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Doing Mom


After Cuz and I seduced my drunk mother by getting her away from a dull party, we seduced her again the following night using wine and a porn movie. I became a mother-fucker, and Tim an aunt-fucker.

We all fell asleep in the living room after a round of sucking, fucking and buggering. Somehow we managed individually to make it to bed, and Tim and I awoke the next morning a little hung-over. We were sitting in the kitchen having coffee when mom came downstairs.

Mom was humming and doing little dance steps, looking like a little girl in a baby-doll nightie. She'd obviously already showered, done her hair in a pony-tail, and applied a touch of makeup. She was wearing a pair of high-heel mules on her tiny feet, accentuating her long shapely legs, and looked like a cover girl. Damn! She looked sexy, with her big boobies bouncing under the thin nightie. She gave us both a quick peck on the cheek, got a cup of coffee, and sat at the kitchen table with us.

There was a long pause, and she started, "Uh ... your father will be home from the convention this evening, and I've planned a nice dinner to welcome him home. You boys won't say anything to him... about... us? ...Will you?" Her eyes were pleading, "He must never know... anything..." Now, of course neither Tim nor I ever wanted him to find out, either, but my sleazy cousin decided to take advantage of the situation...as he always did.

Before I could assure her, Tim spoke up, "Of course, Auntie, he need never find out anything, or have any suspicion at all..." He rose from his chair and went to stand beside her, "so long as you continue to be nice to us..." His hand was on the back of her head, gently stroking her long slim neck. He dropped his pants, and pulled out his semi-hard dick, and began pulling her face toward it.

"Oh,... nnnno... no... We can't be doing this..." Mom started, then her mouth engulfed Tim's dick, and he started hunching it in and out of her mouth. She sighed, and quickly gave in, bobbing her head and running her tongue around the head of his prick as it gained an erection. My Mom is a slut! She loves it..."it" being any form of sex, anytime, anywhere! My dick was quickly getting hard, too. I just couldn't stay and watch, and as I felt kinda funky, I went upstairs and took the 5 "S"s ... shit, shine, shave, shower and shampoo. I put on a pair of loose gym shorts and as I was coming out of the bathroom, Tim was coming in, a wide shit-eating grin on his face. I couldn't help it, I smiled right back.

I went back down to the kitchen, where Mom was working over the stove...still looking like a cover girl. "I'm fixing omelets and toast for breakfast while Tim takes a shower," she said, "is that all right?" I assured her I was starving, and anything would be good, just standing and staring at her bubble-butt peeking out from under the nightie, and her fabulous tits bobbing around as she whipped the eggs in a bowl. My dick was getting hard again from the sight. Lucky the shorts were loose! I got out some orange juice and started another pot of coffee brewing, almost dropping everything I touched from the distraction of watching my sexy Mom. I finally just sat and stared. Tim came in just as breakfast was ready, and we all sat down and ate, not talking much. Tim and I spent most of our time staring at Mom's big titties, and she spent most of her time blushing and avoiding our eyes. However, I could tell by the way the flush extended from her cheeks down her slim neck to the tops of her fabulous tits that she was really turned-on ...again! We finished breakfast and had another cup of coffee when Mom asked Tim to clean up the kitchen and reached for my hand to lead me upstairs. She pulled me into her bedroom, and turned her bright eyes to my face.

"Um.... uh..." she whispered, "what... I did to Tim ... really ... uh... created a need... um..." What a prude! To be such a slut, she still couldn't bring herself to say the words.

"You mean giving Tim a blow-job made you horny, don't you?" I asked. She just nodded her head. "Say it, Mom," I insisted, "it's perfectly good English and those are legitimate words." She took a deep breath, making her tits rise on her chest, and looked directly into my eyes, hers shining.

"Giving Tim a blow-job made me horny!" she announced, and turned beet red.

"Me, too," I said, as I took her in my arms and grabbed both her bubble-butt-cheeks in my hands, grinding her pelvis against my hard-on and her tits against my chest. "Feel that?" I asked, "It's been like that since you came downstairs this morning. You look gorgeous!" and I kissed her full lips, hard, pushing my tongue into her wet mouth. She came alive. I thought she was going to suck my tongue out by the roots. I bent a little lower, and grabbed the backs of her thighs, lifting her off the floor, still kissing her feverish mouth. I heard her mules hit the floor as she kicked them off, and I noticed that when she'd entered the bedroom she'd dropped her panties to the floor and I was grasping bare butt-cheeks. I leaned over and fell on the bed, with her under me, her arms around my neck and legs around my waist. I had to pull back to drop my shorts, and my hard dick sprang up, right in line with her hot cunt.

