tagBDSMDominating Ken Pt. 01-04

Dominating Ken Pt. 01-04


Part 1: The Online Encounter

Story Overview

A thread of e-mails quickly blossoms into an erotic relationship of domination and humiliation between Ken and Karena. Karena develops a growing need for power and control while Ken finds himself drawn into a state of submission and inferiority.


Ken anxiously opened his e-mail to see if Karena had responded to his feedback. The night before Ken had spent hours skimming through her website and reading her erotic stories. Karena was the main character in most of her stories, which were centered on BDSM. Her stories evoked strong erotic emotions in Ken. So much emotion that Ken had quietly stroked his cock while reading them. Karena's character was a slut slave in one story, a mistress in another and a seductive tigress in another story. She bowed down to her master, she controlled other women, and controlled other men. Ken found all of the stories to be well written and very erotic. He knew the stories were fictional, but he couldn't help feel that he was getting to know Karena through her stories.

The story that appealed to him the most was a story about how she dominated an older man, humiliated him and forced him to serve her and please her. The story was called "Controlling John." It was this story that sent him over the edge. He stroked his cock until it could take no more and with loud moans his cock exploded and filled his hands with warm cum.

It was this excitement and reward that compelled Ken to give Karena feedback on her stories and so he wrote, "Loved your stories. They were very erotic and exciting. I have to admit that I masturbated to 'Controlling John.' Thanks for the great stories. I can't wait to read more."

Ken was not sure what her reaction would be. He had provided feedback to authors many times before. Sometimes he would get replies thanking him for the feedback and sometimes he would get no replies. One time his feedback led to a brief relationship where a woman dominated him through e-mail. However after a few weeks she mysteriously disappeared without a trace, leaving Ken disappointed and wanting more.

Deep down, Ken was hoping his e-mail to Karena would lead to a similar relationship. He knew the chances of that happening were slim, but his eyes lit up when he saw an e-mail from her. He read the email. "Hi Ken. Thanks for the feedback. It's very exciting for me to know that you got off reading my stories. Did you cum reading how I controlled John? I just love it when a man is at my beck and call <smile>. Have you ever served a woman before?"

Ken couldn't believe what he was reading. Not only did she respond to him, but she was also initiating him in conversation and talking dirty. He wasn't going to let this moment pass. He thought about his previous online mistress and wrote,

"Yes I did cum <blush>. It was exciting to read how you controlled John. I did have a short (3 week) relationship where a woman dominated me online. It was great, but then she suddenly stopped sending me e-mails. Have you ever dominated someone online?"

John clicked the send button. His cock was hard and throbbing in his pants at the excitement. He gripped his cock, enjoying the warm tight feeling. Then his email beeped and he looked up to see another e-mail from Karena. His heart skipped a beat at the realization that she was online. Over the next half hour Ken and Karena talked through email.

"Yes. I have controlled both men and women online. Tell me about your past experience. What did she make you do?" Karena was lying. She had never dominated anyone. She just wanted to have some fun with Ken. She thought it might give her some ideas for a new story.

"She made me do many things. I had to buy a dog collar and leash and wear them while I was online with her. I had to buy girl panties and wear them. She even made me eat my own cum (I can't believe I did it)."

"Did you like your cum? When was the last time you tasted it?"

"Even though I was alone, it was humiliating for me to eat my own cum. It wasn't as bad as I thought. I was surprised that my cock grew hard while I was eating it. It excited me to know that I was doing something so humiliating for her. I have not tasted my cum since I last talked to her, which was about 4 weeks ago."

"Poor little boy <frown>. You must be craving to taste it again. If you're a good little boy for me I'll let you taste some tonight. I bet you'd love that wouldn't you? I bet your cock is hard and dripping right now. Stroke it for me while you tell me more. What did she make you do with your dog collar?"

