tagMind ControlDon Juan of Hypnotic Suggestion Ch. 01

Don Juan of Hypnotic Suggestion Ch. 01


"Look in my eyes. You are getting sleepy. Close your eyes and sleep, sleep, sleep."

John Bonn was the Don Juan of hypnotism and hypnotic suggestion. Something that, no doubt, every man wishes that he could do, he hypnotized women for sex. He hypnotized women to voluntarily and willingly strip themselves naked. He hypnotized women so that he could have their wicked, sexual way without them having any memory of what he did to them and all that they did to him.

"Look in my eyes. You are getting very sleepy. Close your eyes and sleep, sleep, sleep."

He imagined himself being able to have sex with that one, two, a dozen, or a hundred women that he's always lusted over. Once he learned how to hypnotize women, he could have sex with any woman any time. Helping people to lose weight, lessen pain, and/or to stop smoking, hypnotism is a powerful medical tool when used in the right hands by a licensed, medical professional. When used in the wrong hands, John was a modern day Ted Bundy or John Wayne Gacy but without the trail of dead bodies. If there was a trail of anything, there was a trail of discarded clothes and willingly removed panties and bras.

"Get naked, naked, naked. Take off your blouse. And your bra. Now remove your skirt...and your panties."

His real surname once was and would have been John Von Bonn but an ignorant clerk at the infamous Castle Garden, before Ellis Island, dropped the Von when his family migrated from Germany in the early 1880's. Blessed with the good looks of his German father, Franz, and his tall, beautiful, Norwegian mother, Hilda, he had the beautiful, long, thick, blonde hair of Robert Redford and the big, blue, piercing eyes of Paul Newman. With his rosy complexion and rugged good looks, a man's man, a manly man, and a macho man, although he looked like a 6'2" angel without wings in a man's muscular body, when it came to women, he had the black heart of a Devil.

"Now get on your knees and take me in your mouth. That's right stroke me while sucking me. Suck me like you love me."

Someone who looked as good as he did didn't need hypnotism to remove the panties and bras from women but, rather, wanting to do without the conversation, the commitments, and the complications, hypnosis was his perfect answer to bedding women without all of the repercussions of having a love relationship. Even before he learned how to hypnotize women, popular with the opposite sex and already successful with bedding women, women adored him. Short, tall, fat, thin, young, or old, what was not to adore?

"Have you met John Bon? He's so cute. He's so sexy," they'd all say. "I'd do him if I could."

He was as handsome as he was charming and as intelligent as he was witty. Alas, his downfall, and his reason why he took sexual advantage of women by hypnotizing them to give them hypnotic, sexual suggestions, he was as perversely perverted as he was good looking. Seeing him as a good guy and a find catch, women weren't aware that he was the Devil in disguise of an angel. In the way that those victims never saw Ted Bundy coming, they'd never perceive him as the sexual pervert that he was.

* * * * *

Much in the way of the real Don Juan of old, the Marquis de Sade, or any Hollywood leading man who sexually used and emotionally abused women, he had a real problem with sex. With drugs and alcohol going hand in hand with having sex with women when meeting them for the first time, John didn't need drugs and/or alcohol to have sex with women. If his good looks weren't enough, he had hypnotism. He had hypnotic suggestions. He had control of their sub-conscious minds.

"Look me in the eyes. You want me. You need me. You must have sex with me."

With a cock as hard and as big as was his sex drive and with him having a voracious, sexual appetite in wanting to bed so very many different women, he couldn't get enough of having sex with women. Women, women, women, he loved bedding different women. With him going from one woman to another, who wouldn't take sexual advantage of women when it was so easy to get them naked and in bed? Being that he was so nice, so kind, so intelligent, and so funny, women would never think ill of him. They'd never think that he was only after one thing and that being to have sex with their hypnotized bodies. Not in a million years would they ever think that he was as perversely perverted as he was to take sexual advantage of women through hypnosis.