She hunched once, and captured it between her wet pussy-lips, then hunched again and pulled my dick into the depths of her pussy, letting out a deep moan of satisfaction, "AAAAaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh... gooooooodddd... sooooooo goooooddddd..." she breathed, and began humping her bubble-butt up and down, her pussy clasping and unclasping around my cock. "Ummmmm... uummmmm... uuuummmm..." she moaned... twisting and pumping at the same time. I really was horny, and so was she, so we raced toward a simultaneous orgasm. "Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh my, oh god, oh mygod, oh mygod, " she was chanting, getting faster and faster, squealing and squirming under me. Then she popped, let out a high-pitched squeal, and collapsed, her arms and legs dropping akimbo. She'd passed out, like the first night. Her orgasm was so intense, she just passed out. I kissed her swollen lips, and left her asleep on the bed.

After an hour or so, she came downstairs, dressed in jeans and a sweatshirt to go to the market, gave us both a kiss, asked if we needed anything, and went to the market. The rest of the afternoon, she busied herself making a huge dinner. She looked and acted happier that I remember seeing her. She was freer, looser, smiled more. Everything was funny, and got a giggle and a grin. Dad came home about dark, just as he said. He was always punctual. Mom ran and jumped, literally jumped, into his arms and hung a lip-lock on him that curled his toes. He seemed a little surprised, but Mom was always affectionate toward him, only a little more-so tonight. She served up a delicious dinner, and we ate and talked, Dad bitching about his trip, and all the driving to and from, and how bad traffic was getting... blah, blah, blah, but we sat and listened. Mom hung on every word.

Then Dad said he was glad to see Tim and me there, to "keep your mother company" (if he only knew!) and to help with the "chores". If we weren't going to be getting summer jobs, he detailed a lot of fix-its that need to be done this summer, besides lawn-mowing, cleaning the swimming pool, painting the trim on the house, re-working the flowerbeds, and on and on. He said he'd give us each $100 a week spending money to "help out around the house". That sounded just fine to Tim and me. Once the swimming pool was clean, the place would be like a resort... a resort with extra perks, at that. Then Mom announced that my sisters would be coming to visit, "bringing the babies to see grandma and grandpa", (Lord, my parents weren't even 40 and already grandparents.) and Tim and I looked at each other. That could put a fly in the ointment. My older sister, Samantha ("Sam") would be arriving this week and planned to stay over the next weekend, when my younger sister, Sami, would arrive to spend several days. (Yeah, my Dad's name is Sam, and I'm Sam Jr., my folks didn't have a lot of imagination...Samuel's an old family name with us.) Tim and I volunteered to clear the table and do the dishes, "so Mom and Dad could talk" (actually so we didn't have to listen to Dad's bitching) and they went arm-in-arm into the living room.

After they were gone, as we cleared the table, I could hear the excitement in Tim's whispers, "Your sisters are coming? Wow, I haven't seen them in a couple of years, but they both used to be really HOT!" He had that same curious look in his eyes. Remembering how much they looked and acted like Mom, I had to agree, but they both had small children now, and probably had ballooned up after getting pregnant. Despite the closeness of our ages, I hadn't been very close to my sisters, who both ran with a different crowd of kids in school. I was the nerdy, studious type, working to get into college, and they were both wildly popular, due largely to their great looks, and ran with the more popular kids.

"Maybe so, but we'll have to cool it around Mom while they're here," I whispered, "We can't have them suspecting anything."

We finished the dishes and ambled into the living room, where we found Mom sitting on Dad's lap. They were smooching like a couple of high school kids. They broke it up as we came in, and we all watched TV for awhile, until Mom got Dad by the arm, saying, "You must be really tired, Sam, maybe we'd better go to bed early." They went up the stairs with Mom leaning against Dad.

Tim giggled, "He's in for a hot time tonight, I hope he's not too tired."

We watched TV for quite a while, then decided to turn in. As we reached the top of the stairs, we could hear Mom moaning and squealing, Dad groaning, and the headboard of their big old bed bumping the wall with a steady thump-thump-thump. Tim got his shit-eating grin and whispered, "Told you so. She's gonna fuck his ears off." Long after we went to bed, we could hear the sexual activity in their room, mostly Mom's squeals. It made me so horny, I jacked-off, and I'll bet Tim did, too.

Men are pigs. Men ARE pigs, we just are. Anyone who'd fuck his own mother, then jerk-off to the sounds of her making it with his father is just a pig. Oink.

