tagMatureDoing Eva Ch. 02

Doing Eva Ch. 02


The week before Eva came to visit me on campus flew by as I had papers to write and even a couple of exams, leaving me little time to anticipated our coming (literally) visit. Friday arrived right on time, after I had completed most of my assignments. I now had a couple of days of freedom and they were going to be well appreciated.

My last class finished at 3:30 and I had arranged to meet Eva at the pub in the Student Union Building (SUB). We had to meet outside so I could sign her in as a guest so I waited inside the lobby just watching the traffic passing me by. Because of the approaching weekend, there were a lot of people wandering around campus, and the SUB. I just sat back and enjoyed the view.

There went Elise, a petite little redhead from my Political Science class. She sat right behind me and I was always finding a reason to turn around to talk to her or frankly, any reason I could think to use. She consistently wore short skirts and once I'd even had the benefit of a beaver shot (white panties and all). To say I had a crush on her would be right on the money, but I knew she was dating an older guy and I would never have a shot... but I could be friendly, couldn't I?

Half the basketball team idled by wearing their practice gear — on the way to the gym naturally. What is it about really tall guys that makes them look like freaks of nature? (Don't answer that: they're disproportionally tall. Duh!)

I was starting to wonder about Eva ditching me for some reason. She was already 40 minutes late and I was become anxious. Could she possibly have missed this? Or was she standing me up?

And there she was.

She walked right over to me and I stood to greet her. She leaned in and gave me a soft little peck on the cheek and shook my hand. "What's up, Eva?"

"You don't want me to slobber all over you right here? And make your pants stretch out as I know they will, do you?"

That made a lot of sense, especially in this crowed lobby. I did take her hand, however, and led her down the stairs towards the student pub. It was already quite busy with the late Friday afternoon crowd. A lot of students were fond of starting their weekends with a buzz on from the SUB, then going out to party all weekend. I admit to having done it a couple of times, but I was much too serious about my studies to do it often.

We found a table off to one side, near a pillar so there was not as much traffic going past us. We both ordered beers, but Eva added a whiskey chaser. This would be a fun date, I figured.

We got to talking about our weeks and what was going on around us. She told me that Ray had gone back East to host a reunion party for his teammates. She had all weekend, it turned out, not that Ray would have minded in any case. That was good news for me, too.

For the first time, Eva also told me about her own family. She had married quite early and had a daughter, Estelle, before she was twenty. In turn, Estelle had given birth to a granddaughter before her own twentieth birthday. Eva had a granddaughter? That was news.

"Kati is 17 right now; she's a whip-smart, delightful young woman — I think you'd like her."

I was not about to get involved with an underage girl no matter how hot her grandma was. I threw out a non-committal, "I'm sure she's very nice."

"She will be visiting us in a few weeks because she's thinking of moving here to start school at the university. It seems that her mom is having more problems than she can deal with... prescription drugs, actually."

I cared about Eva, and by extension, her family, so I was concerned about Estelle's problem. Eva reassured me that things were under control, but that the family had agreed it would help to move Kati out of that environment for a year until her mom cleaned up.

"That's so good of you and Ray, taking on a kid at this time in your lives."

"We love Kati, and I am betting that you will, too." She took a photo out of her purse to show me (always the grandma, eh?)

"That's no kid."

"Told you she would catch your eye.. .but she is 17 so hands off, buddy."

"No problem, but I can look, right?"

"I fully expect you to look, and to appreciate as I we're going to ask you to help her around campus, making her comfortable and introducing her around to new friends."

Except that I did not see a payoff like the summer trip with my aunt, it felt a lot like the same thing. I had just been recruited to 'look after someone' and be a good guy.

Eva smiled when she told me I would be fine, and that Kati was fun to be with. "She is going into second year with a math major."

"At 17? Already doing second year? Wow."

"She is so bright it often leaves me speechless, but she is fun. A great kid."

We had a couple more beers, two shooters this time, and I started asking Eva what she wanted to do this weekend, tonight in particular.

"I have tonight sorta planned, Paul. I hope you don't mind I made some arrangements."

"Uhhh, okay. Sure. What sort of arrangements?"