With one man filling the role every generation of being a playboy player, he was the ultimate playboy player and with women not even knowing they've been played, women didn't stand a chance. In the way that Rudolph Valentino, Clark Gable, Cary Grant, David Niven, Tom Cruise, Denzel Washington, Brad Pitt, George Clooney, Robert Pattison, Christian Bale, and Hugh Jackman, et al, were heartthrobs, he was too. With all of the above Hollywood celebrities once holding the torch of romanticism and sexual desire before passing it to another, he was John Bonn, the Don Juan of hypnosis. There wasn't a woman that he couldn't hypnotize. There wasn't a woman that he could get naked. There wasn't a woman that he couldn't plant an erotic suggestion in her mind for her to have sex with him.

Now with an unfair advantage, no match for his good looks and his magical hypnotic powers, before they could even realize what was happening to them, within seconds, they were hypnotized. With just his words and with just his focused stare, he could put any woman in a spell and under his hypnotic power. Then, once he tapped into her sub-conscious, he'd plant a hypnotic suggestion to make her think that it was her idea to get naked. Naked, naked, naked, women actually thought that they were the ones taking sexual advantage of him instead of the other way around with him taking sexual advantage of them.

Of superior intellect, a recent graduate of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology where he majored in computer science, he was as intelligent as he was good looking. Moreover, through hypnosis, he had the perfect job to take sexual advantage of women. Invited in and working behind closed doors, he worked as an on call, in home, computer tech. How convenient, especially with women who lived alone, he had the perfect job to have his wicked, sexual way with women. Once he was finished with them, with just a click of his fingers to erase their memory of what happened and all that he sexually did with them, whenever he found single, unattached woman to hypnotize, no one knew, not even the women suspected that he had his wicked sexual way with them.

* * * * *

His adventure with hypnotism started when he went to a show of hypnotism with his friends at the Eliot. A grand hotel where the likes of George Vanderbilt and Andrew Carnagie once stayed, and that was rumored to have been once owned by John Astor, the richest man in the world at the time, who was lost at sea with the sinking of the Titanic. Not believing that anyone could be hypnotized, especially the women that the Great Gordon was calling up on stage from the audience, John figured the whole thing was just a show for the purposes of entertainment and that there was no real substance and/or science behind hypnotism and hypnosis. He believed that the women called up on stage were just plants, relatives and friends of Dr. Gordon, probably, that is, if he was even a doctor. A real skeptic, he didn't believe in hypnotism and/or hypnotic suggestion, until the woman sitting at the next row over and up from him stared at the stage and continued staring at the stage long after the show was over and everyone was leaving.

The big room cleared as fast as people leave at the end of the movie before giving those behind the scenes their just due acknowledgement by watching the credits. With her just sitting there and staring off in space, he knew there was something wrong with her. As if she was on drugs, she continued sitting there and staring at the stage while mesmerized by Dr. Gordon.

He stared at her waiting for her to move and/or do something other than stare at the stage and at Dr. Gordon. Could she really be hypnotized? Being the sexual pervert that he was, as his off-the-cuff test to determine to see if she was really hypnotized, he wondered if he sat beside her, if she'd allow him to feel her breasts while sticking a horny hand up her short skirt to cup her panty clad pussy. If she really was hypnotized, he wondered if she'd awaken or if she'd allow him to continue sexually assaulting her.

The answers to his questions made him wonder more about hypnotism and hypnotic suggestions to make him want to learn about everything he could about hypnosis. Definitely, by his limited knowledge of hypnotism, looking as if she was in a hypnotic trance, at first glance, she appeared to be hypnotized. Not wanting to leave her just sitting there to fend for herself alone, he didn't know what else to do. Leaving her there alone would be like leaving an uneaten candy bar on the seat. He couldn't just leave her there in the dark once they turned out the lights.

With the Great Gordon taking his bows, thanking everyone for coming, and telling all to drive home safely, he called up to him.

"Excuse me," he said stepping closer. "Excuse me. Dr. Gordon, excuse me," he waved while walking closer to the stage where the Great Gordon was just about to take his leave behind the curtain. "I'm sorry to bother you but—"

"Yes?" Once Dr. Gordon realized that they weren't acquainted, the good doctor looked at him with curiosity. "Would you like an autograph? Is that it? Autographed photos of me are available in the lobby for ten dollars. My book, Hypnotize Anyone Anytime is on sale there to for $30. My DVD, You're Getting Sleepy, is $20. Here's my card," he said reaching in his pocket to hand him his business card. "You can schedule me for a show by contacting my assistant at that number," he said as if he's been approached by a thousand times by admirers and, no doubt, by the packed house, he had been routinely approached by admirers.