Next morning, Tim & I got up earlier than usual for summer. As we arrived at the kitchen, the old man was just leaving, with a wet French-kiss from Mom. We had decided the night before to get busy on the "chores", as Dad called them. Before breakfast, we started the pool draining and checked the filters. Can't have a resort without a pool! During breakfast, we watched Mom skipping around like a little school-girl, humming and grinning ear-to-ear. She was wearing a long fleece robe, so we couldn't see much of her body and her hair was still damp from her morning shower. I guess she had a good night. After breakfast, we changed and cleaned the filters in the pool, and I started the lawnmower and Tim got the weed-wacker and we started trimming up the yard. The bermuda had been allowed to go to seed over the winter, and wherever we worked really sharpened up the old homestead, as you could easily see the progress we were making.

We'd been working about an hour when Mom came out. She was dressed in a pair of stretch speedo running shorts and a matching tube top, both skin-tight, and a tiny pair of Nikes. "I'm going to the health club to work out," she called, starting for the garage.

Tim motioned her over, and we stopped the mower and trimmer. Tim gave a low wolf-whistle. "Wow!" we both said. Mom blushed.

"I hope you're going to an all-women health club," I observed, "any men wouldn't be able to exercise for tripping over their hard dicks." Mom blushed more.

"We can give you a better workout than any old health club," Tim bantered, "you can just skip that for the summer."

Mom flushed more, and turned bright pink right down her face, neck, and on down into the tube-top. "Uh... uh... um..." she stammered, "we... we've got to stop that sort of thing, now that Sam's home..." She trailed off.

"I don't see why," countered Tim, "Unk is gone all day at work, leaves at 7:00, doesn't come home until 6:15, that leaves us all day free, and we're only working for YOU this summer."

Mom looked worried, changing car keys from hand to hand and standing on first one foot then the other. "Uh... uh... um... I..I don't think that's a good idea, " she stammered. Obviously her conscience was bothering her. My sleazy cousin stepped up close, jerked her tube-top down to her waist, crushed her fabulous tits to his bare, sweaty chest, and hung a lip-lock on her lips, which parted with a gasp. She paused for a moment, startled, then threw her arms around his neck, standing on tip-toe, and hugged and kissed him back. This went on for several minutes, and I could see her (him?) rubbing her marvelous tits against his chest. By the time she broke the kiss, I was sporting an erection. So was Tim.

She quickly pulled up her top to cover her beautiful breasts (aw) and hissed, "Tim!" She was looking all around to see if anyone had observed. We were in the back yard, which has a 10-foot privacy fence, so it wasn't likely. "Tim! She hissed again, "We can't be doing that where everyone can see!" I noticed it wasn't just "we can't be doing that." She'd left the door open.

"No one can see," countered my cuz, reasonably, "but if it makes you uncomfortable..." He scooped her little body up and started for the house, one hand fondling a huge tittie. He bent and firmly kissed her again, cutting off any protest. She wrapped her arms around his neck. I trailed along behind.

When he arrived in the living room, Tim broke the kiss, dropped Mom's feet to the floor, pulled down her top to her waist, dropped to his knees and pulled down both the top and her stretch shorts to puddle around her ankles, and locked his lips on her clean-shaven twat.

It happened so fast, Mom just looked confused. "Tim!" she gasped, "Tim! Tim! Oh, Tim... Oh oh...Tim... Ohhhhhhh... ohhhhhhh... uuummmmmm. uhhhhhh... Oh! Tim!" and her bubble-butt started twisting, her pelvis pushed forward to Tim's lips. He had his hands on her taut butt-cheeks, squeezing like hell. After only a couple of minutes of this, she had an orgasm, squealed real loud, and her knees buckled. Tim was holding her up by her butt, still licking and poking away with his tongue. She continued squealing and twisting, as Tim eased her back onto the couch.

Tim pulled her clothes off over those tiny Nikes, jerked down his zipper and pulled out his hard cock, grabbed Mom's ankles and pushed them up past her ears, inserted his fat cock and SLAMMED it in to the root, all in about 10 seconds. I could literally see her juices squirting out around Tim's cock. Her legs were crushing her big tits, as she continued squealing and twisting to the rhythm of Cuz's pounding. She came again, squealing louder, and Tim stiffened and pumped his load into her hot twat. Tim eased back, lowering her feet. By the time he moved, I'd dropped my pants and stepped between her curvy thighs. Oink.

She looked up at me with wide eyes. "I.. I... we... I know we shouldn't be doing this," she breathed, "I... I just can't help it, I love it so!"

"Me, too," I answered, lifting her ankles again, and sliding my rampant rod deep in her wet twat, "me, too." I shoved her ankles past her ears again, and proceeded to pound her pussy, hard and fast.

