tagBDSMDomina Ch. 01

Domina Ch. 01


Authors notes: This is the first installment of the story let me know what ya'll think more to come soon!



No one ever tells you how difficult it is to get back into civilian life. Ten long years I was in the military and I had it great. I had a decent house every time I moved all to myself. Bought pretty much whatever I damn well wanted during that time. I didn't really think about what I would need when I got out.

I've only been out for six months but I'm really struggling to keep my head above water. Living with an old mentor who became my friend and her husband. I barely made enough to pay them rent and feed myself. Luckily the only thing I did have going for me was I paid my car off while I was in the military so all I really had to worry about was insurance. Which I'm currently late in paying.

"Good Afternoon Ma'am, how may I take your order?" An elderly lady stepped up to my cashier as she spoke my fingers punched in what she wanted as my mind droned into its world of self-pity and misery. The elderly lady finished and my next customer approached. About halfway through taking their order I stiffened as a wave of nausea hit me. All I could do was clench my ass cheeks together and nod my head 'yes' gingerly as the feeling got worse. My body got real hot ungodly quick, my vision began to get a little blurry and noises became a steady ringing in my ears.

"Miss? Are you alright? You got pale all quick like." I hardly registered what he even said, just put up one finger mumbled excuse me Sir and waddled to bathrooms.

I must have spent an excessive amount of time in the bathroom trying to put myself together because one of my coworkers came in. "Hey, Azida?" it was Angie, a young High School kid who became infatuated with me. "W-what?" I managed between dry heaves. I could almost feel her cringe as she shuffled back. "Carlos said once you feel better to just go home for the day he's already clocked you out. "That as..." I couldn't finish as another wave of bile made its way up my stomach.

After some time, I finally stopped heaving. I picked myself up off the floor and shuffled to the sink to cleaned myself up as best I could. I looked like shit, my normal soft dark tan skin was ashy and dry. My grey eyes looked sunken in, and my hair which I kept shoulder length made me look like I was hung over, or high, or both.

I washed my face as best as possible, getting what little makeup I wore off, wetted my hair and jammed my visor back on my head.

Shuffling out of the bathroom, I trudged through the kitchen to the back of the store where we kept all of the store supplies. The breakroom, if you could even call it that, was a tiny nitch in the wall barely big enough for everyone's coats and two people to squeeze into.

Picking out my own coat I turned to find Angie blocking my way out. She handed me a child's cup. "Here," she said, "it's sprite to help your stomach feel better."

"Thanks" was all I could get out. I pushed passed her.

"I'll be off soon, do you want a ride home?" She called after me. I shook my head no and kept walking.

Stepping outside felt kind of nice, winter was just around the corner and I could smell snow on the air as I deeply inhaled. I pulled my keys from my coat pocket hitting the boop-boop button unlocking the car, throwing my coat in the passenger seat, I turned on my little blue four-door and rolled down the windows. 'The cold will be better for me than this damn soda' I thought as I tossed it out the window and onto the pavement.

Green numbers flashed on the dash, 21:43 "Fuck me" I hadn't even been at work for four hours. 'Maybe next week I could convince Angie to give me some of her hours.' The girl was barely seventeen and started working there shortly after I did. I tolerated her, but she had grown attached to me and wanted to work every time I worked. Thankfully she couldn't work past 10 on a school night and most of my shifts I worked late.

Pulling up to the house I parked in my normal spot just past the driveway on the street. 'Oh, good lights are still on' I thought and turned off the car. 'Maybe Steph will be willing to make me some canned soup or something' Slightly cheered I walked up to the door and I pushed my key through the lock. "Hey Steph I got sent home, I pretty much died while on-" I meekly said as I stepped through the door and shut it.

The little happy I felt was immediately washed and replaced by rage. Stephany was on her knees, nude. Her husband Terry was standing over her, jeans around his ankles one hand around her throat the other coming down to smack her. My instincts kicked in and rushed to my friend's side, right fist cocked back. I punched him on the side of the head. "What the fuck!" he went down clutching his ear.

