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Doing Anna Nicole Smith


OK, I have a weird job. I'm a plumber and I've been one all my life, working with my dad and my uncles. The union is pretty tight and I basically inherited the job as my family legacy. But I have to admit that I don't mind it at all; over the years I've built up a very specialized clientele. I'm not the guy you call when your toilet's backed up or your wife's hair has clogged up the drain in the shower. But if you have to have a killer toilet exploding under Bruce Willis' ass in a movie, I'm the guy you call. Well, I've done a lot of movies but most of my work is photo shoots, videos, and commercials. A lot of my work comes from Playboy Enterprises and I even have a crew for all the tub and shower scenes they do.

A while back I got called to set up a tub for a shoot; they were very specific: they wanted the tub to be gold, to be one of those old fashioned claw jobs, and big enough for two people to fuck in. Well, the art director didn't say 'fuck' but she was pretty clear about what the model was demanding. We had a good piece to use even though it was a pain in the rear to paint it gold, but they were paying enough. You probably already know this but in order to get the models looking sexy in the suds you have to build in a platform inside the basin so their bodies are lifted up to the surface of the water. Over the years we've worked out a nice gadget that is comfortable for the girl and is not too visible in the camera.

Somehow this was a busy week for us so I had to crew this gig myself; like I said I usually just handle the big jobs and send my staff out to these little photo shoots, but it's lucky I was there this time 'cause it turned out to be a big job in a lot of ways.

All these shoots are union labor so none of the grips could even help me unload the heavy tub off the truck. I hired a couple of kids to meet me early on Monday morning and they were to come back three days later for the load-out. Never tell them they're helping at a playmate shoot or they'll hang around all week. The art director and photographer were already inside and once the tub was in place they started on their lights and stuff. I have a whole set of portable pipe systems I'd developed so it was a snap to get the tub in operating order. The suds were somebody else's department. Once I was done all I had to do was stand by in case of trouble. Usually there's no trouble but I had no idea what I was in for.

It's sad to say but once you've done a few of these shoots the idea of working with beautiful nude models becomes kind of old. Sure you look, but it's a job and not too sexy really. Everybody's working. This time was different.

When Anna Nicole Smith stepped out of her dressing room everybody stopped and stared. She was tall, taller then a lot of guys in the room, and her figure was a collection of curves and shapes that looked like a map of the history of sex. She came out completely nude and her pale body seemed to absorb all the light in the room. She was all juicy flesh, soft and creamy, and her skin seemed to ripple as she strutted forward, every inch of her looked meaty and delicious; her body looked like the last stop you'd ever want to make, so smooth and silky, so warm and moist. Her breasts were gigantic and moved on their own; as she boldly walked on to the set they rolled around as if they were waving to me and inviting me over, me and the rest of the crew. And there was plenty of her to go around. Yeah, I know that later on she gained a few pounds but what I saw that day was grade A, number one perfect. Anna Nicole was the New Years Eve partly of the millennium packed in a tight ball of endless sweet flesh.

She made a great show of lowering herself into the water and squealed gleefully as her fine round ass dipped into the warm water. What can I say, I'm an artist. They were shooting the whole time and Anna Nicole preened and posed seductively. And it was amazing. Her eyes were focused on the camera lens but she seemed to be coming on to every person in the room. Even the art director had a misty look in her eyes. Guys who had worked with just about every playmate for the last decade had hard-ons for this babe.

The problem came when the male model came on. You could feel the whole crew tensed up. Apparently there had been trouble last week when they had been doing some other shots on a different set. Anna Nicole's attitude changed real fast; suddenly the water was too cold, the lights too hot, the guy had bad breath, she wanted a snack, on and on and on. I had paper work to do anyway so I went to the other end of the studio, but soon I could hear her screaming and complaining about everything. I winced when she yelled at the model, "What's the matter, can't you get it up? Don't you like girls? Are you queer or something?"

After about an hour of this the photographer called a break. The AD and he got together and they announced that the shoot was ending. They had what they needed. Apparently they had planned for a lot more stuff but decided it wasn't worth it. Pretty much everybody split right away but they asked me to break down the tub set up because they wanted to start another set tomorrow.

After awhile I was left alone to do my work. Since I had expected to be there all day I had some time to kill so I decided to fiddle with some improvements on the pipe arrangements. I was filling the tub with warm water when I heard a voice behind me.

"So you like working with pipes?"

She was a sex goddess standing behind me. She had gone to her dressing room when everybody left and she, indeed, got dressed, but wow!! A tight black leotard was stretched over her torso but it hid nothing and it actually accentuated the lushness of her flesh and the amazing dimension of her curves. Her nipples stood out like two bullets and the roundness of the areolas was completely on display. A short gauzy black skirt was draped over her hips but swell of her trim blonde pussy was clear underneath.