With every jolt, she moaned, "um... ummm... ummmmm... ummmmmmm... uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, yes, yes, ohyes, ohyes, ohyes, yes, yes, yes...uh, uh, uh, uh, uh..." Her eyes flickered closed, then open, then closed, and the flush started again on her face, down her slim neck, onto her fabulous tits, and got deeper red as she reached around her legs and began pulling my hips into her with all her strength. Her tummy spasmed, then grew taut, and she came again, venting a low-pitched squeal, that grew in intensity, volume, and pitch, like a siren, "UUUhhhhhhhh... ... aaaaaaahhhhhhhhh... aaaaaeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee..." I kept pumping. She slumped, folded in half, breathing heavily, and I kept pumping... she lost all sign of consciousness, her eyes closed, her muscles relaxed, and I stopped and stared at her a moment.

Then I pulled out of her pussy, pushed her ankles and feet higher, rolling her butt up toward me, centered my cock on her anus, and slammed it home. Her eyes opened wide in surprise, and she let out a long moan, "Oooohhhhhhhhhhhh..." Then her eyes flicked open and closed a few times, and she began twisting her juice-dripping bubble-butt around in circles, and I kept pumping, staring at her big titties, back at her flushed face, down at her twat, taking in her rare beauty, I kept pumping, as I lifted both her feet to my left shoulder, I kept pumping, then I could feel the cum boiling up and I pumped harder, until I dropped another load, and we both let out a long sigh..."AAAAAAAaaahhhhhhhhhhh," and collapsed on the sofa. Gawd! It was great! Oink.

My pig-cousin was sitting on a chair, his dick still limp, and another big shit-eating grin on his relaxed face. This was already some summer vacation! If we'd only known...! After resting awhile, Mom grabbed her clothes and headed for the bathroom. Tim and I drank gallons of water, and went back out to finish the lawn. We also had to wade into the pool and clear out some of the leaves that were clogging the drain covers, and sat watching the pool slowly drain, not saying much, both just sitting with big wide pig grins on our faces, enjoying the sun and the summer. Mom came out with cokes, sandwiches & chips, and we munched lunch awhile, looking at Mom. She was wearing a yellow tee-shirt, a matching elastic-waisted short skirt, and sandals. She was happy and relaxed, flirting with us both, flipping her hair around, giggling with a little bird-like laugh, and crossing and re-crossing her legs, showing thigh skin. She said, "I can't wait to have the pool ready to use. Swimming is such great exercise."

Tim and I thought so, too, and our dicks got some exercise thinking of her in a swimsuit. Horny little pigs. Mom started back to the house. About half-way, she let out a low whistle that got our attention. She turned toward us and lifted the hem of her tee-shirt over her bobbing breasts, showing she wasn't wearing her usual bra! Then she turned and bent over, lifting the hem of her skirt, and showing she had no panties covering her twisty little bubble-butt! We almost caught her before she slipped inside, but when we reached for her, she turned up her nose, "Whoa, guys, don't try anything with me!" She sounded serious! ".... until you wash off some of the grit and stink!" We both went to take showers.

When we came out of our showers, Mom hollered at us to go sit on our beds. We'd just sat down when she stepped to the doorway, still wearing the yellow skirt and top outfit, but also wearing an impossibly tall pair of high-heels. "I want to show you the stage act I did in College for a charity event," she said, "turn on your tape player." She'd cued up a tape in my machine. When I turned it on, an old, old "Betty Boop" song, "I Wanna Be Loved By You" started. Mom took a dramatic pose, leaning against the door jamb, and mouthed the words, as she did a little teasing dance, flipping her skirt back and forth and bobbing her fabulous tits. She looked fabulous! I never knew mother could dance, and so sexily! The tiny steps in those super-high heels made her butt wiggle like a stripper. Toward the end, she did a couple of bump-and-grinds and wound up facing away from us, bent over, and flipped the skirt-tail up over her butt with the end of the song. She was bare! "I wore frilly panties onstage," she blushed.

Then "The Stripper", the old David Rose song started, and she proceeded to sashay around the room, teasing us, running her hands through our hair and over our chests, as she slowly pulled up the hem of the shirt, and pulled it off over her head. Still wiggling her butt in the tight skirt, tits bobbing, she started at the hem and pulled it up her shapely legs, over her fabulous chest, and off over her head. She ended standing in front of me, with her tiny foot on my shoulder, totally nude except for those high heels. I wanted to cheer! Tim did, hooting and hollering. Instead, I slid my mouth up her thigh and onto her bare pussy, and gave it a suck. She was so wet, she was dripping. She moaned, "I'm yours, boys, until 4:00. Teach me some more!"

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