"You will see, but dinner is looked after, too."

I wondered what Eva had in mind. My experience with this woman gave me no concern about tonight, but I was certainly curious. She got up and excused herself to the 'little girl's room' and walked away, leaving me to enjoy her walk.

Eva was again wearing heels, but there were hardly the six-inch stilettos I had first seen her wearing. These were shorter-heeled pumps, bright green in colour, and even though lower than I had seen, they did marvelous things to her legs and butt. I watched her walk away, ass swinging slightly, legs firm and tight. Yes, anyone could guess that she was a dancer.

Though Eva's legs were so great to look at, the outfit she wore was rather conservative in my experience. The skirt was only just above her knees, though the stockings were luxurious and showed off her calves particularly well. I noticed that there were at least ten pairs of eyes watching Eva walking away (including a couple of women, I saw). Apparently we all had great taste. 'But she's coming back to me, boys,' I thought to myself.

When Eva came walking back, I got to watch her from the front, her best side in my opinion, even with that great ass and long legs. Eva is a black woman with smooth, clear skin a shade darker than milk chocolate. With her conservative skirt came a kind of half-jacket that just sat on her shoulders, button-free. Under that she wore a pure white silk blouse buttoned right to the collar. It had subdued stitched embroidery along the collar and down the front. That she had a very generous chest was not so obvious in this outfit, but I knew. I knew that chest very well, and I was looking forward to a better look soon.

Sitting back down I mentioned that quite a few of us had watched her saunter to and from the ladies' room.

"I know that. You don't think this is my first time walking through a crowd of horny young people, I hope?" She smiled to let me know she was teasing, and that I should appreciate how hot she knew herself to be. "It turns me on to know others appreciate what I have."

I just smiled knowingly. And understanding that she was doing it for both of us.

"How much does that turn you on?" I asked.

"My pussy right now has soaked my panties through and I can almost smell it right here."

Sitting beside me, she took my hand and casually pulled it under the table. I wasn't sure no one could see, but what the hell? She led my hand beneath her skirt and let me find my own way from there. I caressed her firm thigh with my palm, sliding it up further towards my goal. But very slowly. When I got there, I could feel the fabric of her panties and they were drenched. I could even feel her pussy lips pressed against the fabric.

Eva's response was first to inhale suddenly, just as I hit her clitoris with my index finger. Then she reached under the table and pulled my hand away. "There'll be more of that later, young man."

Then she took my hand and licked her pussy juices off my fingers. How she did it was pretty sneaky and I am sure no one saw it happen. But then, one of my professors walked up to our table. She taught my philosophy class and though she was about the same age as Eva, she had none of the looks or fitness my lover did.

"Paul, I thought you would be working on your mid-term paper this weekend, but here you are at the bar with..."

I was completely unready for this encounter and had nothing to offer, but before I could make me look stupid, Eva stepped in to save the day.

"I'm Iris Walters, I teach dance in the Phys-Ed department. And you are?"

They got introductions out of the way and Eva went so far as to suggest that I was one of her more successful pupils and that I might be dancing lead in an upcoming production.

"You have a lot of talents, Paul," said my professor.

"You certainly do, Paul," added Eva, smiling way more than I thought safe for the circumstances.

We had had enough of the busy pub and for my part, I had no desire to try to explain the older black goddess at my table, nor to share her with the letches at the bar. It was time to walk to my residence. On our way, Eva stopped at her car and picked up, of all things, a picnic basket.

To my quizzical look she said, "I told you I was going to look after dinner, didn't I?"

Knowing how many eyes were on campus, all of whom seemed connected by the same gossip hotline (this was way before Facebook and texting, folks) we walked as if we were professor and student. That made things easy to explain and would catch no one's eyes — I just didn't need that amount of campus talk. Then we got to my residence block; it was now harder to explain this woman's presence. Then again, she was dressed as a professional so might well just be visiting campus.

I lived on the third floor and however I manoeuvred to get Eva going up ahead of me (figure it out) she wouldn't hear of it. "No, you show me where we're going. Besides, it's more casual if I am following."

