tagIncest/TabooDoing Sis a Favour

Doing Sis a Favour


"Hi Robbie, it's Lisa. How's things?" It was my sister Lisa, 26 year old brainiac accountant. She was the apple of my father's eye and this was not diminished when after a whirlwind romance, Jeff had done the very correct thing and asked my father for his daughter's hand in marriage. Needless to say, it was a jawdropping spectacle of a ceremony two years ago and the happy couple set up home some fifty miles away, nearer to Jeff's job as a fighter pilot. Yes, you heard correctly, my brother-in-law is a fighter pilot, in the Air Force and by all accounts, he's a pretty damn good one.

So, what about me? Well, I'm 28 and I do ok. I have a good job, as a banker, not on Wall Street or anything but I have a comfortable life, which is just as well as I'm paying maintenance on my two daughters. This time the apple's are in my eye and I've been doubly blessed. Just before my little sister married, I got divorced citing irreconcilable differences. She wanted to screw half the county and I didn't. So she shacked up with her adulterous lover, with my kids and I get to pay for them. But enough of the back story, on we go with the phone call.

"Jeez! Lise. What the hell time is it?" I was still in bed, having had a night out with the guys which didn't finish particularly early and my bag of bones of a body took a few hours to recharge.

"Rob, it's half ten and the day's almost half over. Don't tell me your still in bed?" her silvery laugh giggled down the phone. More background on my sister. Not only is she a brainiac with a great job, great husband and fabulous lifestyle but she has an amazing personality and a killer body. All curves but not an once overweight, trimmed and tanned from an active lifestyle and time spent in the sun at home and abroad. If I was to guess, I'd say she was a 36C, with a 34 waist but I could be wrong and around 5'4" with green eyes that sparkle when she laughs, or smiles or tells a joke.

And me, I'm 6'2" and thanks to a gym and run regime, combined with not doing anything too stupid, too often with what I eat and drink, I look pretty good but for whatever reason I've yet to find the next ex-Mrs Robbie Sloan. A few one night stands have lasted into months but nothing beyond that. But again, let's get on with the phone call.

"Maybe for you but not for me. We've been up since seven and been for a run and shopped already. We're getting ready for a surprise trip back to the old country to see the folks and wondered if you'd be around much to catch up?"

"Uh, dunno. I mean not sure. Errr.." My brain was still struggling with the concept of consciousness, having been in blissful unconsciousness only moments ago.

Lisa laughed down the phone at me "C'mon sleepyhead. Stop fiddling with your joystick and get your head in gear. Let's take it slow, step-by-step. It's 2007, June, 16th, 10.30, Earth. Any neurons firing yet?"

Her energy was infectious and I was crash starting those neurons. "Right, yeah. Well, I was gonna hook up with John and Mike tonight but that's nothing that can't wait for another time. My liver could do with a night off. So yeah, count me in. Better still, my place is bigger than theirs so you can all meet up here. I'll get Lorenzo's to cater and get some chips and shit and we'll have a blast. Everyone can stay over and we can hit the beach tomorrow. How does that sound?"

"Apart from Lorenzo's, that's how the rest of my conversation was going to go so I'm glad you cranked up that steam engine of a brain of yours so quick. I told Jeff you'd be cool with hosting us all and wouldn't mind, so not only was I right but I didn't have to ask. You're a rock, Big Brother! Mwah! I love you!"

"Yeah, I love you too sis, not a problem but next time give me more of a head's up' Kay?" I was stumbling around my room now, gathering sweats and specs to get my day started. "See you when you get here." And I went to hang up.

"No wait, there's something else I need to say." So I stalled what I was doing.

"I'm listening, what now? My kidney, liver? Hang on, there's someone at the door" and I jabbed the entry phone button.

"SURPRISE!!" Lisa and Jeff's voices filled the room and I realised that I had been caught out.

"Oh my God! Lisa, I'm not dressed yet and you land on my doorstep?" The panic in my voice was real, so was the early morning woody that was bouncing 8 inches ahead of me. I hadn't gotten into my sweats yet.

"Relax Big Bro. We're not coming in. We're on our way to some of Jeff's buddies and thought that we'd give you a wake-up call. Get yourself sorted and give me a call and we'll swing back later. Take care. Mwah!"

"Fuck Lise! You had me there but that sounds great. You guys have a great day. Now scram and leave me in peace!" I hung both my phone and the entry phone and headed for the shower.