Ken was already stroking his cock when he opened Karena's e-mail. His heart pounded with nervousness as he read her words. He couldn't believe how aggressive she was. It was evident that she was taking control of the situation. Ken's submissive nature immediately surfaced and he was elated at the thought of obeying Karena. He did not want to upset her so he typed as fast as he could

"I'll be good I promise. My cock his very hard and I am stroking it. I am so horny right now. I don't like to eat my cum, but I'd love to eat it for you if that would please you <smile>. After I purchased my collar my mistress made me get a tag engraved with her name on it. Having her name attached to my neck made my submissiveness seem so much more real. Knowing that someone owned me really turned me on. The first night I put it on I masturbated like crazy. My mistress also made me fuck my girl friend doggie style and imagine that it was her that was fucking my girlfriend with a dildo. I came so hard that night!"

"You are such a doggie slut. You must be so lonely without a master. I bet you'd love to wear your collar for me. Wouldn't you like to have my name on your collar? Wouldn't you like me to train you and keep you as my own little puppy? If you beg me, maybe I'll take you in. How's that cock doing?"

Ken could hardly contain his excitement. He had to stop stroking his cock because he was becoming too aroused and he did not want to cum just yet. The thought of being owned by Karena made his cock throb and pulse. He couldn't wait to start begging. "Please! Please! Be my master Mistress Karena. I'm on my knees begging to you. My cock is real hard. I'm about to explode."

"More begging and reply faster! Will you do as I say?"

"Yes. Please train me. I'll do whatever you want!"

"Don't mess with me doggie boy. Will you be my slut? Will you give me control of your cock? Are you willing to be my little hand puppet? My dirty boy"

Ken was soo excited. He was not sure of the meaning of everything that she was asking, but he replied anyway. He was willing to let her do whatever she wanted. "Yes I am serious. I am your slut, your hand puppet and your dirty boy. You can control my cock and do whatever you want with it"

Karena's words came back fast and demanding, "Okay slut. Keep stroking MY cock but do not cum. Tomorrow, get a new tag for your collar and have it engraved with the words 'Karena's pet.' Do you still have your panties? Put them on now! You have 5 minutes! When you are ready, describe them to me."

Ken was thankful that he kept the panties. He jumped out of his chair and ran to his bedroom closet. He pulled a shoebox down from the top shelf and ran back to the computer with it. Ken opened the box lid and scanned his assortment of panties. He picked out his favorite pair and slid them on. They were purposely small, compliments of his previous mistress. He pulled the small garment over his balls and cock as best as he could. The soft girlish material sent shivers through his cock. Quickly he described them to her.

"I am wearing my panties now. They are pink nylon with pink and white ribbons on each side. They are girls size 12/14."

"Oohhh. Little girlie panties. I bet you felt like such a pervert buying them. Tell me about your shopping experience princess. Keep stroking my cock while you do this. Are you ready to cum little girl? Do you like being my princess"?

Ken nearly lost it when Karena called him a princess and little girl. He didn't know why it turned him on so much. The thought of being her princess, the thought of being treated so child like and feminine melted all sense of reality in his mind. There were a lot of things he could not explain. Prior to meeting his first online mistress he had never thought much about wearing panties but now he was becoming infatuated with them. He described his feelings to Karena.

"Mistress Karena, I love being your princess. My panties are so soft and feminine. They feel incredible against your cock. I am so horny. I am ready to explode! I was very nervous about buying the panties. When I agreed to wear panties, I had no idea my mistress would order me to go to a department store and buy little girl panties. A guy shopping at Victoria's Secret is not so unusual. However, it is rare to find a guy perusing the teenage panty selection in a department store. I was ordered to buy 5 pairs sizes 14 - 16.

I have to admit that buying little girl panties made the task seem so much more taboo and exciting. It took me about 10 minutes in the parking lot to calm myself down. When my erection finally subsided, I went into the store and found the teens section. I was extremely nervous and paranoid that everyone knew what I was doing. Thankfully the department was empty. After a few minutes of searching, I found a table with a variety of panties displayed. I wanted to just grab 5 pairs and go, but I had to make sure I got the right sizes. I began to sort through the panties. They were soft and delicate. I'm embarrassed to say that my cock started swelling in my pants right in the store. I had to fight hard not to get an erection. After a few minutes of sorting through the panties I discovered that there was no size 14-16. I had to buy either size 12/14 or 14/16. I assumed this was a test from my mistress or maybe the store just had odd sizes. I was glad that I actually went through with the task instead of lying about buying panties. I picked out a few pairs in each size and headed to the cashier.