I led her up the stairs all the way to my floor, then down the hall to my room — corner room, slightly larger and two windows!

I let Eva in and followed right behind her, and I mean RIGHT behind her — I was that close. I went to embrace her as the door closed, but she pushed me back gently and said, "there's plenty of time for that, stud."

I had to agree. Besides, with Eva, the anticipation was as exciting as the practice.

"Why wouldn't you let me follow you up the stairs, Eva? You know how much I love the look of your legs and ass."

"First of all, I really did want you to show me the way. Second, it was much easier to explain if someone came along as I could have been on my own instead of with you. Besides, we could hardly have you walking in public with a huge boner in your pants. And another thing: I love watching your tight, athletic ass, too, dummy."

"Oh. I never thought of that." And I bent over facing away to give her a full and close view of my butt as I untied my shoes. When I turned back towards her, I was faced with exactly the view I had wanted all along. I moved up behind her and rubbed my crotch along her buttocks, pressing firmly so she could feel my hardon.

"Don't worry. I will get to that soon enough. First, we eat."

I must have been looking at her crotch because she added, "not that. I mean dinner."

It was almost 8 pm and to be honest, I was getting quite hungry so I followed along like a good boy.

Eva opened up the basket and took out a veritable feast of finger sandwiches, vegetables, dips, and other delectables. She even had a lovely bottle of wine for us, and afterwards, schnapps to round out the meal.

Though we had both eaten our fill, we were not overstuffed, all the better because the upcoming athletics would be demanding, I expected.

I lay back on my bed, a big over-sized single that easily fit two. Surrounded by pillows and already comfortable, I suggested Eva take off her jacket and get more comfortable. She did more than that. The jacket came off and went on a hanger in my closet. She followed this up by undoing the top four or five buttons of her blouse, enough to show me a delicate lace teddy tightly filled with her mounds, and judging from her nipples, no bra. These breasts were all natural as she had already proven and fifty years old, but still, they held their shape with a perfect sag to show a beautiful roundness underneath.

But she did not take off her blouse, nor her skirt, and not her heels — I was okay with that part.

She joined me on the bed, sitting right beside me and resting her head on my shoulder.

"Did you enjoy dinner?"

"I sure did. That was great. But I'm enjoying this part even more."

"Are you interested in dessert?" she asked.

Not sure what she meant (was it food or something way better?) I hesitated a bit before agreeing that it would be nice.

"Do you trust me, Paul?"

What an odd question to ask before serving dessert.

"Sure. Why?"

"Before you get dessert, I need to know you trust me completely."

"Why?" Dumb question, but I know that now.

"Well. Do you?"

I looked directly into her eyes and told her, "I absolutely trust you."

She got off the bed and reached into the picnic basket and brought out a long silk scarf which she proceeded to tie around my head, completely covering my eyes and effectively blocking my sight.

"How does that feel?"

"Okay. Interesting. I wonder what's next?" I quizzed her.

"You'll see, I mean, you will find out soon enough."

I sat completely still, waiting for the next thing. I was expecting her to pull my face into her chest or maybe have her take off my pants or something. Instead, I felt her wrapping another silk scarf around one of my wrists and then pulling me gently into position laying back on my bed. She took my other wrist and did the same thing, effectively binding me to the bed.

"You still okay with this, Paul?"

Despite the trust I did have in this woman, I also realized that I had not known her for very long. But the ride had been fantastic so far, so why not play along.

"Okay? Actually, you are taking me to a new place where I have never been."

Taking that as complete agreement, she began to unbuckle my belt and undo my pants. The zipper was next. She then told me to lift my butt up so she could do away with the pants. As if I was going to argue.

Eva did have a bit of a time getting the fabric and my underwear past my raging hardon, but she got all the clothing off no problem. I was now lying on my back in my dorm room, completely naked and tied down. Then she used more scarves and tied my ankles to the bed, too. I was really committed now.

Getting anxious to feel her on me, I asked her to fuck me. "Please."

All I got was a "'shush', no talking from now on."

That was the last word she uttered for what must have been hours. I, on the other hand, had a chance to mumble a few words, and make sounds that seemed to fit the moment.