The shower put me back together again and I spent the day running errands, arranging for the food to arrive later and giving the happy homestead a wash and brush up in readiness of my visitors.

I was watching sports later that day, with everything ready when the entry phone went again.

"DADDY!" I couldn't believe it, my daughters' were there as well. This was great.

"Come in. All of you come in, the more the merrier." And I buzzed them in. Mandy and Jess ran through and bear hugged me. Lisa and the gang followed after. She looked amazing. A turquoise sundress with spaghetti straps that finished mid-thigh and started low enough to reveal an ample gorge of cleavage. Everything was on show and everything was bronzed and tan-line free. God, she really was too perfect to be true.

"We thought we'd surprise you. We called Sally and she said there was no problem adding an extra weekend's access. So here we all are. You ready for us?" Her eyes twinkled and her laugh rippled through her words. As she bounced into the house all her curves flowed beautifully under her dress.

"You guys are the best. Come in. Come in. Make yourselves at home. Girls, put your stuff in your room. Mum and dad, you can take my room and sis, you and Jeff can take the guest room. I'll take the den. Do you wanna hand bringing anything in?"

"No, we got it thanks. Honey, you and mum and the brats can chill while the eligible bachelor fixes drinks." And Jeff headed back out to the cars.

"Hey, Ace. Just cos you wear stripes for the day job, doesn't mean that you're the C.O. on this base buddy! But in this case, I'll follow orders. What are you having? Or is Margarita's all round?" I was heading to the bar as I spoke, having pre-mixed litres of the stuff. "Don't forget, no-one's driving tonight!"

"Count me in buddy. And I'll quit bossing y'all around." Then he caught Lisa's raised eyebrow, "or try to stop anyway!" Everyone else agreed and I got the glasses ready, poured and served. Doling out Shirley Temples for the girls. We all sat out back, soaking up the rays, watching the rugrats frolic in the sun and catching up on what was happening with everyone. This last item focussed on not-so-subtle enquiries from my mum on why she wasn't a grandmother yet.

In response, both Lisa and Jeff laughed and said they were still too young and focussed on their careers to bother with children yet but watch this space. The evening continued with drinking and laughing and reminiscing for Jeff's benefit of our exploits when we were younger. These stories got more lurid and extravagant after the children were in bed.

"And there was the first time I caught Robbie whacking off..."

"LISA!!", my mother and I screamed in unison. Neither of were keen for that piece of laundry to get a public washing.

"Shhhhhh! You two. Every guy does it, I know Jeff does and I always get a tingle watching!"

"LISA!!!", my father and Jeff joined us this time. It was clear that her ability to handle her drink had not improved with age and she was slurring and rambling.

"Pish! I'm gonna tell the story so you might as well deal with it. Robbie had come home from Uni for the holidays and was back in his old room. Everyone was out and he was talking to Sally. Asking how she was, what she'd been doing since she got back from the Uni and then it got kinda interesting..."

"I'd just got back from college and was heading to the shower after some extra cheerleading practice when I heard him talking, saying stuff like 'I miss you too' and 'Yeah, I wish I was with you, too', then he says, 'What're you wearing baby? ... Are you all alone there?... How about we get our freak on? .... Take 'em off ... You want me there, touching your stiff nips, licking you skin and kissing you all over?', so I stop and stand just outside his door, still got my cheer gear on, warm towel in one had and gown in the other. And I'm mesmerised by the conversation, I can't move and I concentrate on trying to hear every sound from behind the door. A door I might add, that I've just noticed isn't closed all the way."

"C'mon Lise, there's no need to go any further." I plead as I'm starting to remember this incident and I'm not sure that I want any more details shared with my nearest and dearest.

"So, I sit down on the floor so's I can peer through the gap between the frame and door. Robbie here is butt naked save his boxers and he's laying back on his bed, the curtains are drawn and the only light is coming from the monitor on his PC, giving his tanned body a ghoulish blue hue. He has the phone at his ear and his other hand rests on the bulge in those boxers. I was really impressed with that bulge by the way, God it was huge. I had no idea that boxer fabric could stretch so much around so much meat! Anyway's, I've still got a bit of a funk on from practice and I'm definitely glowing but I'm getting a tingle under my panties too."