"Like hitting women Terry?" I shouted, "Try that shit again motherfucker, I'll kill you." I felt something pulling my arm back as I raised my foot to stomp on him. I shook my arm to get free and stomped and brought my foot down on his face. Only when I felt something smack the back of my head did I turn around

"Azida! I said stop. It's not what you think." Steph smacked me again. Shocked I pointed at the shitbag crumpled at my feet. "Not what I think Stephany? How am I supposed to interpret a grown ass man hitting his wife like that?" She grabbed a blanket from the couch and finally covered herself and knelt next to her husband cradling him.

"We were role-playing." she sighed in exasperation. "Why the hell are you even home?"

"I was sent home sick, I was throwing up my lungs, so Carlos sent me home." Flabbergasted I fell back onto the couch as she picked Terry up off the floor.

"I'll be right back, please stay right there." I only nodded as she helped her husband limp to their bedroom. Kicking my shoes off I slumped into the couch and sighed as the nauseating feeling came back. After I let my stomach settle for a few minutes I got up and heated up some canned chicken noodle soup.

Stephany finally came back out as my soup was finishing. "Well?" She padded next to me wearing in a loose shirt and sweats. She reached into the freezer and pulled out a pack of frozen mixed vegetables.

"I'm sorry Steph I legit thought he was hurting you." I wasn't sorry Terry was a prick and deserved it

"I know." She nodded, pausing while she looked around the kitchen. "We like to role-play Dom and sub roles sometimes. He wasn't really hurting me." I sipped my soup as she spoke. I knew from past experiences that she was into that kind of stuff, but I didn't think it went past what we used to do.

"Terry wants you gone." she put her free hand on the side of my face.

"Fuck, it's just one thing after another." I dumped the rest of my soup down the sink suddenly not hungry. "What did you say?"

"I tried to convince him otherwise, but he wasn't happy that I offered you our place when you first got out. He knows we have history, and this is just the excuse he needs."

I nodded. "How long do I have?"

She shrugged sadly, "He wants you gone now, but I won't let that happen I'll smooth things over best I can. Think you can manage to find a place in two weeks?" I nodded and shrugged.

"Yeah, I'll be gone by then." She stood up and kissed my head.

"Night Zida." I watched as she walked back to her bedroom.


A week later, I was beginning to feel a little desperate. Things between me and Steph were fine and normal but Terry the dick-bagel was tormenting me. Telling me he'd throw my stuff out if it wasn't gone soon. Steph repeatedly reassured me that she wouldn't let that happen. The only comfort I felt though, was when I saw the bruises on his face.

Sighing I pulled into my next prospective roommate's driveway. The area was total garbage. I swerved around three kids playing in the street and one of the little shits threw a basketball at my car. Took a lot of willpower not to get out and beat his ass. As for the trailer its self, it looked like it was straight out of 'Better homes n' Trailers'.

I shook my head, 'I should just turn around now, this isn't worth it.' But three hundred dollars a month was hard to pass up. As I walked up to the trailer the door burst open and a robust woman stepped out with a child in each arm. "Are ye the rentee?"

"Yes Ma'am." I walked up to the porch.

"Ye didn't tell me ye was a spic."

I raised my eyebrows and took a few steps back 'I didn't think my ethnicity was going to be a problem.' I thought. "Ma'am, with all due respect I'm not Hispanic"

She huffed and shifted the weight of the children. "You one of those Taliban then?"

"No, Ma'am." frowning and shifting uncomfortably thinking, 'I'm Hindi your racist bitch'

She turned her face up in what I assumed was a smile and nodded her head to the door. "Well, yer tan makes you look like one of them. Come on in."

I wasn't in there for ten minutes before I was out the door and down the road. If our first interaction wasn't a hard no, that household was. Three hundred dollars a month did not sound bad but the caveat was that she wanted a full-time babysitter for four and a half kids who were just as racist as her. Fuck that.

I drove for a while, lost in self-misery when I spotted a Wendy's. I decided to pull through the drive-thru and order a burger using the last of my change until payday. I sat in the parking lot eating my greasy burger while browsing rent listing websites. One, in particular, caught my eye.

Rent free, looking for a roommate that would be willing to help out around the house and yard, to include light cooking and errands, must be able to follow precise direction and have your own vehicle Call for further details.