I dropped my wrench and the thud on the floor covered the thud of my jaw dropping. She laughed and shook her long wavy blonde hair. "Yeah, I know," she smiled already used to the impact she had on men, "I guess I was a real jerk before. I'm sorry about that." Her hand was now on the middle of my chest. "But what about my question? You good with pipes?"

Anna Nicole Smith was looking straight into my eyes and with her hand on my chest stepping forward. With each step she took towards me, I took a step back. OK, I was in shock and the heat of her hand caused my cock to jump up like a hungry dog. "Are you a good plumber? I've got trouble with my plumbing," she cooed, "Can you help me? Have you got your tools?" Her other hand was now on my shaft and squeezing it through the denim of my jeans. "Ohhh!" she squealed. "I think you're ready to work on me."

Suddenly I spilled back and fell into the tub with a soapy splash but Anna Nicole was right on top of me. It wasn't far to fall; the cushions were right under the surface to catch us but we were both immediately soaked. The water seemed to evaporate Anna Nicole's clothes and her skin had a mysterious sheen as the fabric held the light on her flesh.

"I was planning to fuck in this tub and I'm going to do it." She ripped open my shirt as she jammed her tongue into my mouth. It was hot and sweet and it raced over my teeth and probed all around inside me. She plunged it down and twisted it deep into my throat. We continued to wrestle with our mouths as she tore the shirt to shreds and then attacked my pants.

My hands were busy on those magnificent mounds. My fingers dug in deep, yet the flesh was so firm and warm. She apparently loved having her breasts played with because she rocked her chest against my hands matching each motion as I explored every inch of those tasty treats. She broke from her assault on my cock to sit up and pull the leotard down off her shoulders. She took a breast and pressed it into my mouth. It was funny to notice that whatever they used to make the bubbles was not soapy but it had a delicious vanilla taste that was a perfect accompaniment to Anna Nicole's sweet body.

As I gorged myself Anna was shoving my pants down and she managed to wriggle out of her leotard as well. I sucked on those tits with delight as I mauled her plump ass with my hands. She was running her hand up and down my cock. "I just have to suck on this," she moaned and she twisted her nipple out of my mouth and dived onto the head of my shaft. Her tongue wrapped around my cock as if it was a hand. It twirled and swirled as she worked her lips up and down my length; she was sucking and slurping and moaning. She formed a ring with her thumb and finger and began to pump up and down at the base. It didn't take long for me to let loose a big ball of seed right against the back of her throat. She gulped it down and grinned with her eyes. She took her mouth off with a satisfied smack. "Let's save the rest for the drilling. Are you going to drill me with this big tool of yours?"

I didn't need anymore encouragement. We were on our sides in the warm, silky water; she threw one of her legs over my hip and opened herself to me. I'd never balled in a tub like this and there was nothing to prepare me for the heavenly sensation of having the warm water swirl over my cock as it entered her dripping hot pussy. The muscles inside her sheath massaged my shaft as if they were fingers. She got tighter and tighter the deeper I went. Her leg was jammed against my back and she was driving me in further and further as her fingers dug into my back.

I came once but this set her off bucking and thrashing against me. She went wild, howling and splashing. Her sheath cinched even tighter and she drained more of my seed out. Her orgasms burst one after another as hot floods against the tip of my shaft.

Anna gave me an evil grin and twisted her body so her head was at one end of the tub and mine at the other. My legs were under her. She reached behind and with her palms pressing against the wall of the tub she rammed herself down onto my cock. She screamed with pleasure and started to piston herself against my body. The water was a tidal wave sweeping back and forth over our bodies and her luscious breasts danced and spun and splashed with each thrust.

I shot into her again and she squealed. Gripping the sides of the tub she started to bounce on top of me. I blasted her again and again but she wouldn't stop. She closed her eyes and shuttered as a massive tsunami of orgasm smashed over her. She sighed when it was over and started to pump me again. As my last salvo rocketed up into her she shrieked a long thin scream that faded into a low rattling groan. She looked at me with wild eyes and then fell forward onto my chest with a splash.

When she woke up she wanted sixty-nine, she wanted it on all fours. I tried to keep up but she couldn't stop. She ordered in some Chinese food and we fucked while we waited and then fucked after we ate.

Eventually I had to beg her to let me get some work done. She agreed but only when I promised to make a house call later that night. So I did. I made a lot of house calls over the next few months. Yeah, I have a weird job, but it's fun.

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