tagGroup SexDon Finds Out

Don Finds Out


Todd's story My wife Kay and our sexy friend Sandy had been talking a lot about how they could "rev up" Sandy's husband Don. This is how Kay and Don ended up going out for an intimate dinner. Our wicked friend Sandy had meanwhile told her unsuspecting husband that Kay has a "confidence problem," and only some attention from a very horny man would be able to put her right. Kay enthusiastically agreed to play along and to get his juices bubbling and his cock as hard as she could. Since Kay and Sandy and I thought it would be nice if all of us could have a sexual romp, this was "the invitation." We felt sure Don would enjoy it.

Strangely, knowing that my beautiful wife may well be seducing one of my friends only made me more horny, as I had imagined Kay sucking him and fucking him many times before, as well as Sandy's pretty lips around my cock, and me tasting her pussy. She only had to walk near me to get me hard. I love the smell of her. Even some time later, at her daughter's wedding, I got rock hard when she kept brushing against me while I was waiting for a beer. So after Kay left I called Sandy, and she immediately started to make me horny by her conversation. "What do you think they're doing now, do you think she's touching him, do you think she's making him hard? What are you doing? Are you touching yourself? Oh, I get wet just thinking about it! Do you think I'm touching myself right now?" I began to stroke myself, and after a few more comments from Sandy I came like a volcano. I then lay down, nervously and excitedly, to wait for Kay to come home from her date.

Kay's Story Todd and I had enjoyed a sexy evening with Sandy, and Don and I had always been good friends, so I thought that a sexy evening would be a walk in the park. But then as we met for dinner, and he chastely kissed me on the cheek, I realised he didn't have a clue about what was going on. My God he could think I was a tramp. I started to get nervous, and I wished Sandy was there at my shoulder to tell me what to do.

Without him knowing it, Don put me at ease immediately. We had just started a lovely meal, when Don said, "Sandy tells me that you don't think you're sexy any more. You're not having problems with Todd, are you?"

"No," I replied" he's great, it's just that (here I feigned embarrassment, and felt a little wicked) I don't feel sexy to other men, I don't feel that animal urge out there, like they want to fuck me."

"Well I think you're sexy," he said, "and if I wasn't married I'd fuck you in a heartbeat."

"As a matter of fact Sandy said I could go as far as I liked to help you..."

"Oh, goody, " I said, "does this mean we get to play?"

"I don't think she meant quite that far, Kay, I'm afraid you'll just have to stay in my dreams." We continued enjoying our meal, and after lingering over our coffees headed to our cars in the underground lot.

Since we had gone for dinner early, and there was a movie in session, we had the place to ourselves. The tender goodnight kiss became very passionate, and as he ground into me, I could feel his hard cock pressed against my pussy. I knew I had to have it in me sometime, somehow. He kept kissing me and started rubbing my breasts through my coat. He then did the sexiest thing. He picked up my left leg, and pressed his cock right into me. I wanted him so much it hurt, and it had nothing to do with anything but us at that time. "I want to fuck you," I whispered to him, and put my hand on the inside of his thigh, and slowly drew it up until I was cupping his balls and holding the base of his cock. He kept hold of my leg, and drove into me so that it almost felt like we were joined. As we were continuing to kiss passionately I told him again that I wanted to fuck him. "What about Todd and Sandy?" he queried as he continued to devour me. "I want to fuck them too," I said, and if at all possible, I felt his cock stiffen even more. Just then the picture crowd started to come out, and Don moved me over to my car, which was a little further down, and said, "We'll have to talk about this, because I really would like to do that too." We had one more kiss ,and I wanted him so much I could have eaten him as we reluctantly and slowly said goodbye.

On the drive home, I could hardly contain myself. I couldn't play with my pussy, because I drive a sports car. I had my clothes off before I reached our bedroom, and saw the beautiful sight of Todd stroking his cock waiting for me. As I began to tell him what I did I could not believe how aroused he got, and when I told him the part about telling Don how I wanted to fuck him, Todd groaned, and sent a gusher of come into the air.

As I continued to tell all, he got hard again, and told me, "You've been naughty and need a darn good licking." I lay there while he sucked me, and I thought of Don sucking me, then Sandy, and then I turned around and as I took Todd in my mouth, he became all three of my fantasy lovers. When I came it was almost an out of body experience. One shared with my partner and my lovers who were there in spirit. The spell was broken by the telephone ringing. It was Sandy. "What did you do to him, you naughty girl, he phoned me , and almost fucked me over the phone." I told her everything, and could hear her on the line moaning, and I knew that her hands were in the very particular area of her pussy. I started to get stirred up again, so I said goodbye, and left her to her own devices. I then started in on Todd again. What can I say. It was an exciting night., and I knew that there might be some other interesting nights ahead!