"No thank you. I mean, yes, I'll probably buy your book, Hypnotize Anyone Anytime, but the woman sitting in back is hypnotized," he said pointing to the woman sitting alone and staring mindlessly at the stage.

As if there was a spotlight shining over her head, dressed in white as if she was a nurse or a ghost, she looked like Glen Close did sitting in the stands when she played Iris Gaines in The Natural opposite Robert Redford when he played Roy Hobbs.

"Oh my," said Dr. Gordon with concern. "There's one at every show," he said nodding his head before looking to John with a sexy smile.

As if Dr. Gordon was a sexual predator and no doubt he was, he looked at her as if he was a hungry lion and she was a fresh kill. He climbed down from the stage and walked towards the woman.

"Look at her," said John following behind him. He couldn't help but notice that the woman had a nice rack. Wearing a low cut top that showed lots of cleavage, her big breasts overflowed her bra as if she was wearing a too tight corset. Exposing so very much of her big breasts, she looked like a women from the 18th century. "She's really out of it." Wanting to have a closer look at her magnificent bosoms, on the pretense that she was breathing, he so wanted to listen to her heart.

"Yes, I can see that," said Dr. Gordon obviously commenting on the woman's abundant breasts being that they were nearly out of her bra rather than on the condition of her hypnotized state.

"What are you going to do?"

"Quiet please," he said squatting down in front of the woman who was staring right through him. "Sleep, sleep, sleep," he said in a different voice than the one he used when speaking to John while giving her a special focused stare.

He waved a slow hand down in front of her face and with that the woman closed her eyes and put her head down as if she was really sleeping and apparently she really was. When she leaned forward in her chair, mesmerized by her big tits as if they were two giant fun bags just asking to be groped, he was the one being hypnotized when the woman gave them a wonderful down blouse view of her cleavage and breasts. It was then in the way that Dr. Gordon had a license to hypnotize willing volunteers, John wished he had a license to molest sexy, busty women. Naked, naked, naked, he couldn't wait to learn how to hypnotize women so that he could get them naked, naked, naked.

"Wow," said John with his eyes filled with two, giant orbs of the two things that he liked most about women, left breasts and right breasts. "Wow," said John under his breath again while obviously impressed that with just a focused stare, a few words, and a wave of his hand, Dr. Gordon had put her in a hypnotic trance. "That's unbelievable," he said whispering to himself. Now with him seeing the hypnotic skills of Dr. Gordon at work, he was a believer in hypnotism and hypnotic suggestion.

Now that's having real power over women, the power that he'd love to have. He felt his cock harden with the perversely perverted thoughts of all that he could do with and to women once he learned how to hypnotize them. Picking the best one from the crowd, the very finest fox, he imagined going into a bar or a club and walking out with any woman he wanted after hypnotizing them right there on the spot. With them never saying no and/or being a cock tease and not putting out, he imagined having sex with them in the backseat of his car, at his place, or at their place after giving them a hypnotic suggestion.

Being that he was a computer expert and the mind was nothing more than a giant, breathing, and living computer, he gravitated to hypnosis and hypnotism in the way that women gravitated to babies and children gravitated to kittens and puppies. Searching for his chosen career, having witnessed hypnotism first hand and now making the connection of sex with hypnosis, he was thrilled that he just found his passion. Had it not been for the hypnotized woman with the big tits, he would have left that show like everyone else and gone home without ever giving hypnosis, hypnotism, and the power of hypnotic suggestion another thought. Now, feeling himself a bit of a perverted pioneer with wanting to follow in the footsteps of Dr. Gordon, if only for his own personal, sexual satisfaction, he suddenly imagined the hundreds of women he could hypnotize for sex.

"Look in my eyes," he imagined saying to women he just met at a club or at a bar. "You're getting very sleepy. You're eyelids are very heavy. You cannot possibly keep your eyes open any longer. Sleep, sleep, sleep."

He paid close attention to what Dr. Gordon was doing with the large breasted woman.

"When I snap my fingers you will awaken relaxed and feel refreshed. You will remember only that you were watching a show on hypnotism," said Dr. Gordon standing and taking a step back. "One, you will feel relaxed," he said pausing. "Two, you will feel refreshed," he said while they both watched the woman take a breath deep enough to make her big boobs heave. "And three, you are wide awake," he said snapping his fingers.

