Doll Parts


I walk into the room without knocking, but he doesn't look surprised. That's part of our routine; his lack of response, that sweet passivity I've come to crave. And my need, balanced precariously against his tacit acceptance of it.

I stop and just stare at him. He's a work of art, this boy - sitting statue-still on the side of the bed, legs primly together, back straight, eyes staring straight forward. He's dressed simply today, in a plain black top and a lovely green pleated skirt with a satiny texture. Black sheer hose - stay-up stockings, I suspect although the tops are hidden by the fall of his skirt - leading down long legs to black high heels. His face is smooth, blank, empty. A perfect living doll.

I'm in red, myself, a rich flamboyant shade that I particularly love, a hue slightly too bright to pass for crimson. Harlot red, I call it. A slip of a dress that clings to my body and moves with me. There's nothing underneath it to come between my skin and the material. High strappy sandals complete the outfit, over bare feet with red-painted toenails.

I walk slowly over to him and stand directly in front of him. He continues to stare straight ahead, and nothing in his eyes registers that he even sees me. I slide the straps of the dress slowly off my shoulders and it slithers down my body, falling in a small heap at my feet. He blinks at the sudden sight of my naked body, and then returns to stillness.

I bend down and remove my shoes. It's a bit tricky to do it gracefully but I keep my movements slow and manage to undo the little straps with a minimum of fuss, and step out of them. I'm now three inches shorter, and the lack of height makes me feel vulnerable and self-conscious in a way that my nakedness didn't. It's a relief to kneel down in front of him and be out of the line of those staring eyes.

On my knees I recover my composure as I examine his feet. They're beautiful in the high heels, the graceful arch of them, the strong tendons stretched to hold the perfect shape. I start to stroke them, gently at first, then more firmly, feeling the hardness of them beneath my fingers. I bend further over and start to kiss them, my lips moving over the stocking-clad top of the foot, tracing the delicate ankle, than moving down over the soft suede of the shoe. I take the heel of the shoe in my mouth and start sucking it as my hands start to move up his legs, feeling the muscular strength of them.

I can't stop rubbing my thighs together in eagerness as my lips wrap round the hard plastic tip of the heel, taking it carefully deeper, feeling the suede against my lips and tongue.

I haven't been worshipping his feet for very long before my eagerness overtakes me and I can't stop myself from moving upwards. My hands continue sliding up his legs and my lips follow along the silky stockings. When I reach his knee, I stop and slide down to the other foot, repeating my pattern of devotion from the foot on up. As I lick and kiss my way up the other leg I look up at him - he's still not moving but his lips are slightly parted in a way they weren't before, and there's a tell-tale flush on his cheeks.

I start to nibble and bite the tender flesh just above his knee on the inside of his thigh, sliding my head up under his skirt, letting the smooth green fabric fall over my face. I can see now I was right about the stay-up stockings, and I run my tongue hungrily around the lace bands that hold them onto his firm legs. I can see his cock bulging through his black lace panties and the sight so excites me that I can't resist sliding one hand down to my pussy and stroking the wetness I find there, circling and pressing my clit with incessant force.

My face is pressing against his cock now, rubbing against the lace, feeling it faintly scratchy against my cheek as I nuzzle hungrily at the hard length of it. The skirt starts to slip under my face, interfering with my task, until his hands reach down and pull it up to provide me greater access. I feel a surge of triumph at provoking this response and look up at him, hoping to catch some flicker of expression, but his face remains still.

I start kissing his cock through the sheer lace, sliding my tongue over it, feeling it getting harder under my ministrations. His cock is the only part of him that reliably responds to my attentions, which makes me avid in my worship of it. I reach up with my free hand and finally free it from its lacy prison, sliding the panties down over it and pushing them out of the way down his legs. He lifts his ass slightly to help me as I pull them off, then returns to his upright sitting position.

Once his cock is free I'm able to do what I've been longing to do from the moment I first saw him, and I can't stop moaning in delight as I take him deep into my mouth, lips wrapping snugly around him, tongue flicking around the shaft as I swallow the length of him. I gag as he reaches the back of my throat but I don't hold back, I just bob back up slightly, than down deeper, choking slightly this time but wanting him too badly to stop.

I continue to slide up and down, working his cock, one hand stroking his balls as my other hand keeps time against my clit. As I build up speed I look up and see his whole face is flushed bright red, his breath coming visibly faster.

I start jerking his cock hard with my hand and move down to start licking his balls. He moves closer to the edge of the bed and spreads his legs wide to provide me with better access and I take advantage of the new position to slide my tongue down to his ass, circling the tight puckered hole. My fingers on one hand are now pistoning in and out of my pussy in time to the jerking of his cock with the other, and I'm moaning so hard that I almost miss the small but audible mooan he lets out as my tongue snakes into him.

I fuck his ass hard with my tongue and feel his body starting to move against me, legs spreading wider, his breath now coming in ragged gasps. My moans and the wet sucking sound of my fingers entering my pussy are still the loudest sounds in the room, but I feel a pure and hungry triumph at getting him to react at all. I can feel my own orgasm building even as I feel his cock harden and lengthen against my hand, and we finally come together, his ass tightening around my busy tongue even as my pussy contracts around my fingers.

I raise my head quickly and am rewarded with a hot splatter of come on my face, a good portion of it spurting into my open mouth as I moan helplessly at the pleasure that overtakes me.

Afterwards, I go wash up quickly, get dressed, and leave. I don't look at him again, but I'm already looking forward to the next phone call that will summon me here.

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