off their leads and came scurrying round me, the young one shoved his nose up my exposed arse and started to sniff, while the other two kept rubbing their noses against my body and face. "Alright Samson, you can have a sniff too," said my trainer as he unclipped the lead from my collar; I realised this was more of a command than a suggestion and I had to act like a real dog, however the young 'pup' was still sniffing mine and the old dog had gone after the trainer so I had no choice but to position myself behind the fat one and shove my nose right up to his butt hole, nuzzling and sniffing around, taking in the musty, sweaty dampness.

The trainer called out "dinner time" from the kitchen and I followed the other three as they crawled up to their food bowls, there was a forth one left at the end which I guessed was for me so I edged my way towards it. The smell was not pleasant and the bowl had a mixture of dry biscuit and jellied meat chucks in it; however, I was keen to continue and tentatively lowered my face into the bowl to start eating. The cold, slimy meat was pretty vile but I did my best to eat some of it, however there was only one large communal water bowl for us four dogs and they others were all slobbering spit into it as they tried to lap up the water with their tongues. Again, I thought I'd give it a go and thrust my mouth into the water which was now frothy with everyone's spit on the surface; it was incredibly tricky trying to drink and most of the water ended up over my face or on the floor.

The drinking was disturbed by the trainer shouting "bad boy, bad boy", and I looked up to see him chastising the old dog who had pissed on the kitchen floor, he spanked the dog really hard. "Out you all go," he said and opened the back door which led into a covered patio area. He closed the door behind us and the other three started sniffing round the cold walls which were covered with low pee stains; the young pup and the fat dog then lifted their right legs up and let the piss squirt over the wall. I was really desperate to go as well but was a bit nervous, especially as the others had finished and were now watching me. I tried to lift my leg but my now flaccid little cock kept resting against my other leg which would have got covered with piss so I opted to squat my arse down and pee like a girl dog instead.

I guess the other dogs saw this as weakness as they all came over and started to push me about. The young pup and the old dog linked their arms in mine and wrestled my face to the floor so that my arse was sticking up in the air. They gnarled away at the back of my neck. I then felt the force of the fat dog mounting me from behind, and I could feel the folds of flab pressing down on my back and dropping to my sides, he then started to dry hump me rubbing his cock up and down the inside of my butt crack rather than actually thrusting it into me; I could hear the sounds of his flab smacking against my body as he rode me like a bitch, and I could feel the hotness of his thick cock burning my crack with friction. Suddenly the trainer opened the door and shouted at all three of them, pulling at their collars to get them inside.

"I guess that means you're the bitch then Samson," he said to me as he stroked my hair again, and I almost instinctively started to nuzzle my face into the crotch of his jeans.


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