Todd and Kay We invited Sandy and Don over for dinner about a week later, and we all got quite hammered. Kay announced to the general population, Sandy, Don and I that she "wanted to fuck us all." We adjourned to our bedroom , but after an interesting start Don said he needed to think about things. We reluctantly stopped, but not before I had the gorgeous sight of Kay with Don's balls cupped in one hand , while the other pulled his bum into her and his cock disappeared into her mouth. Sandy was kissing me passionately as she began to put my cock in her pussy. She had her eyes glued on her husband's cock as it slid in and out of Kay's lips. "Doesn't that look so sexy," she cooed. My reply was muffled as I could have fucked the blankets I was so hot. I think, however, it was all a little quick for Don, and he said, "I'm not saying we shouldn't do this, I just need a little time to think, I didn't really think we'd do anything." Since they were staying at our house, we didn't rush off, and we spent a sexy and intimate time together having a cup of tea before they went to their room, and nobody bothered to get dressed. The good night kisses showed promises of things to come.

They had to leave early the next morning, so they popped into our room, and served us breakfast, (some hosts we were), and said we have an idea, keep next weekend free, and they'd call us. Then they were off, and Kay and I were left to finish what we had started the night before. "Did you get turned on by anything that happened last night?," she asked. "I liked it when you sucked Don's cock," I stammered. "Hmmm he liked it too. It was soft when I put it in, and then it grew nice and big right away. It tasted delicious, I would like to put it in my pussy. Would you like to see Don put his cock in my pussy, Darling?" A groan was all I could muster as I shot a load that went all across Kay's breasts and half the bedspread. We made love till noon, and didn't get out of bed the rest of the day.

On Tuesday we got the call. The idea was (this had Sandy written all over it) that we check into a very exclusive hotel, and meet in the library bar for drinks and late afternoon tea. The topic for conversation was sex. It was to be conversation that was discreet and elegant, and none of us were to wear underwear. No socks, no stockings...nothing. We were to dress up, the guys with blazers, shirts and ties, the girls with long afternoon cocktail dresses. Kay and I were both on the line, and Kay had a quiet little smile on her face, as she gazed at my face, and then her eyes went down to my crotch which was fighting to stay in one place. "What happens after afternoon tea?" I asked. "Well we'll just have to wait and see, Isn't that right Don?" I heard Sandy coyly say. Don's answer was the key. Kay and I heard him say, "I think Sandy knows exactly what will happen next, she just wants us all to imagine it." We knew then that our little group of four was headed for the sexy fun zone.

I don't know how I got any work done that week. The people at the office kept asking me was everything OK. I of course replied everything was just great. I wish I had a video of myself. I suspect I looked like an idiot, but who cares, I was thinking of the weekend.

Todd tells about the Weekend All four of us arrived at the bar simultaneously, Kay and I from our suite, and Sandy and Don from their home in a nearby suburb.We soon got down to our sexy conversation, and Sandy was relaying to us all the things she had discussed with Don, and how sexy he thought Kay was, and how he loved the thought of her taking him in her mouth. Since Don was the one that had been reticent, if we did anything, we wanted all of us to enjoy it, and so we all tried to make him feel as comfortable as possible. I thought he was one hell of a lucky guy, just like me. You couldn't find two more sexy or classy ladies.

I found that like me, Don was a little shy in public, but not the girls. I'm sure that anyone who really paid attention would know something was going on, as they talked openly about how much they felt in lust. Our server, a pretty blond, was very attentive, smiling at us all as she brought our drinks and tiny finger sandwiches. "Are you guys celebrating something or about to?" she grinned. "They're celebrating us," said Sandy indicating Don and I, "but I'm not sure they know how to go about it," she added with a smile. "We'll work it out." Don's remark was accompanied by a grin in Kay's direction, and I signed the check, tiny sanwiches disappearing as though we were running for a plane. Our server smiled at us all, and by her indication she thought Don and Kay were together and that Sandy was with me, which made everything just a little more exciting. Sandy grabbed my hand and snuggled intome, while Kay did the same to Don. I could feel her soft breasts pressed against my side, and it was as though she had not a stitch on, the feeling was so electric. "Off to see the wizard," said Sandy, "to see what magic he can conjur up."

"I wish he would conjur something down right now,'" I said, as I tried with only small success to hide a raging hardon with no underpants. Our server walked toward the exit with us shielding any parts sticking out from other guests. "Have fun," she said, as we darted towards the elevator,which was thankfully close by. We arrived at our suite without further incident, and collapsed laughing on the two sofas inside the door, Don and I sporting two sizable pup tents in our pants, and Kay's nipples plainly showing through her classic simple long black dress. "Some men of the world stud muffins you guys are," laughed Kay. "The first talk that's a little bit naughty, and you get hard cocks quicker than a first grader in a bath tub." As she was saying this, Kay had slipped off her sandal, and her foot was sliding up the inside of Don's thigh and then began to roll up and over his rock hard pole. Sandy moved over, and sat on the arm of the sofa with her arm over my shoulder. She then leaned over, and gently kissed me, while her hand moved from my back to cradle my neck. She moved her mouth more fully over mine and our tongues intertwined in a passionate kiss.