Sounded like a scam. Or a rape/murder situation. I noticed it a few times while searching for places, but after the houses' I've seen fuck it. 'Worst that could happen is I don't have to look for a place to stay, because I'll be dead.' I chuckled inwardly.

I copied the number and waited for it to ring.

"Hello?" A woman answered. She had a very sultry voice, one that reminded me of Jessica Rabbit, with an accent maybe?

"Uh," I stammered "I'm calling about your ad for a roommate?" there was shuffling in the background and I heard her clear her throat.

"Yes?" she said. I didn't know what to say I figured she would have some kind of speech or something ready.

"Uh," was all I said.

"Well, what would you like to know?" she sounded impatient.

"Your ad said rent free, and I noticed it a while ago so I guess I was wondering if it was still available, and uh what, stipulations would come with being your roommate, Ma'am."

"Well, if your available today I can set up an interview for 5 pm?" her voice seemed to have perked up a little. I nodded, almost forgetting my voice.

"Yes, that would be great Ma'am." I fidgeted in my seat.

"Perfect, you can call me Evelyn, are you calling from a cell phone? I can text you my address."

"Yes, this is a cell, thank you, Evelyn my name is Azida and I look forward to meeting you, Ma'am."

"Yes, as do I Azida." the line disconnected and I smiled despite the hopeless feeling. It was too good to be true. Not that I had many details. But I feel good about judging people and she sounded very sophisticated. But then so did Ted Bundy I reminded myself.

Since I had a few hours till five I had decided to go home to shower and change. I felt the urge to make at least a half-way nice impression with this woman. I had chosen simple black slacks and long sleeve dark blue blouse that hung loosely around my waist showing some cleavage. I even managed to get a small nap after my shower which I kind of regret because it had only made me feel heavy and sluggish.

Deciding it was time to leave I grabbed my keys and wallet and waved to Steph as I left. I should be getting there about fifteen minutes early. Twenty minutes later my GPS alerted me, "your destination is on the right." I pulled into the driveway yawning still tired from my nap.

I didn't even really paid attention while driving over, I just kind of auto-piloted the whole way. Getting out I stretched with my arms over my head. A chill wind picked up and felt great across my exposed stomach waking me up a little. Looking around I was mildly impressed, it wasn't a rich neighborhood, but you could tell people here had money for sure.

I turned towards the door to see a taller woman about my own age observing me. She wore her wavy chestnut hair down and, was wearing a woman's black business suit and skirt with a simple white blouse underneath and black high heels. 'She's no Jessica Rabbit,' I thought. 'She is much more impressive to look at.' The thought ignited me from the inside. Reminding me how long it had been since I've even had a partner. Well before I got out of the military.

I waved sheepishly and made my way to the door as she curtly returned the wave. "Hello, you must be Evelyn. I held out my hand offering to shake hers."

She took it and surprised me with a firm handshake and a perfect smile. I was expecting a dainty grip.

"Indeed, I am, Azida, was it?" I nodded my affirmation. There was that accent again. French maybe? "Please do come in, I'll give you a tour and after we can discuss my roommate terms." I only nodded again and followed after her. Now that I was closer to her I could see that she was barely taller than me, and that was in heels. I smiled with that knowledge.

As she walked in front of me I could hardly focus on what she was saying about her place as she showed me around. I was floating in fantasies, thinking about how great her backside was, how soft her long hair must feel and how nice it would be to run my fingers through it. Oh and how she smelled amazing, like the forest after a storm.

"What do you think?" She asked as she steered us back through her kitchen and into the living room.

"Huh?" I tried to refocus my mind but got lost in her green eyes as she looked at me. "Oh yeah. you're great." I stammered, she quirked a smile and raised her right eyebrow. "That is, your offer, uh the house it's nice." I fumbled around trying to save myself. the longer she stared at me, the deeper the hole I dug felt. 'Calm your tits.' I inwardly scolded myself, 'you're looking for a place to live not a piece of ass.'

She finally turned around and pointed to a couch I could sit on and offered to go and get us some tea, giving me time to pull myself together. Audibly groaning I sat back on the couch and collected myself. The couch was comfy, like really comfy. It was the kind of couch you wanted to fall asleep on after a long day or read a good book on while it was pouring rain.