"Lisa, dear, do you think this is the sort of information you should share about yourself in front of your father and me, let alone your brother." My mother was trying to spare everyone's blushes now but I'm less reluctant to hear this story. The drinks and the sun have warmed me through and I think I have the same glow and tingles that Lisa is telling us about. Not exactly the same obviously but I was grateful that I was wearing boxers a lot baggier than back then.

"That's ok, it's kinda cool to hear this old stuff again. And from a girl's perspective too, is funny. And if Top Gun here don't mind his woman giving a little show and tell, then I can live with it."

"Robbie, you are so Anyway's! Where was I? Yeah, big brother here was stroking his lump, getting his talk on with his girl and I was getting all itched up listening. You don't mind me going on do you babe?" She looked across at Jeff for his approval, or at least not to see disapproval. He seemed relaxed and chilled and happy for the story to continue, at least for now.

"So now I lean on the wall, spreading my legs out on the floor, listening and watching. 'You're what? Just wearing that set I bought you before we went away? God, you looked so sexy in that. With your breasts falling out of the cups and your ass cleft by the string of the thong. I bet that thong's getting wet now isn't it? Go on, give it a tug, feel how it rubs your pretty clitty. Me? I'm just laying here in my Calvins', throbbing. Yeah, I'm on my back, what about you? On your side? In your sister's room? Isn't that the one with the big mirrored wardrobes? So you've got your back to those? God, I wish I was stood at your door so I could see your front and amazing rear at the same time. Jeez, how I love that ass of yours, so smooth, so tight, so pert and peachy. Just thinking about it is getting me so fucking hard. So how about that thong of yours? Just how wet is it? Touch your sweet spot for me will you.' At this point I have to admit that my own sweet spot wanted some attention so I shucked off my panties and idly strummed my swollen lips. I was getting soaked and loving it. All of a sudden, my cheer gear seemed really tight as my breasts filled out and my breathing got heavy."

You could have heard a pin drop as Lisa paused for breath and to sip her margarita. Everyone was at pains to avoid looking at everyone else, no-one wanted to make eye contact and reveal their arousal. All that could be heard was the silent gulps of Lisa drinking and the ragged breaths of the rest of us. Finally, Jeff broke the silence.

"You all done honey, or you got any more to tell?" The time that passed after that could have melted glaciers, or so it seemed until finally,

"Sure Jeff, I'm just getting to the best bit, when have I ever left you hanging? Don't answer that, so I was, you know, tickling my fancy with one hand. Then I stopped and pulled my jersey off, unclipped my sports bra and let these puppies out," as she said that, she put her drink down and cradled her womanly bosom, pushing her ample cleavage up to the point of revelation. Then leaned forward, shook them and sat back again.

"So I got back to fingering but now I was squeezing a breast and thumbing a nipple as I watched Robbie here wriggle out of his boxers, revealing that tree trunk of a cock. Stiff upright, proud and demanding attention. 'Yeah, now I'm naked too. You should see the size of it, I could hammer nails with this thing!' And indeed you could big brother, I was really impressed. I hadn't had much experience up to that point, sorry Dad but I had had some but it was the biggest I had seen and still is, sorry Jeff.

Both my father and my brother-in-law looked embarrassed and glanced at each other in resigned acceptance of their own shortcomings, as Lisa continued.

"Somehow, my big brother got his big hand round his big cock and slid the uncircumcised outer skin up and down. His hips twitched in rhythm and his cock pulsed beneath his fingers, pre-cum cresting from the tip to be smeared along the length beneath his fingers. That's where I learned that Jeff, so really you should say thanks to Rob sometime. Anyway, Rob's rubbing his wood and getting into a groove and I'm doing the same. Not rubbing my wood, but rubbing my groove and getting my fingers deep inside it. So this goes on, like forever, and I'm really getting lost in it. I'm on fire and all I can do through clenched eyes is listen to Robbie grunting and groaning, hoping he can't hear me. Then for some reason, on the brink of my climax, I open my eyes and glance through the doorway. There for the first time in my life, I am witnessing a male orgasm, watching my big brothers cock hose his cum in the air, fountaining his jizz over his groin and sheets. The sight pushes me over edge and my own release breaks forth and I drown in the euphoria. I bite down hard on my cheek to prevent myself from crying out loud and I taste blood."