Out of the corner of my eye I watched Kay take the initiative with Don. "I think he needs to come out and play," she huskily announced as she unzipped his pants , lovingly brought out his cock, and rolled it between her fingers. "Mmmm it's nice." With that she bent over ever so slowly, her eyes on Don's all the way and engulfed his cock to the very hilt. She then began to slowly suck him, without her eyes leaving his. At the same time her dress seemed to rise as if by magic, allowing Don's fingers to begin to pleasure her already wet pussy. I am a decent lover, some may even say good, but I have never seen anyone make love with their fingers as good as Don. The combination of the situation, and his fingers had Kay exploding in a pyramid of orgasms in what seemed like seconds. Sandy and I continued to explore one another's bodies, and our clothing slowly came off as we kissed and watched our partners make love beside us. It was such a turn on both of us had to go slowly so that we could climb our own mountain together. "I want to taste you," I breathed into Sandy's ear. "Please suck me and then please I want to feel you inside me, and I want you to fuck me and fuck me, and fuck me," she whispered back. We moved in unison to the bed, discarding clothing as we went, with Sandy helping Don take off Kay's dress. We were completely naked before we reached the bed, and Sandy and Kay stunned Don by wrapping their arms around one another, pressing their bodies together, and passionately kissing while their hands and arms roamed around each other's bodies, erotically exploring each other. Sandy turned to her husband, stroking his pulsing cock, and before kissing him said, "You see Darling,I think everyone here is sexy." Kay placed both hands on either side of my face, and kissed me tenderly while nodding in agreement.

We all tumbled onto the bed, Don with his wife, me with mine, and as Kay swallowed my cock, I leaned out, and touched Sandy's pussy, allowing my fingers to drift towards her clit where I discovered Don's cock had beaten me to it.

It was a huge turn on as Don was fucking Sandy from behind while they both watched Kay suck me. Kay was so hot she was almost shouting to Don "Look how beautifully she's sucking him, don't they look wonderful, fuck me Darling, fuck me." I could feel Don start to move his cock in and out of Sandy, and he just smiled at me when he felt my hand touch him and then his wife. It felt so natural to fondle his balls and stimulate his cock and Sandy's clit as they made love. I started to feel my cock swell up even more as Kay would pause to watch our friends and then go back to our own lovemaking. The combination was too much and I could feel a torrent of come swelling up inside me as I watched Don about to join me. "Make him come Kay, I want to see you make him come. Make his big fat cock come. Don, Don, look she's going to make him come, oh it's so beautiful." Both Don and I came at almost the same time, with Sandy beside herself with desire, and Kay making slurping sounds as I slid in and almost out of her mouth, and as I felt Don's cock pulse I cupped my hand around it and let loose my own stream of love juice.

As my drained cock popped out of Kay's mouth, and I felt Don ease out of Sandy, the two girls literally attacked each other. The didn't just lick one another's cunts they consumed them. Their love making was so passionate that Don and I immediately started stroking ourselves with almost instant results. "I would never have guessed," said Don as he looked on in wonder. "Pretty neat, huh?" I replied. Don nodded and then nudged me as the two women lovers turned around to kiss one another, then alternatively suckled each other's breasts until they again reached the promised land. They then settled into an exotic and erotic rhythm, their tongues fingers and lips all doing their love work, until they both exploded in screams of passion.

We then relaxed for a while, enjoyed a couple of wines and beers, and nibbled on the tray of goodies we had delivered before we arrived. We all realized we were starving as we didn't really eat too much in the bar, and so the food disappeared rather quickly. We had been smart enough to order light, so our passions were not dulled.

We lay there chatting and fondling, with Don telling all how amazing the girls looked. Kay then leaned over and kissed Sandy, and libidos started out of control. Sandy said that she wanted to watch Don and Kay fuck one another, and put some saliva on her hand, and then mixed it with some juice from Kay's pussy and started to stroke Don.

Don and Kay leaned over to each other and began to kiss, and then to kiss more passionately, as their bodies drew together. As Kay rolled onto her back Sandy held Don's cock, and leaned down to lick along Kay's slit until Kay began to buck with desire. Sandy had pulled Don over until he was poised above Kay staring into her eyes, as she looked back at him, and undulated with the pleasuring she was receiving from Sandy. Sandy then turned around and swallowed Don's cock, while continuing to pleasure Kay with her hand. She then took Don out of her mouth, and brought Don and Kay together breathing out, "Fuck her."

Sandy and I sat and watched as the two lovers began their journey to bliss, and as they made love we touched and stroked each other. "Watching beautiful people make love is a wonderful thing. I want to get right down there and suck and touch them both , and you know what, if we do this again I may do just that!"

The thought process occurred to me as well, and the thought of my mouth close to them and licking them where they joined as they made love was strangely also appealing to me. This was evidenced by the swelling of my own manhood.

Sandy leaned over, and said, "I believe I told you earlier that I want you to suck me and fuck me, but first I want you to taste Don and Kay." With that she leaned over and gave me a kiss, her tongue caressing mine with flicks of desire that awakened every nerve ending in my body.

Hungry for the taste of her I slid down her body, burying my mouth between her legs, and began to live out a fantasy that not even my fertile mind could have imagined.

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