Evelyn came back with some hot tea a few minutes later and set it on the table in front of me. Putting hers on a coaster across from my own she sat down. "Careful it's still quite hot." she stated.

"Thank you it smells good, like citrus and, I don't know there is a hint of something else but I can't quite place it." I picked it up and inhaled deeply.

"It's an orange and lotus blossom green tea." I nodded in approval as I blew on it to try and cool it off faster. Hesitantly I took a small sip. It burned some but it wasn't unbearable.

"It's really good. Thank you again." I kept nodding my head. Trying to think of something to say as she continued to stare at me. Not really sure what she was expecting. "So," I started but she cut me off.

"Tell me a little bit about yourself Azida? Where are you from?"

I shrugged, "All over I guess. I moved quite a bit." I took another sip of the tea it was sufficiently cooled off now. I watched as she nodded.

She pulled a notebook and pen from the side of her chair. Nodding her head towards it she said. "I hope you don't mind if I take some notes, I have a lot of applicants and it's easier to keep track of people if I do."

"Sure, makes sense. I can only imagine since your advertisement said free rent." I chuckled softly.

She smiled in return. "Indeed." She wrote a couple of notes and looked back towards me. "Do you currently have a job, and what are your past experiences?"

"Yeah, I have a job, technically its only part-time because they refuse to give us forty hours a week, being a fast food joint." She nodded and scribbled a note. "But before that, I was in the military for ten years." She noticeably perked up at this comment and watched me expectantly. "I was undesignated for a while, which basically meant I went into the military without a specific job. Then I struck for a job, and worked construction mostly." I watched her carefully for that judgmental look I always got. The one that said you had a career for ten years and now you're working minimum wage at a fast food?

"Does your experience not qualify you to get a job working construction civilian side?" She didn't sound judgmental just genuinely curious.

"It does, but I fucked around and fucked up while I was getting out, didn't really pay attention to how to survive civilian side. Thought I'd honestly be alright and be able to get a job right away."

"But that wasn't the case?" I shook my head no.

"Yeah pretty much." I watched as she took a few more notes and a sip of her own tea. While she continued taking notes I took my chance to ask my own question.

"So, what exactly are you looking for Evelyn. Like a live-in maid or something?" I watched her pause and purse her lips. Putting her note-book and tea down she looked directly at me.

"No, not exactly. Can I be blunt Azida?" I smiled and admired her legs as she uncrossed them and recrossed them.

"I thought that was the point of this interview?" A little confused because the only thing I could think of for someone to live rent-free, was being an in-home maid or nanny or something, and I didn't see or hear any kids. I leaned forward and began to drink my tea more freely.

"I'm interviewing for a submissive." The cup slipped from my hands and onto her nice white carpet staining it orangish-brown.

"Oh my god I am so sorry." I picked the cup up and immediately looked around for something to clean it with.

"It's fine," I watched horrified as she took the cup from me and walked back to her kitchen. She didn't look pleased at all, I probably ruined any chance I had at living here. If I even want to live here? A submissive? It's not like it didn't pique my interest but what did a live-in sub even entail?

"I'm really sorry Ma'am." I cringed slightly as she began dabbing at her carpet with a towel covered in something white.

She looked up and smiled pleasantly at me. "There really is no use crying over spilled Tea Azida, besides I know how to get it out." she continued to dab away until the stain was mostly gone and went back to the kitchen.

"Do you need help?" I called after her.

"No, I've almost got it out." She used her new towel to continue to dab away. "Do you have any more questions?"

'Plenty,' I thought, "Yeah. like why wouldn't you just put that in your ad in the first place, and who's to say I'm even into women let alone into something like your 50 shades of kink to help you get your rocks off." She frowned at my comment.

"Well for starters if I would have put that into my ad I would get unwanted calls from perverts all day. This way, it's a little easier for me. Yes, I still get a lot of calls because my ad does say free rent, but it's not nearly as bad. Sexual orientation doesn't matter to me, I have trained straight women before. As for you specifically, I didn't ask because I saw the way you looked at me and figured I piqued your sexual interest. I wouldn't have even let you in the door if I hadn't have found you attractive." This made me blush and I immediately began to fidget in my spot. She sighed as she stood up from the floor as she had finished pulling the stain out.

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