The cashier was a young girl, probably a college student at the nearby university. I couldn't help but think that she knew why I was buying the panties. Especially since I was buying different sizes and different styles. I'm certain that I was blushing from embarrassment when she was ringing my order. I could even feel perspiration on my forehead from my nervousness. What really surprised me is that as I walked away from the counter my cock instantly grew hard. I had to hold the shopping bag in front of me to hide the large bulge in my pants. The whole experience was such a rush for me. By the time I reached my car I had a large wet spot on the front of my pants. I wanted to masturbate so bad, but I knew my mistress wouldn't like that so I restrained my emotions."

After Ken sent the e-mail he saw that there were two new messages from Karena. The first one read, "Where are you slut?" The second message was "Still waiting... I'm losing patience."

Ken was in a panic after reading the messages and realizing that it had been 15 minutes since Karena had first ordered him to describe his shopping experience. He didn't realize how much time he spent typing the e-mail. . He did not want to upset his new Mistress. Quickly he sent a reply.

"Sorry mistress. It took me a long time to write my response. Please forgive me."

Her reply was instant. "We'll have to work on your typing doggie boy. You've wasted enough of my time tonight. I'll have to read your long-winded response another time.

As punishment you may not cum tonight. Keep my cock in your little panties for the rest of the night. If you want to cum (and I know you do) get up at 5:00 am and start stroking my cock. I want you to stroke my cock for 5 minutes and then rest for 5 minutes. Keep doing this until 5:30 am. At 5:30 get online get on your knees and start begging me for release. I might just let you cum. Bye."

Karena sent her e-mail and logged off. The truth was that she was glad for his long detailed e-mail. She printed it out and took it into her bedroom. Ken was not the only one that was hot and horny. Karena got in bed and read his e-mail. Her left hand slid beneath her silk nightgown and found its way into her wet pussy. She closed her eyes and imagined what Ken looked like. She imagined him in bed with his cute little panties and a raging hard on. She imagined him being frustrated all night and on the verge of cumming from thinking about her. She liked the thought of controlling his orgasm and ordering him around. Her thoughts suddenly dissipated at the approach of an intense orgasm. Her fingers pushed deep into her pussy, her muscled tensed, and she let out several high-pitched moans. Then she relaxed and fell into a deep sleep.

Karena's thoughts were not far from reality. Ken was on the verge of orgasm and could not believe that Karena was not going to let him cum. He wanted to jack off anyway, but then he calmed down and decided to follow her orders. Although she was not there in person, he wanted her dominance to be as real as possible. Ken spent most of the night with a hard on. He was extremely horny from wearing the smooth panties and could not keep his mind off of what had happened. Several kinky and perverted fantasies played out in his head as he thought about what she would make him do.

He finally managed to fall asleep around 2:00 am only to be awoken a few hours later by his pestering alarm. It was no surprise that he had a morning erection. Like a good slave, he followed Karena's instructions to a T. Lying in bed he stroked his cock for 5 minutes and then rested for 5 minutes. He was so horny that after the first 5 minutes he was on the verge of cumming. By the time 5:30 came around, he was desperate for release. All he could think of was cumming, so it was easy to beg. He logged onto his computer, got on his knees and started typing.

"Good morning Mistress Karena. I am extremely horny from last night. I really need to cum. Please let me cum. Please! Please!"

Ken waited in anticipation for her response. Finally after a few long minutes it came. "Are you wearing panties? Are you on your knees? Did you sleep well in your panties? A little more begging doggie boy."

"Yes and yes. I wore my panties all night. I did not sleep well because I was so horny. All I could think about was you and how exciting it is to be your doggie boy and to please you. Please let me cum. I will be so good for you. Please!"

Karena laughed out loud at his pleading. She could tell he was desperate. She decided to give him release, but not without a little fun.

"Do you want to be a slut and do slutty things for me? Are you ready to show me how much of a slut you can be? Are you my slut boy? Beg like you mean it!"

