Doing Heather Together


"No kidding; I remember standing out in the hallway waiting for my sister to get out of the bathroom."

"We can set up the camera and video stuff while we wait, if you want."

"Sure." So we started taking out all the cables and lights to set up our little "studio", and I guess it was a rather surreal experience; there we were, talking shop about the merits of digital cameras and light meters, and killing time until we could have sex with my wife. Was this weird or what? Eventually, all was in order and we sat down to wait, he in the chair and I on the bed, and it kind of crept into my consciousness that very soon Bob would take my place there and I would be watching him with my wife on that bed. I was just about to get a funny feeling about it, and wondered how to make the transition gracefully without embarrassing anyone. Funny thought.

I heard the bathroom fan go off and I almost automatically hit the switch to start the camera rolling. Just then, Heather came out of the bathroom and diverted my attention. She had washed and dried her hair and it was hanging loose and long, one of the things I loved about her. She was wearing a soft pink satin robe that hung to the floor and under which I could tell she had nothing else on; I could see her nipples through the fabric; she knows I like that. The funny thing was there was no uncomfortable transition. She came directly over to me and as if to remind me of why she was here, she put her arms around me and kissed me softly on the neck. I wrapped her in my arms and held her close, breathing in the perfume I would recognize anywhere.

We both became aware then that Bob had moved up beside us and he slipped his hand around her waist and bent to skim his mouth over her shoulder and rub his face into her neck. She turned her face and then her body toward him, squeezed my hand and then I moved away. Fascinated, I slid behind the camera without taking my eyes off them. I watched, mesmerized, as Bob began kissing her, softly at first, and then more insistently as his hands began to explore over the pink satin robe. He slid his hand up the back, over her shoulder, down her arm and then moved to gently rest for a moment on the outer curve of her breast. With his thumb he stroked slowly over the nipple and I watched it become erect under the soft pressure. He moved his hand up and slipped his thumb inside the front of her robe. He eased it slightly off her shoulder and leaned down and brushed his lips against the exposed skin. Then he slid his hand down and loosened the belt. The robe stayed suspended for a few seconds, and neither of them moved while I stood there watching through the camera lens, holding my breath. Then I let out a little gasp as I watched it fall to the floor. I watched a shiver come over her as the robe slid against her skin, heard her soft gasp in unison with mine.

Every part of my body felt so exquisitely alive and tingling with anticipation, and I knew they must have been feeling the same way. I couldn't look away. I was aware that I had quite an erection, but I was afraid to touch it. I had masturbated the night before so that I would be able to last longer tonight, but still I knew I could come immediately if I wasn't careful, and I wasn't ready to yet. Even the touch of my robe against it might have been enough to set me off at that point.

I watched as they lay down on that big, soft bed and I could feel her skin as she and Bob moved together. Bob was not keeping his own erection a secret and I had to take a deep breath to maintain control when Heather reached down and began to stroke him. I knew just what he was feeling, knew how her hand felt, knew what it was like when she turned her body slightly and began to caress his chest and his sides, his stomach and the inside of his thigh. Then she put her hand back onto his cock; I watched her move her head down and in one motion she slid her mouth over the length of his erection as she stroked up and down his testicles with her other hand. I heard him catch his breath and felt a surge of electric energy go through my own body. Yes, I knew what that felt like. For many minutes I watched as she stroked and licked and sucked his cock; I watched her bring him almost to the point of orgasm and then stop briefly or change rhythm just before he'd have been unable to control it. I could see by the expression on his face that Bob was not on any conscious level aware anymore that I was even in the room.

I stared into the camera lens in a sort of hypnotic trance at the same time both vaguely and vividly aware that this was my wife on that bed with Bob. I followed him vicariously while he rode wave after wave of pleasure as her mouth and tongue brought him almost to the edge and then softly drew him back. And then as if there was some sort of telepathic signal between them, she raised her head at the same instant he reached down to draw her up to him. She climbed on top of him; he reached behind her and took his erect penis in his hand. He rubbed the head of it gently against her vagina, I saw her shiver a little, and Bob and I both knew she was ready. As I watched, transfixed, through the lens of the camera, she turned her head toward me and just for an instant she looked directly at me through the camera. She whispered silently to me the words "I love you," and she moved down to slip Bob's hard cock inside her. They both let out a soft moan and began moving in a slow, pulsating rhythm, pressing together, holding his erection deep inside her for a moment and then drawing it out slowly, holding just the head inside for a moment before slowly plunging the length of it inside again. I found myself breathing along with the motion, felt my own passion rising along with theirs.