Everyone around the yard was fired up and ready to pop, waiting expectantly for the next words from those angel lips, God she really was beautifully put together. Whilst I remembered the occasion well, I had no idea that Lisa had been watching, lost as I was in mine and Sally's fantasy world and expecting to have the house all to myself. It was one of the most intense sexual experiences I had ever had and now to add the fact that my sexy sister had watched and wanked off as well, had me set to burst again. Thing was, I was now consigned to the sofa, so my opportunities for relief were limited. With any luck, once the house was quiet, and Lord knows how long that might be if the lucky couples decided to take care of their own needs tonight, I could slip out to the bathroom and put my own house in order.

"Well, I think we've heard quite enough for one night young lady, time we all turned in or those children of yours will run us all even more ragged than usual tomorrow." My mother's attempts at restoring the status quo were accepted and my father grabbed her hand and pulled her to my room. Jeff did the same, pulling Lisa to the guest room.

"Night son", "Night Rob", "Night bud", "Goodnight Robert, thank you for a delightful meal and hospitality." And I bade them all goodnight in return, unpacking the bedding for the sofa bed in the den.

I settled into my bed for the night, in just my boxers, listening to the sounds of the others make trips to the bathrooms before closing their doors. I could hear giggling and the sound of the beds being filled and enjoyed. I pulled my sheet over my head and longed for sleep.

Despite my raging hard-on, that went unrelieved, the margaritas dragged me into unconsciousness and I slept. Only to be woken in the middle of the night but hushed curses and stumblings.

"Fuck! Shit! Who the fuck put that there?", it was Lisa and she was moving around the house, unfamiliar with its nocturnal layout. What was she doing? Could she not sleep? Was there a problem?

"Lise? You ok?" I called into the dark in a whisper that I hoped would carry to her and no further, for fear of waking the household.

"Sh-sh-shhhhh. It's all good, it's all fine. Just little sister coming to see her big brother." Her voice giggled with margarita as she padded across the wooden floors towards me. My eyes adjusted to the gloom and I could see that she wore a football shirt, in place of a nightgown. It's hem kissing her upper thigh and full buttocks. "Move over stinky, make room for me," and she pushed the covers away and backed onto the bed."

"Jesus! Lisa, what are you doing?" startled, I recoiled back from her and temptation and towards safety and decency. Knowing as I did that my turgid cock still longed f or release and had tented the bedclothes since I had heard Lisa's voice.

"Mmmmm, just like all those years ago. My big brother in his bed with his boxers on. Only this time, I'm a woman with needs and desires and you're gonna help me out." With that, she lay down and pulled the bedding around her. "It's ok Robbie, Jeff knows I'm here. I told him you'd help us out. You see, he's been firing blanks all these years. An ace in the skies, a real dead-eye dick but in the bedroom, he's a dead loss. We've been trying for kids for over a year now and got the test results back last month. It ain't never gonna happen. There's more seed in a grape than my loving husband. That's when we decided that adoption wasn't for us and it would be best to keep it in the family, so to speak."

"What? What on earth are you talking about?" her silky form was closing the distance between us as she spoke.

"I'm at my most fertile this weekend and we want you to make our baby for us. We know you're up to the task. We've seen your daughters, so we know your gear's in order. We hatched this plan to get you all horny by telling an old story and getting drunk and hoping that you'd take advantage of your poor little sister in her hour of need. But to be honest, I hope this doesn't work first time. Cos ever since I saw this monster, I've dreamt about sucking it and fucking it," her fingers snaked around my penis. "I want to ride this baby stick again and again and for you to fill me with seed. Time and time again. In return for knocking me up, you can fuck all ways from Sunday."

My brain fumbled at the words, trying to make sense of them. My own sister wanted my seed. My beautiful, sexy, brainiac of a sister who was married to Mr Perfect couldn't get the one thing she wanted. Her perfect husband was incapable of fathering the child they craved so they were turning to incest instead.

My cock on the other hand, suffered no such dilemma. It reared and jerked beneath the fabric, resolute in its desire to fulfil my loving sister's request. But I needed to maintain the appearance of reluctance.

"Lisa, no we can't. It's incest kiddo. No matter how much you want a child, there's gotta be other ways." I was backed up all the way to the edge of the bed now with nowhere else to go but to fall out. I was still facing Lisa as I felt her move again, backing up to me. The smooth skin of her calves, resting against my shins. Her jersey covered frame nestling against my chest."

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