It seemed the more she asked of Ken, the more he wanted to do for her. He wanted to please her. He wanted to be a slut. He felt a strong urge to do kinky and perverse things for his mistress. "Yes. Please! I am your slut boy. I want to do slutty things for you. I am on my knees typing and my cock is so hard. If you were here now I would kiss your feet. Please let me do slutty things for you. Please let me cum!"

"Mmmm. I like little boys at my feet. That's where you belong. You have been a good dog boy. It pleases me to know that you thought about me all night. Be a good pet and fetch another pair of your panties dog boy. Wrap them around your little cock and use them to masturbate. Better get the larger size, because your going to have a lot of cum. I want you to cum all over the inside of the crotch. Don't spill any or you'll be licking it up! Let me know when you are done. You have 5 minutes <LOL>."

5 minutes was not going to be an issue for Ken. He pulled a pair of plain purple panties out of his box of panties. They were girls' size 16 and the fabric was a smooth soft nylon. He placed the crotch of the panties over the tip of his cock and pushed the remaining fabric down around his cock. He gripped his panty-covered cock firmly and began to masturbate. The nylon was smooth and felt incredible against his over sensitive cock. Almost immediately cum started squirting out of his cock. Globs of cum covered the small and narrow crotch. By the time he was done, the insides of the panties were completely covered in his goo. In less than two minutes he was typing his reply.

"I'm done mistress. Thank you soo much. There was a lot of cum. It was fantastic. Thank you!"

"Soo fast slut! You are such a pervert, cumming into little girlie panties. You need to learn to control that pathetic little cock. We'll work on that later. You've got a punishment to finish young lady. I want you to put on the panties that are filled with your cum. Pull them up nice and tight around your balls so you can feel the mess that you made. Wear them to work today just like that. Understand?"

Mistress Karena's continuous references to Ken as a little girl were eating away at his mind. Ken was beginning to think of himself as a little girl. It was a very strange feeling. His cock twitched at the perverseness of what was going on. Although Ken wanted to please Karena, he did not really want to wear the dirty panties. "Mistress. Please don't make me do that. I don't want to sit in my cum all day."

"Why not? Is it disgusting?"


"Well then maybe I shouldn't let you cum again. Is that what you want sweetie?"

"No. Of course not!"

"Well then show me what a good little slut your are and pull up your dirty panties. I bet your little girl cock is hard right now, isn't it sweetie? You really do like wearing your cum panties for me don't you?"

Ken didn't want to upset his mistress so he reluctantly pulled up his cum filled panties. Miss Karena knew him too well. By the time the soaked panties were pulled up tight around his balls, his cock was hard as a rock. Ken experienced a confusion of emotions. He felt so dirty and humiliated, yet he was extremely aroused. For some strange reason he was enjoying being forced to wear panties and forced to sit in his own cum. In defeat he replied to Miss Karena

"O.K. Mistress. My panties are on. They are very wet and sticky and you are right, my cock is hard."

"Of course it is hard. That's because you are a horny slut and you are my dirty girl boy. You are a hand puppet that will do anything to please me, isn't that right slut? Let's get you into a routine. You must wear your panties all day at work. You may change into a clean pair before you go to bed tonight. I want you in panties everyday this week, got it?

Throughout the week I will give you little tasks or assignments to do. Each night before 9:00 you will send me an e-mail describing how your assignment went and how you felt doing the assignment. Make sure you are wearing panties and stroking your cock while you are typing. No cumming unless I say so!

Every morning at 5:00 am you will get up and put your collar on with my name on it. Keep those panties on too. You will get on your hands and knees like a dog and begin to stroke your cock: 5 minutes of stroking and 5 minutes of rest. No cumming! At 5:30 check your e-mail for your daily assignment. Understand?"

Ken found himself feeling more submissive and excited as he read Miss Karena's e-mail. She was much more demanding than his first mistress. Ken was not a morning person. The idea of getting up a 5:00 am did not appeal to him but he was committed to making this relationship work. He replied back to Karena, thanking her for being his Mistress and agreeing to her routine.


Ken dressed in casual attire at work. That morning he chose black khakis' and a gray polo shirt to wear. He figured the dark pants would hide his excitement and any dampness that might seep through the panties. During the drive to work, Ken's cock remained hard and throbbing. He had never worn panties out in public before and the danger of being discovered thrilled him.

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