Firmly tied to the bed, with my rock-hard cock crying out for attention, I listened for every little sound for a clue of what was coming.

The first thing I felt was Eva's hair, now loosened, drag very slowly up my legs. First one, then the other. Each time she got close to the area between my legs, and the pole it offered, she veered off the path. This kind of teasing was making my cock jump in anticipation each time she got near it.

She dragged her hair all over my body, always moving and shaking her head to make my skin tingle in response. I am sure that if she even touched my cock, I would have exploded. But no.

The next thing I felt was cold liquid dripping over my thighs and across my cock. It jumped. And I jumped. I could smell that it was the remainder of our red wine from dinner. Eva then began to lick it off my legs and thighs, come oh-so-close to my erection. She did reach a tongue out to my balls which felt so amazing that I thrust my hips towards her, but she was quicker and left the area.

She poured a little more wine onto my stomach and chest and proceeded to suck if into her mouth, using her tongue liberally, very catlike even. I was starting to shake each time she touched me now, whatever the spot.

My moans must have had some effect because she planted a big wet kiss right on the knob of my cock. But she was gone before I realized what had just happened.

Then nothing. Minutes passed. More nothing. Then finally, soft jazz began to play in the background. There was something going on. I could hear the sound of a finger slipping along a wet surface. God! She was masturbating as I lay there, untouched. How erotic could this woman be?

I started to say something but got a firm "shhhhsssshh!!" I knew better than to speak again.

More nothing. I found out later that this had taken over half an hour. All I could do was to wait, listen, move my cock around to tease her back. But that was it.

Eventually I heard Eva move back towards the bed. She stood at the head, very close to me. I began to feel her breath on my face. She touched my lips with a finger dripping red wine. I sucked at it greedily.

Then nothing. I was getting frustrated and I think she realized that because the next thing I felt was the weight of her two substantial breasts being placed on my face. It was amazing. I was in heaven and took advantage of it completely. I worked my face back and forth between her boobs, licking and nibbling, kissing my lover's wonderful mounds. I could almost taste their chocolate, I thought.

Eva took one in her hands and fed me a nipple. I took to it as a hungry infant might have, and I sucked at it with wild abandon, taking it all in along with her thick areola all in one mouthful. That got her moaning, too.'

But still, my now giant erection was still going it alone. I could feel the pre-cum dripping out of the opening and no one was doing anything about it.

Eva had moved her tits off my face and was standing back, I figured. Then she sneakily went back to my cock and in one quick flick of her tongue, dealt with the pre-cum problem. Again, she was so fast that I barely got to thrust towards her mouth, but she was gone.

My reward was for her to drag her melon all over my body, starting from my neck, down my chest and along my thighs. She made me so happy when she took one pass over my cock, letting her boobs slide over the rigid staff, dragging it through the gap.

I gasped, thrust hard a couple of times and was rewarded with the wonderful feeling of massive boob flesh. I surprised myself by not coming at the touch of her skin. But it was close. Hard as rock, cum building up, and still no release.

"It's been 90 minutes, Paul."

Five words. Silence. Then I felt her weight on the bed. I was finally going to get fucked! I thought.

Instead, I felt her squat over my chest and rub her dripping pussy over my abs. She rubbed her cunt against each of my nipples, one after the other. All I did was let my cock get harder — I knew it was not really possible, but it sure felt harder every time Eva did something new to me.

Eva lifted a small pillow into place beneath my head and settled herself down at my face. She very slowly lowered her pussy to my mouth, rocking back and forth to tease my lips with hers. She was delicious so I mumbled-moaned a 'yummy' kind of sound. She responded by moving down a bit more, give me access to her pussy.

I drove my tongue into her cunt the moment I felt it within reach. She must have been ready because she came right away as I dug my tongue into her. She pressed herself down hard leaving me little room to breathe. With my tongue inside her cunt, Eva ground herself onto my face. I could sense she was playing with her tits all the while and just imagining that made me work harder at pleasing this fantastic woman.

She came at least four times before she eased off my face. I felt her fall to my side, apparently exhausted by all that coming. I was getting my breath back when I felt Eva untying my hands, then my feet.

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