Half surprised, I found I was no longer behind the camera lens; I seemed to have emerged to find myself standing alongside the bed staring down at this ethereal scene almost like looking through fog, my brain not quite fully comprehending the enormity of what was happening. If I had been dreaming this could not have been any more real and unreal. They were not looking at me, but I knew they were both fully aware of my presence and neither seemed surprised or unhappy that I was there. It just seemed so very natural for me to join them that without a single word or obvious effort by any of us, before I knew it, I was lying next to them.

Heather rolled off Bob so that she was now snuggled quite cozily between us, her back facing me. I have this favorite place on her lower back that just fits my erect cock and I instinctively moved to it and started stroking myself against her, while Bob stroked his erection against the curve of her inner thigh. Then I moved my hand down and put my penis between her legs. I felt her body stiffen a little and she let out a sigh. Bob felt it, too, and taking the cue he pushed his own penis between her legs from the front. What an incredible feeling! I could feel the softness of her thighs, warm and wet from her own excitement, and I could feel Bob's erection just barely brushing against mine as we both slid in and out between her legs. I couldn't wait any longer, I wanted inside her so badly. I pulled my cock out from between her legs and pushed it eagerly inside her. She breathed heavily and pressed back against me. We moved slowly, pushing deep with each stroke. Bob pulled his own erection away and moved up toward the head of the bed. While I continued to plunge myself in and out of her, Bob put his cock near her mouth and she willingly drew it in, running her lips almost the length of its erect shaft, teasing the head with her tongue, then stroking it with her hand while her lips caressed just the head, then pushing the length inside her mouth again. After a couple of minutes, I knew if I didn't pull out I would not be able to keep from coming. I withdrew my hard cock and rolled her over on the bed.

It was Bob's turn again. He moved on top of her, spread her legs with his knees lowered himself onto her and pushed his erection inside her as far as it would go. She came almost immediately, moaning and gasping and I knew it was one hell of an orgasm. My mind was swirling, literally everything was flashing before me with colors and dancing lights. It was like being on drugs. This is what I wanted to see and frankly I was glad Bob was the one inside her when it happened because that left me free to sit back and watch the show. I almost came myself just watching, but I wasn't ready yet. Bob kept pumping, never changing rhythm until she'd had a truly impressive orgasm, and then just before I was sure he'd not be able to control his own, he slowed, stopped and pulled himself out.

For about a minute, we all just lay there and regained our composure. It had been such an intense experience for all of us that I think none of us quite knew what to do next. Heather decided for us. As we lay on either side of her, she took my hard cock in one hand and Bob's in the other, stroking us both to keep us hard, as if either of us needed that to stay hard right now. Then she took a few deep, controlled breaths, let each out slowly and I could feel her body relax for a second, and then she rolled over on her stomach and asked, "Who's next?"

Bob looked at me and asked, "Do you mind, I really need it right now?"

"Be my guest," I said.

I moved up to the very head of the bed and placed my back against the headboard so that I was sitting upright with her face between my legs. She moved up, put a pillow under her chest and slipped her mouth over my still erect cock, while Bob slipped his once again inside her. She kept my erection nice and hard but maintained complete control so that I wouldn't come yet. I could see Bob's face as he stroked the full length of his erection inside Heather. We caught a glance of each other and we looked directly into each other's eyes as he came explosively inside my wife. About a minute later, he rolled off her and lay, gasping beside her on the bed.

By this time, she was obviously ready for another orgasm, and I was more than happy to oblige. She moved up to straddle me while I kept my position sitting against the headboard. I was very glad I'd masturbated last night; I wanted to be nice and hard when I felt her come around my erect shaft. She knelt over me, her knees behind my hips and she lowered her pussy over my erection. I could feel it enclosing me, warmer and wetter than I've ever felt it. She moved up and down, demanding every inch of me, pushing hard against me, over and over, and then she tensed and shuddered, pushed herself down tightly onto me and stopped moving. I could feel the waves of a hard orgasm flowing through her, could feel her throbbing against me while she moved in a little rocking motion on top of me, like if she moved too much it would all overwhelm her and she wouldn't be able to take it. As soon as I was sure she was satisfied, I lifted her off me, maneuvered her onto her hands and knees and mounted her from behind. I watched as my hard, wet cock slipped into this familiar place. I knew what every place inside her felt like, and yet somehow it was all new this time. I couldn't control my excitement any longer; didn't want to. I looked at Bob, who was lying on the bed watching us and I knew by the look on his face that he understood, no matter what had happened, or whether it would ever happen again, she and I were meant to be together. This was something between us, and although he was chosen to be part of it, it was something deeply personal between my wife and me. I came inside her -- where I belong.

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