Immediately, as if plugged into an outlet, the woman opened her eyes and lifted her head.

"Hi, I'm Kathy," she said smiling and offering Dr. Gordon her hand. "I really enjoyed your show. You are amazing," she said beaming while looking at him all dreamy eyed as if he was a celebrity or a rock star. At that moment, John knew that if Dr. Gordon gave her a hypnotic suggestion for her to give him sex, she'd give him all the sex that he could handle. "But I don't think that I could ever be hypnotized," she confessed shaking her head as if she needed that extra head movement to convince Dr. Gordon that she couldn't be hypnotized.

Couldn't be hypnotized? Huh? Seriously? If only she knew she's already been hypnotized, he wondered if she'd be a believer in the way that he's now a believer in hypnosis. Dr. Gordon looked to John and gave him a wink with a sly smile before giving the woman a focused stare. No doubt, this bastard was going to have his wicked sexual way with this woman as he's no doubt had with so many other women before her. Wow! Right there, that was enough for John to know that by possessing the powers of hypnosis, there were lots of sexy, sexual benefits that came along with someone who could control the sub-conscious mind of women. Moreover, there was money to be made hypnotizing people.

Being that he was a perversely perverted man, he imagined selling his skills in hypnotism to men who wanted their wives to be more sexual. For those women who refused to suck their husbands' cock or even give them sex on a regular basis, he imagined hypnotizing their wives to not only give their husbands regular sex but also to suck their cocks. Before turning the women over to their husbands however, testing the water so to speak to see if his hypnotic suggestions worked, he imagined giving them a hypnotic suggestion to give him sex too. Perhaps if their husbands were waiting out in the waiting room, instead of pounding their pussy with them bent over his desk, he'd give their wives a suggestion to fall to their knees and give him a blowjob.

All because of him and because of hypnosis, he imagined men being so grateful that their wives not only sucked their pricks but also allowed them to cum in their mouths. Moreover, he could make a good living by just concentrating on hypnotizing the wives of those men who wanted their wives to have sex with other men. Taking his powers in hypnosis a step further, he could give their wives a hypnotic suggestion to participate in the swinging lifestyle. Realizing that those hypnotized won't do anything that they wouldn't do when not hypnotized, yet in the way that people lose their inhibitions when drinking, sometimes they only need a little push. That push being the power of hypnosis and hypnotic suggestions, he could clearly see learning how to hypnotize woman as his chosen career move. Wow! He was onto something really big with his hypnotism.

'I betcha this guy gets lucky all the time,' thought John. 'What a racket? Charging people to be hypnotized and then having his wicked, sexual way with them backstage. Not bad. Not bad at all.

Without having to get them drunk or high, without having to waste money taking them out to dinner, and without having to make all of that useless, stupid conversation, he probably gets more pussy than a rock star. Damn, what a sexy scam. He's such a lucky bastard. As if he was a CFNM dancer at an all-male, nude revue strip club, hypnotism is the perfect sexual scam to bed a multitude of women.'

"Thank you so very much," he said taking her hand in both of her hands and shaking it as if she was a member of the royal family and was about to kiss her hand. Making direct eye contact with her as if he was a psychic reading her mind, he gave her this long, leering look before whispering the word, dressing room. Then, he asked her. "Would you like to see my dressing room?"

"I'd love to see your dressing room," she said jumping at the opportunity to be alone with this lecher.

"Bye," said Dr. Gordon putting an arm around the woman's waist before allowing his hand to fall to her ass. "Thank you for allowing me to help this poor woman," he said with a sick, little laugh.

"Fuck me," said John to himself. "It's time I learned how to hypnotize women."

Wishing he was a fly on the way to watch him unwrap her tits, he imagined Dr. Gordon's horny hands all over the woman's big tits while she was on her knees sucking his cock. John watched her escort her up on the stage before disappearing behind the curtain backstage where he'd do God only knows what to this poor, impressionable and still soon to be under his power with a hypnotic suggestion, hypnotized woman. Mercy. Oh, the inhumanity of it all. Unable to feel sorry for the woman, he only felt sorry that he didn't possess Dr. Gordon's gift of hypnotism, that is, just yet.

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